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Question: How do you feel about people in general?

« Created by: Hellbent on: 12/31/11 at 18:48:34 »

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People (Read 1750 times)
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12/31/11 at 18:48:34
Just observations and opinions about em.

You can't stereotype people. There is always one person who is different, one person who is smarter, better, worse, and idiotic. There is a human being in every type you can imagine and we still haven't even seen them all yet...

But you can stereotype people. Why? Because as we grow we are influenced by the society our forefathers created and all future generations are trying to remold. Our minds are constantly changing to try to not only survive and be happy. But also to understand the people around us, because we are social animals.

I firmly believe that most of the seriously fucked up people in the world were not simply born that way. I say "most people" because it's a clinical fact you can be born insane. To only blame societies touch on the minds of people would also be stereotyping everybody as a healthy person from birth.

Take Solitary Confinement for example. I watched an excellent National Geographic documentary on it on Netflix and i highly suggest looking it up. People who end up in Solitary Confinement in the prison system often end up with very extended stays.

Why? Because of the way they are being conditioned. They are taking people who are socially active to a fault. Violent people or people who simply cause massive unrest. They take these people who have a inner need to be social. Then cut them off from all interaction beyond extremely strict guards.

When you take someone like that and put them in solitary. Their mind undergoes a change. They end up going crazy and doing retarded shit that gets them even more years in solitary/prison. Or when they are released, they are so overwhelmed by the outside world that they end up wigging out and land themselves right back in the clink and directly to solitary.

While some argue that solitary works and that their violent outbursts after rehabilitation is a sign that a prisoner has not been fully rehabilitated. Others argue that it's the solitary confinement that oppresses the individual. That it doesn't fix the criminal mind. It compresses it and stuffs it down so deeply that you end up with a person with both fear of confinement and fear of the outside world. Which is obviously worse no matter which way you look at it.

I think the guys you should really watch out for are the ones that make it out of Solitary with absolutely no problems. That to me is scary because at that point they have no clue what that person is honestly capable of doing.

By capable i mean morally and mentally. Like most bank robbers would not shoot an infant in the face. But someone who has been conditioned to the point where he has a dark side compressed so deep down that you can't even tell if it's there or not. That is some scary shit.

Point being. People are who they are in certain ways. People are born taller, shorter, gay, straight, fat, skinny, crazy, sane, and come with all sorts of flavors of defects.

But people are social animals. We learn. We mimic and change. For instance some people chew their fingernails. Some people don't. Others train them selves to not do that.

Now taking the fingernail biting thing a bit further. What influences us to make these types of changes?

For fingernail biting and most changes we make. It's for our health and future life. Even though your brain is telling you "Bite your fingernails they are too long". There are a million other things going on in your brain. So you don't hear a clear voice in your head saying that. You are the voice in your head that says to simply stop.

But if you continuously stop biting your fingernails. You eventually hit a point to where memory takes over and you don't have to tell your self in your mind "Don't chew your fingernails, it's a bad habit.".

What has occurred here? Is it memory? Did you flip a bad habit and now naturally have an urge to trim your fingernails? When you move your hands to your mouth to chew does your brain recognize your arm movement and your memory reminds you that you don't want to be a fingernail chewer?

More likely then not every single one of those answers is correct depending on the person that is fighting the natural nail biting habit.

Now lets look at something that may or may not be natural. Racism.

Human beings unlike most pack animals actually do tend to mix with the other races in their species.

But human beings are still animals. Animals have a set base of survival instincts that they use to tell weather something is a threat, dinner, or not even worth paying attention to.

Now lets take that truth a bit further. Are human beings naturally racist? I believe the answer again is both Yes and No.

In Elementary school there was one black kid in our school. Everyone wanted to sit next to him and eat lunch. Why? Because he was different and in our minds that was fucking cool. Because as children in a very white community we never got to interact with black people. But in the natural innocent mind of a child. The reaction was 100% positive. Nobody hated Mike. They didn't stereotype him as anything but someone who looks different and might be different.

In Middle school things were quite different. That is when i discovered the wonderful world of racism and unnatural conditioning. Blacks and Whites hating on eachother (not 100% of the time, mostly just saying racist remarks in private or during fights). Not everyone who went to Middle School went to my Elementary School. So we have a scrambled blend of fresh ideals planted in these kids minds. Which you can imagine is another post entirely of its self.

But even some kids i went to elementary school with turned out racist. The reasoning? Personally i discovered it was due to their Parents, Friends, and interaction with people of different races.

Some people just had fucked up racist parents and they naturally adopted their parents line of thinking. Which is sad because you can't really blame a child for doing that. Even more sad that they grow up to be full of unjustified hate that will never be satisfied.

Some people had racist Friends and as a desire to be part of the pack. They also picked up on their friends racist habits. These people often end up snapping out of it because most of them aren't really conditioned to be racist. But simply are used to slinging around the word Nigger or Faggot. Just like normal people say Fucker or Asshole.

Some people have bad experiences with people of different races. This is the saddest circumstance because it's the result of the first 2 problems i mentioned going Viral in a sense. A black kid gets picked on by the racist group of white friends. Black kid feels that white people are mean. Starts hating white people. The really sad part is that there isn't much anyone can do besides try to educate those people into knowing that not everyone has been conditioned to be a racist.

There is one sector i left out though. Because it's only theory. It goes back to the animal instinct thing i was talking about. I wonder if some people are literally born racist. Like when they see a black person, some piece of their lizard brain goes "Threat". No matter what you do to that person. They'll always see different colored people as threats. Could that be where racism comes from?

Personally i think that is unlikely. I believe it has more to do with the social and class structure of America and other countries. Like Red vs Blue vs Green vs Yellow. If Red is struggling and Yellow is offering to sell it's people as slaves, Red will buy some Yellows and eventually Yellows will be introduced into Red society as second class citizens. The reasoning behind that is not natural and has everything to do with money and government.

My conclusion is that nothing is conclusive. But we can study the habits of people. The patterns of thought. Their upbringing. As well as their serious mental illnesses. Ultimately coming closer to an answer as to "Why are people like that?".

My personal viewpoint is that most of our habits are natural and inherited through sheer observation of our parents, family, and friends.

That is why it's so easy to piss someone off by calling their momma ugly or dating their sister.

Hell even my sister hated her friends when they hit on me. I didn't though hahahahaha. I wish i could make that laugh read as more disgusting and piggish.

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Re: People
Reply #1 - 02/06/17 at 02:31:57
Stumbled upon this while browsing the archives randomly. This looks like an interesting post, so I'm just bumping it to remind myself to read it when I have free time.
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Re: People
Reply #2 - 02/06/17 at 10:20:14
Interesting post, but I had to stop reading it.

I live in solitary confinement basically. I am not social. I prefer to be alone. This all has happen in a span of two years. I've learned to enjoy it and in fact I love it to the point I don't really hang out with friends or family members often.

You could say I'm social at work, but that's forced being in management. In truth, I'd rather not have to deal with people.

I am internet social you could say, but that's a bit different from being social in a group of people or with another human being. I don't really long for that kind of attention.

At the end of the day I'd rather focus on me and improving my mind and body rather than catering to the needs of other or dealing with social interactions.

Limit. very fine limit on how long I can stand being around people.

I've realized this in relationships. Often I'd tell my others I needed space for awhile and to be left alone and how most women are creatures that are starved for attention it never worked that way and caused me to get extremely stressed.

Most people are social creatures. Not all.
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