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Message started by Skywalker on 04/04/14 at 21:05:00

Title: Brawl Archive
Post by Skywalker on 04/04/14 at 21:05:00
Looking through it is like walking into a library. It's impossible to read everything, so I walk along until something catches interest and for no particular reason I found this

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Magnum on 04/05/14 at 06:59:58
LOL! That was an interesting little post. There isn't to much TMA hasn't talked about.

What's really crazy is, what's here on BOTW at the Temp site isn't even close to what was on the original site. The original site had 500+ pages I believe.   

I'd still seagull Kilrgrn if she'd want it.

::::EDIT::::: Fuck me. I just wasted an hour looking though old posts. Bastard......

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 04/05/14 at 08:10:19
I do that every once in awhile honestly. Kinda miss me the old days of retards and activity. Sites lost a lot of good posters and its a shame.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by XIZOR on 04/26/14 at 00:58:19
Until the full archives of TMA are fully restored, most of you will never know what the old site and Brawl actually meant to most of us. The amount of incredible laughs had at this site cannot even be measured, only documented for those who wish to even try and understand.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Magnum on 04/26/14 at 08:02:32
What's really crazy is, what's here on BOTW at the Temp site isn't even close to what was on the original site. The original site had 500+ pages I believe.

Just to reiterate what Xizor said. It's not a slight on the people here who have only known the "Temp site"

It really is a drop of water in an ocean compared to what was on the original BOTW.   

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 04/27/14 at 12:55:15
I may of only known the temp site, but I missed this sink hole enough to come back. Odd how you could actually miss something that's a bunch of text and lined with assholes.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Magnum on 04/28/14 at 04:26:25
Odd how you could actually miss something that's a bunch of text and lined with assholes.

That's why I love throwing my underwear around.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Mr.SLaM on 04/28/14 at 17:40:50
We should do this again. Having missed the full experience of the original site, plus being a bit older and wiser, I can honestly say it would be awesome to spout off bullshit with a bunch of people.

I mean sure, you can find a hundred forums like that, but only TMA has a no holding back mentality, and yet always has a light atmosphere.

I liked the fact that it was usually a tight knit group of reasonable people (who are now pretty much adults). You could argue one day and a civil discussion the next, or just banter on about irrelevant crap.

Meh...that's my two cents.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 05/05/14 at 11:31:01
Then quit talking about it and start posting. Me and Mag can't keep just responding to one another. It makes us seem gay.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Skywalker on 05/05/14 at 22:15:10
I might be taking a leave of absence. I have nothing good to say right now anyways.

Here's a pick of the day

That was great

this is pretty funny too. My eyes are burning. I have to take a break

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Magnum on 05/06/14 at 05:39:17
Ahhhhhh......the proverbial "Ban hammer" When that word was tossed around at the original site, you were already having a rough time. That post was a joke. Well......sorta.

My chocolate dick will shoot money MOTHERFUCKER!! Dipped it into the melting pot!

And no you can't have it Adonael. Gay. You wish.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Road-Kill_3197 on 06/23/14 at 19:51:36][/url]
Old tma Brawl

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 06/24/14 at 08:33:03
Your links a bit messed up dude it works but sadly its limited. Though I'm having a good time reading old junk. Sometimes I wish I had joined back in the day, but honestly AOL and being like 12 would not have been a good mix hah.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 01/26/16 at 07:24:11

Funny thing is I don't even remember who milkshake was. Shows how irrelevant that person was.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Mecit on 02/09/16 at 01:18:19

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Thrillho on 02/09/16 at 03:16:35
I think that may have actually been blair.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 02/09/16 at 09:30:58

Mecit wrote on 02/09/16 at 01:18:19:

Youtube really needs some quality control.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Magnum on 02/09/16 at 12:04:29
I thought Mecit was dead.

Glad he proved me wrong.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 02/09/16 at 19:35:54
He is always around in sine form or another.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by James P7 on 02/10/16 at 04:58:51
Yea the original BOTW was some of the most fun I have ever had on the interwebz. It really should have its own place in history.

Unfortunately, a lot of the new members here wouldnt appreciate it as much as the vets would, its kinda like "you had to be there to appreciate it" kinda thing.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 02/10/16 at 23:42:25
You can go back to being dead.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Magnum on 02/11/16 at 11:51:09
And that's how Brawl works.

When He says you had to be there to know, he means original TMA.

Kinda like when these old Greaser guys from the 50's tell me the same thing. I'm like, wtf bang my head?

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 02/12/16 at 01:23:25
I need a shovel for all these zombies popping up.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Magnum on 02/12/16 at 11:55:28
These zombies be yer grandpappies old haunts ya see??

Reckon you best git your respect on.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 07/28/18 at 16:52:32

Forgot about this funny little post until I was trawling through the Archives. Gave me a good laugh in my downtime today.

..........I repeat myself once a year it seems. *Cough* I'VE BEEN HERE TOO LONG

Proof I'm a retard:

†Adonael wrote on 01/26/16 at 07:24:11:

Funny thing is I don't even remember who milkshake was. Shows how irrelevant that person was.


Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Infernal on 07/28/18 at 18:35:53
Fuck I remember Milkshake. What a guy. He would dare you try to hack Temp TMA. Don't try to steer me away from your actions!

