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Message started by RoaDiE on 03/15/15 at 00:58:28

Title: Protect the King Ruleset (Custom gametype)
Post by RoaDiE on 03/15/15 at 00:58:28
This is a recreation of the old PTK - Protect the King - custom gametype that people played ten years ago on TMBO. I never got to play it back then but I asked around for rules and got the general gist of it... so i wrote up some rules! About a year ago lol, just never got around to posting em here... and since 8 players in game is a real possibility this can be done. Some details might not to exactly as they were 10 years ago, but I heard they altered things occasionally.

Without further ado....

Twisted Metal Black: Online (PS2)
Custom Game-type Rule Book:
“Protect the King”
Ver. 0.3, March 2015

What is “Protect the King”?

Protect the King, or “PTK” for short, was a popular user-created game-type made in 2003 by players of the Twisted Metal Black Online Community that incorporated team-play and relics. Players are arranged into two pre-made teams of four that will face off against one another. Each team member has a specific role, a specific car, and specific relics that they are allowed to acquire and use during the game. Additionally, each player role must adhere to specific rules in “PTK” which are explained in further detail.

What is the Main Objective of PTK?

To win: Defeat the entire enemy team. Everyone on the opposite team has the same set amount of lives, and the game ends when the enemy team’s king’s lives are all used up. If a King should be the first to lose all his lives, his entire team loses. Making the King the most important player in the game.

Game/Host Settings for PTK
Players in game: 8
Game Mode: Last Man Standing (LMS)
Lives set to: 5, 10, 12 (Player’s choice)
Relics: ON
Unlimited Weapons: OFF
Level Select: Preferably a medium to large level
Teams: Arrange who is playing what role prior to launching

What are the player roles in PTK?
The KingThe RookThe KnightThe Jester

What does each role offer?

The King

Role: Leader of the group, their main goal is to stay alive. If this player dies and uses up all his lives, the game is over, despite any teammates still being alive. The King can attack the enemy King, Rook, Knight, but CANNOT attack the enemy Jester.

Allowable King cars: Minion, Axel, Warthog, Shadow, and Crazy 8

Allowable King relics: Restoration and Parasite Only

The Rook

Role: This player’s job is to be the guardian of the King. The Rook can attack enemy Knights, Kings, and Rooks ONLY. The Rook CANNOT attack the Jester. 

Allowable Rook Cars: Darkside, Minion, Manslaughter, Junkyard Dog (Alt/Variant: Yellowjacket)

Allowable Rook Relics: Defiance and Backlash Only (Alt/Variant: Machine Gun Relic)

The Knight

Role: The Knight is multi-faceted, either defense or offense, depending on the situation. The Knight can attack the enemy King, Rook, and Knight. The Knight CANNOT attack the Jester.

Allowable Knight Cars: Mr Grimm, Brimstone, Spectre, Outlaw, Roadkill, and Yellowjacket

Allowable Knight Relics: Slayer, Special Regeneration, Assassin, Blitzkrieg, Evade, Mega Guns, Demolition, and Armageddon

The Jester

Role: This player has the most unique role of all and inter-weaves with the overall game. The Jester can ONLY attack an enemy Jester under normal circumstances. HOWEVER, a Jester CAN attack ANY enemy if they currently have the Relic Buster relic equipped. Additionally, they can only hit an enemy King, Rook, or Knight, ONCE, with the Relic Buster, to bust the relics they are holding. This means they could land one homing missile, or one reticle/special, simply to bust the relic. After the relic has been destroyed on an enemy, the Jester may no longer attack that same non-Jester enemy. Most of the time spent will be fighting the enemy Jester for use of the relic buster. Relic busting will increase the odds of your team getting the edge to win.

Allowable Jester Cars: Sweet Tooth (Alt/Variant: Darkside)

Allowable Jester Relics: Relic Buster Only

Additional/Special Role Rules

What happens when a King dies?

If your team’s king dies, and has no lives remaining, the game is over. The team with a surviving King wins the match.

What do I do if I run out of lives?

