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Message started by TrentMendez on 05/19/20 at 20:17:51

Title: Twisted Metal TV show casting ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 05/19/20 at 20:17:51
Hello everyone. It's been almost an entire year since reports came out that a Twisted Metal TV show was being worked on and it's not confirmed whether it will be live action or animated. So I want to start this and say who I would like to see in a live action format of Twisted Metal.

One character I want to see is Jamie Roberts and the actress I would want to play her would be Jaimie Alexander. This actress is mostly seen as an action star and she has been in the first two Thor movies and on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D TV show as the character Lady Sif. She's been in another action movie called "The Last Stand" with Arnold Schwarzenegger and she's been in independent films where she has done more action films, suspenseful dramas and a couple of horror films. 

Right now she is on a TV show called Blindspot which is a crime drama and it has had some great action scenes mostly involving her character Jane Doe. The action on the show features shoot outs, car chases and hand to hand combat that the actress has actually trained for and sometimes she does her own stunts. Her character has this parallel with the character John Doe from Twisted Metal : Black. Both characters are FBI agents, both have experienced memory loss and the only clues to their own selves are tattoos covered on their bodies. Both characters discover that they are once part of an evil terroristic group but managed to right their wrongs. And both characters discover that they have a family that they start to remember.

I feel like she would be perfect playing the character Jamie Roberts. Her look on the show Blindspot resembles the look of Jamie Roberts' looks in Twisted Metal 2 and Twisted Metal : Head-On. She's well experienced in an action role from how long she's spent on her show and in movies. And the amount of time she's trained in martial arts and training in using weapons like guns, swords and knives. She would be great. 

I hope the show is still being developed by Playstation Productions. I may want to think of who else I would like to see play the characters from the games. But  I would like to see others from this forum chime in with their own ideas on who they want to see.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV show casting ideas
Post by MoshfieldAsylum on 05/22/20 at 01:00:33
Not sure if that show is still happening, but with the coronavirus crisis we do know if it was happening it is on hold now just like the other stuff playstation productions was working on.

Personally i would prefer an animated adult TM show, with some returning actors, like Mel McMurrin as Calypso, and Tara Strong could return to play Krista Sparks like she did in TM:Head On, or to play another iconic female TM character. and there are a bunch of talented voice actors out there that can play a dozen of other characters, and if the series is animated they could probably get some high profile names in the cast. Live-Action would be a more expensive project with more emphasis on action than casting I would guess, but I guess it depends on what kind of show they are going for. I wouldn't mind seeing more of the psychological side of the TM universe in a TV show, and see someone like Mads Mikkelsen play the manipulative Calypso and get more insight into that character, while also seeing the lawful side of the universe with the sibling Outlaws and the secret agents and the warhawk pilots. Sweet Tooth should be part of the show but if he is the central character then it might be hard to have real drama in the series because he is a bit of a nonperson in the emotional sense UNLESS the series does the Marcus Kane with Needles as his second personality thing (like FIGHT CLUB) and someone like Dan Stevens (LEGION actor) could play the crazy Marcus Kane, but I don't know how well they could pull off a lead character who has multiple personality disorder. I think it would probably be simpler to keep Marcus Kane a separate person from Needles.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV show casting ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 05/29/20 at 21:52:23
Here's a casting idea for Calypso. This would be if it was live action. I would want to pick Marilyn Manson for the role.

Marilyn Manson is one of my favorites in Rock music with the dark melodies in his songs. The style in his music would shift a bit over the years but still remains one of my favorites. He's done some acting jobs that shows he's not always this notion of what others may perceive about him being a bad influence which usually gets commonly said about stars in Rock music. He's actually got a funny sense of humor in interviews when he's out promoting his work. Look at his interview on "That Metal Show" to get an example of his fun side.

I think he would be good playing Calypso. This is based off of David Jaffe wanting a Rock singer playing Calypso in the live action videos of Twisted Metal 1. David Jaffe had the idea of Steven Tyler from Aerosmith to play Calypso which never happened. But I think Marilyn Manson could have a better understanding of the character given his background history of being a minister of the Satanic religion which the character Calypso is based on a bit.

That would be my thought why Manson would make the character fun to see. I hope others join in on this topic if they want. Thanks to the ones who have read this.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV show casting ideas
Post by MoshfieldAsylum on 05/29/20 at 22:49:50

I could see Marilyn Manson playing a good Calypso. Good choice.

if it were 20 years ago I would have said John Glover would be a perfect Calypso. There was a short-lived TV show from 1998-1999 called BRIMSTONE (like the TMB vehicle) where John Glover played the devil and looked and acted a bit like the flamboyant Calypso of the classic TM universe.

Then again, I wouldn't mind a portrayal of the bald, sadistic, black-eyed Calypso of Twisted Metal Black, which would call for a different type of actor.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV show
Post by MoshfieldAsylum on 05/19/20 at 20:39:40
Some news on the TV show. It's rumored to arrive next year on HBO Max.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV show casting ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 06/03/20 at 00:11:08
This is another fan casting and it would be for the character Angela Fortin. Who I would want to see play Angela would be the WWE wrestler Zelina Vega.

Zelina Vega or Thea Trinidad, has been a pro wrestler for over 10 years and during this time she's been in a couple of independent horror films and her most notable film is "Fighting With My Family"  where she played the role of another wrestler named AJ Lee. Zelina Vega has been heavily featured on the WWE program Monday Night Raw in a villainous role as a confident and cocky manager for her clients competing in the ring.

I would want someone who is physical to play Angela Fortin, who was an assassin hired to kill Calypso. Zelina Vega is an athletic and competitive person given because of her profession. Her character on TV is entertaining to watch and I feel like that she could play the role of Angela Fortin greatly. Zelina Vega is noted to be a video game fan so she could be aware of the existence of the Twisted Metal franchise.

Other characters I would also like to see in the show would be Mr Grimm and Needles Kane. I would want them to be portrayed by guys that have been in an action role, look physically imposing and obviously look the part of the characters.  For Grimm's case, I would want someone to look like the version from Twisted Metal : Black. For Needles' case someone with a bit of girth that would fit the look of Needles from Twisted Metal  (2012).

If there are suggestions from others for fan casting I would like to see them. Thanks again to anyone reading. And I hope everyone's staying safe.

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