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Message started by Another Dead Hero on 05/05/11 at 23:57:25

Title: Twisted Metal: Broken- Roadkill
Post by Another Dead Hero on 05/05/11 at 23:57:25

Driver- Darrell Hodder

Darrell Hodder, a name couple people know in Lucio City, but to the cult that sacrificed him and his wife in a sadistic ritual, it means death as he has just broke out of hell to get vengeance. Even with the Devil's hitman chasing after him, wanting to take him back to hell, Darrell will not stop on his road of revenge till the cult member's blood paints the streets.

Vehicle-  Roadkill

After escaping hell, Darrell hitched a ride from a recently paroled rapist who got off due to a error. Knowing how the man was, Darrell killed him and took his car, an old 1968 black/red dodge Camaro with rust on it and the engine popping out and added spikes and barbed wire on the front bumper.


1. Roadkill fires a heated metal spike that pops out of a compartment on the top of the roof and explodes on impact.
2. Roadkill fires a red boomerang straight ahead of the grill of the car and explodes upon contact and can also retrieve it back by hitting the fire button again if it doesn't hit anything.


Darrell- They think they can hold me.

(Camera shows the outside of a maximum security prison in the middle of a huge city. The sign in the front says "Lucio City Prison")

Darrell- Nothing can hold me...

(Camera zooms towards the entrance of the prison)

Darrell- Not even hell.

(Camera pans around a hallway full of many cells as the prisoners yell around)

Darrell- All the shit i went through has been getting to me.

(Camera stops in front of a Maximum security cell)

Darrell- Shouldn't even be here in the first place.

(Camera shows a man in the cell, tall and skinny, but lean with scruffy black short hair and beard along with some tattoos that seem hidden under his clothes. Wearing a black sunglasses, a red/yellow/black flannel button up short sleeve shirt over a black long sleeve hoodie jacket. White sleeveless shirt under it, black jeans and black boots. He's pacing around the cell, seeming to be impatent.)

Darrell- Kill two fuckers who were part of fucking your life over and you get stuck in some cell.

(Camera shows him smirking to himself, as if he's thinking)

Darrell- Kill some fat shithead who wanted to ass rape you and you get put in maximum security, BS huh?

(Camera starts to slowly fade to black)

Darrell- Didn't matter, i needed to get out, had to get the job done, but then he came...

(Camera shows Calypso smirking, looking like a combination of his TMHO and TMB look, in Darrell's cell.)

Darrell- Called himself Calypso, seemed like a smug one. He said he ran this contest.

(Camera shows Darrell keeps his eyes on Calypso)

Darrell- Said if i won his game, he'd give me whatever my heart desired...

(A close up of Darrell's face shows he's giving it some thought before taking off his sunglasses, showing that he has one normal hazel eye and the other a glowing red.)

Darrell- Including vengeance against the sick bastards who were the cause of this.

(The camera shows Darrell up close to Calypso)

Darrell- Before i agreed, i asked him, as he seemed to have this off quality about him, that if HE was gonna be involved.

(Camera flashes a quick shot of a dark figure with red eyes before going back to Calypso's smirking face)

Darrell- He said he was as it wouldn't be my game without him.

(Camera shows Darrell shaking Calypso's hand)

Darrell- I agreed.

(Camera cuts to black before we see Darrell in Roadkill driving away from the prison before it fades to black.)


(Camera show's Roadkill firing his Spike special at Minion's tanker, causing it to blowing up in pieces, causing one piece to hit Roadkill, knocking Darrell out as the camera keeps a eye on him)

Darrell- With me knocked out, i started remembering how it all came to this...

(Camera fades to black before showing a picture of Darrell, who doesn't have the red eye. He's in a wedding suit along with an Asian woman his age in a wedding dress in front of a altar)

Darrell- I was once married, to Rebecca. She was my high school sweetheart and my love.

(Camera shows the two walking out of a movie theater)

Darrell- She loved me for myself and i loved her.

(Camera cuts to show Darrell on the streets, stealing a TV out of a house)

Darrell- But she didn't know that i was a crook, a thief...

(Camera then pans to past the brick wall in the street into another alleyway, showing Darrell snorting some blow)

Darrell- A fucking drug addict.

(Camera shows another view of Darrell and Rebecca together happy)

Darrell- But she never knew and it hurt not telling her the truth...

(Camera fades to black before suddenly cutting to both Darrell and Rebecca being held at gun and knife point by a group of red and black hooded figures during the night in a old warehouse)

Darrell- Then one night, this cult appeared and kidnapped me and Rebecca. Said that they were gonna bring the earth into a era of darkness and they needed the hearts of two lovers.

(Camera suddenly shows one of the cult members stabbing Rebecca in the neck as blood squirts out, with Darrell screaming in the background)

Darrell- They killed Rebecca...

(Camera now shows Darrell suddenly breaking away, taking one of the knifes and stabbing three of the cult members in rage before we see the same cult member who killed Rebecca throw the knife into Darrell's eye, killing him)

Darrell- Then they killed me.

(Camera now cuts to a shot of Rebecca, shown with a heavenly glow around her floating into the air)

Darrell- Rebecca went to heaven...

(Camera pans down to show Darrell being dragged into hell screaming as fire engulfs him)

Darrell- While i was doomed to burn in Hell.

(Camera now cuts to Darrell in Hell, which is like Lucio City, only looking like a war zone as fire and brimstone surround it)

Darrell- But after a while of eternal pain and suffering, i decided "Fuck that".

(Camera shows a close up of Darrell's angry face, showcasing his now red eye.)

