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Message started by TrentMendez on 04/07/20 at 20:53:52

Title: Twisted Metal TV Show story ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 04/07/20 at 20:53:52
Hello to anyone that may read this. I am a new member of this forum and this is me imagining what kind of background stories for certain characters I want to see for the proposed Twisted Metal TV show by PlayStation Productions.
This first idea is about the duo of Mike & Stu and how they obtain the truck Hammerhead. I imagine them being high school dropouts and their story is trying to get women and they talk about stealing a truck. Mike is told by a friend about the truck owned by a hunter named Catfish. Stu is reluctant and Mike tells him it could help them impress the ladies so Stu agrees.  
They manage to steal the truck but not without trouble from Catfish who starts to shoot at them when they manage to take off with the keys to the truck. They successfully escape unharmed and with Hammerhead, angering Catfish. Soon after they get back to Midtown they are arrested. Thinking that they are going to be locked up for good, they are bailed out of jail by a stranger neither of them had met before. The man meeting them outside of jail is part of a group called Apocalypse 9, a dangerous group that will play a big role in the stories following this one. This will be continued with another character introduction.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV Show story ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 04/07/20 at 22:22:51
This post will explain the rules of the Twisted Metal tournament for the TV show version. I want to change it for the sake of making it fit a real world atmosphere so to speak. Instead of having multiple contestants in each round like how the games have like 8 in each of them. I would want only three competitors in each round where they try to advance to the next one. There will be three  triple threat qualifying rounds and they will have two phases to go through in each round.
The first phase will have the three competitors compete in a triple threat style rule setting inspired by pro wrestling where the first driver that kills another contestant will qualify. The second phase will have the qualifying driver to drive to a rendezvous point that will transport them to the next location for the next round. But if there is a contestant remaining in that round, they can still kill the qualifying contestant to advance and take their spot. Or, the surviving contestant can drive to a different rendezvous point where they will be taken to another location to compete with another bracket of contestants to stay in contention and have a second chance to qualify and get closer to getting their wish.
In between the rounds when the qualifying driver is being transported, I would have them be able to get their vehicle repaired or switched out with another vehicle if they choose to do so. And I think it will give the show time to take a breather or to slow down to have character development. The driver could reflect on what they went through in the previous round and anticipate what awaits them in the next one. And it could create tension or pressure for the contestant who failed to qualify and give them time to reevaluate their strategy or method to try to win.
I think these rule settings could also help establish a rivalry in the series. For example, driver A could be close to killing driver B but driver C would steal the last minute or last second kill from driver A. I would like to see that happen where driver A will hope to see driver C again later in the competition and hope to kill them to build their confidence up in winning the tournament.
Also, I would have outside factors come into play during the competition. I would have police trying to stop the competitors and try to arrest or kill them. I would have ambulance vans driving around trying to rescue people who are in the middle of the crossfire of the fighting contestants. I want these factors to create a sense of panic for the show.
Finally, I will have the three qualifying drivers to compete against each other while also having to compete with the final contestant Minion, who would be a main antagonist for the show. I will also reveal other contestants for the tournament. I already had Mike & Stu competing as a duo and reveal who would face who in the show.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV Show story ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 04/09/20 at 00:52:38
Hello again to anyone reading this. This post is going to provide a sense of time showing how long the Twisted Metal tournament is taking place. A few locations where the contestants are competing in. And detailing a couple of events happening during the battles.
I would have the tournament last a week and during the week there will be the three separate qualifying rounds and the final round. The first qualifying round will happen at the beginning of the week. And the next two qualifying rounds will happen two days apart from each other. The final round would happen at the end of the week closing off the tournament. This could be a good way to establish the passage of time while also giving time for a contestant to be transported to their final location. And also give time for a surviving contestant to be transported to one of the other locations where the competition is happening at for their second chance to qualify in the tournament.
Now the locations where the competitors will be battling at. The first location will be California and the first battlefield would be the Freeway location from Twisted Metal : Black. This area has a hospital that would get damaged during the battle. A construction yard that will be one of the rendezvous points. A go-kart track which will be the second rendezvous point. Another thing that is in the area is a train that I would like to see get derailed creating more panic if it were to crash into something.
The second battlefield will also be in California and it will be Sunsprings from Twisted Metal (2012). This place has a movie theater with the huge metal film reel on top of it and I would have it get taken down and roll down the streets causing chaos. Since it will be a couple days that will pass from the first qualifying round, the area will be on high alert for any more dangerous activity because of the competition causing severe damage in Midtown. And here at this location I would have a couple of characters that are non-competitors trying to save people and try to stop the actual competitors. And one of the non-competitors would get hurt and that would carry over into the next battlefield.
The second location would be New York containing the third battlefield Metro Square from Twisted Metal (2012). This place resembles Times Square and it has an ice rink, a museum that would get destroyed and creates a makeshift ramp leading to the subway system. And the Statue of Liberty which could also get damaged. I would have an important plot point happen here involving a couple of non-contestants based here in New York and include one non-contestant from California. And this battlefield will include any remaining contestants competing here for their second chance to qualify.
The final location would be unknown but it will be the final battlefield for the finalists who made it and they will meet the final competitor Minion. The battlefield would be the Blackrock Stadium, but it would be modified into an underground arena that would be owned by Calypso. Here at this battlefield, Calypso will finally be shown and tell the remaining contestants that if they are able to kill Minion they will win the competition and claim their prize. This would also feature a non-contestant who managed to sneak into the arena by using one of the rendezvous points known only to the contestants.
The next post will feature the non-contestants that I want to see and what important events happen to them in the story.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV Show story ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 04/10/20 at 01:59:16
Hello once again. This will focus on some of the non-contestants that I want to see play vital roles in this TV show version of Twisted Metal. Here are the list of villains I want to see: Calypso, Apocalypse 9, a group that was removed from the first Twisted Metal video game and Dr Zemu from Twisted Metal: Head-On. 
Here are the descriptions of the villains roles in the story. Calypso would be the main antagonist just like he is in the video games. He will be the mysterious figure that operates out of secrecy. He won't have his face shown until the very end of the tournament when the finalists reach the final round. I want him to be a bit like Wilson Fisk from the Netflix Daredevil series.
Apocalypse 9 will be a group hired by Calypso that will find the contestants for Twisted Metal. Other roles that they will have are transporting the contestants to the battlefields and away from there when a contestant qualifies or survives that round. And they will serve as distractions to the law enforcement like the police and a SWAT team that will pop up in the story. I would have some members driving around the battlefields in the ATV vehicle from Twisted Metal: Head-On and have their own weapons like a machine gun or rocket launcher to try to protect themselves. They are distracting the law enforcement so that there will be a winner in each of the qualifying rounds. There will be dozens of members of Apocalypse 9.
For Dr Zemu's role in the story, he will be the one modifying each vehicle for Twisted Metal. He will be the one designing each vehicle so that they can carry the signature weapons from the video games, the guns, missiles, explosives such as grenades, mines, and bombs. And he is also there for a secret project for Calypso.
My next post will focus on the rest of the non-contestants that will be opposing the contest. This will include Captain Jamie Roberts, Sergeant Carl Roberts, Agent Stone from Twisted Metal: Black and an unnamed police officer who may or may not have been a contestant in the Twisted Metal video games.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV Show story ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 04/11/20 at 01:12:36
Hello again. I am going to be focusing on the law enforcement figures of this version of Twisted Metal in this post. They will not be competing in the tournament. Here are the ones opposing the contest, Captain Jamie Roberts, Sergeant Carl Roberts, Agent Stone from Twisted Metal: Black and the unnamed police officer.
Carl Roberts will be based in Los Angeles, California and is the sergeant of the Los Angeles Police Department just like he is in the first game. One of his top officers will be the unnamed police officer who will have the initials R.C to stand for his name. Their story will begin a few months before the contest when they arrest Needles Kane and have him put in Blackfield Asylum. After capturing the crazed killer, Roberts will have R.C relocated to New York where he will receive his promotion.
In New York, R.C will meet Carl's sister, Captain Jamie Roberts of the New York Police Department. I will have a few months pass that will lead up to the Twisted Metal tournament. R.C will become a top decorated officer in New York just like he was in LA. To describe R.C's look in this story he is at least 6'2, real muscular weighing at least 200 lbs. and is African American.
Agent Stone from Twisted Metal: Black will arrive in the story after the first qualifying round of the Twisted Metal tournament causes many civilian lives to be lost in Midtown. He will ask for the assistance of Carl Roberts for his SWAT team to patrol nearby towns close to Midtown in California. And in the town Sunsprings, which is the second battlefield in the contest, they will be involved in the action when the second round starts. During this round, Carl Roberts will be gravely injured during the battle against members of Apocalypse 9 and the three contestants in this round. And those three contestants would be Twister, Pit Viper and Thumper. Seeing Carl get injured in the battle, Agent Stone will kill one of the contestants on his own and one contestant qualifies by killing the last remaining competitor.
Next, we will see Agent Stone go to New York to inform Jamie in person about her brother getting hurt in LA. Coming there unprepared without his SWAT team, the third round of Twisted Metal starts and Agent Stone, Jamie Roberts and R.C jump into the action. Here we will see Mr Slam, Hammerhead, Warthog and Mr Grimm. One of these competitors are competing in their second chance to qualify in the tournament. We would see a couple of the contestants get arrested by Jamie. R.C would notice one of the rendezvous vehicles that transports the contestants and he sneaks into one of them unnoticed and he will get transported to the final battlefield along with the qualifying driver.
