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Message started by CaptainRootbeard on 08/18/18 at 00:41:43

Title: How a new Twisted Metal could be relevant in 2018
Post by CaptainRootbeard on 08/18/18 at 00:41:43
Let me preface this by saying I've been around for a long time, I created this account after a long hiatus and couldn't even remember what my original name was. I've played every TM (including those we shall not speak of), I've even wrestled with Kali to play TM2 online.

I watched Jaffe's video talking about the state of Twisted Metal, agreeing with the sentiments of many that Twisted Metal would need an overhaul of some sort to make it in 2018, I felt the need to post an idea that has rattled around my brain for awhile, especially after seeing the success of the God of War reboot, I'd like to hear what you guys think.

My idea is for Twisted Metal to be more survival horror than car combat, imagine the terrifying nature of fighting Dark Tooth as Mr Grimm on hard, but that being what the game is all about. It would work like this; Twisted Metal is sweeping across the country, soon the competition will hit Los Angeles on Christmas eve, and the LAPD has pooled their resources to attempt to win the competition (Outlaw) and undo the destruction of our nation, the military already attempted to enter a contestant themselves, but he's gone rogue (Warthog).

The game would play more like cat and mouse than direct car combat, Calypso doesn't want you to win, you've got a sizable target on your back. It would also be in first person ONLY, the idea is that the other vehicles would be much stronger than you, they would fight each other but see you as a bigger target (Calypso has put a separate price on your head). There would be times where hiding in things like parking garages and under bridges would be necessary for your survival. First person mode makes things more tense, you can't ever know who's going to blindside you.

If you have too much success, Calypso will attempt to send his MINION after you. He'll be extremely hard to kill, killing him would net immense rewards, but most would prefer to lose him in the city streets. Another mini boss you would encounter out and about would be Warthog, him going rogue has nothing to do with turning his back on his country, but rather he is trying to right the wrong of his previous wish, where he was duped like many others by Calypso. It would be open world, playing more organically than a level system with a set number of entrants.

You'd have lesser contestants, average people answering the call of Calypso, you'd also have more serious contestants, dangerous psychopaths that have been training for years (typically cars from previous games). There would be alternate paths to take, maybe even temporary allies to make? Calypso is hell bent on destruction just as much as the contestants so a big part would be preventing mass casualties (which one finds out is not easy). Perhaps even a game element involving refueling your car on foot, hoping Mr. Slam doesn't round a corner, see you, and attempt to run you down.

As Outlaw how you play determines your ending, you can be altruistic and help the fleeing citizens, or embrace the incredible chaos of Twisted Metal. I envision multiple endings, multiple wishes, unlockable playable characters (like Warthog), but with a smaller cast to help keep the story more cohesive.

In summation I think this would keep the core heart of Twisted Metal while also bringing it to modern day.
What do you guys think?

Title: Re: How a new Twisted Metal could be relevant in 2018
Post by CaptainRootbeard on 08/18/18 at 00:43:24
If you guys want I'd elaborate more on it, I've got a whole text file with this, and it's been on my mind for some time.

Title: Re: How a new Twisted Metal could be relevant in 2018
Post by Coleiosis on 08/18/18 at 05:21:39
Hey, I have a fan game planned out myself.  "Twisted Metal: Insanity" is the name.  I'd lay all details out right now, but that will be saved for a different thread.

Title: Re: How a new Twisted Metal could be relevant in 2018
Post by mninp on 08/24/18 at 16:10:12
I've had a few ideas for a new AAA TM game.

First off, I think it's pretty obvious in this day and age, but make a Battle Royale mode.  100 TM cars in one huge map?  Come on, it's self explanatory.

That being said, a TM game that big would need like 50 playable cars to make it so that there's enough uniqueness in such a big scale battle.  I think they should take cars from every TM game, and just make badass versions of them.  Yes, they should even take a couple from TM3 and 4, but just the cool vehicles like Firestarter, Orbital, and maybe Trash Man (not the drivers, just the vehicles lol, the drivers are garbage).

But I think the combat should be focused on creating the most amount of Michael Bay type destruction in the shortest amount of time.  This means exaggerating the effects of all kinds of weapons and just increasing the scale when it comes to what the weapons actually do.

