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Message started by AdelaideEagle43 on 05/18/18 at 15:53:02

Title: My Experince with Twisted Metal (2012)
Post by AdelaideEagle43 on 05/18/18 at 15:53:02
It really sucks of how they disabled the custom skins.. but I understand that Twisted Metal now isnt getting more popularity and I wish it still lives on. I think David said this will be the final Twisted Metal game he will make as far he made spin-offs and classic ones. On my perspective, I think that I LOVE playing this game still even if no ones even playing it.

I have been a Twisted Metal fan since Twisted Metal 2: World Tour (still playing that too) and no matter if Davids gonna discontinue the game series, I will always play this AWESOME game forever! (and even the classic ones too)

Title: Re: My Experince with Twisted Metal (2012)
Post by DJ Normality on 05/19/18 at 03:03:48
right, he pretty much giving up on the game because he sold it to sony and they pretty much said this is what were gonna do to it. he mentioned in black where he said that he wanted to put a scene where preacher downed a baby and sony was like "nope" so he had to cut it. wtf is the point of making a game if you cant make it how you want. and thats where he kinda just said fuck it. after making 2012 he sounded like he had fullfilled his need for the series but i know i havent. thats why im actually in the process of designing something new. in school for game design to hopefully one day create a world that he invisioned. without any filters or bans. because ill never sell my series like he did. i mean back then a deal for sony was like gold. so i see why but looking at it now im sure he regrets it. i want to brainstorm with people on here and get some ideas of what people really expect from a new game. i konw the online was pretty sick for 2012 so def have to keep that. but i want to put more game modes in like some kind of capture the flag and tag modes. do something so everyone can enjoy its gameplay from all ages. let me know if you got any ideas or on the topic in general. i know that if a new twisted metal were to be announced id be all over it but it might be because im that die hard of a fan. but im sure there are others out there who would want to see that happen.

Title: Re: My Experince with Twisted Metal (2012)
Post by Malefactor on 05/19/18 at 08:00:05
Wow. You guys are morons.

Title: Re: My Experince with Twisted Metal (2012)
Post by DJ Normality on 05/19/18 at 09:33:42
well id say your cool talking shit on a forum you must have alot of respect for yourself and other people. how bout this. why dont you delete your account here because you obviously know more than the rest of us then use that knowledge to open your front door and walk right into on coming traffic. thank you. ;D oh i see your problem, just looked over your profile. your just a asshole in general. nice comments you've made throughout your time on TMA. all pointless because you dont offer nothing but your 2cents which aint worth shit. get that shit up outta here you waste of space. find a new hobby one that interest you more. an stay the fuck out peoples topics if you dont know what to say. common sense dumbfuck

Title: Re: My Experince with Twisted Metal (2012)
Post by MoshfieldAsylum on 05/19/18 at 12:45:13
OP, how can you enjoy TMX if you acknowledge nobody plays it? that doesn't make much sense unless you are saying the Story is good enough to replay. Personally I think TMX didn't offer enough single player content. you can beat TMX in a day if you cared enough to, it's only I think 18 stages which includes 3 unnecessary races. a classic TM game would take awhile to complete with every vehicle and you'd get a dozen endings instead of 3. even the challenge mode is skimp in TMX. very lazy considering the ps3's power.

And Jaffe never sold Twisted Metal to Sony, Sony always owned it. Jaffe worked with Sony Computer Entertainment America up until 2007 and co-created Twisted Metal with another designer (Mike Giam) who he had previously worked with at Sony Imagesoft on the title Mickey Mania. After leaving SCEA in 2007 Jaffe started a studio called EatSleepPlay with ex-Singletrac producer and Incognito founder/president Scott Campbell but Jaffe left due to creative differences when TMX came out in 2012. The Singletrac/Incog people split into EatSleepPlay & LightBox Interactive (who made Starhawk) and eventually they lost their jobs, while Jaffe's new studio also went down recently after Drawn to Death failed to make Sony money. In order for Twisted Metal to continue Sony would have to contract some studio to develop it and the two guys likeliest to be interested in heading such a project (Campbell or Jaffe) do not have studios anymore. It would be more profitable and convenient for Sony to remaster old Twisted Metal games ala how they banked on remastering the Crash Bandicoot trilogy.

