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Message started by DJ Normality on 06/17/18 at 13:02:11

Title: Sweettooth's (Free)
Post by DJ Normality on 06/17/18 at 13:02:11
Here's an archive of all my sweetooth stuff so far. I have the mask too somewhere but didn't want to spend too much time on this. I used to have the TM4 and TM2 but I think I deleted them because they were in a mods folder. I'll have to go back and redo that. And the TM Black Sweetbot, I had that completed too. Here's everything thats in the archive. Enjoy everyone.

Title: Re: Sweettooth's (Free)
Post by Coleiosis on 06/21/18 at 01:20:49
If you can extract the resources from TMB and TMHO, such as vehicles and battlegrounds, we can practically re-create Harbor City in the program Unity! :D

Title: Re: Sweettooth's (Free)
Post by DJ Normality on 06/21/18 at 04:23:32
Yeah i can get the stuff. You talking like exact same or just have each piece so you can rebuild it differently? Heres a render I just snapped. It will take some fixing but i have the textures and stuff too. Honestly id just make some new higher res because as you can see they are very small. I do have all the vehicles already and the textures just they need remapped the program I have does do it for me automatically once I fix the projection from the raw dump. I've tried numerous of ways. Found it easier to just do it myself with each car. Might take time but if one person does one and someone does another we should knock them out fairly quickly.

Title: Re: Sweettooth's (Free)
Post by Coleiosis on 06/21/18 at 23:08:50
You can extract the battlegrounds in their complete forms so we can explore the untouchable areas. For fun, we can attempt to connect the broken streets and freeways so it will be like a sandbox Twisted Metal game, as Harbor City was supposed to be.

Title: Re: Sweettooth's (Free)
Post by DJ Normality on 06/22/18 at 13:51:33
Well that don't sound like fun for me lol. I mean is this for a team project or just you ?

Title: Re: Sweettooth's (Free)
Post by Coleiosis on 06/23/18 at 01:47:11
It's something my younger brother and I wanted to do a couple years ago, to create a fan game. Of course, we use other animation programs; after downloading the vehicle files you provide, I use Blender to duplicate the vehicle wheels and apply the textures, and my brother uses Maya to enhance the models and rig them.

It's about dang time I asked you, what programs do you use to extract the models and textures from the games?

Title: Re: Sweettooth's (Free)
Post by DJ Normality on 06/23/18 at 06:30:24
I use pcsx2 4600 with the snap .obj feature. From there I open the file in cinema 4d. The snap takes doubles. Just polygons over polygons in other words. Prob specs and normals other maps not too sure why. And on top of that itís in what they call a perspective view. Everything is squished beyond repair. So time to start extracting. My method is simple I count up polygons and divide by 2. Now the beginning meshes I found were not UV mapped. So I just started deleting from mesh 000 to ... whatever the count is and delete. Now for the perspective I found a tool called PS2 Model converter. Now itís not so simple. What you have to do is calculate size of screen shot. My case was 640x224 or something like that so I forced the values fit 320x112 with 1000 being focal distance. Then just drop file in RAW folder and hit fix projections. Done! Now you have a fully fixed mesh, only one problem. Haha now the uv map is completely tangled. If even there sometimes so I have to manually go back in and re texture them. The textures I simply use texmod and run PCSX2 and just go thru and save them all lol. They all need fixed tho. They are reversed GBR so I use the same program PS2 model converter and if you look you will see a textures folder drop them in there and hit fix textures. It generates a new folder with all textures RGB. Then I just go in on Cinema and most of the textures are in frontal view so I just do what I can. Sweettooth from 2012 was build from ground up. As some can tell by the interior. Hope this helps in researching these games. If thereís a game out there I can get it. I just got parasite eve and legend of dragon.†

Title: Re: Sweettooth's (Free)
Post by Buyatchaka on 06/23/18 at 09:07:21
DJ Normality, Never thought I would see this after so many years. Fantastic job on being able to get all this stuff out of these games, again, I had given up hope on seeing anyone doing this.
Throw in some wireframes please if you can :D

Title: Re: Sweettooth's (Free)
Post by Coleiosis on 06/23/18 at 22:59:35
I was afraid you would mention PCSX2. I'm a Mac user, and all times I attempted to run PCSX2, it would run at a snail's pace until it crashes. I think I'll just stick to the modifying in Blender.

Title: Re: Sweettooth's (Free)
Post by Varia31 on 06/25/18 at 05:53:29
Is there any way you could possibly convert those truck models into generic_item.mesh format for use in XPS/XNALara 11? I already have the Needles Kane model. I just need the trucks.

Title: Re: Sweettooth's (Free)
Post by DJ Normality on 06/26/18 at 22:21:13
I don't know what that file format is too well. I seen it in MKX files but don't remember how I reversed it. I think I used a program called 3D Object Converter. Sorry. Don't really know about that one.

Here is the program if you'd like to try it out an see.

Title: Re: Sweettooth's (Free)
Post by Varia31 on 06/29/18 at 15:02:21
The program you gave me alone is allowing me to do precisely what I want: take a screenshot and turn it into a sprite. Thank you very much! I will be sure to credit you.

Title: Re: Sweettooth's (Free)
Post by DJ Normality on 07/01/18 at 13:44:37
Heres a quick snap I did, It might not be perfect but I really didnt spend to much time on it. I did the best I could at removing overlapping polygons. Might still be a few so youll just have to investigate. Ill send more but let me know what you can do with this or if this is good for what you need.

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