I will focus on background stories for some of the drivers that I mentioned like Twister, Pit Viper, Thumper, Mr Slam, Warthog, Mr Grimm and Needles Kane in my next post. I will go at length for a couple of them like Mr Grimm and Needles Kane in their own separate posts. And one of these drivers will have a connection with Apocalypse 9.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV Show story ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 04/11/20 at 02:12:23
Here are the background stories for the contestants Spectre, Twister, Thumper, Mr Slam, Warthog. I will also include the brackets each competitor will be in and where they are battling at. Needles Kane, Mr Grimm and Pit Viper will have their own detailed posts at another time. Apocalypse 9 will be responsible for all of these competitors being made to compete in Twisted Metal.
The first bracket of contestants will see Needles Kane driving Sweet Tooth, Chuckie Floop driving Spectre and Mr Grimm driving his motorcycle to battle each other in Midtown at the Freeway location. Angela Fortin will drive Pit Viper, Amanda Watts will be driving Twister and Angel from Twisted Metal: Head-On will drive Thumper and they are competing at Sunsprings in the second qualifying round. The third qualifying round has Mike & Stu driving Hammerhead, Simon Whittlebone driving Mr Slam, Cage from Twisted Metal : Black driving Warthog and Mr Grimm, who failed to qualify the first time, competing at Metro Square in New York.
Apocalypse 9 will have already gotten Mike & Stu to compete after they bail the duo out of jail. Chuckie Floop will have his story from Twisted Metal: Head-On where he wins a car from a radio contest that will be set up by Apocalypse 9 to get him to compete in the tournament. Twister will be entered in the contest after winning a fixed race against members of the group posing as racecar drivers with the winner getting a mystery prize which is competing in the tournament. And Angel is entered after another rigged  contest by Apocalypse 9 is made to find another competitor.
Simon Whittlebone would be entered after getting arrested for demolishing another architects project out of jealousy with a frontloader vehicle that he steals from a construction worker after shooting him. I would want the construction worker to be Buster Cobb from Twisted Metal 3. This is where he would try to go on a rampage before getting arrested by the NYPD led by Jamie Roberts.
Cage will be someone who actually turns himself in to the police. He spent 12 years killing others and had remorse for his actions. But this changed after learning of Needles Kane and his killing spree. He saw the attention Needles got and was even more jealous that Needles was getting the death sentence, unlike Cage who was going to spend life in prison. This would set off Cage on a killing spree in prison and the only thing he wanted was to kill Needles himself. He would then get himself freed after his killing spree in prison and then found by Apocalypse 9.
I will focus on Angela Fortin, Needles Kane and Mr Grimm in their own posts. This will continue with Angela Fortin next.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV Show story ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 04/11/20 at 02:55:09
Here is the background story for Angela Fortin, the driver of Pit Viper in this version of the Twisted Metal TV show. I want her to be a double agent where she is a member of Apocalypse 9 and a member of the FBI. She is hired by Agent Shepard from Twisted Metal: Head-On.
Her story begins when she is recruited by Agent Shepard to infiltrate the secret group Apocalypse 9 who have gained a big gang following. It's only after she becomes a member of Apocalypse 9 that she learns of the group being hired by a mystery person which she would never discover. She is present during the process of Apocalypse 9 rigging contests for Amanda Watts, Angel and Chuckie Floop. And she was also there when they get Simon Whittlebone, Mike & Stu out of jail and when they find Cage after he breaks out of prison.
Her initial thoughts are that they are recruiting members to join Apocalypse 9. But her suspicions rise futher when they go to a secret base to steal prototype technology. The technology is for a secret project between Calypso and his scientist Dr Zemu. After stealing the technology the group would report to their mystery benefactor over the phone. It's here that the group learns of Angela's true story from their benefactor and they have her hostage and forced to compete in Twisted Metal and win it if she wants to be free.
I wanted Angela Fortin to be in this because she was not seen in any other Twisted Metal video game. I feel like her background of being a double agent inspired the stories of other characters like Agent Shepard who only wanted to have Calypso brought to justice. And she is one of the originals of the series. I will continue with the background story for Mr Grimm or Needles Kane next.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV Show story ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 04/11/20 at 03:27:43
Here is the background story for Mr Grimm. In this version of Twisted Metal Grimm will be human. This would see him as a stuntman and caring for his sick brother. They are both from Midtown.
Mr Grimm is a struggling stuntman trying to help his brother who has the disorder acromegaly. It's a disease that caused enlargements in his brother's body making him larger than a normal person's body. His disorder causes a tumor to form in the body that is too large to operate on. His brother is at the end of his life. Grimm's work hasn't met his financial needs either. He's grown more frustrated and upset that his brother is dying.
After one of his work days is finished he's scouted by the group Apocalypse 9 posing once again as people hiring him for stunt work that will give him the money to help his brother. He's told that the work will last a week, which is the length of the Twisted Metal tournament, and he will be expected to show up days before the first day of the competition. After meeting them in Midtown he is drugged by the group and sent to the first battlefield. And when he awakens, he will see his competitors Chuckie Floop and Needles Kane.
I based this interpretation of the Grimm brothers off of the two main characters from the book "Of Mice And Men" with Mr Grimm being George and the little brother being Lennie from the story where George had to care for Lennie since Lennie was incapable of being by himself. I wanted to have another human character origin for Mr Grimm. My favorite is the Twisted Metal: Black interpretation of Mr Grimm and inspiration came from that. And at one point will Mr Grimm will get his signature skull helmet and that will be a crucial point that happens at the end of this story. My next post will focus on Needles Kane.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV Show story ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 04/12/20 at 06:05:34
Hello. Here is the post focusing on Needles Kane's TV storyline. I will break it up in two parts. This will mainly focus on when he gets arrested before the tournament. Needles will have his head on fire which I will get to at a different time. That will be after I will have him advance in the tournament.
It will be the year 2023, it will also be the year of the first Twisted Metal contest. Needles has been on the loose murdering dozens in California. The L.A.P.D are in a car chase pursuing Needles Kane in his ice cream truck, Sweet Tooth. Sergeant Carl Roberts leads this car chase along with his officer R.C and they manage to capture Needles after a lengthy car chase throughout Midtown.
Needles will be sent to Blackfield Asylum. Here he will spend three months here as evidence racks up against Needles for his string of murders as he spent years murdering people in one state after another. He had been traveling through out the U.S in his ice cream truck killing innocent people. It's decided that he will get the death penalty for his crimes.
I would have the execution happening at the Asylum. It's right here that Apocalypse 9 shows up and they start a riot to free Needles. This is where I would have Needles go through the Asylum like he does in Twisted Metal: Lost's Sweet Tour mode where he is in a cage that is being lowered and he will go through the Asylum and starts killing guards, inmates and a couple members of Apocalypse 9.
Apocalypse 9 will attack the guards with their own guns and go through the Asylum trying to find Needles who had went on his own killing spree throughout the Asylum. Needles will go around the Asylum retrieving a machete of his and starts killing people like he does in the hospital scene from Twisted Metal (2012) when he was looking for his daughter Sophie.  Eventually Apocalypse 9 will locate Needles and instruct him to follow them to leave. Needles refuses as he wants his ice cream truck back first and he kills a couple of the members until they finally agree to get his truck with him.
Next, they will go to the impound lot and the guards are still after Needles and Apocalypse 9. There would be dangerous trap zones where the guards and Apocalypse 9 members get caught in killing them like the metal grinder in the area of the impound lot in the Sweet Tour mode. Finally, they locate his truck and escape the Asylum. After getting to safety, Needles has his sight on the cop R.C for putting him away. Apocalypse 9 then tell Needles that he will have to compete in Twisted Metal to get his wish. They tell Needles that R.C has been relocated to New York. Needles accepts the invitation to compete in the tournament.
I will go through the results of each round in the tournament and expand on the story of Needle next time.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV Show story ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 04/15/20 at 04:28:59
Hello everyone. I will be giving the results of each qualifying round and who will win. I will go into detail for the story as well. Now I will begin.
It's October 2023 and it is the first year of the Twisted Metal contest. The winner will be granted any wish they want. The first qualifying round begins the contest with Sweet Tooth vs Spectre vs Mr Grimm!
These three competitors battle at Midtown at the Freeway location. Every contestant is drugged and placed into their own vehicles and we see their point of view as they awaken and see their own personal dashboards have a monitor displaying the other contestants and rendezvous points they must reach in order to be taken to their next battlefields. They get their cues to begin seeking the other competitors when members of Apocalypse 9 in their own personal ATVs derail a train off of its tracks starting the mayhem to ensue.
Needles first spots Mr Grimm and begins his chase after him. The police who were headed to the sight of the crashed train see the infamous ice cream truck and report it. Apocalypse 9 shoot off a couple of warning shots leading the police away from the competitors as they start to fight. Grimm begins his escape and nearly gets sideswiped by Chuckie Floop in his car. Needles starts to accelerate faster as he now sees both of his competitors. Needles unloads a flurry of gun  shots from his vehicle at both men. Grimm using his experience as a stuntman sharp turns away from the gun fire and Chuckie gets his car pelted by the bullets as he tries to swerve away from the psychotic clown.
Grimm stops and panics about the situation he is in realizing he was lied to by the group who had hired him for stunt work. Police drive by and spot him so Grimm has no choice but to evade the police and kill one of the other men. Needles still pursuits Chuckie and gets t-boned by a police vehicle giving time for Chuckie to get far away from Needles for a moment. Needles then fires a missile from his truck at the cop car that wrecked into him and kills the officers inside it and laughing at the death he just caused.
Grimm sees the grenades in his sidecar and drops one behind him to blow up the cops following him. Chuckie spots Grimm again and sees the button for a missile to launch at Grimm but misses his shot. Grimm gets to a spot circling a building to get behind Spectre and starts lobbying grenades at his enemy.
This would bring Spectre to a stop and Grimm thinks he has this round won. Out of nowhere comes gunfire hitting Chuckie inside it and Needles drives by to stop by the car examining Chuckie. He laughs and drops a grenade inside it for good measure to ensure Chuckie's death. Needles has qualified and drives away to his rendezvous point. Grimm being shocked causes the police again to spot him and the chase is on again for him. Grimm is going to have to head to his rendezvous point to stay in the contest. He still had a missile he never used and he shoots at a building in front of him to cause debris to fall behind him cutting the cops path off to catch him and Grimm makes it to his escape.
Needles Kane has won the first qualifier! Mr Grimm now has his second chance to continue his journey in another qualifying round. The next battlefield will be Sunsprings for Pit Viper vs Twister vs Thumper!

