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Dem Vehickals (Car Thread) (Read 151598 times)
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Re: Dem Vehickals (Car Thread)
Reply #690 - 08/04/16 at 03:09:23
†Adonael wrote on 08/03/16 at 00:13:44:
The Lexus LFA was originally going to be the new Toyota supra before it became a high performance car. It's why it shares some similarities with it.

Anyway, I find this random Jetta\Golf kit car interesting. Older jettas are pretty nice. not so sure about the newer ones though.




This is pretty sweet.

Reminds me of the "No Fucks Given Jettamino".

Also the RX-7, which is more interesting. 400 HP+ FB RX-7 made from the shell of one found in a ditch.. constructed with wood, leather straps, hood mounted speedometers..

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Re: Dem Vehickals (Car Thread)
Reply #691 - 08/10/16 at 07:07:38
A fucking. NOS. Energy Drink can.
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Re: Dem Vehickals (Car Thread)
Reply #692 - 10/05/16 at 16:56:29
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