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Message started by Sharp on 11/16/18 at 01:44:40

Title: Twisted Metal 2012 Models (Incomplete)
Post by Sharp on 11/16/18 at 01:44:40

This is everything. Including the custom textures i did. Got really busy and just no longer have time for this project and the day has come. I hope everyone enjoys this and I did put a lot into it. To do the textures I just split the body in half. Made it symmetry, and then selected the parts I wanted. Now sometimes if you hit cubic projection. It will actually be close. For some things I used a magnet tool and shifted the verts to make them line up for the UV maps. It takes time but I assure you that it can be done. Once it was close to the original UV I made the polygon symmetry one object and then joined the 2 UV's. Some textures as you'll notice will be single sided but most are not. But if you go back into the UV editor you'll notice that the mesh is joined but your only selecting one still. So just split the polygon again, flip uv, move into place, then join again.
If anything is not here or if something is missing let me know and I will try to find the files. I have so many archives to TM2012 from the research, to offsets, to raw ps3 files. And I just upgraded my googledrive to 100GB so I now can upload more models. This is just one game of hundreds I've done. So its nothing new to me but I did enjoy this game growing up. I turn 30 on December 1st and I been playing this game since the PS1 days. I remember going down to the local video rental store an it would always be out. Granted there was only one copy back then but still... I wanted to play it. Finally I seen it and that was it. I think it was TM3 or TM2 not sure with the Rooftops. Been so long and now im just "obsessed" some say with Twisted Metal. But really, I just enjoy dark shit. So enjoy the files everyone and keep that dramatic stuff to yourself because I really dont care. All I ever cared about was for everyone to have these files.



Title: Re: Twisted Metal 2012 Models (Incomplete)
Post by Buyatchaka on 11/16/18 at 02:23:56
Thank you for sharing those Sharp, great job

Title: Re: Twisted Metal 2012 Models (Incomplete)
Post by Manta Ray on 12/02/18 at 00:56:55
This is great work. Opens the doors for many future mods.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal 2012 Models (Incomplete)
Post by Psycho Se7eN on 12/12/18 at 14:31:50
Hi Sharp. Thanks for your hard work.

I have a question about the TM Garage thing. Is that actually supposed to work as a 3D animation view of all the vehicles?

Title: Re: Twisted Metal 2012 Models (Incomplete)
Post by Sharp on 12/12/18 at 14:58:41
No problem. I decided to scrap the garage. It was getting to be too much, it was for the file only nothing else.

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