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Message started by Scrapper on 12/03/19 at 02:43:35

Title: Interactive TM1
Post by Scrapper on 12/03/19 at 02:43:35
Just wanted to let everyone here know I have been playing Twisted Metal 1 on PC with the following peripherals:

Fanatec CS Handbrake: Set to (Tight turn - X)
Fanatec V3 CS Pedal Throttle: Set to (Gas - Dpad up)
Fanatec V3 CS Pedal Brake: Set to (Brake/Reverse - Dpad down)
Fanatec V3 CS Pedal Clutch: Set to (Turbo - Triangle)
Fanatec CS1 Steering Wheel:
-Steer Left/Right Set to (Steer Left/Right - Dpad L/R)
-Gear Down Paddle: Set to (Fire Special - Trigger L2)
-Gear Up Paddle: Set to (Fire Machine Gun - Trigger R2)
-Start: Set to (Start)
-Select: Set to (Select)
Fanatec CS H-Pattern Shifter
-Gear 1: Set to (Select Previous - L1)
-Gear 2: Set to (Select Next - R1)

Iím using XPADDER software to bind my peripherals to keyboard keys
ePSXe to run TM1 and to bind playstation controller buttons to keyboard keys

So it goes ePSXe Playstation Controller ó> Keyboard ó> XPADDER Peripherals
This sounds so much more complicated than it actually is, took me less than 10 minutes to setup.

For anybody looking to breathe new life into TM1, pulling on a real life Handbrake to do Tight turns is so very satisfying!
Stepping on Pedals also feels incredibly immersive.
Using XPADDER to get rid of deadzones makes using the Steering Wheel to turn Left/Right just as viable as a Dpad Controller.

For total immersion Iíve been playing with this setup in 1st person mode but this really ramps up the difficulty.

Also, this setup is totally doable with low-end peripherals!
The only reason I am using high-end Fanatec gear is because I only play driving games, so for me it is worth it.

If anyone needs help getting this setup, let me know, it really is not difficult!
I am not very computer saavy and total setup was very quick.

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