Durock is my favorite. He's what you call a braindead 'military personnel'. Bad grammar, no manners, and attempted to resort to violence.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Dim Shades- on 10/06/18 at 21:51:25

The old Brawl I remember and first loved. I was 14 when I first came to TMA back in February 2000...the days when Sugar Ray were still lighting up the charts and Drew Carey's old show was a ratings king.

Just glad I got to see the infancy stages to many cool people that faded away with the passage of time and so many that kept in touch over the years as we all grew up and dealt with the transition from chats and message boards to Myspace/Facebook, etc.

I was looking through my old LiveJournal and found Kaffeine on Facebook. She must not get on there much but it would be cool to reconnect with some lost TMA'ers.

Hell, if anyone knows what happened to AntiMatt, CodeMatt or going way back to 99/00....SN0TT/HxcGimes, it'd be a cool blast from the past.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 10/07/18 at 13:32:00
I never knew you were THAT old of a TMAer Shades.

I miss quite a few of the posters that where here when I came around myself. The way you could play off one another, it was quite fun.

It really has a way of getting stuck into your blood.

Unfortunately most of my faggots hang out in Xbox town so I'm here haunting the forums instead.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by MoshfieldAsylum on 10/08/18 at 03:26:40
I remember Kaffeine. She was cool. Might have been the first female to post on TMA.

Dim Shades is indeed an original TMA member like myself.

TMA was originally not even a forum though. It was a petition site that came about after TM4 came out. Mortimer was collecting signatures of people who wanted Twisted Metal to return to its roots. That's how come when it introduced the forums (which weren't conventional thus they were dubbed "walls") there was a rule against discussing 989's games (although at one point I believe someone who worked with 989 was interviewed by TMA). When TMB came out the site was re-designed to match that style.

My first user name was 'Homer Simpson' before settling with Mosh. I used to write a silly off-the-wall fanfic series called 'A Woman Named Fart', and made several creative contributions to the site, and became one of the original admins. I forget the original set of admins... I think EvilED was one, ENOS was another, possibly CodeMatt and/or AntiMatt, and X-Man I think. Mortimer of course was active all the time back then. Tom Schulz, Moopy, and others were around during the earliest incarnation of Brawl on the Wall where the goons ruled the realm. And there were serious TM discussions too. The first major troll of the site became Blair/bjyman of course.

It's too bad the TM series declined and looks dead now or TMA probably would have returned to being a site with old and new content and an archive.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Ripzsaur on 10/08/18 at 03:50:13
Remember when Blair made tm2alliance?

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Dim Shades- on 10/09/18 at 03:41:36

MoshfieldAsylum wrote on 10/08/18 at 03:26:40:
I remember Kaffeine. She was cool. Might have been the first female to post on TMA.

My first user name was 'Homer Simpson' before settling with Mosh. I used to write a silly off-the-wall fanfic series called 'A Woman Named Fart', and made several creative contributions to the site, and became one of the original admins. I forget the original set of admins... I think EvilED was one, ENOS was another, possibly CodeMatt and/or AntiMatt, and X-Man I think. Mortimer of course was active all the time back then. Tom Schulz, Moopy, and others were around during the earliest incarnation of Brawl on the Wall where the goons ruled the realm. And there were serious TM discussions too. The first major troll of the site became Blair/bjyman of course.

Man, the memories are just coming back to me at a breakneck pace. It's hard for it to sink in that this all took place 18 years ago. It feels like maybe 5 or 6.

Yeah, A Woman Named Fart was funny as hell. I'd love to find a set of the old fanfics and spend a Saturday night reminiscing. A Woman Named Fart, Ankleface,, those were fun as hell to read and write. I can tell how my humor has evolved since used to be so goofy and off the wall and now it's really dark. Like there was a certain innocence to it that you can't revert back to.

I remember when we had Judge Joymann and I took up duties as the defense attorney for you and Abe when we all got in deep shit for holding the TMA Walkout of June 2000. That is back when you guys made that Nightmare Asylum EZboard and that guy named Anus (who was obviously Blair) hacked it.

...Or when he had to have Mort MANUALLY change our profile pics for us. "Oh, you want that shitty low-res pic of Robert Downey, Jr. as your avatar? Okay, check back tomorrow morning, mate."

Yeah, I remember when we got TMA admin access: TMA-r (TMA-Recruit). Then Project Purification came and I got the ax along with AntiMatt, Joymann, Kaffeine and Sting...but ENOS stayed around for no reason other than (IIRC) "because he's always been here." Then he wandered off into the woods one day and never came back.

That was the crushing blow to a bulk of the original posters, though...Project Purification made most of the Santa Cruz crowd ragequit from TMA along with Sting/Trunks. I was pissed about it but got over it. I mean, I was maybe 14 or 15 at the time and I still took the internet seriously so I probably sulked with a Surge and watched Wes Anderson movies (mainly Rushmore) in a continuous loop trying to find meaning in life.

Looking back, I'm kind of glad Sting got the ax. He was a little prick back then...and about 4-5 years ago, I was importing Hotmail contacts to my Facebook and he popped up. I texted him a simple "Hey, how you doing, man?" type message and he was still a colossal dickhead. He had that closed-eye smugness that Kyle from South Park's dad had when he bought a Prius. Even if he has "grown beyond" TMA, he will always be akin to a 12 year old Roblox player to know, because he stressed his age constantly when people would talk shit BACK to him.

