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Twisted Metal: Apocalypse (Read 3514 times)
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Twisted Metal: Apocalypse
03/21/11 at 11:54:38
*Camera shows a mostly deserted street. It's raining outside in Seattle, and most people are making their way home. The camera then shows a newspaper clipping, and the title reads "LAST YEAR OF TWISTED METAL COMPETITION" Needles Kane walks by, picks up the newspaper, and laughs.*
Needles: The final year of that fucker's shitty ass "competition" huh? I'll believe that when I see it.
*Mr. Ash walks next to him. He sees the newspaper and simply sighs*
Mr. Ash: Needles we've been over this. Twisted Metal can't end until someone from the competition kills Calypso. You seem to be the only one capable of doing so, so I'm going to help you win so you get the chance.
Needles: Thanks but no thanks freak. I'm going to do this the old fashioned way, by myself. That's how I became the greatest Twisted Metal driver of all time.
*Mr. Ash disappears. Needles gets in Sweet Tooth and drives off.*
(This is where I come in.)
*A young woman and man are in a car. The man looks over at the woman, who is dressed in a green fishnet shirt, jeans, and a blue baseball cap.*
Me: Where are you taking me?
Krista: Look I'm sorry Logan, but you might be the only chance the world has at ending Twisted Metal once and for all. You won a few years ago and killed my brother. I know you can do this again.
Me: But what if I don't want to do this again? I got my retribution. I am satisfied with my life for once...I have you Krista...I don't want to lose you.
Krista: Babe you won't lose me. Trust me, you can do this. You know deep down you want to. So why won't you do this...for me?
Me: (smiling) Oh all right fine, but once your dad is dead that's it right? No more Twisted Metal?
Krista: Right. Once he's gone the contest ends and everything can go back to the way it was before all this insanity began. And on top of it all you have me as you partner. We can't lose!
Me: Yeah I guess you're right. I have to have more confidence in myself. I'm a former Twisted Metal champion! I can do this in my sleep.
*Krista laughs as we speed away from my house where she picked me up. We eventually make it to the car lot where Calypso's mechanics are ready to begin work on this year's cars. Calypso appears on a tv screen across from the lot, and all the competitors move to listen to him.*
Calypso: Good morning ladies and gentlemen. As I am sure you have all heard, this will be the last year of Twisted Metal. Someone will come and kill me this year, but I can't say who that will be, or else everyone else will try to gang up on that person and that wouldn't be fair. I've went over some of your profiles and I see that most of you are returning veterans, but there are also some new faces to mix everything up. I wish you all good luck, but before I go, Logan...see me in my office...ALONE.
*I look up at the screen and half smile, already knowing what Calypso needs to see me for. Krista kisses my cheek, then drives my car, Blackout, into the car lot. I walk into Calypso's building. He is sitting in his office.*
Calypso: Hello Logan. I'm sure you already know why I called you in.
Me: Yeah. I'm the one that's going to win this year aren't I?
Calypso: Yes you are. You will win the competition, claim your prize, then kill me. But you can't let anyone know, not even Krista. If you do then what I have seen will not come true, and you will both die painfully. Do I make myself clear?
Me: Yes sir. I look forward to finishing Twisted Metal off once and for all.
Calypso: If you actually do make it that far, Logan.
*We shake hands and I leave. Little do I know that Needles is right outside the door.*
Needles: Awww isn't that cute. You're kissing your girlfriend's dad's ass. Look I don't know what you were talking about but there's only one guy here who has what it takes to kill Calypso, and that's me. You're nothing more than a little shit stain on my way to glory.
Me: Oh really? That's why I nearly killed you a few years ago right? You don't scare me Needles. I know that you won't ever get the chance to kill me, because I am the greatest driver in the world. If anybody is a shit stain around here, its you. After all, you have to hide behind a clown mask to hide whatever ugly face you really have.