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV Show story ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 04/15/20 at 05:20:11
Two days pass after the first qualifying round from Midtown in California. The incident there is seen as a tragedy as many lives were lost because of the chaos brought on by Apocalypse 9 and the first three contestants. Our next location is now in Sunsprings.
We go to Sergeant Carl Roberts as he sees the newscast of the aftermath. It's seen as a big gang attack by Apocalypse 9 and in comes Agent Stone from Twisted Metal: Black. He informs Carl he's brought in to assist in looking for members of Apocalypse 9.
They discuss their feelings among themselves of what happened. Carl remembers the time Needles was arrested and thought things were going to be better in his city. Stone kind of thinks otherwise as he believes that they should have killed Needles on the spot. Carl disagrees but remained silent. Both men patrol the town of Sunsprings in their own vehicles, Carl driving his cop car and Stone driving his armored SWAT van.
Apocalypse 9 arrive in Sunsprings and drop off the unconscious competitors inside their own vehicles. Amanda Watts driving Twister, Angel driving Thumper and finally Angela Fortin, the double agent for Apocalypse 9 and the FBI driving Pit Viper will battle in this second qualifying round! All three awaken and Apocalypse 9 start the round after firing a rocket launcher at a nearby water tower in town. The tower collapses as Carl and Stone see this from a distance and spot the gang in their ATVs.
The three competitors now have to fight. For Angela it's personal as she starts to go after the Apocalypse 9 members while Amanda and Angel chase after each other. Angela Fortin decided to fire a missile at one of the members but is accidentally bumped into by one of her opponents that the trajectory of her missile accidentally goes upward and hits a gigantic metal film reel that rolls down the street crashing into many buildings, parked cars and civilians. The reel finally gets to a stop and one of the victims caught in its path is Carl.
Agent Stone now goes into a rampage and chases after Angela in his van. Angela now cannot get out of this situation and must compete. Stone goes into this frenzy and mows down member after member of Apocalypse 9 in his van. He's not going to show mercy for any of them or the contestants believing they are all members of this gang.
Stone loses Angela as she made a successful escape using the grenades to her use. He then spots Thumper and Twister and goes after them. Stone catches up to Thumper and kills her. This now only leaves Angela and Amanda in this round so there must be a winner. The remaining members of Apocalypse 9 focus on Agent Stone seeing the threat he poses. Angela is able to kill Amanda and she qualifies to advance.
Angela Fortin is the winner! Stone is able to survive. Carl is in critical condition. Next up will be the final qualifying round in New York at Metro Square featuring Mr Slam vs Hammerhead vs Warthog vs Mr Grimm! And there will be an update on both Mr Grimm and Needles Kane leading to the final round.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV Show story ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 04/15/20 at 06:35:55
We go back to Needles Kane. He is now being driven on his way to the final battlefield. His transportation takes days but it also leaves him time to reflect on his life with his father.
Needles was born as Marcus Kane to his father Charlie Kane. Charlie was proud of his son. Marcus loved going around in his own ice cream truck he purchased as his first vehicle to serve anyone. He had this joyful personality and it made him a role model. Someone who was kind, caring and friendly.
Marcus was helpful to anyone as well. Charlie Kane suggested Marcus to try to help with a local church. Marcus liked helping others but felt no other purpose as he was lonely most of the time. Marcus took his fathers suggestion to help with a church and meets a preacher.
Things seemed to be okay with Marcus learning about religion and even saw his own name shown in the Bible as a person to be polite and shining like he could have his personality to be reflective on others. But, his mind was complicated as he went on to read the Bible further and see these things in it that was contradicting. This is when he decided to go see his preacher to ask questions and saw with his own eyes an unspeakable act that Marcus was appalled to see his preacher do.
Marcus was now having to live with what he saw. He decides to tell his father and questions him why would their preacher do something so terrible. Marcus is conflicted. He seeks out others help to cope. He meets a man that wants to help him. His name was Mr Ash.
Mr Ash was from a different religion. Marcus tells him of what he saw his preacher do to someone else. Mr Ash tells Marcus that his religion is very different and that his Bible does not condone the type of act the preacher did. Marcus felt more complicated in his own mind after this revelation. But he decides to go further in Mr Ash's Bible.
Going further to study the two different religions had driven Marcus into this crazed mindset. Why the preacher did what he did. Why his father had this blind midset of his own being naive to believe that it could lead Marcus to something better. But now Marcus's mind was at his worst. And Mr Ash had opened his eyes.
Charlie Kane was expecting a second child, a baby boy. Marcus did not want his unborn sibling to live in a world that needed fixing. Something he felt a responsibility to do. Marcus had visited the preacher again and kills him. Marcus would then hide the body in his truck.
Marcus would take the body to Mr Ash to show him. He was proud of Marcus. Marcus was proud of himself as well. Marcus wanted to have something that would symbolize his good nature he believed he had like how his name was said to be something shining. Mr Ash would have Marcus be part of a ritual and his head would be lit on fire to symbolize that trait in the Bible.
Charlie found out what Marcus did. He was ashamed of what his son had done and Charlie blamed himself as well. He didn't want the guilt to turn in his own son. Marcus had pushed his father away and he would leave with his wife and unborn baby. Marcus was now upset. He would decide to try to find his father but to no avail. This drove him on his murderous rampage looking for his parents and baby brother. He saw his father as responsible for how his life is now. This would lead into how he finally got arrested.
I will continue with final qualifying round.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV Show story ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 04/15/20 at 07:37:29
We are now on day five of the week of the Twisted Metal contest. Two days had passed from the second qualifying round and we are now in New York. Here we have Captain Jamie Roberts of the New York Police Department. Agent Stone is here to give an update on her brother Carl. We also see the police officer R.C, the one who arrested Needles Kane.
Jamie is grieving over her brother being injured back home and wished that she never left. R.C and Stone try their best to comfort and have her mind put at ease. They don't know if it can be safe for anyone to go to California except emergency personnel.
Apocalypse 9 arrive at Metro Square with the contestants once again being dropped off already in their vehicles. Mr Slam vs Hammerhead vs Warthog vs Mr Grimm is about to happen! Mr Grimm knows that he can't mess up again. He's doing this for his brother who is dying. Apocalypse 9 fire at the Statue of Liberty and the round begins!
Jamie hears on her radio of the Statue of Liberty being destroyed. Stone is reminded of what happened at Sunsprings and he hears that the suspects are men driving ATVs near Metro Sqaure. Stone realizes that it's Apocalypse 9. Stone then asks for the Jamie's help as he does not have his SWAT team with him at all this time. Jamie, Stone and R.C jump into action.
Grimm goes to find his competitors and realizes himself of the advantage against him this time because of the size of the competitors vehicles being a monster truck, a front loader and a makeshift tank. But he is not going to quit. Mike & Stu wake up from being drugged thinking that they had the weirdest dream that they stole a truck from a hunter, got shot at, got arrested and was bailed out by a dude they never met. Next, they see Cage who is driving Warthog in front of them. They question if that is the guy who freed them. But they freak out once Cage shoots at them and both go into hysterics about WTF is going on right now.
Simon Whittlebone then finds Hammerhead and Warthog who chased after Hammerhead. Simon manages to capture Cage in his front loader, rams it to the inside of a museum and slams Warthog through the ground where a subway system is underneath the building. Mr Grimm is being chased by the police since he gets recognized as being the individual driving  his motorcycle in Midtown on the first day of the contest.
Police focus on Grimm and Whittlebone after crashing through the museum which takes away Simon's opportunity to finsh off Cage. Grimm escapes by going to a downstairs entrance to the subway system to make sure he isn't followed for some time. He will pop in and out of the entrances to the outside to take shots at his competitors and go back underground to get the best moment to take out one of the competitors.
Cage fires back at the police after he gets out of the subway system he was thrown into earlier. Mike & Stu still don't know what the hell to do even with the weapons at their disposal and they get distracted seeing all the different types of stores like the toy stores and restaurants. And both men now just realize they are in New York once they see the Statue of Liberty. They are mainly here in this series to be comic relief.
Stone focues on Cage. Jamie focuses on Whittlebone. And R.C handles getting people to safety. The rest of the police force focus on the members of Apocalypse 9. At one point R.C spots a suspicious armored truck at an ice rink. R.C leaves his vehicle to investigate. Nearby the damaged museum are Cage, Stone and Mike & Stu. Cage wins his gun battle incapacitating Stone. Hammerhead accidentally push a button that fires a missile at Warthog and flips his vehicle over. They think are they heroes for helping the police. This hesitation causes Whittlebone to catch Hammerhead in its lifter and it gets slammed repeatedly to the ground.
Mike & Stu bail out of the truck screaming for their lives since they don't want to die. They wave down a cop car and it's Jamie. She arrests both of them while Mike & Stu claim that they helped her. Whittlebone is still dealing with the truck in his lifter and inside the museum he is near the entrance by the opening to the subway system that was made earlier. Grimm drives up the makeshift ramp  and it launches him high up into the air and while airborne Grimm throws all of his grenades at Whittlebone causing a huge explosion killing Simon. Grimm has now qualified and he races to his rendezvous point.
Cage manages to escape his vehicle and runs off to safety and away from the scene. He survives the contest. Mike & Stu are being taken to jail. R.C then sneaks into the other rendezvous vehicle that Grimm did not go to and is also being transported to the final battlefield unknown to Jamie. The finalists are Needles Kane, Angela Fortin and Mr Grimm. They will finally meet their final competitor Minion and the man behind Twisted Metal, Calypso.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV Show story ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 04/19/20 at 14:07:07
Hello everyone. We are reaching the finals of first Twisted Metal contest. We are having a small focus being placed on Apocalypse 9, Dr Zemu and Calypso.
This happens before the Twisted Metal contest and after Apocalypse 9 discover the truth about Angela Fortin. She was a double agent for the FBI and now she is forced to compete in the contest. This occurred after the group stole prototype technology called XJ-39. It's a vehicle with a helmet that could be able to read the wearer's mind seeing their fears and desires.
The tank and helmet are delivered to Dr Zemu and Calypso. Calypso is impressed with having possession of the vehicle but more importantly the helmet itself. He has other uses for it since he wants it to be duplicated and have other capabilities added onto it which requires Dr Zemu's expertise.
Dr Zemu asks Calypso what he would like done for it. Calypso explains even though he has supernatural power, there are some things he isn't powerful enough to perform yet. In the mean time, the helmet shall make due for him for the time being. This is to create a sense of wonder for what Calypso can actually do with powers that he required from The Devil in Hell.
Now Dr Zemu asks Calypso what they should do with the rest, like the tank and original helmet. Calypso wants to have it tested out in action by members of Apocalypse 9 in his contest. He wants to see how powerful the helmet could be and leave a foundation for his future projects and the type of uses for his version of the XJ-39 helmet.
Now I will focus on the finals of the first Twisted Metal contest next.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV Show story ideas
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We are finally here at the end of the week of Twisted Metal. At an unknown location we see a monitor recapping the the tragedy in New York at its Metro Square location being destroyed by contestants and Apocalypse 9. We see Dr Zemu watching the monitor and notices another monitor showing Apocalypse 9 and the final qualifying contestant Mr Grimm reaching the final battlefield.
Grimm is released from the back of the armored truck and is directed to the battlefield by Apocalypse 9. Needles is then seen at a secret room  at the same place ordered to go the battlefield. Finally, we see Angela Fortin directed at gunpoint by Apocalypse 9 to go to the battelfield. Their history is still fresh among themselves.
All three competitors go to the battlefield one by one with introductions by Calypso, Sweet Tooth vs Pit Viper vs Mr Grimm! Needles laughs at his opponents and notices Grimm, who was one of his first opponents at Midtown and Grimm notices Needles as well. Angela is eyeing down Calypso as he's seen on a huge Jumbo tron at a seemingly dark location. Then, everything is lit up showing an arena with a circular track, ramps, a trap room with spikes on the ceiling linked to a pressure pad to activate it and a bulletproof glass window with Calypso and a group of women watching the action behind it.
Calypso then introduces their final competitor being lowered from an overhead elevator to the arena Minion! Angela recognizes the tank as the same one from the secret base she broke into with Apocalypse 9. Grimm is exhausted at this point knowing this is his third battle in the contest and being surprised at every turn in the contest. Needles simply laughs at the over the top theatrics by Calypso and at his opponents once again.
We go to another interior location at this underground arena with R.C. He leaves the truck he was inside of and goes around the area being on alert for any hostile threat. His radio is useless at this point and must rely on his own skills to get to the bottom of the situation he got himself into. We see him spot a lab in this place and sees different types of technology displayed in a separate room. The type of stuff he sees are the weapons like the missiles and bombs that were used in New York. And what catches his eyes are non weapons, a helicopter, a pair of robotic limbs and a huge set of tires like they could fit a monster truck but takes close examination of it and notices a couple of entry points like something can go into the tires and a small platform connecting the massive tires. Finally he spots a person and it's Dr Zemu. We see Zemu walk around with members of Apocalypse 9 and the scientist has successfully duplicated the helmets and sees them walk into a different room.
R.C decides to follow the group into this room. He is keeping his distance and notices something else this time, a person locked into a room. R.C makes no noise as he only looks into the window with the person turned away from the door. The person stands up as if he senses someone at the door. They turn their head around facing the door and R.C who is frightened at the sight of the person's face as they don't have a set of lips or eyes, only stitch marks where the lips and eyes should be. R.C had accidentally let out a scream which causes more commotion down the hall where Zemu and his assistants went to and they retreat back to the noise was made.
One Apocalypse 9 member goes to investigate and notices the person dubbed No-Face pounding at the door. The member believes that's all that was causing the commotion but is then surprised by R.C who he has a brawl with and another gang member runs down to fight R.C. This second fight forces R.C to start opening fire at the other gang member attempting to rush him and the gunshots heard make Zemu radio in an emergency in the lab.
R.C ends up having to prepare for any member to burst into the door looking for him. This would result in R.C having a gun fight with Apocalypse 9 but eventually losing and being captured by the group and Zemu. His fate will be decided later.