Then again, at least Sting grew up. I mean, Blair got to be at E3 for a whopping 10 minutes before his dad made him leave when he was like 25. lol.

Edit: Well, I found SN0TT's home phone number on a simple google search. I haven't talked to the dude in 17 years and I hate talking on the phone...that, and there's a HUGE difference between hitting someone up on Facebook and calling their house.  ;D

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by SynthR on 10/09/18 at 15:23:02
Dim. TMA has had it's fair share of similar events over the years, so it's interesting that it also happened before my time. The circle of life. /cue Elton John

I'm interested in hearing more about TMA before a lot of us arrived. I joined in September of 2001 courtesy of TMBO, so it was just after all these things seemed to happen. Access those memory banks and let us know about the walkout and Project Purification. What happened? What was the site even like?

Facebook Snott. I definitely wouldn't call him unless you wanted a good laugh.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 10/09/18 at 19:11:03
I agree with Synth. Tell us more about the ancient history of this place. I mean I didnt get here until 2011 and witnessed the "State of the alliance" shenanigans.

Does kinda sound like this board has had a chaotic time.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by SynthR on 10/10/18 at 03:28:57
During my time, the community always had one mega heel who would cause so much shit and a few smaller jobbers that followed in their wake. People like Blair, Hellbent and V-Wing; and they would NEVER play a game (Blair was banned from playing TM2). They just lived on the site for the most part. They would rarely get banned despite causing constant drama. Someone would also come in saying how good they were at the game, but actually sucked something fierce. It was just kids being idiots. It would go in cycles. Everyone gets along, then someone started fighting, drama ensued, things calmed down, then literally the same thing happens again with the same people causing trouble. It was a dysfunctional family.

The community would mostly be up in arms over nonsense too. Which TM was better? Who's the best player? What car is cheap/juice? What players think they're good but constantly use juice (*cough* Rabid *cough*)? Stop picking up health packs. Who has more hair on the tip of their cock? Hellbent stop talking about the fucking Texas bar you work at. Angelique, send more pics of you wearing latex. We need to find out who this Virgin Girl person is...

The thing I miss the most are the awards that happened every week or two. I loved those. It was a recap of the best things that happened like the best post or reply, funniest reply, worst reply, etc. So much fun. That's how a lot of people got their belts. I think that was one of the best concepts that came from TMA (not sure if it's done elsewhere, probably, but still cool).

Some other things I'll never forget:
- Four desks and a walnut
- How the original Earwig Infestation thread came to be and has lived on in various incarnations
- Baby frolics
- Using AIM to keep in touch with people, which was a pile of garbage
- Figuring out the join order so we could play TM2PC without disconnecting on Kali
- The original TMBO clans: A9, 5150, and later )2 (which I don't even remember what it meant)
- The TMBO chat code
- The TMBO chat going crazy after a few games, making everything you type hypersensitiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Man, I really wish we could access the old site. I would love to relive it.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by XIZOR on 10/10/18 at 08:14:36
This is the kinda shit I like to see. Old TMA faggots being old TMA faggots reminiscing about the glory days.

TMA has been one of the most important parts of my life. It was an expressive outlet for a lot of us, I believe, during some of our younger years for finding ourselves and developing our unique voice and personality, understanding the internet, and trying to make sense of the world.

I've had some of the most fun and made some of the best friends on TMA. After being friends with Magnum for about 15 years I finally had the chance to hang out with him and his family last month. This is a picture of him (right), me (center), and his son (left). That's powerful shit and I still have a bucket list of others I want to meet.

There are tons of regulars that I didn't get to know back in the day like Mosh because I guess some of us just traveled in different circles but I've been close friends or good acquaintances with so many people over the years. I feel I've only recently really gotten to know Dim on Facebook over the last year or so and that's been a thing that probably should have happened years ago. 

"We need to find out who this Virgin Girl person is..." -- SynthR

IT WAS ME!!!! :::the crowd gasps in surprise:::

SynthR, your "things I'll never forget" list is pretty good. I have a lot of others, but I think the most important one you left off was the use of the word "alpha".

Last time I spoke to P7 (which was a few years ago now) he told me Mort had the old site and all its content backed up somewhere. I don't know the truth or depth of this, but I hope its true. I'm sure myself and many others here would pay any amount of money to have access to or own that content. In the age of "the internet is forever" its a real god damn shame that there is a huge gap in most of our young internet days missing that is potentially still out there on a server or harddrive. Getting ahold of that would instantly revitalize this community based on the well of nostalgia, comedy, and unique history alone. If someone could reach out and inquire I'd be interested in restoring the old site.  

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 10/10/18 at 14:54:26
At least Im not the only one that does it. And I wasnt even here during the golden oldie days.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by SynthR on 10/10/18 at 17:45:28
Yeah, alpha. Shit, that was more recent though. Within the last eight years. I feel like it started after the Temp TMA Exodus.

No surprises with Virgin Girl. I wanted to mention it because it was more indicative to how people had multiple personas in the community. Like how many different names did we play under to troll people in TMBO? I had at least 10. I think people thought there were a ton of pros in the game when in reality it was the same core people hiding behind fake names, lol. You would join a game and just pound the shit out of one player to make them rage quit. Good times. Man, all those shitty Unlimited Weapons with relics players too. Ugggghhhhhh.