For example, Twister's special can literally be a giant tornado that comes down from the clouds, sucking up everything in a certain mile radius, taking apart houses and entire villages, and just creating chaos on a big part of the map.  Pit Viper's special can literally throw out a giant snake that attacks the nearest vehicles, wraps itself around them and starts to chew away at it, pulling a bunch of different cars into it.  Mr. Slam's special can slam your car down so hard on the ground that pieces of it actually fly off and it basically becomes undrivable.  Thumper's special can cause forest fires and torch entire villages and put so much fire in the general vicinity that other cars not only go up in flames, but can't see what is going on around them.  Minion's serpent special could send out an actual exploding snake that flies through every single car in its line of fire, exploding upon impact, doing major damage to each of them.

Regular weapons would be heavy, impactful and epic as well.  Every missile should feel like a punch in the face to the person receiving it.  Cars need to be able to drive very fast and frantic, like when you drive you feel the adrenaline rush of it even though you're just playing a game.  And the cars need to have a lot of weight to them...they're cars, they need to feel heavy.

Basically what I'm getting at is the action needs to be insane, psychotic, and just batshit out of control, like nothing you've ever seen before.  I'm talking Michael Bay levels of explosions.  Every time you see a special you should be going "holy shit, that is f'ing badass", and every missile impact should be incredibly satisfying.  Just imagine fighting someone and seeing a giant tornado all the way in the distance across the map, you know Twister's doing some work.

To balance all of this craziness, you make it so that cars have much better armor than usual just so everyone can survive some of the craziness without dying right away.  A car like Mr. Slam would be the exception to this since he could actually rip off pieces of your car rendering it useless, but Mr. Slam would be slow and very hard to use his special properly, so it's all about balance.

Make the main campaign have 16 stages, an epic boss every other stage, a different story for each character, and a story cutscene after every boss.  So each playthrough woud probably take around 3 hours.  With 50 vehicles you're looking at a 150+ hour game if you want to beat it with everybody.

I like thinking big with these kinds of things.  I love TM and I want to see a new game done with the most passion and I want it to be the best TM game ever made, and set a new standard for videogames.

Title: Re: How a new Twisted Metal could be relevant in 2018
Post by †Adonael on 08/25/18 at 10:52:36

Coleiosis wrote on 08/18/18 at 05:21:39:
Hey, I have a fan game planned out myself.  "Twisted Metal: Insanity" is the name.  I'd lay all details out right now, but that will be saved for a different thread.

Anyway, Some of these ideas are interesting and sound like they could hold on their own merit as different games.

The core of twisted metal is simple, far to simple for such big and complex ideas, which is this:

"A fighting game with cars."

I do think it needs to freshen up a bit and try some new things, but not without losing its core values and bringing back depth of combat rather than trying to streamline and mainstream.

Title: Re: How a new Twisted Metal could be relevant in 2018
Post by Thumpy on 08/25/18 at 13:12:10
†Adonael is right.

I'll testify to that.

Title: Re: How a new Twisted Metal could be relevant in 2018
Post by Coleiosis on 08/25/18 at 17:13:44
Are you dissing me, Adonel? It's just a FAN game!

Title: Re: How a new Twisted Metal could be relevant in 2018
Post by MoshfieldAsylum on 08/26/18 at 16:29:31
Adonael is disagreeing, not dissing.

I agree the concept of Twisted Metal doesn't need to be altered radically. It's fine as it is. And although it is a simple concept, the games themselves are difficult to master, so there's no really no need to evolve the concept and change the game modes/game-play too much. New vehicles/drivers, stories, maps, weapons are what's called for. I don't think TM should make the mistake of trying to fit in with modern day games like Pac-Man did in the '90s.

Historically, radical changes to the car combat genre hasn't been smooth. Twisted Metal 2012 tried to change the Story mode into something more relevant to modern games and it failed in the sense people would have preferred the classic story mode.
Rogue Trip on PS1 changed the classic TM story mode by adding tourists, and while it was fun, it took away from the car combat.
Vigilante 8 Second Offense, while a successful game, added more secondary missions to the story, which felt tacked on and unnecessary.

So yeah, while I respect TM fan's ideas for TM games, I don't agree with Jaffe at all on Twisted Metal needing an overhaul to fit in with modern games. Obviously he doesn't have faith in the classic Twisted Metal style anymore if he feels that way.

