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Message started by Sharp on 12/11/18 at 23:56:31

Title: Twisted Metal Black Emulation + Extraction
Post by Sharp on 12/11/18 at 23:56:31
I'm terrible I know but this is playing on my laptop using PCSX2 with a Logitech controller. Runs amazing. I wanted to play this world because last computer it was really laggy. This computer runs it alot better. Still slows down when there's alot going on but for the most part I rarely noticed it.
I will post more here along with how to rip models and textures.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal Black Emulation + Extraction
Post by Sharp on 12/12/18 at 12:55:22
I was finally able to extract the UV maps from the game. I dont like how the models are projected tho. I have the  un-projected models but now I would have to go back in and split each mesh where the mesh is split now. Then copy the UV tag from  one polygon to another. I'll update more when i figure it out.
I made my own Bump and Spec maps so it gives it a little more detail. But these are coming out really good so far. Here is a couple renders.

Here is the UV Mapping


Title: Re: Twisted Metal Black Emulation + Extraction
Post by Manta Ray on 01/30/19 at 21:12:25
This looks great. Any way to get level textures as well?

Title: Re: Twisted Metal Black Emulation + Extraction
Post by Spolyp on 02/23/19 at 19:05:03
Got this thread set as my current homepage, cant wait to see what else you can extract from the game, it's got such a killer visual style. Great work!

Title: Re: Twisted Metal Black Emulation + Extraction
Post by Sharp on 02/28/19 at 15:30:21
First lets start with the PCSX2. Here are the snap settings. Its F8 to snap. Or to force it its SHIFT + F8.
Make sure your car or mesh is level. Or as stationary as possible for the snap. You can even be paused and it will work.

This is the snap. You should have a picture of the snap. A .GS file. and your .OBJ.

Now you need to import your .OBJ to 3DS Max.

Once open you will see that you cant see anything. So you have to select FRONTAL in the viewport and you will get this.

Now to see the mesh just hit HIDDEN LINES.

Now we can see Minion. So just select all the mesh that we dont need around him. Its very easy just stay way from him and all the mesh will be deleted. But now we have the double faces like i was telling you. So you need to look for the jump in numbers.

As you can see we have a break. And its always very noticeable. Now just select the faces and hit delete.
Now export as obj.

Now navigate to PCSX2 Model Converter and put the .OBJ exported from 3DS Max into the RAW folder.

Once there go pack to the program .exe and click on it. Here you will see all the data I told you about the snap projection.
What you need to to find the image of the snap and click on its properties.

This is the image size. Just cut this in half enter it into the corresponding boxes in PCSX2 Model Converter.
Height = Height/2
Width = Width/2

Here is a photo for reference.
Once you got it all right. Hit Remove Projections. An then hit Repair Models. Navigate to your Repaired folder and you will see the .OBJ.

If we open it we can see our mesh down there very small. But its there. and it is UV mapped according to the information on the polygon.
So you need to axis to center.

And the move to Zero.

As you can see its Minion! And hes not all messed up. All you have to do is scale him up a little and rotate him so he is level with the world.

Now if we highlight him we see he does have small issues with the Normals. These will need flipped in order to cast the right shadows and so the mesh faces the right way in the world. I dont know why it does this but its not a hard fix.

As you can see. This is the UV we captured and processed. Its far from perfect. But it is all there. Just takes some sorting. And if there was a way to import without merging to PCSX2 Model Converter then I wouldn't have this issue. But when you run the projection fix it merges all the mesh together which does the UV's aswell. But like i said just have to line stuff up where it goes.

I did the back of the gas tanks here. And other stuff fell into place but its not a one click fix it will still take time but this is just easier because its the original mapping. Hope this helps.

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