My list is far from comprehensive; it's just things that immediately came to mind. I know there are tons of things that happened that would be hilarious to dig back up. One thing I would add to my list is the amount of times we tried to organize a TMA Convention, lmao.

It's cool that Magnum and yourself finally got together. I think Magnum has the record for meeting the most people? I've only met DizasterChild and hung out a ton with Roadie/MyAbsolution (then the bastard moved away!). I would love to meet everyone, but for sure the top of my list are the people I've gamed with or spoken to a lot over the years: Xizor, Magnum, Wolfenhex and Brain Evol. Throw BigDog and ynoT in there, show them some love. DarkForce/Juan needs to be there; he was my first TMBO friend back in the day.

I wonder how reaching out to Mort would go...I feel like he wouldn't be receptive.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Dim Shades- on 10/11/18 at 07:55:36
Project Purification? Okay, I grabbed me a bottle of Blue Moon (Mango Wheat) and have "She Likes Me for Me" by Blessid Union of Souls playing in a recurring loop so I have that warm, fuzzy late 90's/early 00's feeling as I write this.

When TMA first started, it was about Twisted Metal but a majority of the action happened on Brawl and elsewhere. Looking back the site was pretty cluttered. I mean, it wasn't just the meat and potatoes like Totally Twisted and had Ask AntiMatt, Judge Joymann, Commissioner Codematt and even gave Blair a section to appease his jealous ass, "Mastermind". It was like getting pop-up ads for insurance agents when you're just trying to fucking get to the 60 second porn clip you're craving.

October 30, 2000 was a big date. The original site had become obsolete and the next version of TMA was going to be a big fucking deal (and it was.) Things were getting pretty serious - I became a TMA-R(ecruit) because I wrote Martin/Mortimer an essay or some shit on how 989 turned the series into clown shoes and how 3 and 4 were abysmal pieces of shit. I got the thumb up to be an admin/member.

Well, the months rolled by and it was prior to the EGM came Project Purification. It was kind of like being quietly observed over the months to see who really did eat, breathe, sweat and shit Twisted Metal. Well, I wasn't twisted enough and I got the boot along with almost every original member...X-Man, ENOS, EvilED and I believe Mosh were the only ones left.

So, that ultimately meant that Trunks/Sting, Blair, Kaffeine, Joymann, AntiMatt and CodeMatt were kicked out as well. Kaffeine, Joymann, AntiMatt and EvilED were IRL friends that lived in Santa Cruz, CA...and they even "publicly" feuded with each other on Brawl and even the old Ask TMa a few times...specifically, EvilED making fun of AntiMatt wearing gray sweats all the time and him having poodle hair.

Well, that meant 3/4 of the Santa Cruz crowd ragequit - though, I remember Joymann bounced back here and there for a couple years. Kaffeine showed up after we found each other on Livejournal (2002/2003?). AntiMatt never came back - he probably shit his gray sweatpants in anger.

Blair was a pretty sizable TM fan but the guy was a creepy god damn stalker. Anyone claiming to be a female on TMA was instantly in fear of him humping her leg. He even went as far as making a short fanfic of him driving up in a truck and stuffing a water hose up EvilED's(?) ass because he made Kaffeine cry. He even made Mastermind quizzes not about TM...but about HIM - "What color are my eyes?" and shit like that.

Sting/Trunks was a dickhead and about 12 at the time so I figure after he was done crying in his Alpha-Bits cereal and spitting on any hearse he seen (Mort ;))...he just went back to watching DBZ and getting his ass kicked around like most David Spade characters. He wasn't so big on TM as much as he was DBZ...fuck him.

All the side story behind: Project Purification thinned the herd and most of the original people never came back.

The Walkout
I remember it happened in June 2000 and it was my original idea to "get back at the man!" when Abe Simpson aka Moopster got banned from the site. The thing was, Blair was always a fucking instigator and pushed buttons. Abe wasn't someone that got pushed around -- hell, he went off on Blair like a god damn AK-47, calling him a cunt among other things and got in deep shit. I think he played a part in crashing the site at one point, too...if I recall, that was a major part of it.

Blair would get a pat on the wrist like Dennis the Menace and Abe got fucked with if he did anything. I remember a single-use poster named "Simpson-Face" saying along the lines of not caring if their site crashed. He ended up getting posting limited to Judge Joymann only -- spawning such troll gems as "I'm the best skier in the world." and "Martin is corny."

Well, Mosh, Abe and Kurf were all three IRL friends in a band called The Nightmare Asylum. They created an EZboard for their band and that is where we hung out for a good 3 or 4 weeks until Blair hacked the EZboard like a colossal asshole. We showed back up, there was a 'courtroom battle' where I was Abe's defense attorney to Blair's prosecutor and our side won that lifted Abe's ban...much to Blair crying like a little bitch.

To summarize the Pre-TMB/Pre-EGM TMA: Lots of posts about Kurf sucking at drums, me having anal sex with Kaffeine, EvilED and AntiMatt fighting, Abe creating the iconic word 'Moopy' and Mosh creating 'Swazzy' was just innocent (looking back) fun that really made my teenage and early high school years memorable.

