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Message started by Mantar on 10/19/18 at 06:44:41

Title: Anybody still play regularly?
Post by Mantar on 10/19/18 at 06:44:41
First of all, I want to say I was a member of TMA back before the original site shut down, but for some reason it's taken me years to actually register here, I do check posts occasionally but haven't felt the need to post anything until now. I used to regularly play TM2PC online with you guys, though I literally cannot remember what username I was using back then.

I've seen that you have managed to get an active TMBO server running and was wondering if people were regularly still playing it? Reason being that I've always wanted to play TMBO, and now seems like a better chance than any now there's a server active, reason I'm asking is because I'd have to invest in a network adaptor as I have a fat PS2, and also I would need to buy a copy of TMBO and a game capable of setting up the network as I've checked the list and I don't own any of the games capable of setting up the network properly so would need to buy one, I get that the games and network adaptor are cheap but TMBO is literally the only game I'm interested in playing, so I don't wanna be forking out money to get my PS2 and network set up for nothing.

I've seen a video on Youtube of setting everything up to play online and it all looks really straightforward.

Title: Re: Anybody still play regularly?
Post by †Adonael on 10/19/18 at 07:40:08
Every saturday at around 11 est and sometimes a random during the week. We have a discord set up as well.

Title: Re: Anybody still play regularly?
Post by Thumpy on 10/19/18 at 13:01:18
Manta Ray I presume.

Title: Re: Anybody still play regularly?
Post by -Kilrahi- on 10/19/18 at 16:19:35
We had some amazingly fun games Wednesday night.

It's also extremely easy to set up. ALMOST as easy as the original server back in the day.

Title: Re: Anybody still play regularly?
Post by Mantar on 10/19/18 at 20:35:52
Ive seen a video on YouTube that shows exactly how to set everything up using Gran Turismo 4, looks very simple but I live in the UK so would have to stay really damn late to get some games in so still half and half at the moment, also I find it weird that TMBO is incapable of configuring networks but I guess the network disc that game with the game did all that. I think its fantastic that you guys have now made it so easy to the game online, but still feel that sony has made a foolish decision sitting on this game, I felt that seeing at TMB got a ps4 release TMBO might get the same, Ive seen numerous people in forums complaining that there is no online element available on ps4.

Title: Re: Anybody still play regularly?
Post by RoaDiE on 10/20/18 at 17:14:19
Hey there, you may have played me in TM2PC if it was anytime during 2003 and beyond! Great game that is near and dear to my heart forever.

We have resurrected this game from the ground up and have been playing together for years, new and old veteran players alike. So you are guaranteed we will be here for some time yet into the future.

Won't lie your biggest hurdle is your timezone. We have had German/Dutch/French/Austrian players be able to play during 11pm Eastern Timezone. But they had to wake up early Sunday morning to join in the matches. You are currently 5 hours ahead of that, which would be 4am earliest start time. Sometimes people can only play for an hour or two, so you could slip in and take a spot if they currently have a 8 person game that is full. Game nights can sometimes last from 1.5 hours to 4 hours+ depending on various factors. I'm also fairly confident people would be willing to accommodate and make different game times on another night, just arrange it on discord.

Some special considerations since I'm also assuming you have a PAL PS2 and PAL TMBO version? You will not be able to use the in-game chat feature that is a hidden unlockable feature in the NTSC version, unless you have a cheat device like gameshark/codebreaker/ps2rd/etc. That's not a huge deal, considering most of us use discord at the same time as playing (voice and text) and have access to a computer. Not a big deal in 2018, but something of note.

For the game itself: much like TM2PC the teams are imaginary (no official team mode), but that doesn't stop us or hinder us in any way.

We play with a few rules:

No usage of environment attacks. Much like TM2PC these are a burden on the game. Entire sections of levels are completely abandoned when these weapons are legal, because no one wants to get hit by them.

No healths pickups: if you accidentally grab one, mine yourself back down to where you were at (one blue mine generally = one mini health pickup). If you grabbed one in combat, wait until you get outta combat and then mine safety as needed.

Try your best not to spawn attack - give someone who spawned in front of you 5 seconds to get away, and vice versa; if you spawn behind someone, don't rape them, give em 5 seconds.

That's really it, all cars are legal, all specials are legal. We just try to balance our teams out,  both with player skill and car picks. As well we try to not have repeat cars on the same teams so we can get even matches.

A good TMBO youtube channel where you can watch our more recent game night matches:

Another great video is the TMBO Bible by DarkScorpius - it has a lot of the strategies and finer points of combat in TMBO.

Title: Re: Anybody still play regularly?
Post by Mantar on 10/21/18 at 00:55:41
Waking up early sunday morning wont be a problem for me to join games, just unsure if in that commited yet to do such a thing, also yes I have a pal ps2, but my ps2 would have to sit downstairs in the living room next to my broadband router to hook it up whilst the pc lives upstairs so chat would be a huge pain in the ass.

Title: Re: Anybody still play regularly?
Post by †Adonael on 10/21/18 at 09:56:15
If you have a smart phone discord is available for free. A few of us use the phone app ffor those same reasons.

Title: Re: Anybody still play regularly?
Post by CrackTheRat13 on 11/13/18 at 03:51:45
Can y'all invite me on y'all's discort app, I'm planning on buying this game the online version and I'll only buy it if at least know someone I can play with or a group of people.

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