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Message started by JeseNeon on 04/07/12 at 04:11:03

Title: Twisted Metal Script
Post by JeseNeon on 04/07/12 at 04:11:03
Please do not post replies in this thread

I'm using this as a placeholder for the script itself, which I'd like to try and finish this weekend. In the meantime, here is a list of things that I have finished, in case anyone was curious as to where it stands.

1-Create and write an outline
2-Decide which vehicles will be featured
3-Decide who the drivers of said vehicles will be
4-Create new specials for many of said vehicles
5-Write character outlines for all involved
6-Write a draft of the point-by-point outline of the plot
7-Finalize the point-by-point outline of the plot

So, where  I am at currently is the writing of the first draft, which is what I'll be posting here. Once the draft is up and you've all given some input, we'll go from first draft to final draft, and it'll be done :D

Now, tomorrow I have to meet with someone who wants me to do some editing for them, but it's an afternoon meeting, so at the very least I can promise you all a few scenes tomorrow night.

In the meantime, as I said, please don't post anything here. If you have anything you'd like to say or ask, post it in the thread I have in the Totally Twisted section.

Jaffe, if you read this, let me be your writer, lol.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal Script
Post by JeseNeon on 04/08/12 at 17:29:13
Ext., streets of Diesel city, - Afternoon

(The scene opens up with a brief overview of Diesel City; the streets and buildings are dingy, and the air and atmosphere are thick with the gritty residue of heavy industry. The entire city feels rusted and worn, as if having worked itself to near ruins.)

(A voice-over begins, with two characters speaking. Their mannerisms are up-beat and peppy, marking them as stereotypical announcers that could be found at a sporting event. The overview of the city continues as the announcers speak.)


Aaaah, can you smell that Dave?


You mean the sulfur, Scott?


No, Dave, I mean the energy, the excitement! This afternoon marks the start of this years highly anticipated Twisted Metal tournament!


Aah, yes. This year marks the first time that a previous winner has ever returned to compete again.

(The overview of the city pans down to focus on a 1988 Chevrolet Caprice Taxi cab parked on a busy street. The camera focuses briefly on the man's cab license, revealing him to be listed as Charles 'Charlie' Mending. Charlie appears to be in his late twenties, clean shaven, has neatly cut brown hair, hazel eyes, and tanned skin. He is dressed in a white T-shirt and jeans.)

(Charlie is seen to be munching on a hot dog, watching the broadcast on a small TV in his dashboard. The television shows the two anchors speaking, and cuts away to footage of last year's tournament as they begin speaking.)


You're referring, of course, to Arkady Vasily, the driver of the monstrous Fright-Train.

(The camera's view point is seemingly replaced with the footage, giving us a clear view first of Arkady's profile, followed by a spec-sheet view of Fright-Train. The vehicle itself appears to be a modified M62 diesel locomotive, who's train wheels have been replaced with a series of off-road tires. It's chassis has been outfitted with a pair of mounted guns, a swarmer missile launcher on the left-hand side, a spiked plow on the front, and a heavy cannon on the right-hand side. The windows have been fitted with armored slats and steel bars, and the paint scheme is a worn grey color with red and black accents.)


That is correct, Scott. Arkady has no doubt come back to attempt to rectify his mistake from last year. After defeating the mounstrous Dark Tooth-

(The footage shows Fright-Train slamming violently into the side of Dark Tooth, who apepars similar to his previous appearance in Twisted Metal: Head On.)


-Arkady made the mistake of wishing for his family to be resurrected from the horrible train crash that killed them.


I wouldn't call that a mistake, Dave.


No, maybe not, but not being careful about what he wished for was certainly a mistake. Calypso, our wonderful benefactor, used the DNA of the bodies of Arkady's family and resurrected them.


But unfortunately, Arkady only asked for them to be brought back to life, and he didn't specify what condition...


Right you are, Scott. As it stands, Arkady's family are alive and well, happily spending their summer in a relaxing, peaceful coma.