If you are a Rook, Knight, or Jester, you have a set amount of lives, and if you should run out of lives you will be spectating the game until it is over.

When does the game actually end?

When an entire team is dead with no lives remaining, or through team forfeit. If all players on one team are dead or a King is eliminated, the winning team can then mine themselves to death to end the game, and bring it back to the lobby.

How can you tell who is on what team?

Since the game offers no true team modes, you will have to be mindful of friendly fire. Players can change their in-game names in player management (under main menu options) to correspond their team role, rather than remain under regular player aliases. Example: Team A’s Rook, Knight, King, and Jester can name themselves: Jester EVIL, Knight EVIL, King EVIL, or Rook EVIL. While Team B can name themselves Jester GOOD, Knight GOOD, King GOOD, and Rook GOOD.

Do both teams have to play as matching cars?

Both teams MUST have matching car sets, meaning it must be a “mirror match”. Kings, Rooks, Knights, and Jester’s enemies must be the same car. This helps properly balance the teams.

Are full/mini healths and environment attacks legal in PTK?

None of the following pickups are allowable. All are prohibited unless under special circumstances. A player must avoid picking these up. If a player should accidentally run over a health, they need to mine themselves back to the health they were at before picking it up. If you are in battle whilst you pick up the item(s), try and tell other players on Skype, or when you are out of combat and alone begin to mine yourself. A single mini health is roughly worth one blue/regular mine. A full health you will need to mine yourself as much as needed. Players can opt to use a cheat device (Gameshark/Codebreaker) to turn off these pickups if they so choose, which would simplify the issue.

What if you accidentally hit an enemy you are not supposed to? Example: A King hits a Jester with a full reticle or special.

That is an unfortunate instance but the game will continue on as normal. The same can be said for friendly fire or misjudging and hitting the wrong opponents (teammates). Some instances might require self-mining or a health. But in general, try to look before pulling the trigger. Communication is key. Try to assign player roles based on who fits best. For example: It would not be ideal to assign a player with poor accuracy as a Rook - Manslaughter.

How do I use a relic or pick one up, and what do I do if I pick up the wrong one?

To use a relic, you simply drive over the corresponding relic icon. To drop a relic to pick up another relic, press triangle to drop your currently equipped relic.

What is “Relic Busting”?

There is a relic called the Relic Buster, which only the Jester can use. If a player has it equipped, and they hit you with any weapon (except mega guns), the relic you are using will automatically be ejected, and you will be locked out from picking up any relics for 50 seconds.

~~ If anyone has any questions I will gladly answer to the best of my ability ~~ I want to schedule a PTK game in near future of course  ;D

Title: Re: Protect the King Ruleset (Custom gametype)
Post by Ripzsaur on 03/15/15 at 03:32:39
I am all over a game of this PTK.

I have yet to participate in TMB:O, and had a ton of hype for it, just never got around to it due to a whole slew of things that came up in the past few months. Really interested in this

Totally new to TMBO however.

Title: Re: Protect the King Ruleset (Custom gametype)
Post by Magnum on 03/15/15 at 15:42:42
This mode for TMBO was very cool to play back in the day when teams were balanced right. 2 equal teams would battle for a good amount of time, and took a mistake or 2 to end the match. Lots of fun when it played right, and was lucky enough to be in 2 epic matches back in the day.

Rabid in Junkyard as King using Shadow, and Venom being Axel in Plant.

I would also suggest that you don't go more than 6 lives really. Sometimes 5 was alot and took a long time but then again, the increase will help people develop skills and ideas instead if being eliminated to soon. 

Title: Re: Protect the King Ruleset (Custom gametype)
Post by RoaDiE on 03/15/15 at 21:36:13

Ripzsaur wrote on 03/15/15 at 03:32:39:
I am all over a game of this PTK.

I have yet to participate in TMB:O, and had a ton of hype for it, just never got around to it due to a whole slew of things that came up in the past few months. Really interested in this

Totally new to TMBO however.

Awesome! I did get your message on skype, sorry I was away/asleep.

