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Message started by Ripzsaur on 03/18/12 at 16:24:33

Title: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Ripzsaur on 03/18/12 at 16:24:33
Just wondering. I for one don't.... Just wanted to see the results.

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Laughing Boy on 03/18/12 at 16:46:48

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Obliverate on 03/18/12 at 18:33:53
No, but just because when I have it hasn't really effected me.

Though I'm almost developing a Nyquil addiction. If I take a dose and go to bed, I wake up refreshed as fuck, still with the same 5-6 hours of sleep.

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Kilrgrn on 03/18/12 at 18:49:16
If you build up an addiction to Ny-Quil try Benedryl. That shit is awesome.

I smoke weed occasionally, used to be a lot more.

See: name

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by NapalmSanctuary on 03/18/12 at 20:50:51

Kilrgrn wrote on 03/18/12 at 18:49:16:
If you build up an addiction to Ny-Quil try Benedryl. That shit is awesome.

LMAO you rock KG

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Maggot on 03/18/12 at 21:10:15
I do smoke weed, but only on certain occasions because I don't have my own shit. If I did, I'd smoke it more often.

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by The Dizaster Child on 03/18/12 at 21:48:46
I don't. It was the keystone to my parent's divorce when I was 4, so I kind of have a deep-seeded hatred towards it. But when I was 17, my uber-pothead friend finally talked me into trying it. We smoked for 3 days straight and it had zero affect on me. Tried again the next weekend and still nothing. He started paying me to smoke with him when he was alone because it had no affect on me and he hatred smoking by himself. Don't know why.

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Ripzsaur on 03/18/12 at 21:55:19
I've never tried it. I've been offered many many times but have refused all of them. Just doesn't seem like my kind of thing.

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by †Adonael on 03/18/12 at 23:48:14
Never really cared for smoking of any kind. I prefer to not put anything in my body that could cause long term damage.

I do drink once in a blue moon, So I guess thats only half true.

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Ripzsaur on 03/18/12 at 23:57:37

wrote on 03/18/12 at 23:48:14:
Never really cared for smoking of any kind. I prefer to not put anything in my body that could cause long term damage.

I do drink once in a blue moon, So I guess thats only half true.

Well occasionally drinking won't do anything major. Even if it is in heavy amounts.

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Hellbent on 03/19/12 at 01:05:16
Weed is great. But if you are gonna smoke it make sure it's actually good weed. Also try not to smoke more then a joint a day. Weed is practically harmless but smoking anything is dangerous.

Vaporizers are a great alternative to normal smoking. But if you don't have good weed then you aren't going to get anything out of it.

If you really want to get a good buzz out of weed you need to either spend money or grow it your self. Those $60 ounces are okay. But the good stuff is gonna be $20 a gram or higher.

If i had to say which is worse. Drinking a couple of beers every day or smoking weed. Definitely drinking.

On the same end if you don't desire something then don't bother spending money on it. Sometimes missing out on things in life is what keeps most people from going absolutely broke. I don't think drugs ruin peoples lives. It's that anything that can effect the mind can be very dangerous to ones own well being.

I think the people that really get hurt by drugs are the people that shouldn't be doing them to begin with. If you are already living a decent life and you don't care about getting a buzz. Then definitely avoid it.

For more information try Heroin.

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Magnum on 03/19/12 at 07:33:00
No. This is with experiance.

I miss the stuff. I really do. I loved getting high.

After awile it did wear on me. Get high to just get high. I quit it a long time ago but, I got 2 friends of mine who haven't given up the habit. I can see now how it hinders you because it's not gonna make your life better unless your some celebrity making millions/billions.

It'll keep you from getting a decent job for sure. Both my friends have had odd jobs for years and years and never realize why they can't get anywhere. "They test man"


Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by XIZOR on 03/19/12 at 08:34:59
I used to smoke weed everyday for years. I think weed is pretty awesome overall. As a gamer, smoking weed and playing video games is like peanut butter and jelly. I used to get blazed back in the day and rape people online in Halo. It just made me so much more aware of everything that was going on around me and, in my opinion, increased my reaction time in games. It used to make me feel very intelligent. I used to get high and read books and shit.