(The scene briefly cuts to the Diesel City  General Hospital, showing nurses in doll masks cheerfully work around a woman and two children who are bed-ridden and attached to various equipment. The footage cuts back to the banter of the announcers.)


Absolutely, Dave. No doubt that this year, Arkady is back, wishing to have his family woken up.


Will he make it? Only time will tell.

(The camera returns to the view of Charlie, who finishes his hot dog and wipes his hands. He chuckles lightly as Dave makes his previous comment, and readjusts his position in his seat. The announcers continue their banter, but inaudibly, as a tapping is heard on the passenger side window of Charlie's cab.)

(Charlie sits forward suddenly, and attempts to learn forward to see the person knocking. However, The viewpoint remains in a position that would be Charlie's angle, and all that is seen of the man is his legs and waist, which reveal that he is wearing dress clothes and a heavy leather trench coat.)

(Rolling down the power window via a switch on his side, Charlie calls out to the standing man.)


Can I help you?


Are you on duty?


Yeah, yeah. Hop in the back.

(Charlie unlocks the doors via another switch, his demeanor indicating that he is pleased to have a fare. He turns to his left to reach for his seat belt, and pulls it down and across his shoulders. As he does this, the fare opens the passenger door and enters the cab. Once again, all that is clearly visible the man's heavy leather trench coat and dress clothes.)

(Charlie tilts his head slightly, indicating his surprise that the man has chosen to sit in the front.)


Uuh... Fares usually sit in the back.

(The well-dressed man simply stares forward, and says nothing. He pulls down his hood, revealing long black hair luxuriously straight.)


I'm fine here, thanks.

(Shrugging, Charlie starts the car, turns on the meter, and pulls away from the curb.)


Suit yourself. Where to?


The Colosseum.

(The camera becomes an overview once again, and we see a head-down view of Charlie pulling off.)


Twisted Metal fan?


The biggest.

Ext., Colosseum, parking lot - a few moments later

(The camera cuts to a side view of Charlie's cab pulling up in front of a massive concrete structure that appears to be a re-purposed football stadium. Huge banners and LED displays brightly and vibrantly announce the Twisted Metal tournament, and announce that it is starting today.)

(A huge crowd of fans, devotees and onlookers have gathered outside the Colosseum, clearly anxious to get in. Tents and TVs are set up, indicating that people have clearly come from far and wide.)


Big turn out this year.

(The fare nods solemnly, turning his head to look out the window.)


Very. Would you mind driving around back? I'd like to avoid the crowd.

(Charlie nods, and starts the engine again.)


I didn't know there was a back entrance.


Not many do.

ext./int., Colosseum, back entrance - seconds later

(Charlie is seen to have pulled up around back. Rather then a large, clearly defined entrance, the only door appears to be an over-sized, stylized garage door. It's dimensions are similar to a loading bay or warehouse entrance. The door is windowless, and marked with a 'T' interlaced with an 'M'.)

(Charlie observes the door through his window, leaning forward to look up at it through the windshield.)


What's this, the V.I.P. entrance or something?


Something like that. You can pull right in, if you don't mind.

(Charlie seems slightly apprehensive, but never looks away from the large entrance.)


Are you sure about that?


Very. I'll tip big.

(Charlie appears to to flex his left cheek in indecision, but clearly thinking of the money, he slowly nods.)



(Charlie's cab drives up to the heavy door, which seems to open up in response to his approach. Pulling in, the door closes behind the cab, and Charlie and the Fare are plunged into darkness.)


Dark enough in here?

(Charlie reaches forward, and turns on his headlights. The beams of light illuminate a seemingly empty warehouse setting. An elevation is seen in the distance, that seems to lead even further into the blackness. Charlie parks the car, and looks over to his fare, expecting him to get out.)

(After a moment of silence, in which the fare doesn't move from his seat, Charlie speaks up.)


...Well, here we are.

(The fare shakes his head slightly, and gestures forward.)


It's just a little further on.

(Charlie shakes his head, and seems to be about to decline to go any further, holding his hands out in front of him, when the fare suddenly holds out a fifty dollar bill.)