Yeah we still mainly do wed/sat evenings. though i am only doing two saturdays per month (every other saturday). I will try to do some afternoon relic games next sunday (22nd) I think... playing FFA games with relics helps to learn the ropes of em. Might do a relic guide in future too!

Magnum wrote on 03/15/15 at 15:42:42:
This mode for TMBO was very cool to play back in the day when teams were balanced right. 2 equal teams would battle for a good amount of time, and took a mistake or 2 to end the match. Lots of fun when it played right, and was lucky enough to be in 2 epic matches back in the day.

Rabid in Junkyard as King using Shadow, and Venom being Axel in Plant.

I would also suggest that you don't go more than 6 lives really. Sometimes 5 was alot and took a long time but then again, the increase will help people develop skills and ideas instead if being eliminated to soon. 

Thx for the suggestion. Yeah I unfortunately never got to play it back then :( I do like relics a lot, and sometimes host FFA relic games! Developing strats for em is fun, and PTK makes sure a bunch that are not usually used do get some usage.

Title: Re: Protect the King Ruleset (Custom gametype)
Post by Malefactor on 03/16/15 at 00:09:37

RoaDiE wrote on 03/15/15 at 21:36:13:
Might do a relic guide in future too!

The below might be a useful starting point.  I wrote it back in 2005 for TMHO players who were confused about relics.  I did a quick scan before posting this and edited out some TMHO examples with TMBO examples, but it might still have some parts that are from a TMHO perspective.

Hopefully it's still useful. 


Relics 101 and 102

Relics add some of the deepest and most complex fun in the game, IF you know how to use them.  Unfortunately, few get that far with them before giving up on them, and to be completely honest the TMHO booklet wasn’t as helpful or explanatory as the TMBO one was about the game.  For this post, first I’m going to combine the descriptions from the TMBO and TMHO manuals, and then provide a few powerful strategies and combos for relics.

Finally, each relic will contain a basic classification stating whether that relic is primarily an offensive or defensive relic.

Relics and what they do:

(Note:  The TMBO booklet uses slightly different, and cooler, names for the relics than the TMHO one does.  Because I prefer the TMBO’s, and have used them for years and so am used to them, I will list the TMBO name with the TMHO name in parenthesis, also, new information from the TMBO booklet that wasn’t in the TMHO will be in all caps.)

Defiance (Shield relic) <Defensive Relic>:  Reduces damage taken by 42%.  THE PLAYER POSSESSING THE DEFIANCE RELIC CAN’T BE FROZEN OR CAUGHT ON FIRE.

Restoration (Health Relic) <Defensive Relic>:  Sets players max health at 200% (In other words, doubles your car’s armor total), slowly regenerates health over time.  Note; TMHO contains a Restoration glitch.  As it should work, if a player has only 25 points of health left, and gets the relic, it should temporarily double their health to 25, and max armor possible, but once the relic is gone you’re left with little health again.  Now, in TMHO, non-host players keep the health gained.

As an important note, the slow health regeneration works faster when your car is standing still.

Slayer (Damage Relic) <Offensive Relic>:  All weapons do double damage.

Mega Guns <Offensive Relic>:  Gives player mega gun bullets which slowly regenerate up to a maximum of 100 shots.  When mega gun bullets run out, the vehicle will shoot unlimited enhanced machine guns. Increases the damage of machine guns and bullets gain homing ability.

Special Regen <Offensive Relic>:  Regenerates the vehicle’s special at a faster rate (i.e. all special weapons in TMHO regenerate every 30 seconds, but with this relic they regenerate every ten).  The possessor also regenerates energy and turbo.

Backlash (Reflect Relic) <Defensive Relic>:  WHEN SHIELDED, weapons fired at the possessor will reflect back upon the player who fired them.  As an added bonus, the possessor’s shields consume only ¼ of the AA bar (i.e. you can do four shields with one bar of AA instead of the usual one shield with a second shield a few seconds later).

