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Message started by TWISTEDCREECH96 on 07/18/18 at 13:28:10

Title: Played Critical Depth for the first time
Post by TWISTEDCREECH96 on 07/18/18 at 13:28:10
Two years ago I've gotten Rouge Trip, now I have Critical Depth. This game is fun but very hard. Lockjaw and Joe are probably the two most annoying enemies in this game, their A.I is TM2 levels of ruthless, Currently I'm playing through as the CIA/ Manta, This submarine reminds me of Spectre for some reason. I lost a life fighting Mr Phatt, who is like the Minion of this game.  The Abbadon fight was hard at first, then not that bad after I started saving pilot torpedoes for that big machine after watching Luisparson's playthroughs on Youtube. However I lost all my lives fighting the Overseers at the last level. Any tips for a no death playthrough, also when you fail to collect all 5 pods, does it count as a life lost ?

Title: Re: Played Critical Depth for the first time
Post by Thumpy on 07/18/18 at 15:26:18
You need all five pods to open the portal and proceed to the next stage, no life lost.

I think when an enemy goes through the portal with all five pods, the game ends.

There are secret hidden rooms on several levels in this game.

You can also unlock four boss characters, Mr. Phatt, Abbadon, The Overseer, and Agent 326.

I used the fastest speed setting.

For some reason CIA/Manta will not be used as a AI player unless your playing a two player game.

Use the tunnels on the last stage and wait for them to appear one at a time.

This game was fun, enjoy :P

Title: Re: Played Critical Depth for the first time
Post by MoshfieldAsylum on 07/19/18 at 12:34:02
Yeah, it's Game Over if the AI gets all the pods and they go through the threshold. Love Critical Depth, but that aspect of it really pisses me off, especially considering some levels can take up to 20-30 minutes to beat. Trying to do a play-through without using a memory card in 1 sitting is damn near-impossible.

The pods themselves kind of work like the relics in TM Black Online, where each pod comes w/ a special bonus, like the damage energy pods increase damage. Because of that, if the AI happens to have multiple pods they become very tough to fight. You can see near your radar which players have a pod and how many, so you want to make sure the AI doesn't have an upper hand by having multiple pods. Use the Shaker weapon, of course, to get them to drop a pod. Also you can use the Threshold without having to kill off all the AI if you're able to get all the pods early.

You can also Quick-Fire if you have a lot of one kind of weapon. Press L1+R1 and press the corresponding button to quick fire a weapon. Unfortunately you can't move while quick firing so it's not as useful as it ought to be. Changing the game speed to fast is cool but it doesn't help in the more difficult maps (post-Mr. Phatt). The AI abuses the 4 Power Attacks (dropping mines, surface mines, stun blast, depth charges) similar to how TM2 AI abused freezes. If you didn't know about those attacks, they are done by holding on to R2 and pressing Left,Right,Up(depth charge), Left,Right,Down(surface mine), Right,Left,Down(lay mine),
Right,Left,Up(Stun blast).
Timely shielding is a bit more important though, and collecting weapons of course. You got to be mindful of health locations too since they aren't in obvious spots. Some maps feel frustratingly low on weapons/health at times so you need to explore the map for them, and if you do find a secret room, you'll find some good weapons there, like the hidden room with the UFO in Venganza.

I found La Griffe (the French Oceanographers) and Lock Jaw to be the most obnoxious to fight. They are like the Mr. Slam and Hammerhead of the game. Dr. A Pocalypse is very annoying as well with his harpoon special... he's like Mortal Kombat's Scorpion w/ that special.

The boss fights are tough too. With the final boss you fight a handful of Cephalopods. Best advice I can give you is to try to avoid fighting multiple of them at once to increase your chances of survival.

The game has some great endings though, as good as TM2's, so the work pays off at the end (unlike Rogue Trip which only has 1 ending for all the drivers).

Title: Re: Played Critical Depth for the first time
Post by TWISTEDCREECH96 on 07/25/18 at 23:10:17
I manged to beat it as the Mordrid Corp, that ending had such a Twisted Metal feel to it lol, flaming pieces of gold from space ! ;D I like that the aliens are like the Calypso of this game.

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