Darrell- I was gonna break out of hell and kill the motherfuckers who killed me and Rebecca.

(Camera cuts to black before suddenly showing a fiery portal in a alleyway, as Darrell jumps out of it.)

Darrell- So i did escape...

(Camera shows Darrell snapping the neck of some pig looking motherfucker in front of the car that will later become Roadkill)

Darrell- After killing some rapist fuck...

(Camera shows Darrell driving mad towards something in Roadkill)

Darrell- I took his car and started hunting down that damn cult.

(Now camera shows the car indeed running over two people)

Darrell- Luckly for me, i found two member easily where we were killed and dispatched them.

(Camera shows a man, dressed in all black with long black hair taking Darrell out of the car and throwing him to the ground with ease)

Darrell- Then he appeared...

(Camera shows the evil red gleam in the man's eyes)

Darrell- Ash, the Devil's personal hitman.

(Camera shows Ash taking a knife out, ready to strike Darrell down)

Darrell- He was about to kill me...

(Camera then pans up to show a couple cop cars parked near the site, guns pointed at Darrell)

Darrell- Then the cops came and arrested me.

(Camera now shows Darrell in his cell in Lucio City Prison, pacing back and forth)

Darrell- Told them about Ash, but they never found him, not even a trace, so i was stuck there while not only mine and my wife's killers were still out there, but also had a demon after my ass.

(Camera now shows Darrell waking back up in Roadkill in present time, angry as ever.)

Darrell- I escaped hell and i will have my revenge and Ash will not get in my way.

(Camera cuts to black)

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Broken- Roadkill
Post by Another Dead Hero on 05/06/11 at 15:21:09

(Camera shows Warhawk blowing up in the sky, the pilot falling towards us before the camera cuts to black)

Darrell- I won the contest...

(Camera now shows Darrell in front of Calypso, who's on his junkyard throne)

Darrell- So i went to Calypso to get my reward.

(Camera shows Roadkill blowing up Darkside with the heated spike)

Darrell- I just killed Ash, the devil's right hand man to get this...

(Camera shows Calypso's famous smirk)

Darrell- And true to his word, Calypso had what i wanted.

(Camera cut to Darrell and Calypso walking down a desert highway)

Darrell- So after driving to some desert, there was my prize...

(Camera pans to show all the remaining cult members, tied and gagged together in a long row.)

Darrell- They were all there, that damn cult was right there and defenseless.

(Camera now shows Calypso pointing to something off screen to which Darrell looks at)

Darrell- Seems he also had a little bonus in hand too.

(Camera now pans to show Roadkill suddenly now has a giant snowplow on the bumper, then camera does a close up showing that on it taped to the plow was a picture of Rebecca and Darrell)

Darrell- The last thing these fucks will see is me and my wife's faces.

(Camera shows cut aways of Darrell revving up Roadkill inside at the drivers wheel, Calypso's smirking face, the terrified looks on the cult members faces and a close up of the picture. Then Darrell speeds towards the cult members, running them over in bursts of blood and gore till he gets the last one, he then stops and parks the car, getting out to see Calypso gone.)

Darrell- They were dead and seems Calypso vanished, for the first time in a long time, i was happy.

Ash- :V/O: So, that's why you broke out.

(Darrell turns around and sees Ash, seeming to be unharmed, not shocked)

Darrell- Yeah, so the spike?

Ash- Didn't do shit.

Darrell- Whatever...

(Darrell drops to his knees, looking up at Ash)

Darrell- Well, you can take me back now.

(Ash smirks and starts walking away, leaving Darrell confused)

Darrell- Where you going?!

(Ash turns around to look at Darrell)

Ash- Letting you go, i live to serve HIM.

(Ash then points down to the ground)

Ash- But even he has his dislikes and if there's anything he hates more than people who escape hell, it's those who kill innocents in his name.

(Darrell stands up)

Darrell- I see, so when are you gonna come for me?

(Smirking, Ash shrugs)

Ash- Who knows, all i know is that this is the most fun i've had in ages.

(Points to him)

Ash- Might even put in a good word to G upstairs for you.

(Darrell looks shocked, looking up before looking down, show Ash has vanished. Then Darrell walks and gets in Roadkill and drives away before the camera cuts to the "Twisted Metal:Broken" logo, then it cuts to the credits showing a montage of the driver's scenes with Pearl Jam's "Do The Evolution" playing in the background.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Broken- Roadkill
Post by The Dizaster Child on 05/08/11 at 01:36:38
excuse me, but did that just say "Dodge Camaro"?

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Broken- Roadkill
Post by Another Dead Hero on 05/08/11 at 02:46:52

The Dizaster Child wrote on 05/08/11 at 01:36:38:
excuse me, but did that just say "Dodge Camaro"?

Or whoever makes a Camaro, forgot. Sorry.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Broken- Roadkill
Post by Obliverate on 05/08/11 at 02:50:36
Ehh don't worry about it, it looks like shit anyways.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Broken- Roadkill
Post by Another Dead Hero on 05/08/11 at 02:52:04

wrote on 05/08/11 at 02:50:36:
Ehh don't worry about it, it looks like shit anyways.

Wait, the car or the story?

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Broken- Roadkill
Post by Obliverate on 05/08/11 at 02:55:20
Car. Too lazy to read story.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Broken- Roadkill
Post by Another Dead Hero on 05/08/11 at 03:11:17
Ah, thanks, making sure. Well it's old as shit, of course it's gonna be a bit bad. Plus this is the first TM fanfic i did in a long ass time, so i'm not gonna find any bad reviews shocking.

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