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Sweet Tooth - Twisted Metal Black 2 (Read 1608 times)
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Sweet Tooth - Twisted Metal Black 2
02/22/10 at 21:21:08
An update on the roster: Vermin from Rouge Trip will be in, and he will have his Disrupt-O-Ray.  I need to know how it works.


Sweet Tooth

Driver: Needles Kane

The undisputed winner of Calypso's last contest, Needles Kane (a.k.a Sweet Tooth) entered to heal the curse that the preacher he killed druing the contest placed on him during his failed execution.  He got the vial, which contained Preacher's blood, but was diguested to learn that he would have to give up his murderous ways if he was to prevent the curse from returning. He destoyed the vial and killed Calypso.

Now that he was free from Blackfield Asylum, Needles would move on to resume his killings.  Although the flames on his head still remain, they no longer hurt him. To him, he thinks he's become a bringer of fear, and can sense another person's fear from miles away.  To him, his criminal career just got a little more interesting.

Vehicle:  Tasty Treats Ice Cream Truck.

This is Needles Kane's signature vehicle.  He used it in many of his killings, and it was used to help him win the last contest.  Despite the bullet holes and dry blood that would remain on the truck, it would still be in top condition.  The Special reveals the vehicle's true nature,: a wheeled mech of mass destruction, with a missile launcher that launches a large volley of missiles at its targets.


Needles:  One year since I was freed from the nuthouse...

(Camera pans to show Sweet Tooth in the outskirts at sunfall. It is riddled in bullet holes and splashes of dry blood, but strangely, it is still in one piece.)

Needles:  It was the best time of my whole life since... forever.

(Camera zooms into the back of the ice cream truck to show a bloody back area. The freezer is blood-stained and human remains litter the area. A bloody knife is hanging on one of the walls, and Sweet Tooth is seen holding a skull.)

Needles:  I had managed to get revenge on the bible thumper who placed this curse on me, and even though Calypso tried to screw me, the flames don't hurt me anymore.

(Flashes of Brimstone exploding, then Needles slitting Calypso's throat is seen, then back at Needles.)

Neeldes:  It's a damn shame Calypso's not dead.  But then again, he was the person who busted me out.

(Flash of Calypso meeting Needles in Blackfield Asylum then back.)

Needles:  Even though the old man has gotten what he deserved, there will be other people out to kill me

(Flashes of Marcus Kane and other people are seen.)

Needles; I heard that some of them were locked up in that nuthouse. Some who took the blame for some of my recent works, others who survived my onslaught last year and are awaiting punishment for that.

(Needles is seen geting into the driver's seat and starting the engine.)

Needles:  I think I'll play Calypso's little game again. It was fun the last time, killing people and geting revenge on the preacher and the pig who captured me with his pathetic helicopter.

(Sweet tooth is seen speeding away, passing a road sign saying "WELCOME TO HARBOR CITY")

Needles:  Calypso would be suprised to see me again.

(Fade to black. End movie.)


(Minion explodes.  As pieces of the tank fly everywhere, one big piece flies up and hits Swet Tooth, knocking Needles out.)

Needles:  Once again, I was out like the dying heartbeat of a little girl.  It was different this time.

(Camera pans to see Needles slumped over the wheel as he speaks.)

Needles: As I slumbered, I remembered the great works I did during and after the last contest, boys and girls, those were great memories.

(Camera pans to Needles looking at Calypso's dead body.)

Needles:  After wining the contest, geting my revenge on the old man, and kiling Calypso, I went on to continue my path.

(Camera shwos Sweet Tooth speeding away from the ruins of Midtown.)

Needles:  Unfortunatly, the city of Midtown was destoryed by that contest, and almost all of its residents killed in the process.  So I was forced to find a new hunting ground.

(Camera pans to Needles in harbor City.)

Needles:  Thankfully, I found a new target in the citizens of Harbor City.  The flames on my head were no longer hurting, as if they were acually became a part of me.  I decided to make them my signature, as I wanted to see fear in the eyes of my future prey.

(Soon, camera shows shots of the Harbor City Herald showing people butchered in a supermarket.)

Needles:  It wasn't long before they started making me front page news.  They knew who I am, and they should beware.

(Camera fades to black.)

Needles: however, there would always be a person willing to try and end it.

(Shot of Needles reading a newspaper in his truck. Camera shows the front page saying "ACOMPLICE TO SWEET TOOTH KILLER LOCKED IN BLACKFIELD UNDER CORRUPTION OF JUSTICE CHARGES!")

Needles:  At first, I was shocked, but it turned to disgust. I worked alone most of my career, and I always will. This bastard was accused of helping me escape police capture, and was charged with corruption of justice for refusing to tell the pigs where I was.

(Camera pans to a close up of Needles' face.)

Needles:  I would've killed him in that nuthouse, but I didn't, because it could've ben a trap by the police should I return there

(Camera goes back to present day as Needles wakes up.)

Needles:  But maybe if I win, whoever that man is will pay for ruining my reputation.

(Sweet Tooth is seen leaving the arena as camera cuts to black. End movie.)


(Dark Tooth explodes, the ice cream cone warhead detonates.  Sweet Tooth escapes as a mushroom cloud envelops the area.)

Needles:  The contest was over, and I had successfully defended my title as champion.

(Camera pans to Needles facing Calypso, who sits on his throne of broken car parts.)

Needles:  I went to Calypso.  He was so shocked to see me again.

(Camera pans to Calypso pulling a gun on Needles.)

Needles:  The freak was so scared after what happened last time, he pulled a gun on me. I told him I won't kill him if he got my wish right this time.

(Calypso puts his gun away and looks at Needles nervously.)

Needles:  He asked what I wanted, and I told him I wanted revenge on the man who the dumbass pigs labeled as my accomplice.

(Soon, Marcus is seen tied to a chair.  His mouth is covered in duck tape.)

Needles: I knew I saw this face before.  It was my other side, Marcus.

(Camera pans to Needles looking at Marcus.)

Needles:  Yes, now I see everything.  He was the winner of the contest before the last, and he was busted out of the nuthouse on a promise to escape to what he calls "the real world".

(Needles pulls out his knife as Marcus tries to scream and get free.)

Needles:  I taught the bastard how real this world can be.

(camera cuts to Marcus point of view as Needles stabs him. Every stab made the camera flash blood red, and after a few stabs, Needles does a slash and the camera goes black as it gets to the middle.)

Needles:  It's over.  No more can Marcus try to stop me.  I am his alter ego, and I will be the dominant personality.

(Calypso is seen seeing Needles leave.)

Needles: I decided to leave the area, as Calypso had enough.  But then again, there can be only one supreme killer in these parts.

(A gas can is seen behind Calypso throne beeping.  Camera cuts outside of the theater as Sweet Tooth speeds out and the theater explodes into flames.)

Needles:  And that killer is me.

(Camera cuts to logo, then cuts to credits as "Back In Black" by AC/DC plays and scenes from all characters movies play.)


I know Needles and Marcus are the same person, and if Marcus Marcus dies, then Needles dies as well.  Maybe I made the ending to where the tweo personalities are at war over the one body, and when Needles killed Marcus, Needles would gain control over the body in the world TM: HO is based on, meaning Marcus would be no more.

As voted, Outlaw is next, since Sweet Tooth and Outlaw tied in the poll.
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