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Message started by Psycho Se7eN on 09/30/21 at 19:33:42

Title: Woohoo!
Post by Psycho Se7eN on 09/30/21 at 19:33:42


Title: Re: Woohoo!
Post by Thumpy on 10/03/21 at 08:42:47
Whats going to be vital is the TALENT that is going to be involved on this next TM, and what they are willing to put into it.

I hope Scott Campbell will be part of this team along with others from the TM1, 2 and PS3 teams, if not then this will be an UNCERTAIN TM.

I will not get my hopes up untill I see the TEAM ROSTER, I'm hoping you loyal fellow TMALLIANCE members will  keep us updated on this.

After what happened last time I will not have any high expectations until I see actual videos of this new TM, we still have a long wait my friends let hope for the best.

And like always, stay FUCKING TWISTED!

Title: Re: Woohoo!
Post by MoshfieldAsylum on 10/03/21 at 22:20:33
The feelings are mixed on this news.

Am I glad Twisted Metal is alive? I don't know.

I know when Black was announced way back in the day I was totally excited for it and I picked up a copy of Black immediately when it was released.

When an Online game and the Small Brawl spinoff came out, I was excited again... from 2001-2002 we got 3 TM games!

Hell, even before TM Black: The Scary Reboot I was excited for Twisted Metal 4: The Reboot That Wont Admit It, and so were a lot of people,
despite the disappointing Twisted Metal Roman Numeral 3, which was so bad it made some fans abandon the moshpit for the discotheque with Vigilante 8.

Years later when a PS3 Twisted Metal was hinted at in PS2's Head-On port in the documentary I was pretty excited and years later picked up the PS3 title on launch,
only to be annoyed that I couldn't easily play online and what was left of the original team deliberately abandoned the fundamentals of Twisted Metal (one vehicle per driver, many drivers, many endings...)
and experimented so much without success (Who can fuck up ranked team modes? EatSleepFuckYou can)

And then there was no more TM-making studio as they drove into a dead end (mobile gaming) and Jaffe started his own studio, the something something or other agency and they made ...some game and that studio went down and Jaffe became a mega super popular YouTube star where he shares his very wise stoner insights on everything you don't care about at all.

And the Twisted Metal 2012 inspired movie Sony wanted to do ...Sony suddenly didn't want to do.

TM was dead.

(dramatic pause)

Then a decade goes by, the surviving original TM fans are fucking old... They smell terrible because they don't shower enough. Or they smell like nothing because they shower too much!
God bless them. And the new fans are getting kind of old too.

So Lucid Games Limited, some British studio in Liverpool, who made the first PS5 car combat game Destruction NoStars get gifted this dead property that was kept alive by fans the past decade... shout out to the Discord communities and their good work in continuing Online play, and those who have uploaded Twisted Metal videos to YouTube, and even the retarded Facebook TM communities and Jaffe's Woke Twitter, they have kept the series alive so that... Hollywood and some British studio could profit off our dedication.

Also, on Jaffe being upset and hurt about not being involved - His name will be in the credits, as it will be for the TV series. He should just be happy about that. I didn't see Special Thanks to Mosh from in Head-On Extra Twisted Edition when I mailed him the VHS video tape with the Twisted Metal 1 Cut Live-Action Endings so they could be used in that game. Now you know how it feels to be left out, Jaffe.

But this next Twisted Metal will be some sort of free to play multiplayer only game from what I gather though... so it's just for fun, it might lack a soul, but if you have friends who cares, you can kill each other and have a laugh. I don't expect anything groundbreaking though because it doesn't seem to me, to my knowledge, that Lucid has reached out or researched what the Twisted Metal community thinks and wants in terms of gameplay and design. I don't expect it to feel like a normal Twisted Metal game if it's just Twisted Metal in name only and they don't attempt to recreate the classic gameplay that TM fans love. Easter eggs and returning vehicles/drivers are nice, but it has to feel like a Twisted Metal game.

Title: Re: Woohoo!
Post by Thumpy on 10/06/21 at 18:34:48
If no former Incognito members are on this roster its GAME OVER for this franchise.

At 56 I have been a gamer now for 42 years and this was my favorite franchise, I hate to seeing it die.

Sony does not care, they haven't for two decades now.

MoshfieldAsylum you are right about everything you said except the washing part, I do wash daily but I am old enough to FART DUST.

This will likely be a 'Skin-Deep' Twisted Metal, another HOLLOW PIECE OF GARBAGE.

I will check this game out when it comes out but my expectations are low at the moment.

I'm looking foreword to other franchises who know and are willing to keep the fire burning.

Twisted Metal's fire has been out for nearly 20 years now and will likely remain that way.



Title: Re: Woohoo!
Post by Grimgravesite13 on 12/25/21 at 04:01:19
Destruction All Stars should have just been a Twisted Metal game.

Time stamp: 9:43

Title: Re: Woohoo!
Post by †Adonael on 01/01/22 at 08:20:30

Grimgravesite13 wrote on 12/25/21 at 04:01:19:
Destruction All Stars should have just been a Twisted Metal game.

Time stamp: 9:43


Title: Re: Woohoo!
Post by poop on 01/10/22 at 19:34:41
Whoa this forum that I might have visited 20 years ago actually has posts from 2022. I NEED A NEW GOOD TWISTED METAL! :D

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