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Back to the arena, the action between Sweet Tooth vs Pit Viper vs Mr Grimm vs Minion is beginning! The only way to win is to defeat Minion. Angela Fortin wants to win so she can take down Apocalypse 9 and Calypso. Grimm needs to win to save his dying brother. Needles wants to win to kill the man who arrested him.
Angela starts unloading shot after shot at Minion but to no avail. Needles wants to eliminate his chances of losing so he focuses on Grimm. Grimm uses the ramps in the arena to his advantage to evade Needles and must rely on his speed to try to win. Angela is also having to escape Minion after her first attempt of offense failed. Suddenly, walls start to go up and down in the arena causing everyone's focus to be thrown off. At one point both Grimm and Angela team up on Minion and trade back and forth on Needles and Minion. Grimm then has Needles chasing him and leading Needles into the spike trap. Angela helps by driving over the pressure pad activating to crash down on Needles' truck. The spikes trap the back half
of his ice cream truck and Grimm unloads bullet fire onto the truck which gets Needlesome to escape his truck and the truck explodes knocking out Needles.
This now only leaves Angela , Grimm and Minion. Grimm has no more missiles and decides to lead Minion into another trap, the jumbo tron. Grimm gets Minion on the track below the jumbo tron and he yells for Angela to fire her last missile and it sends the jumbo tron crashing down on Minion destroying it and nearly kills Grimm in the process.
Angela Fortin is your winner of Twisted Metal! Calypso then proceeds to congratulate Angela and asks for her prize. She wants Calypso to answer for his crimes as the mastermind behind all this. Suddenly, Needles stabs her from behind with his machete sending Angela curling in pain and lying on the ground. Needless furious with losing wants to kill Angela. Grimm then emerges and brawls with Needles to stop him from killing Angela. Needles overwhelms Grimm and manages to stab him as well.

