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My Wii is on its third home... (Read 6976 times)
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Re: My Wii is on its third home...
Reply #15 - 04/12/09 at 17:11:40
I guess its just me personally but none of those titles you listed interest me at all Hellbent. I was interested in Red Steel when the Wii first came out because I had been reading about before the Wiis launch but when I played it it just wasnt what I expected. They only thing that looks even remotely interesting now is Mad World and even that doesnt make me curious enough to buy it.

The only way I would buy into this whole motion control and Wii shit is if they had a powerful enough system to run awesome FPS games that were up to the standards of todays consoles. Motion controls could be a nice alternative to a keyboard and mouse in my opinion for console gaming but thats just not going to happen on a Wii. Not to mention their lack of caring about the social side of gaming with online play. Nintendo doesnt seem to really grasp gaming has become a highly social thing and that people want to play games together and against each other on more than just a couch.

They could at least do SOMETHING cool with the Wii like remake or rerelease Goldeneye or at least another game like that. As hard as it is to imagine it, the N64 had the top FPS game with Goldeneye. They were able to capture even that audience but they just dont care about anything other than making half ass games just to utilize that goddamn Wiimote.
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