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Message started by BasedK9 on 09/17/16 at 20:23:28

Title: TMX Tier List
Post by BasedK9 on 09/17/16 at 20:23:28
I would like to get an idea of what everyone thinks the best to worse cars are in the game.

S Tier being the best
F Tier Being the worst

Title: Re: TMX Tier List
Post by Luis on 09/18/16 at 04:10:34
There is no tier list but I know Shadow is like the best car. From what I remembered the big cars were the ones that were used the most. Vermin is simple to use. Oultaw is a better Roadkill. It is not impossible to win with the small cars but they do require more skill than the big ones.

Title: Re: TMX Tier List
Post by BasedK9 on 09/18/16 at 23:46:29
My Tier List would probably be

S Tier: Shadow, Junkyard Dog

A Tier: Darkside, Sweet Tooth

B Tier: Warthog, Roadboat, Meat Wagon

C Tier: Outlaw, Reaper, Vermin, Kamikaze, Axel

D: Tier: Roadkill, Death Warrent, Crimson Fury

Title: Re: TMX Tier List
Post by Muddeh on 09/19/16 at 19:25:00
With a few thousand hours under my belt playing online, here's how I would tier vehicles for competitive TDM.

S: Shadow
A+: Junkyard Dog
A+: Outlaw
A: Darkside
A: Warthog
A-: Sweet Tooth
A-: Vermin
B+: Death Warrant
B+: Roadboat
B: Reaper
B: Roadkill
B-: Kamikaze
B-: Meat Wagon
C: Axel
D: Crimson Fury

This is a very loose tiering, since the effectiveness of vehicles depends heavily on the map, the vehicles(s) you're facing, and your own team's lineup. The learning curve is something I've factored in, since I would otherwise rate some vehicles (especially Roadboat and Reaper) higher in the hands of the best of the best. I would also say vehicles should be tiered differently for varying team and FFA modes, or even 1v1s. Nonetheless, any vehicle can be played well in the right setting.

Title: Re: TMX Tier List
Post by Luis on 09/20/16 at 17:57:11
I know cars like Roadkill and Outlaw with Zoomy specials do better in maps that doesn't have too many walls like The Killing Field. In Skid Row the special becomes harder to use. Death Warrant has a Zoomy too but since it's special is so weak, it has a almost no special playstyle.

Title: Re: TMX Tier List
Post by Illuvial on 03/28/17 at 04:51:20
What the fuck even is balance - Talon
S - Shadow
A+ - Junkyard Dog
A - Darkside, Sweet Tooth, Warthog, Outlaw
A- - Vermin
B+ - Roadboat, Reaper Death Warrant
B - Meat Wagon, Roadkill, Kamikaze
C - Axel
D - Crimson Fury

I never played Juggernaut or saw him enough to really give a definitive answer. I feel like he'd be banned tier too, but I fought plenty of Juggs that just fed hard and got their shit pushed in so I really dunno what a high level Jugg could do. All cars rated based on top level play. I will say that its hard to make because as mentioned earlier in the thread (wow I'm just realizing this thread is eons old I hope I don't get bopped for bumping but I love tier discussion) the game mode and map matter a lot in judging how effective certain vehicles are. My list is based around TDM and DM, I did not touch Nuke enough to really know what cars were meta or not.

Title: Re: TMX Tier List
Post by Muddeh on 03/28/17 at 11:23:28
We don't play with Talon or Juggernaut in competitive TDM. Jugg is just bad game design. If you allow use of the auto-aim tri-gun turret, the vehicle is stupidly overpowered. However, without a gunner it poses hardly any real offensive threat. The mines are extremely lame, you're never going to ram into a skilled player unless you're on a tiny map like Skid Row, and the best you can do is try to freeze to try to set up rams, or use absorbs to try and poach targets and get a streak to keep refilling Jugg's insanely generous AA bar. It's not even worth targeting Jugg in most cases if Junkyard Dog healing is allowed, since health taxis can return Jugg from critical health to full in a matter of a few seconds if JYD stacks three specials.

Talon was broken in terms of balancing for the first couple of months due to auto-aim mega guns (though Sweet Bot was even worse), but since it's been stripped of the baby tactic it's definitely not top tier anymore. It takes a lot of skill to be able to play with it now since it's fragile and can be kept in check with remote bombs and other auto-aim crap. It's decently balanced and even though it relies solely on homing, it's a big challenge to play it defensively and commands map knowledge to remain hidden (i.e. play like a bitch) as much as possible. In the right hands it can dodge homing missiles with ease, but still falls victim to other auto-aim it can't avoid. The balance isn't the reason it's banned though. It's neither fun to play as nor fight against, and flying vehicles don't belong in vehicle combat.

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