Needles now has both his rivals where he wants them. Calypso then orders Needles to stop as he has Apocalypse 9 members circle Needles and have him at gunpoint. Needles laughs and makes a remark about how this looks familiar to him. Calypso offers Needles the chance to walk out unharmed and to leave Angela and Grimm to deal with himself. Needles is then offered a chance to compete once again next year in the second Twisted Metal. Needles reluctantly accepts and tells Calypso to keep Grimm alive. Needles tells himself that he can always Grimm later.

The epilogue will happen next.

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Here is the true epilogue. This will check back with the winner of Twisted Metal,  the surviving contestants and R.C, the officer who has now been taken hostage by Apocalypse 9 and Calypso.

Angela Fortin has won the Twisted Metal contest. Moments after winning Angela was mortally wounded by Needles in a post match attack. Her wish is for Calypso to be known as the man behind all this. Calypso will give her that chance after she is recovered from her attack by Needles. Calypso has her tended by Dr Zemu and will be returned home afterwards.

Calypso has Apocalypse 9 members escort Needles out of the arena where Needles is now free. He is eligible to return to compete in next year's contest. Needles will compete once again and he has a new desire to kill Mr Grimm himself. He sees Grimm as the one who has been troublesome to him during the contest and for costing him his victory.

Grimm was also injured from the contest. Battling in two qualifying rounds and battling in the finals has taken a great toll on him. It was more enduring than any stunt work he has done in his life. But the psychological toll is included as he was not victorious and  still has this uncertainty of his dying brother looming over him. Calypso wants Grimm to compete once again in his contest and has Grimm tended to as well as he will be kept with Calypso longer.

R.C had infiltrated Calypso's hideout and was subdued by Apocalypse 9. Calypso then meets his unwanted guest. He had to admire R.C  for his efforts. He wants R.C to be his volunteer to test out his modified XJ-39 helmet. He will be under mind control and will be the guinea pig testing out Dr Zemu's prototype vehicle Axel.

Finally, we return with Angela Fortin as she has now awakened from her injury fully recovered and also sees her returned back to her FBI headquarters. Angela is welcomed back by her colleagues and she now has this feeling of gratefulness that she is alive. She remains focused as she now has the information to take Calypso to justice.

Angela makes a phone call to Agent Shepard, the man who assigned her to investigate Apocalypse 9. Shepard is proud that she finally returned as he had been searching for her. He wants to talk to her in person when he can. Before that can happen, Angela must record information she has against Apocalypse 9 to one of her fellow agents. She reveals that a scientist was working for Apocalypse 9 and giving them inside  information of the XJ-39 technology. The agent then asks Angela who is the group answering to. She tells him the name Calypso.

Suddenly, a loud beeping noise is heard between the two agents. Angela then comes to quick realization that the noise is coming from inside her. Angela screams as her body explodes from inside as a bomb was implanted inside her by Dr Zemu. The bomb was put in after she went unconscious from Needles stabbing her through her back and the bomb was  voice activated as she said the name "Calypso". The explosion levels the FBI building and soon afterwards Apocalypse 9 rush in killing all remaining agents using rocket launchers and a helicopter launching missiles at the building as well. Calypso has screwed Angela's wish and is making sure no evidence remains of his existence to anyone.

I will continue next time with a plot point involving Needles Kane and Mr Grimm that will lead into the second Twisted Metal contest.

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Hello. This event will take place after the contest and it will further the fued between Needles Kane and Mr Grimm.

Grimm awakens from his own set of injuries he suffered from the contest. He is in a recovery room where the medical staff made up of Apocalypse 9 members come to meet his needs. Grimm is livid about the fact that he was lied to by the group telling him he was hired for stunt work. Grimm is also pinned down to his bed with straps as a precaution to not move so suddenly and for the safety of Apocalypse 9 as well.

A member of the group apologizes on the group's behalf to Grimm. He tells Grimm that him and the group are all valuable to Calypso. They all see Calypso as this great and powerful leader who sees great potential in the group and including Grimm. He wants Grimm to compete once again in Twisted Metal believing that Grimm's  talents should not be wasted.

This Apocalypse 9 member also wants to tell Grimm that another person is sorry to Grimm as well. He gives him a box that is very chilly and has a letter attached to it. The letter is read by Grimm.

"Dear Grimm,
I want to let you know I apologize for my actions towards you. I was a bit of a sore loser at the end of the contest. I decided to give myself a consolation prize. I had to make a visit somewhere special to get it. I decided to share this prize with you to give you credit for making it to the finals. I know that this gift will bring us closer.
Love, Needles Kane"

We go to Needles a few days earlier before Grimm wakes up. Needles is given the option to go anywhere he wants and is driven by a couple of members of Apocalypse 9. Needles is still pissed off at losing the contest and blames Grimm for destroying his truck. He then asks the members driving him what the name of the biker was and what he was fighting for in the contest. They are unsure if they should tell Needles so Needles beats up one of the members and threatens to kill them unless they tell him what he wants. They finally tell him everything they know about the biker, his name and that he was wishing for his brother to stay alive.

