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Iron Maiden - Twisted Metal: Black 2 (Remake) (Read 9209 times)
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Iron Maiden - Twisted Metal: Black 2 (Remake)
08/06/10 at 15:16:42
Well, I don't like very much the first version of my Twisted Metal profile so I thought to write it again, but this time with a better story. I hope you enjoy it:


Name: Adrian
Age: 18 years
Diagnostic: Evasion of the reality. He thinks that he’s from another world.
Treatment: Nothing. Is a lost case.

History: A normal teenager with a severe case of reality evasion. Was sent to the Blackfield Asylum, and didn’t receive a single visit since he came. He’s convinced that he’s from another world and that he survived a crash accident where a friend of him died. After a long research they couldn’t find anything about this supposed car accident, so he was sent to Blackfield Asylum.

Vehicle: Iron Maiden

This vehicle has been especially modified by Calypso itself. This car is Adrian’s Chevrolet Cobalt SS modified to fight in the contest. This car has two machine guns to both sides, a missile depot hidden under the bonnet and two barrels full of Nitro.

Special: Fear of The Dark

His special attack consist of launching a spike ball thanks to a robot arm hidden in the porter towards the enemy, incrusting them in the car to make a big explosion seconds later. If the ball is missed, then it will explode if a car passes near.


Adrian: I once had a life…

(Camera pans to the Blackfield Asylum sign.  Camera scrolls through the desert)

Adrian: Maybe my life wasn’t perfect, but I was happy…

(Camera slams through the security fence and reaches the run-down building)

Adrian: I don’t know what I’m doing here. I’m not crazy.

(Camera is seen going down a hallway full of cells.  It passes a guard reading a newspaper to a door marked "C-9 Solitary". It enters to see a white teenager with short and spiky black hair, wearing a jeans jacket with wool sleeves and a t-shirt with jeans, both black. His complements include a chain in his jeans, a pair of spike bracelets and a dog-tag, and he is wearing glasses)

Adrian: But one thing is sure… She’s dead, and I don’t know how but now I’m in this dark world.

(Adrian watches through the window only to see that is pitch black outside)

Adrian: And worst of all, they don’t believe me and think that I’m crazy.

(Screen fades to black)

Adrian: But one day I received a visit.

(Camera shows Calypso with a scar in his neck left by Sweet Tooth near the cell door, now open)

Adrian: At first I thought that I was having a hallucination, but soon I realized that this man was real. He called himself Calypso. He told me that he was holding a contest, and that he wanted me to join it.

(Adrian is seen facing Calypso in his padded cell)

Adrian: At first I didn’t want to take part of the contest, but Calypso managed to convince me.

(Shot of Calypso giving him a photo of a red haired girl)

Adrian: He told me that he could help me with my problem and that I could be able to return to my world.

(Adrian is seen receiving a pair of car keys. Then it cuts to outside the asylum as Iron Maiden is seen speeding through, then slamming through the security fence)

Adrian: How could I refuse this chance?

(Cut to black. End movie)

Level 1 – Stadium Slaughter: You know, maybe I’m a little crazy.

Level 2 – Suburban Terror: I still can’t believe that I can get my life back by winning this contest.

Level 3 – China Town: But when you have lost all, you must find something to believe.

Level 4 – Construction Yard: I know this world is not real. And because of this I feel no regrets killing this people.

(At the start of level 5, Iron Maiden is seen driving into a massive stadium. Shortly afterward, the gate closes behind it. There is a large demonic symbol in the middle of the stadium and it begins to catch fire as what appears to be a giant tank rises from the center and in front of Iron Maiden. Minion has arrived!)

Level 5 –Minion Stadium: Wow, Calypso was right when he told me that Minion was scary. I will have a hard time killing this bastard.


(Camera shows Minion exploding. As pieces of the tank fly into the air, one big piece flies up and hits Iron Maiden, knocking Adrian out)

Adrian: I sent that bastard straight to hell, but he still managed to hit me one last time.

(Camera shows Iron Maiden surrounded in flames, then it cuts to Adrian slumped behind the wheel as he is heard speaking)

Adrian: I was passing out, just like when I have the accident…

(Camera shows Adrian driving the same car but without the modifications in a road at night. At his side there’s a red-haired girl with a cap on her head, a green t-shirt without sleeves and short jeans like the photography from the intro filming him with a camera)

Adrian: Her name was Krista Sparks. We were hanging up since I was at Elementary School. That night she wanted me to do risky maneuvers while she was filming and then upload it into Internet. Then we had the accident.

(A car appears from nowhere and Krista screams, as Adrian tries to turn the wheel, but unfortunately the crash takes place and Krista goes flying over the other car as his car goes down a hill while he manages to get out)

Adrian: I rolled down the hill as I watched the other car burning. Then I lost consciousness, and when I woke up I was in that asylum of this dark world, threatened like if I was crazy.

