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Original story. (Read 3185 times)
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Original story.
02/17/12 at 08:30:26
I thought I'd post up a chapter of a story I was working on a few years ago. It's not Twisted related at all.

Magnum said to put it here so straight from my ass here comes my story.

I'm only posting chapter 1 just to see what you think about it. I'll give you a little background to get you familiar.

After earth was devastated by world war III; Russia, China, USA and Japan formed a colony project. Long after we abandoned earth we found a planet very close to earth thus it was dubbed earth II. Not all colonies populated Second Earth and spread out over the galaxy. This story takes place 77 years after the colonization of Second Earth.

Chapter 1

"Aww... Shit!" A brown haired man said as he hit his counsel. A second man approached him from behind.
"What is it Miller?"
The brown haired man -- Miller, adjusted his vest.
"We're out of fuel."
The man behind him rubbed his face.
"Dammit. I told you we shouldn't of spent our money at that bar."
A third man found his way into the cockpit, he had white hair, a tattoo under his eye, that sort of resembled a crude eye, and three tattoos on the back of his neck that looked like huge scratches.
"What’s the problem boys?"
Both of them looked at him.
The man beside Miller spoke "Uh.. Azoth, We're out of fuel."
Millers face found his hand as soon as the words left the other mans mouth. Azoth grabbed the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb
"Alright. Lets get this straight. We left Kronoss with over $40,000 credits, enough to get some fuel and some food, Yet you two didn't do your job and now we're put of fuel and drifting in space with illegal condense aboard. Now tell me why we don't have any fuel."
Miller looked at the man next to him. He shook his head and pointed at Miller.
"One of you better find a voice soon." Azoth said sharply.
Miller turned around in his chair.
"Well Caption you see. Haggard here." Miller pointed his thumb at the man next to him, then he continued. "Decided we needed some drinks before we left Kronoss and we stopped at a bar after picking up our cargo. Now I know it doesn't sound much like Haggard, but he had to buy the whole bar rounds with his share, and well. We ran out of money."
Azoth saw the anger in Haggard's eyes, and the desperate look in Millers, telling him Miller was blaming Haggard for his mistake.
"I knew I should of left you two to die. Now what is the closest planet we can get some help from."
Haggard and Miller both knew Azoth was furious, but yet he retained his cool.
"You're not going to like it, but the only planet close enough is Earth."
Azoth's jaw clinched and his head sunk lower into his hand. If it was one thing Azoth hated, it was Second Earth. Every Colony to ever land there has fallen back to the ways of old, fighting over land wealth, what ever it may be. Azoth despised the country Arum the most.
"Put out a distress signal. You better hope a Arum ship doesn't come pick us up or I swear I'll kill both of you where you stand."
Azoth turned around and left the cockpit. A loud curse burst from the hallway.
Haggard glanced at Miller.
"What’s got him so bent out of shape?"
Miller shook his head.
"You know Azoth hates everyone down there on earth, but boy, you don't know everything. You know that tattoo under his left eye?"
"Yeah what about it?"
"It's a tattoo given to Arum special forces."
Miller turned around in his chair and flips a switch. A little red light blinks next to it. Miller continued.
"So you better hope a Arum ship doesn't come to pick us up."

Azoth leaned against a wall in the hallway connecting the bridge to the cargo bay. He tried to quell his anger. Sometimes I wish I left them two back on Macross when I had the chance. Idiots, both of them. Despite his anger Azoth new he was close to his men.
This small pack of misfits that call themselves smugglers have been moving all sorts of illegal product all over the galaxy, but no matter how close he felt to Haggard and Miller he would never tell them the truth.
Azoth’s head turned to meet Haggard’s gaze. It never really occurred to Haggard why both men called him Haggard instead of Charles. He was a tall handsome man with blond hair and green eyes and a muscular build.
Haggard stopped where he stood.
“Came to report that a Azael freighter has picked up our beacon and will be here shortly.”
He wanted to ask if Azoth would really kill them if it was a Arum ship, but he knew better . Haggard absently spun on his heel as he passed Azoth and walked backwards.
Azoth couldn’t hold back the small grin.
“Keep acting like that and I won’t need to kill you.”
Haggard laughed and continued on his merry way. Azoth leaned forward and turned completely around. Behind him was a door with a number pad. His fingers trailed across the pad mechanically. The door buzzed, clicked, then slid aside.
Inside was a small room. One side had a work bench the other a bed. On the bench laid a hand gun. Azoth was particular about how he took care of his guns. He often spent hours cleaning his hand gun, making sure everything functioned correctly. Before Azoth even had time to think about doing anything , Miller knocked on his door. Azoth noticed Miller pointing towards the docking bay.
Miller and Azoth were both shocked at what greeted them. Four men in Azael military uniforms and assault rifles greeted them. In the middle stood a officer of sorts. Haggard was already there. Azoth and Miller stood next to Haggard, Azoth in the middle. The Officer spoke.
“We’re here to inspect a distress call. What is the problem with your ship.”
Azoth felt uneasy, as if he had just been stuck into the middle of a trap.
“My two shipmates here.” Azoth pointed to Miller and Haggard. “Drunk up our fuel money instead of filling her up like I suggested. Now we’re out of fuel.”
The Officer rubbed his chin.
“You are cleaver. I’ll give you that, but I ran your ships code before boarding. I’m afraid your code has been registered with us and we know the profession you have choose. You three have managed to smuggle a lot of stolen goods from earth, I’m afraid your luck has just ran out.”
Azoth lifted up his hands. Haggard and Miller did the same. The soldiers searched the three men. One took a knife from Haggard‘s Ankle, and A pistol from Millers side. The other found a pistol on Azoth and a knife along with two fully loaded clips.
“Cuff’em and bring them to the holding cells for identification. Search the ship for any illegal goods.”