Assassin (Deception Relic) <Offensive Relic/Defensive>:  This relic allows the player to cloak when motionless.  The possessor’s vehicle will decloak when he fires, and also his health bar will always appear to other players to be full, even if he has only five points of health left..

Evade (No Lock Relic) <Defensive Relic>:  Limits the weapon lock distance to 150 ft, Buster always locks, and Backlash will lock up to 600 ft.

Blitzkrieg (Fast Fire Relic) <Offensive Relic>:  Doubles the firing rates for all weapons.  The possessor gets double the pick up amount (From a maximum of thirty weapons in inventory to 60, and every pick up obtained gives you twice as many – so instead of two homing missiles you get four – four swarms – etc.).

Parasite (Life Sucker Relic) <Defensive Relic/Offensive>:  Returns a portion of damage done to opponents back to the possessor as health.  This relic will also transfer some energy and turbo from opponent into their own AA and turbo bars.

Demolition (Destruction Relic) <Offensive Relic>:  Applies area effect damage to all weapons (i.e. all weapons now react like napalm, with fire and bounce affect).

Buster <Defensive/Offensive>:  When an opposing opponent is hit with any kind of weapon from the Buster, their relic is dropped and they are unable to carry another relic for a considerable length of time.

Basic Strategies with each relic:

Each of these comments on the individual relics will also include comments on the relics they counter.  You’ll notice that different relics often counter each other (slayer counters defiance and visa versa).  While this may not make sense at first, it’s because each relic has the potential to stop the other with the right type of strategy.  This fact only goes to further show how much depth and brilliance relics add to the game.


This relic is one of my all time favorites and easily one of the best defensive relics there is, even more than Backlash.  While Backlash is incredibly powerful if timed right, once the shields are gone it is relatively useless, further, shields only last for a short time and a smart player can attack Backlash with no worries when shields drop. 

Defiance never ceases to work, and prevents you from being affected by freezes or badly damaged or bounced around by napalm or napalm type attacks.

Slayer:  With the 42% reduction in damage, the weapons from a player using Slayer are only slightly more powerful than conventional weapons.  Further, because you are now impervious to freezes, but the Slayer user isn’t, you can easily freeze the crazed Slayer player and unload on him with a healthy can of whoop-ass.

Mega Guns:  While they still can hurt you, if you duck and weave while holding Defiance, and with the added 42% protection, they won’t be able to deal you a killing blow very easily.  Because of this, and because a Mega Gun user is usually over confident, you can easily charge and take them out without them being able to so much as scratch your paint.

Backlash:  A backlash player, even if they return a full spread of your reversed swarms, won’t be able to do near the damage they hoped to.  However, the smarter Defiance player will only fire a homing or two to get the Backlash player to put up his shields, and then watch and wait for an attack until their shields have dropped.  With the 42% reduction, the Defiance player can confidently wait for this moment without suffering any major damage during the wait.


Because Restoration doubles your current health and armor, it is an excellent tool for a small car to suddenly have the armor of a big car, or for a big car to have the armor of a God.

Further, it will slowly regenerate health over a period of time, and since most of us turn off health in a game it becomes incredibly useful as one of the only legitimate ways to restore lost health points.

It is a good defensive choice against Slayer when Defiance is not available, but not quite as wonderful a defense against Mega Guns.


Slayer really needs no type of explanation for basic strategies, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular.  As a relic it is a cool one but on the most basic of levels not one of the most complex until you start thinking of it in terms of combos.

Basically, a Slayer player looks for moments when another player, preferably players that aren’t using defensive relics (Backlash, Evade, Defiance, Health Regen), but instead offensive relics (Blitzkrieg, Demolition, Assassin, Special Regen, Mega Guns, or even Buster)  and quickly deal a killing blow before they even have time to see him.