(Camera cuts to Adrian waking up and then showing Iron Maiden surrounded in flames)

Adrian: But I still have a chance to undo it.

(Iron Maiden is seen leaving the Arena as the camera fades to black. End movie.)

Level 6 - Rooftops: She was my best friend. And now she’s dead because of me.

Level 7 – Carnival of Darkness: But if I win, Calypso will grant me my wish.

Level 8 – Waterfront: I just need to wait a little more and I’ll win the contest.

Level 9 – Death Port: These idiots will be resting peacefully when I finish this… Unfortunately, they will be all dead.

When the ship gets to the city, Iron Maiden goes down in a ramp while the remains of the defeated vehicles fall to the water. While the rest of the drivers are waiting, suddenly, the pieces that has fallen in the water and get together in a big explosion. When the smoke fades away, a monster made with parts of the other vehicles appear. ¡Piecemeal is here!

Level 10 – Piecemeal Beach: What kind of monster is this? Calypso is trying to kill me so that I won’t claim my prize?


(Piecemeal explodes and the parts rain from the sky and into the water as Iron Maiden drives off of the harbor and into town)

Adrian: I had won the contest!

(Iron Maiden drives to a large garage. Camera shows Adrian in front of Calypso sitting in his throne made of broken car parts)

Adrian: I went to Calypso and demanded my wish. I wanted to undo all what happened in the car crash so Krista wouldn’t die. But he told me that it was impossible to do.

(Calypso hands him the camera of Krista)

Adrian: He wanted me to watch what happened that night.

(He presses the play button and watches the car accident. Everything is like he remembers, until the part he passed out. From the burning car comes out a man with long and black hair and his face burned as a man dressed in black appears from nowhere. The driver talks with the man as he cries over the body of Krista. Then, a demon comes from the other side carrying a body with him that can’t be seen due to the darkness. Then, the man in black puts his hand over the body as he says something. Then, the demon lets the body fall to the ground and disappears with the driver as the man in black stays with the corpses)

Man in black: Little boy, I know that you will get this message. My name is Mr. Ash, and the driver of the other car is called Calypso, the father of your friend Krista. You have killed her, and now he wants revenge from you. He made a deal with me: I rented my best demon to him in exchange of your soul…

(Ash grabs the body and puts it n front to the camera, showing that is Adrian itself)

Ash: He wants you to suffer for what have you done, so you will be trapped in this world for your sins. But I’m generous, so I will simply let you play this “game” and collect all the souls of the ones you kill for me. In exchange, I might help you to return home if you help me kill Calypso. So, what do you say?

Adrian: I couldn’t believe it. I was trapped here because of the father of my best friend! I wanted my revenge against him, so I accepted his offer.

(The camera shows a portal opening and Mr. Ash crossing it while he drives Darkside. He then launches a missile to Calypso and the throne blows up as Black appears unharmed from the rubble. Black turns into a ghost and disappears into Ash’s head as he shows his face through the window)

Adrian: He thanked me for winning the contest and finding Calypso so he could get Black with him again. He invited me to return home and kill the original Calypso. In exchange he would return Krista to life.

(Adrian gets on Iron Maiden and speeds off with Darkside through the portal)

Adrian: How could I refuse the chance to get revenge from that bastard?

(They both appear through the portal back at the real world as they speed off through the streets. Camera will soon cut to logo, and then credits roll as "T.N.T." by AC/DC plays and scenes from all character cut scenes play)


Well, that's all. In my opinion, this is better than my first try. And by the way, maybe I will do an alternate ending, but for now let's see what do you think about this ending.
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Re: Iron Maiden - Twisted Metal: Black 2 (Remake)
Reply #1 - 08/06/10 at 23:02:33
::::Monkey Appluads::::

Very nicely done Reebok! I love the ending. That completely took me by suprise. Very good twist at the end as well. Very happy to see you and the other writers grow and get better. Once again, nicely done.  Wink
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Re: Iron Maiden - Twisted Metal: Black 2 (Remake)
Reply #2 - 08/07/10 at 09:17:46
MonkeyKing wrote on 08/06/10 at 23:02:33:
::::Monkey Appluads::::

Very nicely done Reebok! I love the ending. That completely took me by suprise. Very good twist at the end as well. Very happy to see you and the other writers grow and get better. Once again, nicely done.  Wink

Thank you. I'm glad that I managed to surprise you with the ending. I was a little scared that it wouldn't be too good.
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Re: Iron Maiden - Twisted Metal: Black 2 (Remake)
Reply #3 - 10/13/10 at 04:32:53
hell i liked it, it was a bit over the top, and someone beating calypso...that just...seems kinda wrong but still i liked it good job man
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Re: Iron Maiden - Twisted Metal: Black 2 (Remake)
Reply #4 - 02/26/12 at 09:39:26
Now that Twisted Metal for PS3 has been launched, I found very interesting and incredible some similarities between my fanfic and the game:

-My car is called iron Maiden (As a tribute of the Heavy Metal band).
-The special is a spiked ball that explodes in contact with another car (Or just waits on the floor for anyone to come near and then explode).