And Jaffe's ideas and concepts were inappropriate at times, it was his style. It was something that hurt him in the industry. His Twisted Metal 1 movies were cut from the original game because it offended members of the Singletrac team. His Twisted Metal Black stories offended just enough where Europeans didn't get cut-scenes in their version of the game. Jaffe finally got total freedom to be as juvenile as he wanted in Drawn to Death and he got burned by professional critics for it. I'm all for freedom of creative expression myself but it doesn't make one a creative genius to come up with over-the-top violence/insulting humor deliberately trying to be offensive. If it was up to Jaffe he would have had Jesus Christ impaled on Brimstone's car because in his mind offending Christians is a hoot. I though Twisted Metal 2 did dark humor the best but Jaffe didn't write any of the endings in TM2 ...Daniel Phillips, now there's a guy that gets no credit. and Mel McMurrin (voice of Calypso) kept things entertaining with his flamboyantly evil acting delivery. That's the kind of stuff TMX lacked as well... good writing & acting.

I will admit I liked making custom skins for TMX while it lasted. I came up with loads of skins. Even if there's no new TM in the future I think the next big car combat game needs to have a create-a-car where you can use internet images and paste them on your car. The possibilities are endless with that kind of aesthetic customization freedom.

Title: Re: My Experince with Twisted Metal (2012)
Post by DJ Normality on 05/19/18 at 16:11:07
I'm actually good friends with Dave and I'm pretty sure i got the message that says he sold it to sony. So your information is partially correct. They own the game, the name and the franchise. And I highly doubt they will make another. Which is why im designing my own from ground zero. Something like "Twisted Metal Rebirth" or along them lines with the name included. But unless sony makes a deal with me on it ill just come up with a new name of my own and market it to a whole different company. I'm sure someone somewhere will take on such a project. Funding for the whole operation is still a question but as far as knowledge goes id say i know enough to get a basic version of my game. Im about to get a new macbook pro 2 and ill be able to test my game more but with what i got now it takes forever to render a frame so i just gotta be paitent. its been over a year since the first pages were written so i got some time invested. if you go on more topics youll see my post of the different cars ive designed so far.

Title: Re: My Experince with Twisted Metal (2012)
Post by †Adonael on 05/19/18 at 19:59:49

FuckTwistedMetal wrote on 05/19/18 at 16:11:07:
I'm actually good friends with Dave .

Or do you just visit his streams often. You guys hang out and pop a brewsky every once in awhile and chill together?

Kinda doubt it.

I would of given you a better reply but I can't bring myself to read those post. Everything is crammed together.

Fuck man. Just looking at it makes my eyes cross.

Title: Re: My Experince with Twisted Metal (2012)
Post by Thumpy on 05/20/18 at 00:24:02
A new TM announcement next month at E3?


From me about 10%.
(I just keep telling myself that 10% is not 0%).

Title: Re: My Experince with Twisted Metal (2012)
Post by †Adonael on 05/20/18 at 02:40:54
I'll at least give you 5% thump and I'm pretty pessimistic about a new TM.

Title: Re: My Experince with Twisted Metal (2012)
Post by DJ Normality on 05/20/18 at 12:52:15
ha no he dont drink all like that and whatever you say man. whatever helps you sleep better at night

Title: Re: My Experince with Twisted Metal (2012)
Post by MoshfieldAsylum on 05/20/18 at 15:25:10
I still don't know where you are getting that Jaffe "sold" Twisted Metal to Sony if Sony owned the franchise, production & publishing rights from day one. Maybe i'm misunderstanding... but like for example when the developers Singletrac were purchased by another publisher they were unable to create Twisted Metal titles so they did Rogue Trip & Critical Depth instead until they closed shop, started a new studio (Incognito Entertainment) that was part of Sony Santa Monica, giving them a chance to continue the TM series which was still popular then despite Sony's division 989 making mediocre but profitable TM titles for a couple years. I wouldn't think Sony nowadays would really consider backing up someone's independently made Twisted Metal game even if it was really good. They'd rather contract an already established or up-and-coming developer with the task and oversee the project's development by forcing them to collaborate with sony santa monica or whatever Sony Interactive Entertainment studio since Sony does care about TM in some minor ways - at least enough to have forced EatSleepPlay to include a Story mode when they didn't want to, because Sony felt the stories were important to fans. Sony is interested in money first though, and car combat isn't a profitable genre, but TM is the most profitable of the genre, but it's due in part to nostalgia as much as it is due to addictive gameplay and style, so like i said, sony's likeliest route is to remaster what they know can sell, classic TM, rather than take a financial risk on backing up a brand new TM game or any new car combat game, even though fans of the genre may not see the sense in that. sales of car combat titles in the past several years say differently. more people would likelier buy and play old titles like TM Black & Cel Damage on PS4 this very week than say Hardware: Rivals for PS4 or TMX for PS3, despite those being modern takes on the genre.

by the way I saw some of your designs and they look good, like the TMNT van. well done.

