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Trapper - Twisted Metal Black 2 (Read 2708 times)
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Trapper - Twisted Metal Black 2
03/26/10 at 05:18:31

Driver:  Catfish

His real name is unknown, but he adopted his nickname after the first animal he had ever captured and killed.  Catfish has ever since sworn to hunt down every animal on the face of the Earth.

His hunting skills is worshiped throughout hunters acorss the nation.  But some question his motives, as ome of the animals he kills and captures are sometimes protected due to endangerment or because they are hunted down because parts of their body are valuable in the black market.

He had managed to build a private lounge in the forest area outside the city.  He planned to retire in peace and live out the rest of his life in solitude. However, fate would have other plans.

Vehicle: Trapper

This pickup truck was Catfish's hunting rig and he drove this on his many safaris.  It was detained shortly after his arrest, when he tried to evade capture.  Beware the truck's Special Weapon. As a master hunter Catfish has learned to adapt to his surroundings and study whatever animal he will bag.  For this contest, he had managed to make special discs that are capble of multiplying when they hit an enemy and swarm around the target.


Catfish:  Before now, I was respected.

(Camera cuts to Blackfield Asylum sign.  It pans through the desert landscape as catfish speaks.)

Catfish: The others liked me, wanted to even be me.  I had fame among the big game hunting community.

(Camera reaches the run-down building ad the scren fades to it going down the hallway of cells. It passes a guard and goes to a door marked "C-1 Solitary" as Catfish speaks.)

Catfish:  Who would've guessed I would be speinding my retirement locked up here.

(The camera enters the cell to see a white male with long black hair and a mustache sitting on the cot.  He is wearing a white sleeveless shirt under a blue vest made of denim, and blue pants with black boots.)

Catfish:  I had finished geting every animal in the world to decorate my lounge, and this is what I get for my achievement.

(Flashes of SWAT team cops breaking through the windows are seen, then it goes back to Catfish.)

Catfish:  ever since I wound up here, I swore to God that when, and if, I get out of this hellhole asylum, I would find the person or group of people responsible for this.

(Camera shows a close-up of Catfish's face.)

Catfish: But one day, I finally got that chance.

(Camera shows Calypso facing Catfish with a smoking gun in hand.)

Catfish:  The guy's name was Calypso. By the lok of the scars of this guy, I sensed he must've been in some horrific accident.  he said he knew the people who reported my actions to the cops, and if I won his contest, I would get even.

(Camera cuts to close up of Catfish's face.)

Catfish:  Well, what's there to lose? I lost everything to those damn pigs, and now I have a shot at evening the score.

(Camera fades to outside asylum as Trapper is seen speeding through the area and slamming through the security fence as the alarm sounds.)

Catfish: So I told him I agreed to play

(Cut to black. End movie.)


(Minion explodes.  As pieces of the tank fly around, one big piece flies up and hits Trapper, knocking Catfish out.)

Catfish:  I was knocked as cold as Siberia at nighttime.

(We se Catfish slumped over the wheel as he speaks.)

Catfish:  As I was asleep, I had a wierd dream. But it was really a memory of the past.

(Camera cuts to see Catfish hunting in the jungles.)

Catfish: I was a hunter.  You know, the kind of person who hunts animals either for fun or to help people.

(Catfish is seen facing a lion.)

Catfish:  Well, I am one of the hunters who hunt mainly for the thrill of it.

(Catfish is seen firing his hunting rifle at the lion, injuring it. He then goes and pulls out a hunting knife and stabs it in the neck, killing it.)

Catfish: I liked the hunting so much, I went on to kill more animals to add to my lounge.

(Catfish is seen killing more animals.)

Catfish:  Most hunters have criticized me for killing animals that were protected by the piggish government. I told them to blow it out of their asses.  But one night, after another good hunt, it went all wrong.

(Camera pans to a scene where police break in and aim their guns at Catfish.)

Cop: Police. Move and you're dead.

(Camera pans to Catfish in the asylum cell.)

Catfish: They put me on trial for illegal hunting, killing endangered species, and bribing officials to let me do it. i was put in the asylum to undergo what they call "rehabilitation."

(Camera shows Catfish waking up, as scene fades to show Trapper surrounded in flames.)

Catfish: Whoever blew the damn whistle will wish he never messed with me.

(The gates of the arena open as Trapper is seen speeding out. End movie.)


(Dark Tooth explodes, the ice cream cone warhead detonating.  Trapper escapes as a purple mushroom cloud enveloped the area.)

Catfish:  The hunt had ended, and the hunter emerges victorious.

(Catfish is seen facing Calypso, who sits in hios throne of broken car parts.)

Catfish: I visited Calypso, and he asked if I was ready for a new safari. I said yes, not knowing what he meant.

(Camera pans to a makeshift area that is modified into a jungle where we see some hunters dressed in animal costumes.  They can't move due to the costumes actually being straight jackets colored like animals and their legs are bound together by chains. their mouths are covered by duck tape to muffle their screams as they wear masks designed like the animals.)

Catfish: So, the other hunters from the bar blew the whistle on me? They always saw me as a criminal who broke the so-called animal protection laws, and they must've blew the whistle to not only be rid of me, but to get some cash for it.

(Catfish is seen smiling.)

Catfish:  I can see the look in their eyes. They show their fear, and they know the punishment they're gonna get.

(Calypso is then shown.)

Catfish:  Calypso also lined up a bonus for me.

(Calypso is seen giving Catfish a hunting rifle.  Then the camera cuts to Catfish aiming it at one of the hunters.)

Catfish: They may be humans dressed up for Halloween, but it still brings back memories.

(Camera goes black as gunshots are heard. Camera fades in to show Catfish looking over the hunters, now dead and forming a combined pool of blood.)

Catfish:  I think now that I am out, I'm gonna hunt for a new breed of animal.

(Trapper is seen speeding through an alleyway as he speaks.)

Catfish: I'm gonna hunt me some pig, and when I say pig, I mean those damn cops.

(Camera cuts to logo.   Then credits roll as "Back In Black" by AC/DC plays and scenes from all character movies play.)


It sounds bad, because this is one of the first fics I wrote.
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Re: Trapper - Twisted Metal Black 2
Reply #1 - 03/27/10 at 14:24:01
LOL. I thought that's how it was gonna turn out. I was thinking he would've went to the asylum because he went to hunting humans.

It's still a good story. I was hoping the prey would be able to run around and shit.
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Re: Trapper - Twisted Metal Black 2
Reply #2 - 10/13/10 at 05:09:11
damn i was hoping it was PETA oh well
any ways not bad man didn't need to have him vocalize that he meant cops when he said pigs but yeah that one was good.
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