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make a character and show it off (Read 14581 times)
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Re: make a character and show it off
Reply #360 - 08/27/15 at 02:22:20
Ehh, what the hell, I'll give it a shot.
Driving Flashover; Chief Fire Marshal Thomas Halligan.  Tom is fed up with all the wanton destruction caused by the tournaments.  He's been to too many sites, noting all the horrible losses and he chooses to end it.  Through all the laws and practices he's put into effect, they've all been broken by Calypso, so Tom sees no other alternative.  He's going to play Calypso's game for the chance to finally end the mass obliteration. 
I know, it is kind of similar to Outlaw's story.

Driver of Stretch; Sir William Reginald Covington the 5th and his butler: Breton Walling. The highest of aristocracy, William can afford it all and afford to pay the price.  Always in need of something new, he's finally taken up hunting human prey (a cliche that isn't quite worn out, yet).  He also wants to create a new assistant out of only the best body parts and top of the line mechanical gadgetry.  He's entered the tournament to fulfill those wishes of his, and should he win, he is going to wish for Calypso's brain and powers to be transformed into the new assistant.  Breton is more than happy to drive the limo for William, as the accumulation of parts gives Breton more down time from William's constantly troubling lifestyle.  During his downtime, Breton loves to vacation in various locales... and bring back souvenirs of human bones.
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