It was like a levee breaking when TMA got plugged in EGM....I think it scared off a lot of the original posters because we were set in the ways we established of Brawl being complete anarchy where we could make one sentence posts and no one was there to enforce quality control. Shit changed and most people hate the concept of change because it means having to re-adapt to your surrounding.

I was openly bitter about the way it changed and I had new people talking shit to me telling me to get with the times. Well, who is still around and who was a 'one year wonder'? I have been on and off here throughout the years but the people, the overall vibe, the nostalgia keeps me checking in.

It's like having part of your childhood still with you.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by MoshfieldAsylum on 10/11/18 at 09:48:36
;D I'm loving this thread.

Really good memory there, Dim Shades- except for one mistake. The "EGM plug" is actually in reference to the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine plug (April 2001, Issue 43). I don't think EGM ever mentioned TMA, but EGM is notable in TM lore for giving TM1 a Game of the Year award.

Since I have the OPM magazine I will share the part where TMA is mentioned;

Is Incognito banking on TM:Black's audience primarily being previous fans who have "grown up" with the franchise? "That'd be nice. I hope TM fans like this game. I really, really do,'" Jaffe tells us. "TM fans are great because they really got what we were trying to do with the games while others were like, 'What's the big deal? You just drive around and blow up stuff'. Yeah, there is that element of the game, but the fans - like the guys on the Twisted Metal Alliance Web site ( - they're the hardcore... they got that the game was more than just an arcade shoot-'em-up. So even though it's not our goal, if we can make those guys happy, that'll feel real nice. On my insecure days, that's what I worry about. 'What if it's not as good as TM2? What if we let those guys down?' But again, you just have to push through that kind of thinking and stay focused on the work."

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 10/11/18 at 16:17:01
Really sounds like history has a way of repeating itself.

Mentioned in PSM -> rules changed people leave

Metioned in Credits -> rules tried to change people left again.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by SynthR on 10/11/18 at 17:35:40
It's not just the mentions that were the catalyst for change. It sounds like a lot EVERYTHING repeated itself for similar reasons. The people power tripping, the assholes being assholes, Jaffe failing to recapture what made a previous TMs so great, Mort being Mort.

Dim, you wrote an essay? The things we do sometimes, lol.

Lol, so many quotable things here. "shitting his gray sweat pants." "getting his ass kicked around like most David Spade characters."

So, there was a purge because people who didn't like Twisted Metal enough weren't worthy? What kind of garbage is that? What was the point of booting people out of a community of fans? That is ridiculous and is similar to what happened here years ago. The Authority came in and wanted to clean the place up because we got a little bit of publicity.

"'What if it's not as good as TM2? What if we let those guys down?' But again, you just have to push through that kind of thinking and stay focused on the work." - Jaffe

What's funny about that is the majority of people who loved TM2 hated TMBO, so looks like Jaffe struck out every time he put out a new TM. Ex. TMHO and TM Reboot. Every game divided the community even further. Maybe it's just impossible to please people when they've fallen in love with something?

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 10/11/18 at 18:35:26
I was summarizing for the sake of not typing a shit ton on mobile.

But yes it all over arches the same. Switch out certain people and the story still reads the same.

Its a shame too. I only got a fraction of the good times before this site crumbled again. The uniqueness of the community that was here was gold. Xizor, Innately, Mecit, Mag, Dizaster child, Kilgrn, even damn P7 who popped in like twice I joked and he died again. Oh and Obliverate with his usual sarcasm.

Only reason I still haunt this place is because of that. I don't think it will quite ever get back to where it was or have close to the same flavor but its hard to just walk away after having 5-6 years of shit post.

Loving the activity when it comes and basically talking to myself when it goes.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by MoshfieldAsylum on 10/12/18 at 05:38:40
There's the irony. With the plugs and publicity TMA eventually got overly serious and lost some of the swazzy vibes that were so fun. Especially with Head-On Extra Twisted Edition that literally has interviews with TMA posters (Hellbent, etc.). Was that Jaffe's idea? It made TMA look like a generic TM fan site. TMA was meant to be more unique than that. The whole concept of "walls" from the original site pre-dated social media like facebook, it was innovative for the time. The sections like Ask AntiMatt, the unique Belts that would be rewarded by an appointed commissioner, etc. were unique.
Then the way TMA was able to bring the TM2 PC community to life was note-worthy, something no other TM fan site at the time was doing. I believe every character in the series had their own bio page. There were even TM Quizzes on TMA, which I made a few of. At one point I also had a guitar recording hosted on the site of me jamming out a medley of Twisted Metal riffs, which inspired Twisted Metal Small Brawl's soundtrack direction and awarded me a free signed copy of the game. Someone eventually put that recording on YouTube, but it's really not meant to be there, it's not a good recording and I was just a teen at the time, it was more of a TMA thing in tribute to the TM music makers. TMA also had a kick ass Fan Art section back in the day. It's sad that didn't survive, there was some really good art there.

