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Message started by †Adonael on 08/17/20 at 09:39:05

Title: Welp
Post by †Adonael on 08/17/20 at 09:39:05

Title: Re: Welp
Post by MoshfieldAsylum on 08/19/20 at 06:19:13
TMA has been dead since the divisive 2012 game, the lack of games since, the webmaster's retirement which included scrapping any plans of making a new version of TMA to replace this basic forum, the inactivity of admins and once-active posters, and the evolution of social media in the past decade where now someone can discuss the dead but nostalgic Twisted Metal series on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and so on. To think TMA preceded all of that 20 years ago, and literally all of that, was an amazing achievement for the time considering. The original TMA "wall" forums was one of the earliest forms of social media I tried. And once the site's content (editorials, fan art, etc.) was dropped and the walls became a standard forum, that's when the magic was lost for me personally.
But it was once a great series and fan-base, and this dead forum serves as a memorial of what used to be, which doesn't have to be a depressing thing. It is what it is. People get old and game series about a homicidal insane clown who finds himself every year in a demolition derby contest operated by a demon sorcerer who offers the victor a wish in which he twists... that gets old too, but Twisted Metal will always have a special place in our minds and hearts, for both old and new fans alike, for various reasons. I think Twisted Metal fans are like a cult of sentimentality, and as a result being a fan is a double-edged sword.
Had I known being a Twisted Metal fan would have become such a painful experience back when I first got TM2: World Tour in the 90s I might not have even bothered being a fan after the last good era of TMB/TMBO & TMSB, which redeemed the cringe 989 era, but was followed up with disappointing times from the cancellation of harbor city to a ps3 game that twenty or so people really loved but was a disappointment to most. I envisioned a greater series than what it became. I imagine most fans did.

Title: Re: Welp
Post by Magnum on 08/23/20 at 14:52:34
I'd give a like if I could.

Mosh said everything really, and it's pretty on point.

Can't believe it's almost 20 years at this shit.

EDIT--- I also forgot we could be the biggest assholes in the world too. No tears here.

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