Azoth waited for what seemed like days inside his little holding cell. This dark room held no warmth. A man in a officer’s suit approached his cell. He sat on a chair on the outside of the bars.
“Azoth L. Ka’mera. Said to have fought in Arum’s army for several years before he was injured in the Erupa war. He was born in UC 226. He would be 51. Do you see the problem here?”
Azoth, or who was thought to be Azoth, rested his forearms on his knees.
“Roughly estimating you look to be in your late 20’s to your early 30’s. You also have that tattoo under your left eye signifying you were in Arum’s special forces. Azoth was never in the special forces.”
“Get to the point.”
The Officer looked a little surprised.
“It took some digging, but we have a positive ID on you now, Gale N. Engret.”
Gale looked down. He knew it was only a matter of time before his past caught up to him.
“Consider yourself lucky. If we were Arum. We would have killed you in a instant, but we know who you are. We may have some use for you.”
“Black mail won’t do you any good.”
“Black mail?” The Officer laughed. “We don’t need black mail. You’re Gale Engret, trader to his country, turned mercenary. All you care about it yourself. We know empty threats won’t do, but head my words Engret. If for a second you think there is another way out of this, or our threats don’t hold promise-” He turned to a solider approaching him. He whispered something into The Officers ear and disappeared. The Officer lifted from his seat.
“We will finish this conversation later. I have other matters I have to attend to.”
Gale studied the floor, he kept his mind clear.

Blood dribbled down Haggard’s chin. Another blow hit him like a hammer, forcing his head to the side. His nose was bleeding and several lacerations on his face burned.
“Now tell me. Where were you delivering all of these non-ID guns?” The Interrogator questioned as he pulled his leather glove tight. Haggard smiled, mocking the man in front of him. He could tell it pissed the man off.
“I’m done playing games with you.”
Haggard watched as the man produced a knife.
“Now, either you can answer my questions or we can do this the hard way. You see. I’ll start with your fingers, if you still resist I’ll take your toes. If you still don’t break, I’ll cut off your cock.” The Interrogator’s foot smashed into Haggard’s groin. He groaned. With the little bit of strength he had he met the man’s gaze.
“Do what you must you fucking Kyoshi lapdog.”
The next fist crashed into Haggard’s solarplex. Be for he could gasp a breath of air the man yanked his head up by his hair. A fist soon turned his sight back to the wall. He felt a hand under his chin. His head turned back towards the interrogator.
“Now the real fun begins.”

Gale’s head jerked up. Screams filled the eerie silence. He knew the second their cover was blown that they would kill every last one of them. Now either Haggard or Miller was being tortured because they had found the cargo and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it.
The screams stopped abruptly, followed by a few curses. The interrogator must of killed the prisoner before he got the information. Gale heard footsteps closing in on his cell.
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Re: Original story.
Reply #1 - 02/17/12 at 08:31:06
He looked up to see a man in a black trench coat, the seams outlined with red cloth. It was a jacket wore by high ranking officers. The man turned and looked at Gale. He must have been the interrogator. His jacket was covered in drops of blood
“Now tell me Azoth, or should I say Gale, Did you feel anything as your friend screamed helplessly.” A small wicked smile broke over his face, the scar along his cheek making it even more so. Gale sat there silently, not giving the man the pleasure he hoped for. The man slid his finger down his scar as his smile faded.
“You look familiar Gale. Like a ghost from a era gone by, but if I am correct…” He turned away and begun walking away. “You wouldn’t have lived this long.”
The voice almost faded away. The mans image was seared into his memory. A man of average height, a scar on his left cheek and across the bridge of his nose and black hair, as black as his heart, slicked back. His eyes a unnatural yellow or gold. Gale was confused about what the man had said. He was sure he never met this man before. Who ever it had been, it was too late for Gale to help them now. He pulled his feet onto the cot he was sitting on and laid back. It would be a few hours before the ship was earth side. Gale figured it was time to rest. He knew he needed a way out, but right now wasn’t the time or the place to attempt an escape. He could feel his mind slipping. Truth was he was exhausted by all that had just transpired. One if his men were dead now. Whether it be his fault or not.

Sorry for the horrible paragraphs. didn't feel like messing with it.
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