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Message started by DJ Normality on 07/01/18 at 19:17:04

Title: Twisted Metal Garage (Free)
Post by DJ Normality on 07/01/18 at 19:17:04

Here is an archive of all the cars from Twisted Metal Black and Twisted Metal Head on. They were almost impossible to get. I used PCSX2 4600 with snap feature. Opened obj found that all snaps were doubled. Basically polygons over polygons. So I divided by half, took a guess pretty much. And just started from 000 to ??? then deleted. Sometimes I'd get extra sometimes it'll come out perfect. An then sometimes shits totally missing. So once I knew what was what it was time to export an obj and run it through the PCSX2 Model Converter. This program is tricky and there isn't too many tutorials on it. So basically you wanna input your window settings to PCSX2 by half. So if your in 640x320, your settings will be 320x160.. Then just input your focal distance which mine was set to 1000 and hit fix projection. Now the mesh is fixed back to original state. For the most part. Now if we reopen the obj you'll see that it still has a UV map, only the map is all twisted and messed up because when the PCSX2 converter works its magic. It magically merges all the polygons together. It sucks but its the only way I know to remove the projections. I honestly feel like there might still be a slight projection on them but I had no problem re-texturing sweettooth and sweetbot. I recommend knowing a little about UV mapping. Attatched is my Twisted Metal Garage and all the textures. If anyone finds something not in the archive please let me know so I can update mine if i dont have it. I think i named most of the vehicles the best I could. You might have to do some renaming. And to know what textures go where. I recommend running texmod while playing and just scroll through the textures till yours highlights and you'll see. Thats what I had to do for sweettooth. Helps because some textures are really hard to see. Anyone has and questions or comments feel free to ask. And if anyone textures a vehicle please re-upload or send me a PM of the link so I can update my Garage with the textured one. This is a open project so everything is free and I hope to see progress with not only the models but the worlds too. Thank you everyone for following me and support twisted metal so much. This whole project has taken about 6 months.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal Garage (Free)
Post by Coleiosis on 07/03/18 at 10:55:42
After toying with the vehicles for a while now, I began to notice some mishaps...

-TMHO Mr. Grimm and TMB Roadkill are missing.
-The textures I apply to the vehicles make them appear pitch-black
-TMHO Spectre is missing a wheel (no matter, it's easy to add another one).
-We have the textures of the standalone Needles Kane, but no model. I would have liked to set him in a fist-fight with the modern guy.
-Rendered Mode on Blender won't work with this file. And if I were to toy with them even more, Blender would crash.

What I would suggest is not only add the two missing vehicles and Needles Kane, but also give each vehicle its own individual file with the textures applied. Hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining.

And on a side-note, my twentieth birthday is in a couple days.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal Garage (Free)
Post by DJ Normality on 07/03/18 at 11:01:18
You must not of read the post. All your answers are in there. And if Iím missing one please let me know. You said grim from Head on? Pretty sure both grims were there on in front of sweettooth and one on the end on opposite side. If not Iíll get him. And Kane is in sweettooth free posted below this one.† The one from head on I have but itíll be impossible to texture. Iíll upload a screenshot of it to show you.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal Garage (Free)
Post by Coleiosis on 07/03/18 at 11:22:51
The process is not familiar to me because I only have an iMac. And I wasn't talking about BOTH Grims, but the TMB version of Roadkill is missing as well (at least we have the textures though). I have enclosed a screenshot to show the results on Blender.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal Garage (Free)
Post by DJ Normality on 07/03/18 at 11:40:58
I donít use blender so I donít know about that one. I use cinema. And Iíll find both cars your talking about and add them. 

Title: Re: Twisted Metal Garage (Free)
Post by Manta Ray on 08/02/18 at 03:55:24
Is there any way to capture textures of the environment? Iíve been interested in using them for a TM2PC project.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal Garage (Free)
Post by Manta Ray on 03/18/19 at 18:16:01
Can anyone repost this? The link is down.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal Garage (Free)
Post by Sharp on 05/31/19 at 19:40:27


Title: Re: Twisted Metal Garage (Free)
Post by Coleiosis on 06/11/19 at 10:59:34
Better.  Much better.  Just a few itty bitty flaws (such as Crazy 8's wheels) but better.

Can't wait for Head-On and PS3 models.  And hey, if you also get Needles Kane from the Sweet Tour, I'll pose him battling the modern Needles from PlayStation All-Stars.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal Garage (Free)
Post by Sharp on 06/11/19 at 11:57:49
Thanks. And it's all good I have both models. I'm working on TM3 and TM2 as well. I did head on, black, and 2012 so i have tons of assets. Sorry there are still errors here and there but God as my witness that was rough. I will keep updating stuff as I progress. As for black I think this is enough.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal Garage (Free)
Post by Coleiosis on 06/12/19 at 08:06:16
I think those little errors are probably just issues with Blender.  But I can always fix them up myself.  I even shifted the Sweet Tooth truck's head to face forwards.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal Garage (Free)
Post by Sharp on 06/12/19 at 13:08:54
Looks good. You have all the luminous, bump, and spec maps added ?

Title: Re: Twisted Metal Garage (Free)
Post by Coleiosis on 06/17/19 at 16:56:48
With Blender, I practically just selected the texture images, and they just appeared right there.  The lighting is different when either "Texture", "Material", or "Rendered" mode is activated.  Adding a spotlight or lamp effect will affect it differently.

Don't know if I made it sound clear enough or not.

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