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Message started by Hippie HE-MAN on 11/07/16 at 14:59:15

Title: whats worse? tm 3 or 4
Post by Hippie HE-MAN on 11/07/16 at 14:59:15
i would have to say 4. the controls were crap, the stories were crap, the characters where crap (even the returning ones) and honestly i can go on and on and on and on about how horrible this game is. bout the only thing i liked about it was the soundtrack.

Title: Re: whats worse? tm 3 or 4
Post by TWISTEDCREECH96 on 11/08/16 at 19:43:06
I hated 3 because of the small level design and character endings. But like 4 ( even if its a 989 TM game) it had a good soundtrack and every car was playable in the game, however the only thing I hate about 4 is the stupid characters ( Drag Queen, The Jonesses, Microblast,etc.)

Title: Re: whats worse? tm 3 or 4
Post by Thumpy on 11/16/16 at 03:22:23
I bought TM3 and returned it after 2 hours.

Figured TM4 was more the same, read the reviews and did not even bother.

Title: Re: whats worse? tm 3 or 4
Post by Malefactor on 11/17/16 at 03:54:42
Twisted Metal: 2012.

Title: Re: whats worse? tm 3 or 4
Post by †Adonael on 12/04/16 at 08:22:26
I prefer 3 to 4.

Three still felt like twisted metal despite the arena style combat and kid friendly atmosphere.

4 was just...odd on all fronts and if it had not promised to be twisted metal would of been a good game in its own right, but it was off, Very very off.

Title: Re: whats worse? tm 3 or 4
Post by BrandoTG on 04/19/19 at 03:27:01
There's people that actually prefer 3 to 4? whoah

To this day, after one level of awful physics, licensed music, awful characters, awful stories, I refused to play 3 ever again.

Yet somehow, 4 has uglier characters, more licensed music, worse stories, and I love it.
I think some of the weapons are creative, like the two types of missiles that launch other missiles, those are super cool. I also love the flammable toxic waste. Rob Zombie being a playable character is odd, but a fun idea. Pizza Boy's special is unique imo, and I love using it. I also love the boss at the end of every stage, makes the roster a little more fleshed out, even if half of the people just have the gravity hole special in some variation, which imo, is 100x cooler than everyone having axel's shockwave in 2012.
also fuck sweet tooth
Sure, quality > quantity, but when the quality sucks, more chracters means there's probably more semi-good ones. Plus, the custom character system, while primitive and limited, is really cool for it's time.

Title: Re: whats worse? tm 3 or 4
Post by Kratoscar2008 on 04/26/19 at 07:58:54
3 is worse. The flipping kills it completely and the specials rank from overpowered (Club Kid) to pathetic (Mr. Grimm is weak as usual but this time even his special is weak too? He is a goof).
Storywise both suck as well as the characters and endings but i loved 4's create a car, some of the cars (Like Orbital, Quatro, the Super versions of TM2 cars) and the new weapons.

Title: Re: whats worse? tm 3 or 4
Post by Equinox on 05/21/19 at 15:47:30
3 has the worst turning and car physics in the series. Twisted Metal 4 has better physics, level design and has the coolest weapon selection of every Twisted Metal. Literally the only downside to Twisted Metal 4 is the characters themselves and the cars.

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