While TMA had an influence on TM Black, Small Brawl, and Head-On, I'm not exactly sure why we were thanked on TM for PS3.
It's been documented that Jaffe had considered using TMA members to beta test TMX but it never happened.
You'll notice once again Jaffe's description of TMA members as hardcore ("hardest of the hardcore"). In retrospect that makes us sound like a bunch of elitists (no wonder there were people who thought TMA was a "clan").
Jaffe's last kind act towards TMA members was a TM fan contest in which Kilrgrn (fellow TMA alumni) and myself both won (along with a 3rd person), which was shortly before the release of the game. Once the game launched in 2012 and most of TMA expressed disappointment in the game, he pretty much turned on every one of us, and a few years later accused Mortimer of harassment via phone calls, even though Mort never had his number.  ;D
Jaffe in the end kind of showed us that he didn't really understand TMA at all. At least not in the way that those of us who grew up with it do.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 10/12/18 at 06:02:05
I should1 of fucking joined TMA when I first found it at like 10-12. Could of enjoyed it longer. Fuck.  ;D

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Magnum on 10/12/18 at 19:25:27
OMG I'm fucking crying over here. The nostalgia is like a dam breaking. Mosh and Dim are giving me fits. Holy shit. Moopster, (loved this guy. Fucking hilarious) ENOS, Bloodshed, (mean MF) Nightshade, Hellbent, (Mean MF) X-Man, Scold, EvilEd, (FOOTBALLS!) Code Matt, Monkey Man, Venom, Rabid, Blair, HATEMACHINE, Hi:), Angelique, Reaper, Son Of Calypso. I can't think of anymore cause I'm shorting out.

Some of the best times were in the TMA chat room. Jesus Christ the shit talking in there was of some serious quality. If you didn't survive being in the TMA Chat with Reaper, Bloodshed, Or X-Man, you weren't gonna make it at all. They'd kick you for the dumbest shit cause they could. And it would even list the reasons why. "Magnum likes hot dicks in his mouth" and shit. You knew you'd be ok cause you'd only get kicked and come right back, and not be banned from chat for whatever time they set. If you had a ban timer on your chat, that meant you were really gonna have a hard time at TMA until you proved yourself. That's the other thing that makes TMA what it is. It's like I had to come out and say in the most recent post that I don't give a flying fuck who you are, that you can agree to disagree here and if you can't take the verbiage GTFO. TMA really had I DGAF atty and if you couldn't aspire to be Alpha, you'd have a hard time. I miss that Chat room. Dim and Moopster, and Evil Ed at one point had me crying laughing so hard one night I couldn't breathe. I actually typed at them to stop but of course they just INTENSIFIED!!!

I also really miss Ask TMA. OMFG I loved that shit. It was a wall that you can just ask a question, (HAD TO BE A QUESTION!!!!! FUCK OFF!!!! NOT A QUESTION!!!! DELETED) any question at all, and a Mod or Admin would never, ever give you the answer you might want. People would ask all sorts of insane, crazy, off the wall shit. Especially me. I got one now.

"If Blair farts into a jar, and makes his sister smell it, is that inbred anal sex?" I think that question definitely got me in the good circle with at least Dim, Ed, Bloodshed, and Moopster. Moopster loved it really. Fuck I miss that Wall. I miss it even more now for being an Admin and answering questions. Fuck I loved that shit.

What Synthr was talking about with the alt account names. Brother......that was some of the most fun I ever had. Especially as a Moderator. OMFG. I had like 10 different names all with different BG's, thumbs, and shit. I had ASSCABBAGE, ASSPOTATO, mybuttyourface, Dirt McGirt, Sniggity McNiggity, Cream Sum Dum Guy, Black Dragon, (my Unlim name) Tony JaBlow Me, Captain aMErica, and a few others I can't remember. Before the site went to it's "Temp" place that we are on today, and before the original server went down, there was a period of time where TMA was really slow. Between TMB and TMX if I remember. I was having full on Brawls with myself and my alt characters because there really wasn't anything else to do. It was fucking hilarious when people that didn't know were like WTF? and the ones in the know would play along and get bashed too. Fucking genius really. We also had what was called "Lightning Brawls" where we would use our alt names and brawl with each other to win the week's "Lighting Brawl Champion Belt" That was another thing that set TMA apart. The "Belt's" you could earn that the Mods or Admins could hand out from Awards. Or at anytime if you were a douche.

The Awards. I know every single veteran here will always hold that near and dear to their heart. I know I do. I also have to say that it was an absolute honor to be selected to do them for as long as I did, and do them well. I honestly believe that made me a better person in life because of that. I had to put some shit aside sometimes in order to be IMO "Fair" No easy feat being at a website full of ingrate-full assholes. No srsly j/k fuck off haha.   

I also miss the Comedy Club Wall as well. Jesus Christ the shit stories Dim, Moopster, and others would come up with. OMFG that shit was gold dude. Dim is my inspiration for writing the 2 fics I did.      

When I got to TMA in 2001, I was being considered to be on the "Blacklist" of TMA with the known TMA Unlimited Weapons players like HATEMACHINE, HI:) and one other dude I can't remember ATM. When I stated playing TMBO, I had no idea WTF I was doing. I honestly had some serious fun playing unlims because it was obviously so much easier to switch to weapon of choice than chase them down as P/U's. I wasn't welcomed very warmly when I decided to make my name and profile you see today. Actually I was met with alot of scorn and ridicule. (surprising right?!?!) I couldn't understand why and just simply asked and got a clue. So I took alot of abuse at 1st here, (Surprising right?!?!) and started to become a decent member here. Eventually worked up to Commish, did Awards, and now sitting here as a retarded Admin.