I thought I would smoke that shit forever but unfortunately with the way my body is I build up a tolerance for anything over time so now, I only like to smoke weed every once in a while because it just doesn't effect me like it used to. Most people say "well you just need to smoke some better shit" but I can tell you the quality doesn't matter. I've already abused the shit out of it when I was younger and it just doesn't have the same effect. Its probably for the best though as I don't mind not being a stoner at 30 years old.

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Hellbent on 03/19/12 at 17:57:05
Whoever came up with the drug test for weed. I want to beat the teeth out of them.

i've been smoking since i was 13. The regular shit doesn't do much for me anymore. It's just slightly more effective then a cigarette

But the good shit is amazing. the problem is each hit costs about 5 bucks or so when you put math to it

Weather it's the good or the regular shit i still smoke in moderation. Even if weed is weak it still increases my hunger. Does wonders for stomach aches and other inner pain too.

I can still get hits so good that i literally hallucinate for a few seconds. It's like someone turned on No Clipping mode because everything looks like i walked through a wall in Doom. Then i snap out of it and i'm super fucking high.

I'm the same way about Alcohol that Xizor is about weed. I can drink 3 beers and it just gives me alcohol breath and makes me have to piss. I only ever get drunk when i drink to the point of making my stomach bleed.

So i don't drink much anymore. Overall it causes me way more pain then it's worth. Plus i hate having to leak half way through my buzz. With Weed i can just sit back and relax.

I tend to drink when there are no other options left and i seriously need a buzz to get my mind off things.

Considering how the world works i bet i outlive everybody here.

Oh also THC is proven to inhibit cancer cell growth.

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Hellbent on 03/19/12 at 19:02:19
I can double reply cause i'm high.

I just did a little weed test.

Price per ounce         Buzz Factor            Flavor             Aroma      Smoothness
      $60                          1                  Weak             Weak            Low
      $120                        2                 Average         Average       Average
      $240                        4                  Strong          Pungent        Strong
      $480                        5                 Delicious        Amazing         Clean

The hyper expensive deluxe stuff you can get is not too much of an upgrade over the high quality stuff as far as getting a buzz. But the taste is amazing. Plus there is practically no burn.

Ideally you should be smoking the $240 an ounce stuff with a Vaporizer Vaporizers not only get you more high but they are also a very clean way to smoke.

Though it's important to remember you get more for your buck by burning it. So budgeting your habit is more complicated then simply spending more and more money.

If you are getting the $480 an ounce shit you might as well just burn it. Cause it tastes so good and it's so clean. It's almost insulting to use a vaporizer on it. It's debatable but i believe that this kind of weed actually is wasted on a vaporizer. Not just because of cost. But because it's so damn clean and powerful.

If you do vaporize the expensive shit. You can always smoke the remains later and it'll still give you a decent high.

Regular $60 Weed is wasted on a vaporizer. It's typically so dry and lacking in THC that you have to vaporize tons of it before you really get high. Plus if it's seriously dry the Vaporizer c an only do so much before you literally gotta burn it to get anything out of it.

I think Weed is better then other drugs because it actually helps with pain. Alcohol can help stop pain but not directly. Alcohol gets you such a buzz that you stop giving a shit. Weed actually kills pain right at it's source.

It's for way more then Stomach Aches too. It works for all sorts of other pain. It even works on back pain which is probably the most difficult pain to get rid of.

Plus it's the only narcotic that actually interferes with cancer instead of promoting it.

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Lamrock on 03/19/12 at 19:07:26
After almost a year of being a heavy weed smoker, I quit. It was great at first. Twisted Metal somehow got better, I had patience to play whole games of NBA 2K, I stopped being an asshole to people, and I finally felt like I could relax my mind. Doing it while helping my mom move (cut up with games of TM2 and TMB) was a great experience. I preferred it immensely to alcohol because there were no hangovers, and instead of gaining weight, I lost it rapidly.

