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TM: Broken Bios/Endings (Read 6178 times)
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TM: Broken Bios/Endings
05/17/11 at 02:40:01
Unlike the last fanfic, it's a redone version of TM:Broken, first up is a redone Roadkill. Enjoy bitches!


Driver- Darrell Hodder

One a couple people know in Lucio City, but to the cult that sacrificed him and his wife in a sadistic ritual, it means death as Darrell Hodder has just broke out of hell to get vengeance. Even with the Devil's hitman chasing after him in the contest, wanting to take him back to hell, Darrell will not stop on his road of revenge till he paints the streets of Lucio with the blood of the cult that took his life away.

Vehicle-  Roadkill

After escaping hell, Darrell hitched a ride from a recently paroled rapist who got off due to a error. Knowing very well who the man was, Darrell killed him and took his car, an old 1968 black/red dodge Camaro with rust on it and the engine popping out and added spikes and barbed wire on the front bumper.

Handling: 7
Armor: 4
Special Weapons: 6/5
Speed: 4


1. Roadkill fires a heated metal spike that pops out of a compartment on the top of the roof and explodes on impact.
2. Roadkill fires a red boomerang straight ahead of the grill of the car and explodes upon contact and can also retrieve it back by hitting the fire button again if it doesn't hit anything.


(Camera shows War Tooth blowing up in the in the streets of Lucio City, the debris flying towards us before the camera cuts to black)

Darrell- I won the contest...

(Camera now shows Darrell in front of Calypso, who's on his junkyard throne)

Darrell- So i went to Calypso to get my reward.

(Camera shows Roadkill blowing up Darkside with the heated spike)

Darrell- I had to kill Ash, the devil's right hand man to get to this...

(Camera shows Calypso's famous smirk)

Darrell- And true to his word, Calypso had what i wanted.

(Camera cut to Darrell and Calypso walking inside a big room)

Darrell- So after driving to some desert, there was my prize...

(Camera pans to show all the remaining cult members, tied and gagged onto a set of operating tables, squirming around)

Darrell- They were all there, that damn cult was right there and defenseless.

(Camera now shows Calypso pointing to something off screen to which Darrell looks at)

Darrell- Seems he also had a little bonus in hand too.

(Camera now pans to show on the wall is a huge wall of various types of weapons, chainsaw, hatchet, weed-hacker, etc. Then the camera does a pan up showing that on the roof are mirror and taped to them are many pictures, all of of Rebecca and Darrell)

Darrell- The last thing these fucks will see is me and my wife's faces.

(Camera shows cut aways of Darrell taking the weed-hacker, Calypso's smirking face, the terrified looks on the cult members faces and a close up of the picture. Then Darrell lowers the weedhacker down towards one of the cult members faces, then a burst of blood and gore hits the wall as many people scream in pain as more blood keeps flying onto the wall, then Darrell smirks at his job well done, covered in blood. We see all the mutilated bodies of the cult members.)

Darrell- They were dead.

(Darrell turns around and sees Calypso has vanished)

Darrell- Seems Calypso vanished, for the first time in a long time, i was happy.

Ash- :V/O: So, that's why you broke out.

(Darrell turns around and sees Ash, seeming to be unharmed, not shocked)

Darrell- Yeah, so the spike?

Ash- Didn't do shit.

Darrell- Whatever...

(Darrell drops to his knees, looking up at Ash, not caring.)

Darrell- Well, you can take me back now.

(Ash smirks and starts walking out of the room, leaving Darrell confused)

Darrell- Where you going?!

(Ash turns around to look at Darrell)

Ash- Letting you go, i live to serve HIM.

(Ash then points down to the ground)

Ash- Even he has his dislikes and if there's anything he hates more than people who escape hell, it's those who kill innocents in his name for some bullshit reason.

(Darrell stands up)

Darrell- I see, so when are you gonna come for me?

(Smirking, Ash shrugs)

Ash- Who knows, all i know is that this is the most fun i've had in ages.

(Ash then points up)

Ash- Might even put in a good word to G upstairs for you, might even get to be with your girl.

(Darrell looks shocked, looking up before looking down, show Ash has vanished. Then Darrell walks out of the room and we Roadkill driving down a street before the camera cuts to the "Twisted Metal:Broken" logo, then it cuts to the credits showing a montage of the driver's scenes with Ministry's "Just One Fix" playing in the background. )
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... Wow, this thread doesn't entirely suck!
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Re: TM: Broken Bios/Endings
Reply #1 - 07/23/11 at 22:41:31
Cough, cough. Chevy Camaro.
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Re: TM: Broken Bios/Endings
Reply #2 - 09/13/11 at 05:16:51
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