For your trouble. Another when we get there.

(Charlie appears to consider refusing the money, but takes the fifty, and tucks it into his back pocket. Taking a deep breath, he puts the car in gear, and pulls forward.)

(After a few moments of driving, the air around them seems to appear to become thick with smoke. The announcers, Dave and Scott, and heard speaking incoherently, albeit loudly and excitedly, in the distance.)

(Straining to try and see past his own hood, Charlie leans forward in his seat. Driving forward slowly, a thud is suddenly felt, and the car appears to lurch to a stop.)

(The volume of the announcers is clearly increased, as if they are getting closer to the source. The crowd can be heard cheering dully, off in the distance.)


...I think we hit something. You okay?

(Not hearing a response from his fare, Charlie looks over, and is startled to see that the cab appears to be empty.)


What the...

(Charlie turns around, as if expecting to see the man sitting in the backseat.)

(Sitting back in his seat, Charlie appears confused. Putting the car into reverse, he attempts to back away. However, another thus is heard, and the car jostles once again.)

(Charlie appears to be completely baffled, and tries to look through his back window, but is unable to see anything. In an attempt to get free, he tries pulling ahead once again,only to hit an obstacle once again.)

(Suddenly, the darkness peels away, and Charlie covers his eyes, blinded temporarily by the massive change in lighting.)

(The announcers voices boom out, audibly now, and the cheer of the crowd is no longer dulled, but instead loud and deafening.)


Ladies and gentlemen, here... they... ARE!

(Charlie, incredibly confused, tries to look around to see where he is. As his vision finally adjusts, he scans his surroundings from right to left, and sees that his car appears to be positioned up in the stands, letting him have a clear view of the arena around him. To his left, he sees a stylized blue and yellow F1 racer, emblazoned with the word 'TWISTER'.)

Title: Re: Twisted Metal Script
Post by JeseNeon on 04/08/12 at 17:30:39
(The car is outfitted with a pair of Gatling guns, a missile launcher with purple missiles on it's right side, a trio of napalm canisters on the left side, and a massive turbine engine that appears to point straight upwards from the car's fuselage.)


You said it, Dave. We've got a great line-up this year. It's no wonder the Killoseum here is completely packed.


It absolutely is, Scott! Every seat in the house is filled with Twisted Metal fans, anxious to see the carnage!


Don't forget the millions of viewers watching from home.

(Charlie rolls down his window, and yells to the driver of the F1 racer.)


What's going on? Where am I?

(The driver, Amanda Watts, appears to barely acknowledge Charlie, but lazily turns her head towards him. She flips open her visor, revealing a pair of dazzling blue eyes and locks of blond hair. Her voice is soft, but her tone indicates a general lack of interest in Charlie or his well-being.)


Where are your guns?

(Charlie looks around his car, confused, and becoming increasingly frantic.)


Guns? I don't have any guns in my car. Why would there be guns in my car?

(Amanda shrugs, dropping her visor and turning to look ahead once again.)


Guess you won't last long.

(Charlie looks back to her, wild eyed.)


Last long? Last long in wha-

(Suddenly, comprehension seems to dawn on Charlie, and his eyes go wide.)


...Oh no.

(Charlie scrambles to get a better view of his surroundings, but isn't able to see any form of escape route. He does see, however, the metal barricades in front and behind his car, preventing him from leaving.)


Oh no, no, no, no no... This isn't right.

(Turning back to Amanda, he desperately tries to convey to her that he doesn't belong in the tournament.)


I'm not a contestant! I just dropped a guy off, I don't belong here! I'm just a cab driver!

(Amanda doesn't appear to pay him any attention, and the lights suddenly dim.)

(The camera shifts from Charlie's perspective to a wide angle of the arena, showing the packed stands and giving us a brief glimpse of the various competitors, all in slots similar to the one Charlie and Amanda appear to be in, and each of them in arranged in pairs.)


Ladies and gentlemen, Twisted fans around the world, give it up for the man himself, the ringmaster of this twisted circus, the scrap metal demon himself... Calypso!

