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Message started by †Adonael on 07/06/20 at 01:00:36

Title: Twisted 1.5
Post by †Adonael on 07/06/20 at 01:00:36
These stories are my own interpretation of what happened between twisted metal 1 and 2.

Charlie Kane

“Such a Twisted soul.. How could I let you go to waste. You almost murdered your own son to get this far.”
A wicked grin spread from ear to ear. Long sharp nails clawed onto shiny chrome. The door giving no effort as it split from the chassis and onto the ground. Inside lay an elderly man. His side painted with red. A gaping hole in his side left little room for debate.
Demonic nails scraped the scally cap from the balding. The corpse jerked with a painful breath.
“And such a passion for driving as well. If only you hadn’t met with such a demise.”
  The aging face contorted with a scream. Bones cracked and popped back into place as skin crawled back over exposed organs.
“Why..” croaked the elderly as he doubled over. Slowly overcome with the sounds of uncontrollable sobbing.
”I can’t imagine what you saw…there.” The figure kneeled down, appearing sincere. “But I can make all the pain go away Charlie.. All I need is one word.”
Before another word was uttered Charlie begged, “Please…Please.” between sobs and groans.
  “Your wish is granted!” Calypso yelled with glee. The palm of his hand forcing Charlies head against the steering wheel. The ear piercing screams that followed filled Calypso with utmost joy as fire from the depths of hell seared the flesh of the elderly man. Soon a silence fell over the night. Flames licked the roof of the derelict yellow cab. Fire now permanently a fixture of this now alone man. Slowly a smile of relief and then laughter. Wicked…Wicked laughter.

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