Needles orders them to take him to his brother now. Needles decides to go on a killing spree in the hospital resembling the killing spree he had when he escaped the asylum. He finally gets to Grimm's sick brother and instructs the two Apocalypse 9 lackeys for some privacy. He also instructs them to get a box with ice ready for something to put in there later when he is done.

After the visit to the hospital Needles is dropped off and will await for Calypso's call for next  years contest. He asks for the name of the  Apocalypse 9 lackey driving. He gets his name Melvin. He tells Melvin that if he doesn't hear back from him he will kill him.

We return to the current day with Grimm. He finally opens the box and pulls out a strawberry flavored ice cream cone topped off with two eyeballs. Grimm drops it instantly after seeing it. He knocks the box over and the ice falls out which is covering the other item inside the box. Grimm brushes the ice off and lifts up the item. Grimm holding it up high recognizes the decapitated head of his brother.

This will lead Grimm to create the makeshift skull helmet and will eventually to start acting as the Grim Reaper  further down the line. Thanks to anyone reading this and I will continue by formally introducing Agent Shepard into the storyline.

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Hello everyone. I will be focusing on Agent Shepard of the  FBI and  Orbital from Twisted Metal 4 as the heroes in this part. The villains included here will be Apocalypse 9 and Dr Zemu and they are locating Dr Rhoemer, a minor character from Twisted Metal 4, to bring him to safety with Calypso. This part of the story takes place mostly in Europe.

This takes place after the first Twisted Metal contest and one month has passed since then. Agent Shepard has mourned the losses of his fellow FBI colleagues after the attack on their headquarters by Apocalypse 9. Shepard feels enormous guilt and rage towards the group. Angela Fortin was killed but her investigation work on Apocalypse 9 pushes Shepard forward to take them down and not let her work be in vain.

One of the last known pieces of evidence recorded and recovered from the aftermath of Apocalypse 9's  attack was the identity of  Dr Rhoemer. Dr Rhoemer had helped work on the XJ-39 tank and the technology with it. Dr Rhoemer was actually a British spy who had leaked out the information to Dr Zemu and Apocalypse 9 began their job to steal it. After the tank and the technology was stolen, Dr Rhoemer fled the country to his home in Paris,  France.

Shepard would then work with Interpol and they locate the last known whereabouts of the spy then they would assign British agent Orbital to apprehend Rhoemer. But this would become a race between Orbital and Apocalypse 9 for Rhoemer. Here we would see another XJ-39 tank driven by Apocalypse 9 and Axel being driven by R.C who was captured by the evil group and he is being controlled by Dr Zemu with a modified version of the XJ-39 helmet he is forced to wear.

Finally a big car battle happens between the law enforcement and Apocalypse 9. We would see the Eiffel Tower get taken down by Axel when it shoots a prototype ice missile at a helicopter that would crash into one corner of the tower and Axel would finish off knocking down another corner of the tower that makes it collapse to the ground. While that happens the rest of Apocalypse 9 secures Rhoemer inside their tank and they manage to  escape to safety and out of the country.

I will stop right here and  I will continue with Agent Shepard and I may have him finally meet Carl and Jamie Roberts in the storyline. Thank you to those for reading this.

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Hello. We will be focusing on No-Face, Calypso, Dr Rhoemer and Dr Zemu here.The events will take place  during the finals and after Rhoemer has been saved by Apocalypse 9.

Gun shots,  explosions are heard from a far. But we are underneath the arena when the finals are happening.  We also hear the thuds of blows striking R.C and his grunting. Apocalypse 9 stop under orders of Zemu. He wants to tell Calypso at a later time. Not now when the competition is happening. We only hear their voices.

Everything is dark when all this commotion was being heard and we finally see that all this was heard by No-Face. No-Face is unable to bear all these extra sounds happening everywhere near him from the competition. His lost senses of sight and taste had actually improved his sense of hearing and sense of smell. But these sounds were too much that No-Face takes a bit of metal wire used to sew his mouth shut  to pierce into one of his arms to feel pain and to relieve himself of the uncontrollable noises made.

Also known as Frank McCutcheon, No-Face was horrifically injured from his final boxing bout. He had his eyeballs and tongue removed and mouth and eyes sewn shut. He was sent to an asylum due to him attacking his doctor but the doctor managed to escape  and left his colleagues attacked by Frank. This makes Frank get taken into police custody and then taken by a supposed specialist to aid him into recovery.

Unfortunately, he had been taken in by Dr Zemu, using a fake name and bribing officials to allow him to take Frank with him. Zemu  had Frank taken in around the same time the XJ-39 helmet and tank were stolen. Since R.C infiltrated Calypso's base and was dealt with, Frank was left waiting in his room secluded from others in the meantime.

We go forward one month after the finale of the contest and there are rumblings of others being brought in. Frank hears of a woman who had went on a murderous spree on men, a pyro maniac who apparently had a brazen bull torture device used to cook his victims and eat them and another scientist who is Dr Rhoemer who has just been rescued by Calypso's men. Thanks to Axel being tested in a battlefield situation and the mind control helmet proven successful, Zemu needs Rhoemer's assistance for the next project.

The new subjects No-Face, Bloody Mary and Damien Coles would have been a possible problem when testing the Xj-39 helmet initially given the helmets early prototype stage and the psychological status of each subject. Now that it was successful in controlling R.C, they believe it should be tested even further. In the case for No-Face, a special modified helmet would be used that would allow him to see for the first time since the surgery removals. But at the cost of his freedom to be taken away by Zemu and Rhoemer.

I will continue at another time possibly with the update for Carlos and Jamie Roberts and Agent Shepard.

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We see darkness then a small gleam of light from above the ceiling. Carl turns his head over from side to side looking for anyone. Jamie stands up relieved as her brother finally wakes up. He had been out for so long since his admittance into the hospital. Carl asks Jamie if everything is okay. She tells him everything will be okay now. And a nurse walks in the patient room and lets them know of a visitor happening to visit.

The nurse continues to stand at the door with Carl and Jamie staring at the nurse waiting for the visitor. She collapses face first into the room and from where we last saw the nurse is a shadow emerging followed by heavy footsteps and entering inside the open frame of the door is Needles Kane. Jamie quickly realizes the threatening presence of Needles and unloads one bullet after another upon him to his chest to no damage at all. Needles still marches forward towards Jamie lifting her up by her throat and chucks her outside the bedroom window to the hospital grounds.

Now there is only Needles and Carl left in the room. With the stare full of deadly intention leering at him is when Carl reaches for a button to call for help. Needles grabs the small device Carl reached for and wraps the cables from it around Carl's neck as a noose to start choking him. Carl is yanked up from his bed and is dragged towards the same window that we saw Jamie thrown out of. Carl catches a glance of his sister's dead body at the very bottom and Needles launches Carl backwards out the window to his death.

Carl wakes up coughing, heavily bleeding under his tongue as his teeth cuts the bottom of his tongue extending from his repeated coughs. Doctors quickly rush in to check on his breathing and speculate him having another nightmare. Jamie is in the waiting room anticipating for the right time to check on her brother once more in another round of visits for her.

I will come back to this at another time. In the next post I will be introducing the other driver of Hammerhead Dave. And I will be introducing the drivers of Thumper, Bruce and Vinny into the story. They will have a story centered around Mike & Stu.

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This is the story for Damian Coles. This is why Damian Coles was arrested and was never to be around another living soul. Until he was given an offer he could not refuse.

We begin with Damian at a bar by himself trying to work up the courage to speak a woman by herself. Damian spots a woman named Amber. They manage to hit it off to Damian's delight and much further when she accepts his offer for dinner.

Damian then speaks to Amber and talks highly of his friend who is a great cook according to Damian himself. He was given the nickname Bray by Damian and tells her that it is usually just those two hanging out with each other. He appreciates the company she is giving both of them and more. The entire time Damian is speaking to Amber and Bray. He tells Amber that Bray likes to let out noises when the food is close to being finished. He can only wonder how her and others like their meals prepared but Damian confesses that he loves it when Bray prepares it well done.