(The cheers of the crowd swell to deafening levels, and the camera focuses on Calypso, who appears to walk up onto a stage in the center of the arena. massive overhead stage lights focus down on him,and a huge screen opposite of Charlie reveals him to the crowd in general.)

(The view back to Charlie's vantage point, where it is revealed that Calypso was in fact the fare from previously who led him into the tournament.)


What the... No, no, it can't be...

(Calypso smiles darkly, as if having heard Charlie from where he is standing. In a seemingly royal gesture, Calypso holds his hands out to quiet the crowd, and after a few seconds, they seem to obey, and the cheers drop to an eerie silence.)

(After a moment, Calypso begins to speak. His voice is strong, and his tone is regal.)


Another year, another Twisted Metal tournament...

(The crowd cheers once again, with many standing up in their seats to applaud and holler with excitement.)

(Calypso gestures with his hands in such a way as to convey that he wishes for the crowd to quiet down and take their seats, which they do after a few more moments of cheering.)


...I thank you. Now, for those of you who have never seen one of my tournaments, or-

(Calypso turns, seemingly to look in Charlie's direction.)


-for any contestants who are playing Twisted Metal for the first time, let me tell you all what happens now...

(The crowd cheers forcefully again. However, rather then silence them this time, Calypso reaches upward with his hand, and the podium he is standing on begins to lift up off the floor, raising up into the air on a metal stand. A sound like straining machinery is heard as the stand rises.)


We have a record breaking turn out this year; Not just in fans, but in contestants as well.

(The stand continues to rise, and finally stops a height of approximately thirty feet in the air. As it comes to a stop, a bridge is seen extending outward from under what appears to be the announcer's booth, stretching out towards Calypso and his stand.)


And so, rather then introduce you to each of the almost forty contestants who have signed up this year, we're going to have a little fun...

(The bridge section connects with Calypso's stand, and he steps onto it. The stand section lowers itself back to the ground, while the bridge section begins to retract towards the announcer's booth, with Calypso walking forward on it.)

(The stadium lights continue to highlight Calypso, and the view returns to Charlie, who is struggling to exit his car. He tries opening the doors to exit, but the doors are prevented from opening by barricades on either side. He crawls into the back, and begins to pound on the back window.)


Let me out! Can anyone hear me? I'm not a contestant! I'm not a contestant!

(The viewpoint returns to Calypso, who climbs a staircase leading to the roof of the announcer booth. There, we see an elaborate metal throne embellished with metal skulls and the same stylized letters 'T' and 'M' on the back of the chair. Calypso has a seat, and continues speaking.)


What I've devised this year is an elimination match. Of the 36 hopefuls, some you know-

(The view shifts briefly to showcase Sweet Tooth's signature ice cream truck revving it's engine. This is also seen on the large display screen, which causes the crowd, most notably many people wearing clown masks in the audience, to cheer loudly.)


-Some familiar-

(The view shifts to showcase the Cadillac Ambulance known as Meat Wagon, which causes a similar, but much smaller cheer from the audience.)


-And some new,

(The view shifts to showcase Charlie's cab, still unadorned with weapons. The crowd cheers, but without much enthusiasm and perhaps even a little confusion.)

(Calypso is seen grinning darkly once again, and he pauses in his speech to stare in Charlie's direction for a few moments.)

(Charlie, hearing a lull in the crowd and a pause in Calypso's speech, re-enters the driver's seat, and stares at Calypso with loathing.)


Why would you do this!?

(Chuckling as if he has heard Charlie, Calypso resumes his speech, resting his chin in his hand against the arm of the throne as he speaks.)


Of all these brave souls, only half will advance into the tournament itself. This match will help show us, and perhaps some of the drivers, who really has it in them to win. To win their heart's desire, to win their greatest wish, to win...

(Calypso pauses for effect.)


..Twisted Metal.

(The crowd delivers a thunderous cheer and applause, and Calypso sits down in his throne, lounging luxuriously.)

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