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Message started by Smith on 06/03/20 at 19:02:06

Title: TM2 (Russian modification)
Post by Smith on 06/03/20 at 19:02:06
You can download the mod from the link:

All changes in order to make the game more suitable for multiplayer. Let's see what has changed.

1) Now all resolutions supported by the screen are available.
2) Radar. You can change the size of the radar. The color indication of cars has changed (each car has a color characteristic of its painting). Interviewing cars and updating has become more frequent, so circles in the radar move smoother. When the machine disappears, its indication on the radar disappears (in the original it did not work). Radar, as before, can be hidden.
3) The lives of enemies. The lives of the nearest enemy are displayed. Added icon for quick perception.
4) Your life. An icon has also been added for a single style. For some cars, a hurry indicator is built into the strip of lives, you can read about it below.
5) List of weapons. You can customize the size. To the left of the list is a vertical turbo indicator and next to the speed value. The energy indicator is on top (for special movements), under specials indicator, if it is not typed, then the player has the maximum amount of weapons.
6) Score. There are several display modes:
     a) team account
     b) individual
     c) display of mode “a” and “b” together
7) Camera position There are 3 main modes available, in addition, you can flexibly adjust the viewing angle and distance (Combination "Radar + Camera View"). The camera now does not change its mode arbitrarily, as it was before in some places on the map.

1) Pharmacies were not allowed in the TMA rules, therefore, whenever possible, all pharmacies were replaced with other useful prizes (Turbo, dynamite) in the maps.
2) All maps are open for selection immediately.

1) Homing kicks out 7 units(was 10) and now when hit does not discard the opponent’s car
2) Fire kicks out 10 units(was 7) and when hit, knocks down the opponent’s car on the move.
3) Remote - normal damage increased from 25 to 30, but air damage reduced to 40 from 50
4) Shield - the duration of the action is about half a second (it was about 10 seconds)
5) Jump - jumping is not worth the energy

1) Hammerhead - infinite Specials
2) Grasshopper - Special cannot be shot down with a weapon, and you can disable it yourself
3) Warthog - over time, the rockets explode leaving fire, the damage from the distance is not lost.
4) Spectre - now it have much less aim (like "fire"), but a little more powerful and still flies through the walls.
5) Mr. Slam - for few seconds, a shield is given blocking a bit of damage, a large increase in speed and an endless turbo. Also, the rush guaranteed shakes 3 times and grabs all the cars.
5) Twister - maximum 1 Special,you can set only 2 mines during torsion and all incoming damage is halved
6) SweetThooth - maximum 1 Special, accumulates faster. Now this is a spiral missile with very good directivity, but low speed.
7) Shadow - see Remote

Almost all large cars have increased mass. Due to this, rico and tossing up from explosions are worse on them. Now each car killing an enemy gets a small bonus, which depends on the type of car

Vehicle balance changes and kill bonuses
1) Hammerhead - health 160 (was 130), increased mass
Bonus: 25% of lost health, 15 turbo
2) Outlaw 2 - no changes
Bonus: 1 napalm, 1200 energy
3) Warthog - no change
Bonus: 1 Special, 5 turbo
4_ Mr. Grim - no change
Bonus: 20% of lost Health, Special cooldown reduction
5) Grasshopper - 120 health (was 110)
Bonus: 1200 energy, 20% of lost health
6) Thumper - Burning does not work (but a direct hit with napalm gives damage)
Bonus: Special cooldown reduction, 10 turbo
7) Specter - no change
Bonus: 600 energy, 1 power rocket
8) Roadkill - no change
Bonus: 2400 energy, 10 turbo
9) Twister - no changes
Bonus: 1 rocket power, 20% of lost health
10) Axel - Slightly altered shot height, health 140 (was 120), slightly lower speed, reduced weight
Bonus: 2 homing, 300 energy
11) Mr. Slam - health 150 (was 140), more responsive handling, increased mass
Bonus: Special cooldown reduction, 10 turbo
12) Shadow - no changes
Bonus: 800 energy, 5 turbo
13) SweetTooth - increased mass
Bonus: 25 turbo

Gone are the days when we used Kali, Evolve, Hamachi, etc., now tm2 has its own software: tmchu and TMC (GUI tmchu)
tmchu looks like this:

TMC looks like this:

Instructions for use are on the link at the beginning of the topic, but if there are questions, I will describe the connection process in other popsts. For beginners, the changes may seem like complications of the game, but you need to drive a few games to understand what was done and why.

PS: I hope you enjoy what we have done and you can play your favorite game with new sensations

This topic is dedicated to everyone who has been with us on this long way:
Mario, Paul, Nikotin, ILmary, Master, Dolphin, Metal Pasha, Ali, Nikanold, Svin, Doctor Voron, Bob and many others. We did everything we could so that this game is not forgotten

Title: Re: TM2 (Russian modification)
Post by rulerz on 06/04/20 at 01:26:05
Awesome input man.. A lot of work was involved there, upload youtube video so that we can enjoy it even more :)

Title: Re: TM2 (Russian modification)
Post by Smith on 06/10/20 at 04:41:25
I should name the topic "TM2PC (Russian modification for Online)"as the main changes for the multiplayer, but I can’t fix it anymore(

I tried to demonstrate the main changes in this video. There will also be a video on installing the mod and instructions for the tmchu and TMC programs.
Have a nice watching:

Title: Re: TM2 (Russian modification)
Post by Smith on 06/11/20 at 04:34:57
This video shows how to install the Russian modification on the installed game and from scratch. And describes the main errors and solutions at startup:

Title: Re: TM2 (Russian modification)
Post by Richard -Dick- Biggs on 06/17/20 at 01:11:46
Do you by chance have another link to download? I have been trying to get this but the file appears as corrupted. And I am quite interested in this TM2 Russian mod.

Edit: Nevermind. I´m dumb af.

Title: Re: TM2 (Russian modification)
Post by crfalan on 06/18/20 at 19:00:25
good mod, i will give a try

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