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Message started by †Adonael on 11/06/18 at 08:00:48

Title: Interstate '76 Discord
Post by †Adonael on 11/06/18 at 08:00:48
Much like Muddies TMX discord, and Spag & COs discord, this is a discord dedicated to I'76 and hosting multiplayer games Every Friday.

I will most likely be running a Team Deathmatch (Similar to how TMBO does it as there are no team modes.) But death match, racing  and CTF will also be welcome upon request.

Here is some old time vet gameplay:

I've already shared this with the rest of the discord crew, but I figured I would share it herte as well, incase any stragglers wanted to join up.

Main differences between twisted metal:

1. Car and weapon tuning
2. More of a simcade handling model
3. Local damage to parts
4. Custom armor allocation

If you wish to join the link to the discord is here:

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