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Message started by Quatro88 on 04/06/20 at 23:42:17

Title: (Recreation)Have you heard of PS4 game 'Dreams' ?
Post by Quatro88 on 04/06/20 at 23:42:17
The game just released on the 14th of this month. (February 2020) and a couple of us are trying to recreate the Combat Vehicles and Maps for all of the games.

Google "indreams . me" (the search engine for Media Molecules PS4 game Dreams) and type in Twisted Metal or Sweet Tooth, etc.

I have browsed this forum for the past couple hours looking for links for all the models and they are all but 2, dead. If anyone still has their bulk model resources could you please re-upload the links, or post a reply at the end with the fixed link.

Some drama here and there but in the end work was done and progress was had. Sure maybe people grew up or apart and moved away but Twisted Metal remains.

If anyone wants to help us out in*on Dreams. And recreate TM 1, 2, 3, 4, Black, Head-on, 2012, physics logic, weapons, power-ups, stages, characters, vehicles don't hesitate.

It won't be as "easy" as ripping everything from the disc and fudging about with uv and maps. This is painstakingly recreating everything about the games as assets to EVERYONE to use together.

Enough rambling from me, have a great life everyone. Hopefully I'll see some of you around here, or in Dreams.

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