A steaming smoke escapes and the sounds are similar to the cries of a bull. The source of the smoke is the food being cooked. And the source of the cries were similar to a bull, but they were the cries from Amber as she screamed over and over again as she was being cooked inside of a brazen bull torture device. The device was Bray and Damian has done this to countless others and Amber was the latest victim.

Damian is now finished with his story as he detailed it to Melvin who had asked him of his story. His wish is to have his friend Bray to return to him if he wins the contest. Melvin walks away flabbergasted and just outright speechless after the story he was told by one of the newest competitors. We will return to Melvin in the next update soon.

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Hello. Here is the latest chapter with updates across the board in the upcoming second tournament. Melvin will be the main subject in this chapter.

We begin with our most well known Apocalypse 9 member at this point, Melvin. Melvin is just feeling mentally and physically exhausted from every little thing going on as a member of this group and their wrongdoings. What has caused him to go a bit overboard is not just documenting the new possible contestants but dealing with the previous ones such as Needles Kane. Even after Melvin and his colleague helped Needles in his own mission to torment Mr Grimm, Melvin cannot shake out the last moments of Grimm's brother with Needles killing him while they stood idly nearby.

Melvin suddenly jumps up as another A-9 (Apocalypse 9) partner patted his shoulder gently as a greeting with Melvin just being emotional and overreacting. His colleague then informs him of some news. They are ramping up times for test subjects, negotiation meetings, contestants to find, rehabilitation and a meeting with the boss later.

Melvin asks what Calypso or Dr Zemu may need. He is then informed it is actually "The boss lady" meeting with her crew after talking to Calypso and Zemu for a business discussion. Zemu has another weapons project to work on now that recovering Dr Rhoemer was a success and his knowledge will be a great asset in Calypso's empire.

I will continue later with updates on Cage, Mike, and Stu. Introducing Dave, Bruce and Vinny. I am aware of the characters being used in other fan fictions. I am wanting to respect the versions done by the other users on the forum and not have my version done too similar hopefully.

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We begin at Calypso's headquarters as we await the discussion between Calypso and the boss of Apocalypse 9. Dr Rhoemer and Dr Zemu are in conversation relating to Calypso's venture. And we start off with the two experts.

Zemu had been impressed with the work Rhoemer had accomplished and with the combined intellect shall prove their next project codenamed "Perfect Storm" to be successful. The blueprints of the vehicle call for control of the wind elements to make it the most feared vehicle out there. Two contestants are required as well for this. Rhoemer then asks Zemu "Who are the two that will be handling the vehicle on the road in combat?"

We shift to a dark room illuminated by a ceiling light and our subject here is a blonde woman waking up from her sleep and finds herself handcuffed to her own chair. "Hello Amanda Watts. I was never going to have you out their on your own with those maniacs killing each other. Here, you are in safe hands here with me." "Miranda?!" Amanda screams. "Long time sis" Miranda replies.

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We continue off from the conversation between Amanda and Miranda Watts in the last chapter update at Calypso's headquarters Miranda reveals to Amanda her death was faked in California. A contest between three individuals, one of which was Amanda's racecar named Twister was actually driven by Apocalypse 9's chosen sacrifice to ensure the group's plan to weaken the FBI went along as planned. As the third contestant was dealt with or killed in their round first, Angela Fortin who drove Pit Viper in the same round had the perfect opportunity to advance as the round became an automatic bye. They got everything they wanted on the FBI since Angela Fortin made it to the finals and Needles luckily did not finish the job on her or Grimm.

Why Amanda Watts got switched out is due to her sister's high rank within the group. And managing to volunteer both her sister and herself for the next project from Dr Rhoemer and Dr Zemu possibly saved her sister's life.

Amanda and Miranda then debate how they wanted to help the other towards the same path. Miranda believes this is what will ease their worries with Calypso looking after them. Amanda always loved the idea of being together with her sister throughout life and wishing since childhood. But she is dissappointed in Miranda.

"Miranda pleas..."

Amanda is slowly nodding off to sleep after being injected by a needle from Rhoemer finally introducing himself from inside the dark room during this. "We did need a female test subject" Rhoemer tells Miranda. "Keep up your end of the deal with us. You do not want to get too worried any further Miranda."

We will get an update on Calypso and also get to introducing new contestants anf go back to former competitors in the next post possibly.

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Hello everyone. I am going to straight to the point and will not be doing any story ideas soon. The reason is simply because of the news currently going on about Afghanistan.

I had story ideas involving Calypso meeting with certain people and I was intending to go for an event that would lead to an apocalypse caused by Calypso and the villainous group he would have spoke to. I was trying to go with Calypso looking to begin an arms race with the weaponized vehicles and the other group would have supplied the energy shields from the games as they were experimenting with technology of their own and would have added a dangerous element to the story that is complicated to say the least about it. No-Face would have been sold off as a weapon. And Sweet Tooth would have been a ruler in the post apocalyptic world.

Mike and Stu would have been held captive by Apocalypse 9 and Bruce and Vinny would have competed together to win the first duo's freedom and probably would have died in it if they won. Cage would have broken Mike and Stu out of custody as I was going to show the remorseful side of Cage from Twisted Metal : Black. It would have been his way of apologizing to Mike and Stu for nearly killing them and he would have had to kill a cop to break Mike and Stu free. And at one point he was planned to die. I had more backstory to try connecting Mike, Stu, Bruce and Vinny as being from the same town and the older guys were looking after the younger guys.

Mr Grimm was going to use his dead brother's skull as a helmet and had his sights on Sweet Tooth. I was going to do something where Mr Grimm would have been out of luck in killing Sweet Tooth as I had one idea where Sweet Tooth would have been hit with an ice missile and kept alive by Calypso for another possible tournament. Melvin would have been chosen to look after Sweet Tooth reluctantly and was going to develop this Stockholm Syndrome because of it. Mr Grimm would survive too.

Minion was going to be used for the story as he was going to be revealed as using one of the contestants or people trying to take down Calypso for his own revenge. Agent Stone, Agent Shepard and Carl and Jamie Roberts would have been one of the choices. All four of them would have came into conflict with each other in what they wanted done to Calypso.

Amanda and Miranda Watts would have competed at one point together as Twister and the vehicle was more of a souped up version to make it really stand out. Amanda was going to be under mind control by Miranda. Axel would have upgrades as the man known as Axel in this story named RC was still held against his will by Calypso to help out with Apocalypse 9.

Locations where the battles would happen at was going to be something I really had to take another look for which ones will fit into what I wanted. I was thinking of doing one on one battles for the second tournament. Bloody Mary was someone that I unfortunately did not make an entry of her own for her backstory since I gave her a small introduction in No-Face's story. These are a few subjects I did not get to work on as much as the others.

Sweet Tooth was the one character I was real excited to work on in these stories. I wanted to have these dream scenarios where he would have used Dark Tooth and Tower Tooth on the military in the post apocalyptic world that Sweet Tooth also has a hand in starting the apocalypse. This is where I would have had Captain Spears and Rogers and Colonel Hall appear where they are defeated by Sweet Tooth. I wanted to continue the theme of Needles Kane not being satisfied with always coming up short in winning a Twisted Metal tournament that he retaliates by taking out his aggression on others like he did on Mr Grimm and now when Needles would eventually learn secrets from Melvin he begins the end of the world.

An ending to this would have been Sweet Tooth basically ruling America as a nod to the cancelled game Twisted Metal : Road Trip. Calypso would have been in hiding and just leave it like there is no hope. Another idea is that this is one of the futures that will happen in Marcus Kane's life. An idea I had is that instead of just going ballistic on the preacher he kills, he has a tarot reading done before his first murder and Raven is the one who gives him this guidance using the tarot cards she has. And that his energies can change and that is all based on him or the different style of tarot readings used on him. And Raven would not have been a contestant. And the preacher Marcus would have killed was not Jebediah aka The Preacher from Twisted Metal : Black. I probably would have used The Preacher in the post apocalyptic world and probably team him up with Mr Grimm against Sweet Tooth.