The clans were also cool too. )R or whatever was Rabids clan. 5150 was Son of Calypso's, Shit. I can't think of anymore. SOC was also a huge reason why I'm where I am today as well. If it wasn't for him taking me under his wing and speaking up for me for trying to play "legit" I probably wouldn't have made it here.

Adonael might've survived maybe......but you honestly didn't go through getting bashed and brawled with when you showed up TBH. Not like the old days, Not to bust your balls to bad man but, the site was much more relaxed when you rolled up. Most noobs when they signed up here were eaten alive really.

Seriously though. Mort, Mosh, and Dim are the ones still around today from the original site. Sure Mort isn't active as much but I'm sure he still looks in occasionally.

Holy shit. I just spent almost an hour and a half typing this shit out. That was also a thing back in the day when TMA was really active. You'd loose track of time just having diarrhea of the fingers. Jezzz...

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by XIZOR on 10/13/18 at 11:38:19
TMA was the first fan site that I actually tried to be a part of and I couldn't have picked a better one. It was so strange trying to understand how things worked, all the in-jokes, characters/posters, and already established history when I joined back in 02 I think it was. I've tried to be apart of a few other fan groups over the years but TMA ruined me forever because I was so used to being completely uncensored and acting like a jackass that I never survived anywhere else.

I had an epiphany one day a while back when I was thinking about why TMA was so cool back in the day and its because it was always just a place to develop your comedy chops and hone your roasting capabilities. Most of us who were here for things other than just Twisted Metal have basically been doing sketch comedy and standup for years on this site, we probably just don't think of it that way. All the hilarious members busting balls and trying to make each other die laughing on Brawl or TMA chat or whatever is absolutely where I developed my sense of humor. The vets who were king when I started posting had me fucking crying and I knew I would have to be hilarious to stand out at TMA.

Nothing has made me laugh harder than some of the shit people would say at the old site bashing other people or just writing jokes and comedy fanfics. Its a wonder none of us ever went on to have a career in comedy. I know Nightshade is a part of some comedy troupe and some of us make funny videos or content from time to time, but honestly I've never known funnier people than some of the classic TMA members.

The TMBO days were just so special. The feuds with the FAH-Q guys that were Sony testers I believe? The drama with those guys and then all the unlimited weapons players like HATEMACHINE and Hi :), the clans everyone else mentioned in which I was apart of most of them in some form sometimes under a different alias so people wouldn't know I was playing all sides, late night games with EvilEd and eventually becoming part of an even smaller subset of TMBO players who played later at night when almost no one was online and how intense those 1v1 TMBO matches used to be.

All the drama surrounding any time a female would post here was always hilarious, especially when it meant either P7 or Hellbent, or both, was definitely going to try to fuck them.

Dirty fishstick is another TMA classic for me. I don't even remember the exact joke behind it, just that it was said in one of SynthR's posts on Brawl and was a go to term for years to come.

Bashing V-Wing was one of the best things on TMA for years. That christian faggot took it like a champ until we finally made him rage quit at temp TMA. I actually played a few games with him, he was a super nice dude, but that was back in my annoying atheist days where it was fun to bash Republicans and christians.

One highlight from temp TMA was when we used to make fun of P7 and his photos all the time. I don't recall where the photos came from because even then you didn't dare post photos of yourself on TMA unless you were prepared to be destroyed and he was a decent looking guy that didn't really deserve all the bashing but he never handled it well so that made it fun. Nina and I made a bunch of memes with one of his photos one time and I still have a bunch of them on my computer. They always make me laugh when I see them:

I could spend all night writing about the history of TMA but I'll cut it here for now. Too many memories lanes to go down.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Magnum on 10/13/18 at 22:42:23
My god. Yea. That's why no one posted pics up at TMA. Huge no no for yourself if you didn't wanna get slayed. There was a few for V-Wing too I remember. He didn't care as much a 7 did. 7 go so pissed LOL. Blair also had one as well and that's where the Belt for "Blair's Gay Jacket" came from. It was him in a leather jacket and he really did look fruity in it. Oh man the amazing shit come up with that picture. Synthr had one too with some huge fat dude with an open jar of mustard that spilled on the floor. That's how he got the belt "Mustard Man" I can't remember exactly how he got the "Dirty Fishstick" one either. Was over maybe Nikki and 7 I think? It was really awesome about Angelique when she did post pictures of herself finally to prove she was female. OMFG is she female. After she put those pictures up, the place went nuts. She's still pretty hot I might add. Nikki was ok looking too from what I seen. Linda was another female member that stuck around for a bit and was pretty cool. Kilrgrn or Nina at the time was also really cool as well. Then she moved in with Spyda and they both switched roles, batters, pitchers/catchers whatevers.

That definitely the reason why us older members are as brash as we are in humor because of the way TMA was. Like Xizor said and I really can't emphasize it enough, you really had to get creative, and sometimes seriously asshole-ish to get a measurable bit of respect. Of course the hierarchy here tended to if you'd have a really hard time here or not, and that's what made the place tolerable honestly. They let you talk your shit, or insult, or what have you but, (it's hard to describe) you started stepping over the line in some things, you would get warnings and shit. You could personally verbally attack anyone really but, were you going to be that stupid talking shit to Bloodshed, X-Man, Reaper, or EvilEd? Kinda like Blair who blindly brawled with anyone really. He was such an asshole. Or someone Like HATEMACHINE. That fucking dude was a POS. I think he got off on it too coming to TMA and talking shit, and then when you went into his lobbies in TMBO and utterly destroyed him in Unlims, he'd never admit it. Good times.      

