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Message started by Mr.slam on 06/06/11 at 00:23:15

Title: Twisted Metal: Spiked
Post by Mr.slam on 06/06/11 at 00:23:15
Well its pretty much narrated by the driver of my character Railspike. If you don't know any character in the fic just go to my one character thread or my other failed fics. I'll post links later I'm tired.

Old way old version of Railspike oh yeah its spelled wrong in this one. I don't care I used to blow at spelling, and I still do.

New version 2

NEW-when I was erasing and the paper sort of wrinkled and it showed up like that on the scanner.

Twisted Metal: Spiked
Those basterds took it all away from me. Those fucking international terrorists; but tonight I have the chance to get it all back. Let me introduce myself I’m Ted Dekermin, just a used-to-be normal guy. I worked as a train conductor for CSX hauling freight from LA to all over the Central U.S. And my son…my son loved trains, he looked up to me so much and I always promised him I would take him one day. One day I did. He was so excited and he had his little conductor hat on and his little whistle; god I loved him so much. Well we where about halfway through the overnight ride when I heard a loud clank and a smash, my son was sleeping so I went out of the cabin to investigate and all I remember was a muzzle in my face. After waking up in the hospital the doctors told me I was one the luckiest patients they’ve ever seen. Was I? They said the bullet went right through my brain and yet I was fine. My boss and a few coworkers were at my side. He said it was terrorists? They wanted some uranium of something that was on board, and my son was murdered… a railroad spike right through his chest. And not only that but the fucking train crashed in the train yard and fucking exploded, how didn’t I die? Was god trying to curse me? He took the one thing I fucking had left…  I yelled “Why didn’t you fucking tell me there was uranium on board?! Did you know someone might have wanted it!? You bastard I’ll fucking kill you!” And you know what? I did, I proceeded by ripping his throat out right in the hospital room. I ran off but was found and sent to an asylum, Black Field or some shit. I wasn’t insane I wanted revenge!  And soon one day I got the chance too. This guy who ran some underground contest called Twisted Metal. This time it was in LA and there was a shit load of drivers this year. He said “I’m Calypso, but you probably already know that, let’s cut to the chase. Pick a vehicle that fits you, and make a signature or special weapon for yourself. The winner gets one wish and I think I know what you want back…” I was out of that hell hole asylum and looking for a vehicle. I actually couldn’t make up my mind, Calypso gave me some money and supplies but yet I didn’t know. Then it hit me a fucking train! But how would it work? Tracks would be way to slow, but then I thought tires; I could get large enough ones to support 200 tons of steel and iron.  And in due time my vehicle was awesome and mighty its special was a high pressure rail gun. It literally shoots railroad tracks, yeah it was sort of lame so I added some spikes to the front and put some canisters of Nos too as a second sort of boost special.
Shit I forgot the rest of the first part oh well fuck it, its 12:30 and I have finals.

The night of the contest was rolling around ad I received my last message from Calypso; it reads “To all competitors, good luck, tonight this year’s contest is the largest and hopefully greatest! So remember the winner gets one wish…” And you know what? I had a feeling that wish was mine. I loaded my vehicle up with ammo and supplies and was starting to head out to my assigned starting position. Midnight was drawing near and LA was quiet and breezy, this Christmas Eve was about to become hell on earth in 20 minutes! As I rolled my train down the small suburban street I could see rolling smog in the distance and bright lights of the skyscrapers downtown. The streets where barren and no sound was made besides my  cylinder engine…As I waited in my spot and the clock struck midnight I gripped the steering wheel  and prepared for the fight of my life.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Spiked
Post by Mr.slam on 06/07/11 at 00:26:32
^New stuff, sorry there wasn't enough time last night.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Spiked
Post by Railspike on 06/11/11 at 22:59:27
After about a minute I could hear the sounds of gunfire and tires screeching. Soon I saw huge explosions and plumes of smoke over the roof tops of buildings in the distance. Honestly I was scared I’ve never done anything like this in my life; I heard some of these psychos have already been in several competitions.

Well I pulled myself together and hit the gas, and soon enough I saw my opponent driving a block over in the same direction as me. I saw an upcoming field and took my opportunity to cut over quickly. My hybrid vehicle rumbled through the dusty field and ran over garbage and smashed through a tall chain link fence directly behind this bronze Cougar called Cinder. My headlights loominated her whole car and I could see the shimmer in her rear view. I activated my Gatling guns and started laying down armor piercing rounds. The little car surprisingly stood up to it.

I needed something that packed more of a punch so I looked on my dashboard for a missile to fire and saw my Bluetooth headset Calypso gave to all of the competitors to talk shit I guess. I put it on and all I heard was this bitch screaming and yelling. I felt bad to have to waste her but I had to. I ended the chase quickly and fired a power missile right into the trunk of Cinder. The car instantly exploded and flew off to the side if the road. Then the ammo went off sending an explosion shooting up into the sky.

I got out of there as quick as possible. I proceeded into the quiet suburbs and shut my lights off. The list of competitors slowly got smaller on my GPS to about 40, and I was starting to stalk the streets. I turned onto a main road that leads into downtown and all I saw was pure destruction, cars crashed and destroyed, bullet holes and cracked pavement. Then I saw him…A black semi truck.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Spiked
Post by RexF on 09/14/11 at 05:38:22
Hey your stuffs are too good!!! I wou8ld like to see some more please upload if you have!!!

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Spiked
Post by Obliverate on 09/14/11 at 18:46:21
Haha, wou8ld.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Spiked
Post by builder55 on 09/28/11 at 08:03:01
nice story...

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