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Message started by MoshfieldAsylum on 04/27/19 at 01:07:02

Title: Favorite Mid-Boss/es?
Post by MoshfieldAsylum on 04/27/19 at 01:07:02
What mid-boss (aka mini-boss or sub boss) experience was best?

* - Not including TMHO Dark Tooth because he is more part of the final boss experience

** - In TM 2012 because the Story is in an episodic format technically Hammerhead/Slayer (aka the Brothers Grimm) and Iron Maiden are final bosses within those individual episodes, although most would perceive them as mid-bosses within the whole of the story. Because of this I consider Juggernaut a mid-boss too.

Also included the Rogue Trip bosses. Nightshade was pretty challenging, might be somebody's favorite mid-boss fight. Didn't include Critical Depth (Mr. Phatt, Abaddon, Agent 326). Thought about it, but as much as I love Critical Depth underwater boss battles feel uniquely different.

Always felt Twisted Metal Lost (TMHO Extra Twisted Edition) missed an opportunity of adding another boss fight to the series. Could have easily added Death Port to the campaign with Gold Tooth as a boss since Gold Tooth looked like he had sub boss potential... then TML would have felt more like half a game... like playing TM2 on Easy and the game ends after you beat Minion and doesn't allow you to continue. 

But my favorite is either TM2 or TMBs Minion battles. Both were challenging and in maps that intensified the situation, with TM2s lava map and TMBs small stadium. Hitting the back of Minion's shield was a pain in TMB though so I guess I prefer fighting Minion in TM2.

Title: Re: Favorite Mid-Boss/es?
Post by TWISTEDCREECH96 on 04/30/19 at 01:44:21
Minion in TMB was challenging with made it fun for me. Especially playing coop with my sister,she kept fighting Minion up close with low heath and getting absolutely toasted by his flamethrower ;D.

Now Nightshade in RT was pretty hard too, kept getting low on money so I couldn't pick up heath, and she wrecks me with her duel power missiles.

TM4 bosses were easy, I just treat them like regular enemies, EXCEPT that OP Sweet Tooth at the end with the Henchmen special, which was Moon Buggy's on roids...

Title: Re: Favorite Mid-Boss/es?
Post by Richard -Dick- Biggs on 05/07/19 at 12:35:57
I voted for Darkside and Minion in TM3. But mostly because I like the idea of facing those two as mid-bosses in a game. I wish we could have gotten Darkside in TM2 and face him in like Paris or something.

And kind of off-topic. But TM1 and 2 had awesome sound design, when you are fighting the bosses (regular enemies too) you hear the sounds they make wich can make you feel unsafe and desperate. Don't know why they stopped giving scary sounds, at least for solo playing would have been cool.

Title: Re: Favorite Mid-Boss/es?
Post by MoshfieldAsylum on 05/08/19 at 13:47:19

Richard -Dick- Biggs wrote on 05/07/19 at 12:35:57:
I voted for Darkside and Minion in TM3. But mostly because I like the idea of facing those two as mid-bosses in a game. I wish we could have gotten Darkside in TM2 and face him in like Paris or something.

I agree it would have been really cool to fight Darkside in TM2.
I wish there was some sort of official explanation and details about that, but the theories I've read are
-he would have replaced Minion, seeing as they are similarly both beings from Hell, but the battle would have been in Hollywood as suggested by Darkside's TM1 ending. Perhaps the LA map was in the middle of the game originally if that's the case since a boss fight in the first stage is unusual.
*Also, if the character Granny Dark (from TM2 concept art) was meant to be the driver of Darkside in TM2, then Darkside would have seemed less like a Minion replacement since Granny Dark is an old lady, not a demon/or Satan himself like Mr. Ash was.

2nd theory) he would have replaced Dark Tooth as a final boss, but it would not have been in Hong Kong but in New York instead, as the endings all take place in New York which seems to suggest that New York's rooftops were the final stage at some point before the game was finished.
I could have seen TM2 similarly ending on a rooftops stage like TM1, so it's not a terrible theory, and Darkside would make sense for NY, whereas DarkTooth would be less practical on a rooftops map.

funny enough, I'd always think of Darkside in the TM2 Intro Cinematic, which shows a semi truck crash into a city building. But the design didn't match the Darkside design so it's just some other semi blowing up. and Darkside appearing in one of the menu screens as well as in the quick cinematic logo intro is a total tease.

But it was pretty cool of 989 to bring back Darkside. They didn't really mess with his design either, and even though there is no image of the driver it's cool they kept it Mr. Ash, his final appearance in the series (unless you count PS2 Head-On's extras which include TM1's cut endings. *And the last name is re-used for Small Brawl w/ Jimmy Ash, who could very well be Mr. Ash disguised as a child). The special was Minion-inspired with the freeze, and coincidentally the fire & ice combo is fitting because TM1 for PSX & TM1 for PC had different Darkside specials, where PSX had the laser that would burn opponents, and the PC special was a laser that would freeze/stun opponents - TM3's Darkside special does both but I'm sure that's a coincidence, I doubt 989 even knew about TM1PC.
It's too bad you can only play as DS via Gameshark because he is one of the few vehicles that were fun to play as in TM3.

Title: Re: Favorite Mid-Boss/es?
Post by Luis on 05/10/19 at 20:19:10
TM2 Minion because it's fun doing this at 21:24.

Title: Re: Favorite Mid-Boss/es?
Post by Mr.SLaM on 05/11/19 at 02:28:14
I always liked Trapper from Small Brawl. I loved his character design and the jungle themed minigoft map is really fun.

The boss battle isn't particularly hard, but it's fun. I like the fact that the map shrinks too.

I also liked the idea of Mr.Ash being a mid level boss. He always felt like a powerful foe worthy of a boss stage. So even though Twisted Metal 3 kinda blew, I enjoyed that concept.

I wish we could get more info on the TM2 Darkside boss. I'd kill a person for a model or some gameplay if it ever got that far.

Title: Re: Favorite Mid-Boss/es?
Post by †Adonael on 05/11/19 at 12:25:24
Minion in TM 2.  The first time I fought him in the Amazon I nearly had a heart attack. The level hazards combined with this behemoth made a fight to remember for me. Even though in later years this fight got easier for me I still enjoy it. Just something about a bad ass demon in a 6 wheel tank ya know?

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