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Message started by Hellbent on 04/10/12 at 01:15:28

Title: What are video games?
Post by Hellbent on 04/10/12 at 01:15:28
I want to know what you think of Video Games. Weather they are Art, a valid form of skillful competition, or simply just entertainment.

Is it as artful as at least Television? Or is it as artful as a board game even with all of the art that goes into a videogame?

If you feel games are not art. What of the art that is used to create the simulated experience? Is it not art because of it's use in the game medium? Like some people feel that Comic Books aren't art like Paintings are. While others feel they are on equal terms.

Do you feel games are a combination of music, animation, acting, writing, direction, technology, and literally everything that has ever been used for art all rolled into a single medium? That is what i believe. Video games really are Books, Music, Film, and even sculpting and painting all rolled into one medium.

Animation is my favorite medium of art. But i can't deny that video games do take more artistic talent then animation. Because not only is animation simply a part of a videogame. But it's one of the key pieces into making it interactive. Videogames are so advanced we even have physics engines to assist on the realism of the animation we see.

It baffles me that people see the introduction and use of technology as a negative thing. As if having a physics engine and an interactive style rips the soul out of the art used for games.

You even hear popular game developers who have made extremely artistic games claiming that they feel that games are not art. Sad but not entirely surprising. It usually comes from game directors and i have a feeling that they might rather be directing a motion picture after multiple decades of game direction.

None the less i love video games. I was raised on them and they are a huge part of my life. The stories, art, and interaction are things that have made an impact on my life just as deep as motion pictures, music, comics, or television.

The only medium for entertainment that excels gaming is the internet. But Video Games and the Internet are like siblings. Add internet to any videogame to increase interactivity and fun.

Videogames are the only artistic medium that takes advantage of the internet as more then just a platform for viewing. Which in my opinion is one of the main things that makes it even more artistic then a movie for example. Because video games sync right into the unlimited social interactivity of the internet. It would be like if there was a Movie on the internet that went on 24/7.

Someone needs to do that. If they can run all sorts of stores 24/7. They should hire a stable of actors and writers and create a movie that is everlasting. That would be awesome.

Title: Re: What are video games?
Post by Obliverate on 04/10/12 at 01:23:38
I voted for everything but the last two. I don't have time to really go indepth, so there you go. I'll come back tomorrow and crank out some long heartfelt post expressing my lust for the feel of a perfect game or something/

Title: Re: What are video games?
Post by †Adonael on 04/10/12 at 02:24:59
Problem is most of those are right depending on your point of view and the game in question.

All games are Interactive Entertainment, unless theres one out there you just watch, but then thats a CG Movie.

Flower would be a good example of a game I would call interactive art. Though I believe all games have their own art to them because you are sculpting, painting and drawing to make things with in said game.

certain games can be considered as games that test your intelligence and skill. Such as strategy games like RTSes, Realistic FPS, and puzzle games that are challenging. Old school silent hill comes tg mind puzzle wise.

All games with a split screen or online mode can be viewed as a competition, but thats taking a game a little too serious in my opinion. But then again I have games where to do get very competitive like Armored Core, Kengo, and Socom.

And right now I just consider it a hobby because I don't have enough time to play as much as I would like. And if you think about it, if your not competitive in a sport your usually called a hobbyist. Not that a gaming is a sport by any means.

And I did vote for the Only a game, because its true. No matter how much you like a game, or wanna lube up that disk hole and fuck it. It's still a game. Can't take that shit too seriously.

Title: Re: What are video games?
Post by Hellbent on 04/10/12 at 03:59:19
People actually make money playing games competitively.

Quake 3 is as balanced as Chess or Basketball.

Title: Re: What are video games?
Post by †Adonael on 04/10/12 at 04:56:11

Hellbent wrote on 04/10/12 at 03:59:19:
People actually make money playing games competitively.

Quake 3 is as balanced as Chess or Basketball.

Yeah, more power to those people. Doesn't make it a sport to me.

I played the hell out of UT'99 in my prime years of gaming, Yeah it drains you mentally and at the end your exhausted. To me though, thats not a sport ,persay, more of a competitive game.

Thats like saying if people got into competitive board gaming (Which there is) That it's a sport because they get paid for it.

Or those pokmon card tournaments. Heh. That would be a funny sport.

But then again Sport its such a spotty term anyway.

Now as far as it goes playing them competitively for money just seems like it would kill the fun. Sure I could Play UT'99 almost religiously, but playing it to a certain point it becomes a Job and no longer is entertainment. I wouldn't drill my games into the ground like that. And I believe it's a little over obsessive, honestly.

Games were made to be a pass time. Something you can enjoy and play for a few hours at a time, but then you have your WoW players, CoD players and other gamers who take that to the extreme.

Now I'm not saying it's wrong to have these "Esports". It's just a little too extreme for me. I like to go outside, eat and sleep. ...and have sex.

Maybe I should give a crack at this competitive gaming market. Only issue is I don't really care for the new FPS's and fighting games out lately. Madden is mad boring. Really isn't much to choose from when it comes to the big bucks.
I love the gaming industry and I want to break in at some point. If I made a game that had a huge following, great. I wouldn't want to end up with million players playing my game 12 hours and 7 days a week. Go outside. Enjoy some fresh air. Go make friends, get a girlfriend and move out of your parents basement.

Yeah, Not everyone is like that, but every thing I ever watched about a progamer the above was true, Or they were 12.

Jesus, at lest move out once the money comes in. Go out on trip something.

I just feel like people are wasting their lives when they can go out and have some real adventures and some exercise. God forbid exercises.

Aghhh. Anyway, I'm ranting and I'll stop now.

Final point: Sitting in one spot for over 12 hours is bad for you. Go do something.

Title: Re: What are video games?
Post by xZilx on 04/10/12 at 19:01:19
I was looking for "all of the above" until I got to the last two.   :-?

Title: Re: What are video games?
Post by Hellbent on 04/10/12 at 23:01:14

xZilx wrote on 04/10/12 at 19:01:19:
I was looking for "all of the above" until I got to the last two.   :-?

It's multiple choice.

Title: Re: What are video games?
Post by Mecit on 04/11/12 at 06:29:34
I also voted for all except the last two.

Video games are indeed art. Actually, a combination of art and science. Think about it, you're creating a world with its own ambiance and physics rules. Lighting, shadows, gravity, how long it'll take something to fall if the gravity value is changed etc. These all require serious mathematical calculations. Go take a look at the source code of any game, you'll know what I mean.

Title: Re: What are video games?
Post by xZilx on 04/11/12 at 21:12:08
lol.. I know it's multiple choice, but I think video games are everything except for the last two.
That's all.

For me, though, they're more of an escape from reality than anything.

Title: Re: What are video games?
Post by Equinox on 09/07/18 at 16:04:19
Everything but the first answer is wrong in the literal sense at least.

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