I think that is almost all the stuff I wanted to cover. I wish I was able to put up some pictures that would painted the scenes out better and had hired a designer to have drawn them out and maybe have acted out as fan video for character introductions. Or a fan made comic book possibly as I had spoken to some artists and actors for legal stuff. I am no longer in the Discord and I do not know what happened there so I hopefully got some people to not worry about me. This was a fun project. I really do want to post more and maybe I could have something done for actual fan video introductions of a few of the characters which I may do on my own outside of the forum. But stuff in real life keeps going out of control that is kind of ruining the fun in life and you cannot always ignore it and is almost impossible as trying to look away when a car crash happens.

Thank you to those who have taken their time to read this thread I started. I wish I was able to have it all completely written out as I had done all this by myself whenever the time was good to sit down and write but certain circumstances are messing with my head making me feel complicated in a way. Again, it is about the news going on with Afghanistan. I hope that I do not have go into further detail about certain things involving bad things happening to children. I wish the best for everyone that is good and true and thank you to the ones in charge of this website.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV Show story ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 01/22/22 at 23:42:09
Hello everyone. I wanted to come back and say that I will be doing more entries in my thread! I am in a better mindset than I was in the summer when I last posted. And I will be saying who will be included for the third tournament of Twisted Metal.

I will go into more length at another time hopefully soon. The third tournament will focus mostly on No-Face. Other characters involved would be Agent Shepard, Orbital and of course Calypso. The third tournament would not happen in the US as I plan to have Calypso really try to expand his tournament worldwide for his own evil deeds. And this would start because of No-Face getting sold off as a contestant and along with his vehicle as a terrorist would do business with Calypso to expand the high octane competition in another country.

I am beginning to come up with plans for what will happen in this tournament to have it circle back to the US when the third tournament concludes. I wanted to give a break for other characters like Carl and Jamie Roberts, Agent Stone and Needles Kane. But you will see some sort of involvement from one of the first competitors from the first tournament  which y'all could easily guess who haha.

Stuff going on around in real life were pushing my focus away from posting in the thread like political stuff or family stuff I had to get through or dealt with myself and I feel a bit better mentally. I think I will go try concluding the second tournament as I got an ending for the characters competing in that tournament that I failed to post. Hopefully I can do that soon. Thank you to everyone who read my thread and thankfully it was not deleted haha. I am glad to be back.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV Show story ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 02/07/22 at 05:46:21
Hello everyone. This would be a new entry and this would focus on Jamie Roberts and Agent Stone. This would take place in a California hospital where Carl Roberts is still incapacitated from his injuries trying to stop the Twisted Metal tournament.

A news report from Jay Cunningham of Channel 7 Action News reports on the attack of the Eiffel Tower where Apocalypse 9 with Axel under mind control had safely secured Dr Rhoemer. In the other half of Mr Cunningham's report it gives details of four suspects on the run and could possibly be linked to Apocalypse 9 during their activity in New York. The four suspects would be Mr Grimm, Cage, Mike & Stu. Grimm had escaped New York successfully while Mike & Stu were broken out of captivity from the New York police as Cage had broken both guys out of their handcuffs before being processed at the police station.

Investigation was still ongoing and we are in the early stages of these reports  Jamie Roberts is near the bedside of her brother Carl recovering from his injuries when she watches these news updates in his room. This gives her conflicting thoughts making her debate whether to stay at her brothers side while he heals slowly or get back to work to try bringing Apocalypse 9 to justice.

This would lead to Agent Stone returning to California and check on both Jamie and Carl. Stone gives her a tip that he may have located the suspects on the run in New York and asks Jamie for her assistance once more as she did before in New York. Jamie tells Carl she loves him as he was resting and leaves to help Agent Stone. When Jamie Roberts and Agent Stone leave the hospital far enough Stone knocks out Jamie and radios in that he's got her.

"Good work Agent Stone. Glad to have another contestant for Twisted Metal." We then see Dr Zemu on the other end of the radio happily enjoying the news from a fellow Apocalypse 9 member.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal TV Show story ideas
Post by TrentMendez on 03/02/22 at 06:06:45
"You cool on this?" "Yeah we'll chill on it." We see a joint put out on an ash tray with our two characters Bruce and Vinny. Both of them are hanging out while Bruce's girlfriend is cooking in a kitchen while the television is being flipped through by the guys.

Both men end up seeing Channel 7 Action News give further updates on the incidents that had happened in both California and New York. Jay Cunningham has prepared footage of civilians who were eye witnesses to what had occured in their home states. "My son Paulie had been knocked out of his new sneakers I had gotten him. That damn clown in the ice cream truck!" as the father from California breaks down holding his deceased son's footwear. "My buddy would still be here alive if it weren't for that son of a bitch driving that bulldozer of his! He collided with a gas truck swerving to get out of the way!" says one of the New York police officers.

Jay Cunningham then informs viewers of the military becoming involved as the Statue of Liberty was destroyed and would await for further updates of that situation. New developments in the cases of the four wanted fugitives who caused mayhem in New York were starting to be identified. Two of the men identified are Mike & Stu and this news bit catches both Bruce and Vinny off guard and ruins their high.

Both Bruce and Vinny are in shock as they couldn't imagine the two kids in a serious situation like this since they have looked after the two ever since they had dropped out of school. They decide to trace what Mike & Stu had done before this and go back to when they last saw the two. Eventually they look for a man named Dave who was antagonistic towards Mike & Stu and was aware of the beef the two had against Dave.

Bruce and Vinny end up finding out that Mike & Stu had gotten into an altercation with Dave that lead to the two stealing Catfish's truck as they had gotten into a street race against Dave where all three had been arrested. Dave was bailed out by his grandmother (the elderly female driver of Hammerhead from Twisted Metal 3) as Dave would show off in his grandmother's vehicle lying to everyone that it was his. Dave was found by Bruce and Vinny and had confronted him to see if he saw anyone suspicious when the three were locked up. Dave could only tell them he had seen a man in a suit talking to both Mike & Stu. After all this backtracking they have done, Bruce and Vinny decide to travel to New York in order to get Mike & Stu out of this mess.

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Post by TrentMendez on 03/02/22 at 16:24:39
This will focus on Calypso. I will have his origin story from the Twisted Metal comic slightly altered and mixed in with the Twisted Metal 2 story of Krista Sparks. This will be a flashback for Calypso to think back on. Calypso would be known as William Sparks here.

William and his little sister were still young in this story with Calypso being 12 years old and his little sister being eight years old. Their father was an alcoholic and their mother being a heavy cigarette smoker and both were addicts to pain killers. William and his sister were friendly towards each other due to the bad habits of their parents leaving the brother and sister to form a caring bond for one another.

William had been a fan of pro wrestling as a kid and loved the characters and theatrics of the profession. He and his sister would play wrestle with each other on their parent's mattress in their bedroom when they were out of the house or somewhere else inside or outside the household. And one day an accident happens.

William and his sister were attempting flips from the wrestling shows onto the mattress. His sister had done them better than William and wanted to show off a front flip she could do. She would perform the flip and landed on the bed. But the momentum of her bouncing up and down the mattress had her clinging to the edge of the bed sheets and one of the nearby bed posts. "Bubba. Bubba!" as his little sister screams when she finally falls off and clips the back of her head on a wooden chair and falling directly onto her head and neck.

"Mom! Dad!" William screams as his sister is not moving but still breathing. The parents rush in and spot William on the ground near his sister where the dad lifted his daughter gently as he could and notices blood spilling from the back of her head. "Damn it William! Now she is going to have get fucking stitches!"

The family go to a hospital and doctors inform them that their daughter is in a coma. William and his parents leave the hospital with his dad yelling at his son inside of their car for what had happened. He calls him whatever negative thing he can muster up saying from being stupid to being nothing when he grows up and disappointed in him. William growing more and more angry then decides to poke his fingers into his dad's eyeballs and does an eye rake with his fingernails from behind the drivers seat causing his dad to not see and take his hand off the steering wheel. "You little fuckface!" his dad yells out as he tries to reach for his son to hit him. "Hun!" his wife yells out right before their car crashes on the intersection into another vehicle.

The car wreckage kills both of William's parents and leaving him an orphan along with him and his sister who was still in her coma.

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