Mega Guns works in much the same way Slayer does in terms of strategy.  The primary goal is to use it and use it fast so you kill a player before they have time to think.
As a pro-tip, elevation is a mega Gun’s user’s greatest weapon.  At ground level the weapon will be obstructed by all sorts of obstacles like dirt hills, trees, cars, buildings, bad targets, etc.  However, its homing ability increases the more your car becomes elevated, and it becomes increasingly impossible to dodge (a weapon raining down on your car’s roof is a lot harder to avoid than a weapon headed for your bumper).  Good examples of Mega Gun’s crippling effects at high altitudes includes firing it down into the valley from the top of Mini Skyskrapers, or elevating your car on one of Asylum’s many ramps and firing off its edge at unsuspecting players. 

When using elevation to its advantage, a Mega Gun user can kill the most heavily armored cars in a matter of seconds.

Defiance:  With the use of elevation, Mega Guns might be the only thing short of using the buster that will stop a confident Defiance player dead in his tracks.


This is one of those pro relics, which at first most will pass by as useless, but in time come to see as extremely valuable.

Special Regen relic is a linking relic, or a replenishing relic.  After you have exhausted your specials from Slayer, your AA from Backlash, your turbo with Evade, or whatever it may be, you can quickly pick this relic up to replenish your supply.  A Sweetooth (or any other car) will get three specials in the time it normally takes to get one, quickly have shields again for another backlash attack, or once again have turbo to go charge a bunch of opponents or make a quick escape.

It is extremely useful and full of combo possibilities.

Title: Re: Protect the King Ruleset (Custom gametype)
Post by Malefactor on 03/16/15 at 00:09:55

Backlash is easily one of the most enjoyable relics to use, especially on unsuspecting newbs who don’t realize what it does.  As a defense against the annoying reticle only player, its strengths are unmatched.  However, its greatest weakness is when AA finally runs out.  As such, a Backlash player has to be smart and conserve resources only shielding when several players are bearing down on him, or when one player is attacking with a powerful relic.

Slayer:  For obvious reasons, Backlash is one of the most valuable weapons against a Slayer player.  Using Backlash on a Slayer player is as if you also had Slayer as well, but because you can also be firing your own weapons back it’s like Slayer + 1.

Mega Guns:  A Mega Guns player who tries to blast away at a shielded Backlasher will quickly get his face blown off.

Blitzkrieg:  While the Blitzkrieg player is launching thousands of missiles in a matter of seconds he’ll be shocked to see thousands coming right back at him.

Eavde:  The Evade player will be suicidal should he choose to launch an attack on a Backlash player as it completely nullifies the effect of his relic.

ASSASSIN:  This is one of those relics which still might need to be tapped into a little bit.  You can easily imagine possibilities for it, but they don’t always work well in combat.

Nevertheless, at the very least you can stay invisible until your AA bars and specials have regenerated.  Definitely a strength for Spectre, Outlaw, or other small car players.


Without a relic drop Evade is easily the cheapest relic in the game, but with a relic drop it is only useful as an excellent linker.  The smart player picks up evade when his shields are down, his AA is gone, turbo is depleted, and he needs to escape for a bit and get his wits back together.


Few relics are more fun than the Blitzkrieg.  For every pick up you get, you get double, and firing it is just amazing to see, especially at high elevations or into a crowd of enemy opponents.

One of the best Blitz moves is to drive over a power missile pick up (with Blitz you get four, not two) and freeze a large and annoying opponent (I.E. Manslaughter).  With the faster weapon fire even if they are frantically tapping freeze break you’ll be able to land all four power missiles before they can do anything (for a total of 80 damage points).

It’s important to remember that even when you drop the relic you temporarily keep the extra ammo until you use it up (in other words, if you have 60 homing missiles you will retain them should you exchange it for Slayer).

Slayer:  Surprisingly, Blitz can compete quite well with a Slayer player as long as you have a fully loaded inventory.  Firing four homing missiles in roughly the time it takes a Slayer player to fire one is actually more devastating (40 points vs. 20). 

Mega Guns:  A Mega Gun player caught in a stream of Blitz fire missiles, especially if the Blitz player has shields and the Mega Gun player doesn’t, will win the war in a matter of seconds.