Needles: Well look who finally got some balls. *laughing* Man I remember when you didn't say anything to me the first time you saw me. You were this scared little kid trying to avenge some bitch that got killed. That went all right for you, but apparently that wasn't enough. You just had to come back to ruin all my fun didn't you?
*I smile wide, realizing that, even though he's evil, Needles is just as sick of Twisted Metal as I am.*
Me: You know it asshole. Me and Krista are going to dance all over yours and Calypso's graves when this shit is finally over. I can't wait.
Needles: I wouldn't be so sure of that.
*Needles walks off. I go back outside to the car lot and see Krista, my car, and the lead mechanic, who looks weirdly familiar.*
Krista: Logan, this is Kyle. He is going to be working on Blackout, getting it ready for the competition.
*Kyle and I shake hands. At first neither of us realize who the other is. Then it hits him and he smiles and hugs me.*
Kyle: Logan you are one stupid S.O.B. to be involved in something like this.
Me: Yeah I guess so. Man you seem so familiar...do I know you from...holy shit! Kyle?! You're a fucking mechanic now!
Kyle: Yup. Calypso payed me a king's ransom to do this. I just started last year but he told me an old friend of mine was going to be here this year. I had no idea who he was talking about until I saw your car. *He points at Krista* So much for Korie huh? *I punch him hard on the arm.*
Me: That's not even funny man. You remember what happened. But I got my retribution so I moved on. I wasn't going to stay down and hate myself forever.
Kyle: Fair enough I guess. I just can't believe your with Calypso's daughter now. How the hell did that happen?
*Krista and I smile at each other, then flash back to the day we met in a gas station. Krista is looking at some stuff when I walk into the store.*
Me: *looking around, I bump into Krista.* Oh jeez I'm so sorry.
Krista: *looking at me, smiling.* It's fine as long as you don't try to steal my purse. *We both laugh.* You look like you've been through a war.
Me: Well you could say that. I had quite the fight on my hands. If I told you what I've been through, you wouldn't believe me.
Krista: Try me. I've been involved in plenty of stupid things in my life. One of them is the reason why I'm here.
Me: Well all right. *I start talking about how I won Twisted Metal earlier in the day and killed the guy running it for that year.*
Krista: You killed my brother? That's the reason why I'm here! I was on my way to kill him, hoping that Twisted Metal would come to an end, but it looks like you beat me to the punch.
Me: *smiling* Oh it was nothing really. Hey let's get out of here and talk about how awesome I am somewhere more fun.
Krista: *laughing* Ha look at Mr. Badass just because he won a fight to the death against a bunch of psychopaths.
*We both walk out laughing, my arm around her waist.*
Kyle: Wow Logan. You totally would end up with Krista Sparks. Only you man.
Me: Yeah yeah I know I'm crazy. Now if you wouldn't mind getting started on what you are supposed to be doing Krista and I have plans for tonight.
Krista: Oh really? I didn't know we had to plan sitting on the couch watching t.v and making out all night
Me: Oh come on now babe you know I can be romantic. I have to go set everything up. I'll meet you back here at around 5. Will the car be drivable by then Kyle?
Kyle: It should be. I have a few days to play around with everything so if you need the car for tonight you can have it.
Me: Sounds good to me. So Krista what do you say? A night of doing nothing, or a night where we live like there's no tomorrow?
Krista: As good as the first one sounds, I'd like to try the second one for once. *she sticks her tongue out at me.* I'll see you at 5 babe.
*Krista and I kiss then I take Blackout to make my plans for the night, not knowing what horrible things would happen that night.*
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Re: Twisted Metal: Apocalypse
Reply #1 - 03/21/11 at 20:18:44
It's not a bad beginning. I hope you can finish this one unlike the others (It's sad to see a lot of cool fanfics that doesn't have an end).
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Re: Twisted Metal: Apocalypse
Reply #2 - 04/21/11 at 00:56:23
I do want to come up with my second masterpiece for the site, but nothing is clicking in my mind right now. I'm burned out from my job and life in general. Maybe easter weekend I'll keep this one going or go back to one of the others.
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