Title: Re: My Experince with Twisted Metal (2012)
Post by Muddeh on 05/20/18 at 23:22:12
I wish the odds of a new TM were as good as 10%. To be honest, I think calling the odds 1% would be generous.

To be optimistic though, God of War's recent success does send a message to Sony that their exclusive IPs are very effective at selling consoles. Hopefully Sony manages to see the value in their exclusives and takes advantage of the fact that there's nothing on any platform this generation that compares to the Twisted Metal franchise. The gaming industry has been saturated with the same watered-down and uninspired tripe for years, so we can only hope that Sony sees fit to release more games along the lines of God of War that really stand out in the currently-stagnant market.

Title: Re: My Experince with Twisted Metal (2012)
Post by DJ Normality on 05/21/18 at 05:03:43
Well I'm not getting into the whole concept then I guess or we just on the wrong page so. . I asked Dave if I could get some old models he had he told me that they are up at Sony legal. So I called Sony talked to several people about it and they pretty much said that I had to contact some extension to the legal department. Kept getting this Iranian lady answering telling me I got the wrong department. Eventually I just said fuck it and went to see if Santa Monica was still up and running. when I called they pretty much told me to call Sony. So I talked to Dave and he said that Sony pretty much takes your hard-drive or "CONTENT" you make while working there or on a certain project. I asked him if he had anything and I mean anything a texture anything. He said no they keep it all. I was blown away. Couldn't believe that they would leave you with nothing to look back on. That's why I said he "sold it" not like they bought it but he sold the idea KS the game. His world he introduced into the gaming world. His vision. And now he don't have a single archive to look back on. I could never do that if at least need something. So I kept on digging and I found the creator of the new Rocket Leave model. Now on the post he left his email and twitter handle so I decided to reach out. While doing so I found out he is actually Management of Santa Monica. He told me the names of the guys who made it and said that Sony's policy make it so they can't share any content. Blown away. I know several guys who work for Warner Bros and Pixar they share content with me all the time.  Just thought it was funny how Sony keeps everything locked in a vault forever. Never to be seen again.  :-?

Thanks for checking out the content. Heres a new render after i did some modifications and made stuff look better with the UV. Will post more angles takes 20 minutes to render one image.

Title: Re: My Experince with Twisted Metal (2012)
Post by Malefactor on 05/21/18 at 09:40:55
I called you a moron because you got so many of the basic facts about Twisted Metal wrong.

If jerk = telling people when they're stupid because their facts are way off, then yeah, I'm an asshole.

Jaffe never friggin' owned Twisted Metal.  He worked for Sony the day he invented it - that immediately makes it a Sony property.

Hell man, and no, your explanation that you invented a NEW definition of the word "sold" and that's what you meant all along is just stupid backpedalling.

Your art seems solid though. Mine sucks. So you score a point there.

Title: Re: My Experince with Twisted Metal (2012)
Post by AdelaideEagle43 on 05/25/18 at 22:18:44
I'm really am sick of getting hate comments on my post. I mean for Christ sakes i'm only giving my expert opinion on a game I enjoy. I dont really need hate comments going against other people and me especially.  :-[ :'(

Title: Re: My Experince with Twisted Metal (2012)
Post by MoshfieldAsylum on 05/25/18 at 23:17:56

AdelaideEagle43 wrote on 05/25/18 at 22:18:44:
I'm really am sick of getting hate comments on my post. I mean for Christ sakes i'm only giving my expert opinion on a game I enjoy. I dont really need hate comments going against other people and me especially.  :-[ :'(

No one's hating on ya. Relax, friend.

Title: Re: My Experince with Twisted Metal (2012)
Post by The Truth on 05/26/18 at 15:43:56
Definitely sucks that Jaffe sold Twisted Metal. However I always thought his biggest mistake was when he sold Mickey Mania  to Disney.

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