Parasite is unique as both an offensive and defensive relic.  Because it restores health back to your car for every hit you score on your opponent, it is a defensive relic.  However, because while it is doing this it also gives you some of your opponents AA and turbo, in a matter of seconds their car is slow and virtually unable to defend itself while yours can still go top speed and still has shields, making it also an incredibly powerful offensive relic.

Ultimately, a player with amazing combat skills while holding Parasite is incredibly hard to stop.  Even a Player with Slayer, Blitz, Demolition, or Mega Guns, if the Parasite player continues to score hits and use the replenished shields, will be virtually unstoppable.


Demolition is one of those relics that most will sadly ignore for a long period of time because its effects are not immediately obvious, but nevertheless it is powerful and can stop some of the most annoying situations.

Picture this:  You’re in Suburbs and off in the distance is a Spectre player, behind a pillar, saving up specials to fire at you.  No conventional weapon that you have will reach them.

However, a Demolition player simply fires missiles of any type at the Spectre player and because of the added blast radius damage, it will still hit the Spectre player even though they are hiding behind a wall.  Further, because all weapons now act like napalm with bounce effect, the Spectre player will be bouncing so much that it will be hard for them to return fire at you.  Further, if they drop down from the building and try to escape, the bounce and fire damage makes them vulnerable to freezes.  This also works on players who hide on top of buildings, under them, etc.  As a way to reach campers and chickens, the Demolition’s abilities are unequalled.   


Blizt + Slayer + Backlash

The player immediately grabs Blitz while heading towards Slayer off in the distance.  During the short time he has Blitz, he drives over four homing pick ups, two swarm, four fires, one power, and one napalm (making an inventory of eight homing missiles, four swarms, eight fires, four powers, and four napalms).  The player then picks up Slayer, and turning around unloads each of these weapons for double damage (total damage done exceeds 300 points) and then when he sees the incredibly pissed off players who are now trying to kill him, he picks up Backlash and reverses every serious thing they deal at him.

Blitz + Backlash + Special Regen + Backlash

Using Blitz to max out inventory, the player then exchanges it for the defensive Backlash relic, and enters a crowd of players.  He gets points from his own weapons plus swarm attacks, homings, specials, and powers shielded at four different times from his Backlash relic.  Now without AA or specials himself, he quickly grabs Special Regen and in a matter of seconds has plenty of specials and full AA, exchanges it once again for Backlash, and re-enters the fray to finish them off.

Mega Guns + Slayer

Firing into a crowd at the very top of Rome, a player destroys two cars and badly cripples three more.  Quickly switching to Slayer, he then finishes them off with a few well placed homings and a swarm.

Blitz + Demolition

Facing an annoying camper in LA, a player loads up on homings and in less than thirty seconds has thirty homing missiles.  Grabbing demolition, he shoots at the Spectre who is on top of a nearby building, and with the added blast radius effect not only does critical damage to the Spectre player but knocks that player off the building with bounce effect, where the Spectre is finished off with a freeze and a flaming power missile.

Blitz + Parasite

Fighting an annoying Backlasher, the Blitz player times his quick attacks so that most of his weapons slam into the Backlash player in between shields.  However, unfortunately two swarms are reflected leaving the player in a bad situation.  Grabbing Parasite, and attacking a nearby newb, the player quickly gets his health, AA, and turbo back and is ready to face the recently killed and pissed off Backlash player when he comes back for revenge.

Title: Re: Protect the King Ruleset (Custom gametype)
Post by DARKFORCE on 03/16/15 at 04:21:34
The above guides are pure gold. Nice work you two.

Title: Re: Protect the King Ruleset (Custom gametype)
Post by Kemmler on 03/17/15 at 16:12:04
I would suggest mandatory skype usage. With all those rules I'm sure someone will forget something during the match and confuse other players by acting out of his role.

Title: Re: Protect the King Ruleset (Custom gametype)
Post by RoaDiE on 03/18/15 at 01:26:59
Thx for the writeup!

And yes Kemm I think skype would help greatly too. And everyone has read it a bit. I think the idea of renaming oneself to their role (EG: Joker [GOOD]) is also a big help.

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