Title: Re: How a new Twisted Metal could be relevant in 2018
Post by Mr.SLaM on 08/26/18 at 18:53:25
I'm with Mosh and Adonael on this.
I think that Twisted Metal's formula doesn't need changing in 2018. I think any type of radical change isn't loyal to the franchise, and quite frankly a little bandwagony.

Twisted Metal 2012 didn't work for many reasons, but the faults were not the core gameplay. The core gameplay was still fun and simple. Car combat is a simple and fun mechanic no matter how you slice it.

Jaffe and evidently a few other people on this forum are looking for solutions for problems that don't exist, and are ignoring the real issues.

I wanted diversity in Twisted Metal 2012, in both the gameplay and the story.
Instead we got 3 mediocre connecting stories for characters I quite frankly didn't give a shit about, and a bunch of generic vehicles. I don't understand who thought doing 3 detailed characters arcs would add layers to the game, when in reality it ruined its core depth.
Twisted Metal was and always should be an ensemble cast of contestants. I'm not saying they have to be the same characters all the time, but as Jaffe even said himself, and it's biting him in the ass, it's a "fighting game in cars".
Guess what Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter have? An ensemble cast of memorable characters. You don't see the MK franchise reinventing itself, do you?
No, they come back with similar gameplay using the best technology and polish possible.

A new Twisted Metal needs to stick to TM1 or 2's formula. It needs to be sexy looking, have a diverse cast of characters and levels, and most importantly, have deep engrossing gameplay.

I personally don't give a shit about Sweet Tooth. I personally don't care about him going around killing people. If you wanted that, go play Manhunt or some asymmetrical horror game. The game doesn't need the character, and quite frankly never did. He's barely even important in Twisted Metal 1 or 2.

Jaffe and every other TM fan needs to get the hell over the same boring 3 characters. It is personally why I enjoyed the story in Twisted Metal Head-On so much. Sure the gameplay and music was lacking a bit, but the story felt very loyal to Twisted Metal 2. Every character had a short little goofy story ending.

Like we really need Twisted Metal 2's vibe, with the depth of Twisted Metal Black. I think that 90s radical/metal vibe is back in these days. People think it's cool again as these kids reach their mid 30s.
I've said it once, and I'll say it again, keep Jaffe away from the project. He seriously must have just misunderstood what made the games work in the first place, or lost his mojo.

To wrap up my rant, TM PS3 had its problems, but core gameplay was not one of them. Vehicular combat is fine, and trying to modify the simple formula fucks it all up. Twisted Metal needs to go back to its 90s roots, and diverse cast of characters. No bandwagon trend riding. No on-foot bs.

Title: Re: How a new Twisted Metal could be relevant in 2018
Post by Equinox on 09/06/18 at 16:14:12
Twisted Metal doesn't need reinvented at all it should be the same as the old games with better graphics, new unique pickups, characters, great maps, good special weapons and deep mechanics. Only thing I could think is up the player count but 24 at the most Imo we don't need a TM battle royale we just need classic gameplay with everything listed above. They could also add cool game modes like king of the hill etc.

Title: Re: How a new Twisted Metal could be relevant in 2018
Post by Cambelt on 09/06/18 at 20:11:24
Mr Slam gets it. Jaffa Cake created something wonderful but then lost sight of what made the first two so damn good and as always, people think he was the one who wrote the character endings and had any input in that. He didn't. (Talking about TM1 and TM2 only here)

The gameplay can be updated but the core principles kept the same.

New characters and stories with them would be great. After all if TM were real, then each year there would be new contestants and possibly the previous year's winner if Calypso didn't screw them over enough that they couldn't renter.

The only possible reinvention of anything would be multiplayer.

I like the idea of a KOTH game mode. Simple game modes like that, CTF etc would work well. Personally I'd love a live tournament mode where every quarter of the year, the players with the highest scores of that period compete against each other. The winner gets to make 'a wish' and the developers may decide to grant it positively or deny by giving them a negative outcome.

It'd be a great community builder for the game.

Here's two examples of that:

Winner 1 'wishes' for their online character/ vehicle stats to be improved more so they have the winning edge. The developers would review it and possibly say, Nope, instead your vehicle stats have been lowered so you're at a disadvantage to everyone's else. This resets after the next period.

Winner 2 'wishes' for a community backed idea, such as an upvoted mod map. The developers look into the feasibility of it and perhaps say, Yep, you and the person who proposed the original idea will get first access to the map prior to full release.

And so on.

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