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Title: Twisted Metal Black 2: Darkside
Post by Jarrecko on 03/05/12 at 17:18:56
Some Information-

It's been quite a few years but, I used to write Fanfiction for TMA on the old site( unfortunately I don't have any of my old Bios saved anymore) I've contemplated coming back and writing once again but, it wasn't until the new TM came out that it spurred me creatively. I will try to come out with New Bios when I can think of them. Enjoy

Vehicle Name: Darkside

Vehicle: Black Semi-Truck

1. Ram: Darkside crashes into enemy vehicles at breakneck speeds, causing massive damage.
2. Fire Missile Barrage: Hold down the Special Weapon button. The longer held the wider spread the missiles will be from one another, allowing them to hit multiple targets. Six missiles are fired when activating this special. The missiles are as strong as a regular fire missile but, do not home in on targets and upon contact cause the opposing vehicle to catch on fire.

Driver Name: Mr.Ash

Age: 55

Homicidal Tendencies
Extreme Pyromania

Meds have no effect. Lost Cause


(The camera slowly trails towards Black field Asylum as Mr.Ash speaks)

"I've grown so weary of this cage. They've taken away my tools, I have no means to summon my friends to me.  For twenty five years they have poked and prodded me..trying to probe my mind and soul for why I did what I did.

( Flashes of burning houses randomly come in and out of focus. Screaming women and children can be heard in the distance)

"I died once. Though I was allowed to live, my friends from beneath were not pleased with my progress.

( Several old withered pages of an undisclosed religious text show detailed illustrations of several Demons. Mr.Ash is scanning the pages intently before glancing back up at the player, his pupils becoming wreathed in flame)

They told me to continue my work and when I was ready, they would welcome me back! With open arms! not patient. I can't wait any longer. I NEED to go back, to feel their embrace. I just need to know how!"

(The sound of a door opening is heard. Calypso appears in Mr.Ash's cell)

"I had a visitor. He said his name was Calypso. He said..that if I entered his strange contest and won, he would reveal to me what I needed to do to go back. I could finally be with them forever".

(Darkside is seen driving away from the asylum and crashing through the Gated Entrance)

"I..couldn't possibly refuse this opportunity".


"As I fell into a deep sleep, I could hear the voices of all those people..rejoicing as I introduced them to my friends.

( Mr.Ash is seen in a darkly lit room, a humongous hole lays in the middle. He is pouring kerosine down the hole as screams and cries echo up to him. Mr.Ash strikes a match and holds it over the hole. A smile spreads across his mangled face as he drops it into the hole)

"My friends were hungry of course and needed to be fed on a regular basis. They seared off their flesh and corroded them into blackness, their souls had long left their bodies. It was glorious. Yet, as they were consumed..It mattered little. My friends stayed hungry, and I, knew not how to return to their abode".

(Mr.Ash lifts his head up from his steering wheel)

"But, I will. In time I will know the way back to them".


(Mr.Ash is standing before Calypso whom sits on several wrecked vehicles)

"I had won. The Contest was over and I was it's victor. I went to see Calypso and demanded my prize. I wanted to know how to get back. How to return to my friends".

(A Close up on Calypso's face, he appears to be smiling)

"Calypso reached in one of the vehicles nearby and revealed an instrument of summoning, he pointed it straight at me".

(Calypso grabs an old flamethrower out of one of the vehicles and aims it at Mr.Ash)

"You seek to be with your friends Mr.Ash? So be it, he said. Calypso pressed the trigger..I became awash in them. My friends enveloped me, I will never be alone again! Hahahahahah!"

(Mr.Ash is on his knees as the fire quickly turns his body in a black husk. A tear trails down his cheek. His body finally crumbles into ash as Calypso looks on)

Title: Re: Twisted Metal Black 2: Darkside
Post by Whittlebone on 03/21/12 at 18:06:58
Very cool, nicely done.

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