And what does Twisted Metal for PS3 have?

-A final boss called Iron Maiden (But instead of a car is a giant robot).
-The Murderballs: Spiky balls that bounce around and hit your car.

I'm not saying that they stole the ideas. I'm just noting that it has some similarities and that It's very funny for me.
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Re: Iron Maiden - Twisted Metal: Black 2 (Remake)
Reply #5 - 04/10/12 at 12:55:08
Nicely done. It even captures the essence of TM: Black's sick style of storytelling.

Overall, if I had to rate it, I 'd say this story deserves a 9.9/10. (The slight spelling mistakes threw things off a little, but oh well.) You really caught and kept my attention. Good job
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Re: Iron Maiden - Twisted Metal: Black 2 (Remake)
Reply #6 - 02/17/14 at 18:15:10
It was obvious this vehicle had references to the British band "Iron Maiden". Fear of the Dark as the special, Adrian as the driver. I wish this would happen.
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Re: Iron Maiden - Twisted Metal: Black 2 (Remake)
Reply #7 - 03/22/14 at 22:02:30
Name:jack black
diagnostic:not a patient
history:jack had a happy life.until this happened,that tragic day haunts his dreams.jack and his family were staying in a motel at the outskirts of harbour city.He just came back from harbour city only to find that the hotel was destroyed by warhawk.
this is the same vehicle he used to help warhawk stop the final contestent 8 years ago.
special:same as in black

jack:how could warhawk betray me?it was not my fault that we failed to stop the last contestent.
(camera shows jack siting on top of a car wreck)
jack:he should have killed me instead of my family.
(camera zooms into his face)
jack:i wished i never helped that freak.
(camera shows warhawk exploding)
jack:i was not very lucky any way.
(camera shows tanker being pushed of the roof by sweet tooth)
jack:what the?
(camera shows calypso arriving in a black truck)
calypso:having problems?
jack:shut up,asshole.
calypso:i can offer you a chance to save your family.
calypso:its the only way.
jack:i know.
calypso:see you in harbour city.
(camera shows tanker driving into stadium slaughter)

level1(stadium slaughter):i remember this place,i used to bring my son here to watch the derby every sunday.

level2(suburban terror):that clown who pushed me off the rooftop is also in the competition.i cant wait to blow him up.

level3(china town):maybe this was a bad idea.

level4(construction yard):what if calypso betrayes me?

level5(minion stadium):i heard of this freak before.i heard he is very strong.but i dont care.....nothing can stop me!!!

(camera shows minion exploding)
jack:i must have fainted...
(camera shows tanker being hit by a piece of metal from minion when he exploded)
jack:i started to remember things.
(camera shows manslaughter chasing after tanker at the junkyard)
jack:that dumbass dumper truck....
(camera shows tanker burning manslughter with his special)
jack:he was a hard one to beat.
(camera shows manslughter being crushed by the car crusher)
jack:serves him right.
(jack wakes up)
(camera shows tanker driving out of minion's stadium)

level6(rooftops):looks like its my turn to push people off the roof tops.

level7(carnival of darkness):yay!more clowns to burn!

level8(waterfront):victory is not so far away.

level9(deathport):this is the last fight before i get my prize!
(camera shows the ship arriving at the harbour)
(tanker drives off the ship)
(the remaining opponents were pushed by tanker into the water)
jack:now i will get my prize.
(jack hears the sound of metal being bended and a large rumble)
(jack turns around to find piecemeal shoting power missles at him)

level10(piecemeal beach):i never seen such a monster before...

(camera shows tanker destroying piecemeal using ricochets)
(piecemeal explodes)
jack:now theres noone who can stop me now!
(camera shows tanker arriving at calypso's junkyard)
calypso:you will get your prize....but first...
(camera shows darktooth smashing through the gates)
jack:oh shit...
(darktooth drives towards tanker)

level11(junkyard):who is this guy?

real epilogue
(camera shows dartooth exploding)
jack:now wheres my prize?
calypso:you have earned it.
(camera shows jack outside of a burning hotel)
jack:this is it.
(camera shows jack bringing his family out of the hotel before it explodes)
(camera fades)

so what do you think?

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