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Message started by Equinox on 05/31/19 at 01:44:27

Title: Twisted Metal PS3 offline doesnt hold up
Post by Equinox on 05/31/19 at 01:44:27
There is no hunted Mode, Team Hunted, or Nuke Offline. None of the new cars have any personality they are just functions. Playing the computer really shows this. I feel so stupid driving Axel with Sweettooth and driving Shadow with Mr. Grimm. The weapon balances from online don't transfer over to offline play. To many characters have similar special weapons so uncreative. The music is so damn bad in this game even the ost is bad. The weapons pickups are cool but are sometimes to easy to use (I.E. remote bomb and stalker missile) The Story Mode and bosses are awesome just not enough of it. There isnt enough levels or classic characters either even though the levels are really cool. Cage matches arent available for online or offline play. This whole game is so polarizing definitely probably in the middle of the games in terms of quality.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal PS3 offline doesnt hold up
Post by MoshfieldAsylum on 07/06/19 at 21:19:27
Yeah, I agree with several of your points.

As an offline game TM PS3 sucks. Simple is that. It's a bad game that doesn't deliver what was expected from it. We wanted the classic arcade story mode, a dozen+ playable characters, and a challenge mode with lots of customization options. Instead we got an episodic experimental story mode, a limited challenge mode, and 3 playable characters.
The good is the quality of the cinematic cut scenes, and the story moment where Sweet Tooth goes on a rampage at a hospital, and uh, ....the Hammerhead/Slayer boss fight... and uh, let me think of something else nice to say about TM PS3... hmmmm... nothing comes to mind.
I guess of the 2 soundtracks in the game there are a few songs I like, but a lot of the originals seem uninspired with the exception of the main Menu theme by the talented Larry LaLonde (guitarist of Primus), and the licensed popular music has some okay hits from the past (Judas Priest - Riding on the Wind, Sammy Hagar - Heavy Metal).

I never played local multiplayer but that's probably the best offline feature of the game. If you have a friend you can play Co-Op or Deathmatch and get some enjoyment from the game.

I haven't touched the game since the server went offline though. It's been shelved for good.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal PS3 offline doesnt hold up
Post by †Adonael on 08/01/19 at 11:02:54
The game was definitely geared towards a more online centric game.

It is a shame now the only way to play it to its fullest potential is going to be a pain in the ass. I may do it at some point if a Xlink community becomes a thing, but it's not something I'll support 100%

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