But weed affects everybody differently and after a few months I realized it was destroying who I was as a person. I was no longer clever or remotely engaging to talk to, and I quit seeing all my friends. Plus, I started to have anxiety attacks and developed some odd OCD-type symptoms. After trying several times to quit, I finally just committed to doing it cold turkey (after easing off for about a week) and I feel like I have my life back.

Video games will probably never be the same again, but big picture that might not be such an awful thing.

I think weed can be a good thing in moderation and as much time as was wasted, I feel like I got some perspective from the experience and it's insane that it's criminalized.

No idea where Hellbent gets his, but top of the line (and believe me, it is) can be had for $10 a gram around here.

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Hellbent on 03/19/12 at 19:34:11
It depends. Sometimes i can find the good stuff for cheap. But that really depends on who is selling it and how well they trust and know me.

I used to think that the glass ceiling was at $20 a gram. But i managed to get my hands on some seriously good shit. It doesn't give that much better of a buzz then the $20 a gram shit. But the cleanness and flavor of it is literally unmatched.

The $40 a gram shit doesn't even look different from the $20 a gram stuff. Plus it's not easy to find people who actually sell it because even rich people don't want to spend that much money on pot. But once in awhile it's good to treat your self with something that you couldn't enjoy every day.

Still i could not see my self spending that much money for what is mostly flavor and and cleanness. But if i could that would be the only weed i would smoke.

No weed gets me high on one hit anymore. When i was a teenager and starting out i'd get blazed pretty hard. But that was mostly because i hadn't experienced any kind of good buzz yet.

Back then all i had tried was cigarettes, beer, and PM medications.

But Weed really changed that for me. I knocked off the cigarettes. I only drink once a week at the most. I even knocked off my habit of painkillers by upping the quality of weed that i smoke.

I can still get as high as i was when i was younger. The thing is i'm so experienced at being high that it's kind of like living in a Warm Climate your whole life. I can sleep at night drenched in sweat because i'm used to the heat. In the same sense i can be high out of my mind and still have control over my self.

While weed doesn't get me high in one hit. It does relieve pain very well.

It literally works for all types of stomach pain. Are you starving? Smoke a joint. You'll still be hungry but the actual hunger pain will get scaled back 90%. Even if you hardly get a buzz.

It's actually good for weight loss if you have self control. Get high and don't start munching on shit. You'll eventually forget about food and the weed will calm your stomach. It's cool how that works.

Not to mention the only thing better then Weed when it comes to passing time is Sex. But Hookers are a vice that ends in herpes and child support.

There are many effects weed has on the body that don't involve getting you high. inhibiting cancer cell growth and relieving pain are the greatest uses. The best part about using Weed as a Painkiller is that it works instantly and it's very easy to tell that it's doing something.

I don't always get high when i draw either. Just sometimes. But if you look at my work it looks like i'm probably high all the damn time.

Truth is weed doesn't make me more or less creative. It doesn't dull me down either. My attention span doesn't suffer from it either.

Though my attention span and memory has always been questionable.

I took a few breaks from smoking weed. One break lasted 2 years and the other one lasted 1 year. With many breaks between simply because of financial issues.

When i was off weed i wasn't really any smarter. All it did was make me less tolerant of people and bullshit. It also made me more abusive of drugs like cigarettes and alcohol. Because i wanted to be high again but i wasn't in a position where i could smoke weed.

Overall every time i've quit it's just sucked. Even after 2 years of being off it i knew i wasn't really improving my life by quitting. I was just cutting a genuine luxury out of my life because some people dislike it.

When i smoked weed again after those breaks. My life actually improved. It makes me a nicer person because it's very easy to forget anger when i'm relaxed.

The only real negative impact weed has had on my life is financial.

I've never stolen weed or stolen things for weed. I've never put weed above people in my life. Hell part of the reason i quit for a year was that my cat was sick and it was either take the cat to the vet or continue my pot habit. Most people wouldn't even sacrifice their smart phones to save their damn pets.