The late nights spent playing TMBO too were the best. Then logging into TMA the next day to see who's beefing with who, or what clan is talking shit about another clan being "cheap" and didn't earn game wins. Fah-Q was an elite clan of Sony Devs. Shit man I can't remember any names ATM but if you entered a 1v1 with any of them, you'll pretty much get destroyed.  They always played Minion Stadium map with damage done/Damage received mode. (can't remember the name) That was the staple of TMA/TMBO games for a very long time. Pretty much the TMA bible actually.
Over time, we came up with other game modes. We did an elimination style match where 4v4 were teamed up, and we'd draw what order our team would go in. We'd do it on a medium map because small maps were to tight and idle players would take accidental hits, and huge maps were a slog fest. So the 1st players would 1v1 until one died. Then the 2nd player on that team would go and try to kill their #1, then so on until the LMS won the match. That was my 1st multi-player experience on TMBO because I went from having DU (Dial-Up. remember that shit?!?!) to having an Ethernet connection. Roadie was one of my teammates. I was so nervous I sucked so bad.

Then we also came up with a mode called Protect the King. That shit was alot of fun. The only game mode we made up where Relics (Game modifiers) were allowed. You'd have 4v4, 1 King, 1 Knight, 1 Rook, and 1 Jester. The King usually should be the 2 best players in the lobby facing against each other. Then the other positions would be filled by those who were comfortable running the certain vehicles that were only allowed for each position. If anyone wants the full rundown on rules, I'll have to find them, or explain in a future reply.

Damn. More nostalgia flowing out. Crazy.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by SynthR on 10/15/18 at 09:25:11
Mosh that's really cool that you influenced the TM soundtracks. I didn't know that. A really neat piece of trivia.

As Mag pointed out, we would spend hours on there crafting replies and just reading everything. So many hours. You looked forward to it, you know? I miss that because I don't even talk to too many people on my phone these days. Nobody does. We're closer than ever communication wise and nobody wants to talk.

Forgot about HATEMACHINE. He was the first TMBO mega heel, IMO. Oh man. I wish we could talk to him again as adults.

I forgot about FUH-Q. Didn't play them much because Mort would always take his crew to battle with them and hog their time.

Net Damage was the game mode. The only one that made sense really because it showed who really was good at the game.

I haven't used dirty fishstick in a while, but it's definitely a classic term. That's why I want to re-read the site. I need to see all these things again.

I posted the Mustard Man pic because everyone was posting their own pics. Well, some people were stupid enough to, but I posted that and Mort thought it was hilarious.

I'll be honest, out of the vets, I think I was probably one of the nicer people on there. I wasn't as vicious as some of you guys were. Magnum was pretty tame too because he had that good nature about him. Everyone else was a fucking attack dog.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Magnum on 10/16/18 at 23:37:16
Net Damage. That was it. Thanks. It was pissing me off I couldn't remember that. That was the TMA bible for TMBO at TMA. That was your measure in the game and on the site.

There it is! The Mustard Man! Fucking classic. That's what really made it so funny because alot of people believed it really was you.

You could be pretty beast if you had to be Synthr. I remember you not taking shit sometimes too. I was an asshole if I had to be. Rarely did I put myself into a spot where I had to/needed to be, like you. Thanks for the vote of confidence though. That's alot of why I got made to a Commish/Admin because I could turn if I needed to. Nosferatu and shit. 

All the belts we've got over the years means something about us. Some just don't need explanations. You dirty fish stick fucker. Go fuck a fruit basket.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Devilbeast on 10/23/18 at 01:23:28
To think I've lurked on this site since 08/09 before actually making an account in 2011. Man, those were some glorious years. Sad that TMX split the community in two. Still, it's great to see that some classic folks are still kicking it around here.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 10/23/18 at 07:43:37
I remember the name. More that come back the merrier.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by SynthR on 10/23/18 at 09:08:36
Even if you stir shit professionally.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Devilbeast on 10/23/18 at 11:21:37
I've got no friggin' idea how I got the "Excrement Mixer" sig, but oh well.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 10/23/18 at 11:25:03
Because your post "I've got a question." Stirred up some shit. :-?

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Devilbeast on 10/23/18 at 13:13:52
Goddamn, that was 2 years and it was a single question. Oh well. I think I remember you from JetMotoCentral as well, Adonael.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by †Adonael on 10/24/18 at 16:00:02
You would be correct. Thought I was the only one who mingled in both crowds.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Devilbeast on 10/25/18 at 00:27:57
Regardless that both games were made by Singletrac, I lurked JMC since around the very same time I started lurking around here. I even made an account, but didn't post much. I loved JM2, but I sucked at it. I loved watching people play it.

Title: Re: Brawl Archive
Post by Magnum on 10/27/18 at 14:21:44
Yea. I gave you that belt because you asked a question that fired up a whole new argument that was dead for awhile until you stirred it back up.

Good job!

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