Honestly i don't think Alcohol makes people bad either. I think people are fucking jerks and they use Alcohol as an excuse for their natural behavior which they usually have a handle on.

But while Alcohol doesn't make people bad. Weed can improve someones quality of life quite easily.

As far as not being able to get high. Every person i've met that has said that i've managed to get high. Most of the time they aren't inhaling right.

Typically they don't inhale it right because they smoked cigarettes in a different fashion and smoking tobacco and weed are entirely different things.

If you are in Texas just let me know. I'll teach you how to smoke right.

Cause honestly if i'm smoking regular shit and inhale it wrong i don't get high either. My tongue gets a little numb though heh.

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Heartbreak on 03/19/12 at 20:55:26

Obliverate wrote on 03/18/12 at 18:33:53:
I don't make sense with my comment.


Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Magnum on 03/20/12 at 08:23:45
No Brawling here plzkthx

I also wish they'd make it fucking legal too. I know I've stated that alot in other posts.

Yea right. I don't see it happeneing in this lifetime.

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Hellbent on 03/20/12 at 16:55:24

Obliverate wrote on 03/18/12 at 18:33:53:
No, but just because when I have it hasn't really effected me.

Though I'm almost developing a Nyquil addiction. If I take a dose and go to bed, I wake up refreshed as fuck, still with the same 5-6 hours of sleep.

What about this doesn't make sense?

The fake quoting thing isn't even insulting. It's pointless spam.

It's just not as funny as an actual brawl. I like it better when you start dropping fag bombs and people get legitimately offended.

Then again i haven't gotten high today.

Obliverate wrote on 03/18/12 at 18:33:53:
You should get high fucker.

I see your point but perhaps i should quit for my own health

Obliverate wrote on 03/18/12 at 18:33:53:
God hates fags.

Hey that is not called for you racist.

Obliverate wrote on 03/18/12 at 18:33:53:


Obliverate wrote on 03/18/12 at 18:33:53:

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by randyfitz on 03/21/12 at 02:45:51
Not anymore, used to back in high school quite a bit, even more after graduating and getting a prescription (CA resident).  Kind of fell out of it though, started realizing that it really didn't go together well with trying having a productive lifestyle.  Not to say that it's impossible for someone to be productive on it, only that it's impossible for me to be productive on it.  It's been a couple years at this point.

I do miss it from time to time, but at this point I've gotten so used to not smoking it that if I do, I know I'll get high as fuck and try to make a rock opera/concept album while eating Reese's for like 3 straight months.  I should point out that I don't play any instruments, either.

"I smoke 'cuz it gives me knowledge"-that one pedestrian in san andreas that looked like LL Cool J.

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Hellbent on 03/26/12 at 17:22:16

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Serpentine on 03/26/12 at 18:13:37
I was pretty much a habitual smoker back in the day. I would always smoke a bowl in the morning, noon, and evening pretty much. I have no qualms saying it was always fun stoned off my ass and going out and about on my daily activities.

Drinking is a vice of my own, I've always had a problem with it. Sometimes I can go few months without it then go on a drinking binge for a while all of a sudden. Drinking is alright if I do it in moderation. At least I'm glad I am done with it.

Hellbent went on an EXTREEM weight loss program.

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by manathefuckingtrap on 03/30/12 at 12:26:27
Every so often, much to the chagrin of close friends.
Don't really care though, if you don't like the smell don't harsh my mellow, fuckers! 8D

But yeah. Occasional smoker. I know for sure i'll be getting stoned off my ass at anime matsuri next weekend.

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Hellbent on 03/30/12 at 14:00:42
Your not a stoner if you don't have a drawing of your self as a robot.

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by manathefuckingtrap on 03/30/12 at 14:18:25
Well fuck

Title: Re: Do you smoke weed?
Post by Equinox on 09/07/18 at 16:10:34
Nah I avoid anything that could alter my state of mind because I always want to be on top of any situation I'm in. Also everyone who does anything are annoying to me that act so stupid and not in a funny way.

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