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Title: Twisted Metal: Battle Within
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Chapter 1: How the Hand is Dealt

              My name is David, and I am totally screwed.  Looking back now, my life wasn’t so bad.  Sure, I didn’t have friends at school, as pretty much everyone bullied me, hated me, or didn’t care enough to help me.  As for my family, my mom is a druggy and my dad is a drunk and an abuser.  Life sucked, but I at least had a roof over my head.  All that changed on my 18th birthday, which is the day I packed my bag with few possessions and left that dump.  For good measure, I swiped the keys for my dad’s piece of shit ’01 Chevy Cavalier.
     I was lucky and he had actually filled the tank with gas.  I drove as far as I could and stole what I had to, namely gas and food.  For the first time in my life, I was having fun.  I could only pray that Dad wouldn’t report the car stolen and have the police bring me home.  If that happened, I’d be dead.  Everything seemed great, until I ran out of money again.  I had become a somewhat successful pickpocket by then, and was about to pick the pocket of this guy with black hair and a fairly nice suit.  Surely, he wouldn’t miss one small wallet?  Anyways, I bumped into him, and searched his jacket pocket for a wallet.  Instead, I found a handgun, and before I knew it, I was thrown against the wall.
     “What do you think you’re trying to pull, huh?” he snarled.  “Don’t you know who I am?”
     “No, sir,” I sniveled.  “I just need money for food.  I’m desperate.”
     At these words, his whole demeanor changed.  “That, I can understand.  Desperate times do call for desperate measures, after all.  But you really don’t know who I am?”
     I saw a dangerous glitter in his eyes, but he wasn’t trying to kill me anymore.  “No, not at all.”
     “I am Calypso, and I host the Twisted Metal competition.”
     “Still not ringing any bells.”
     “Don’t you watch T.V. and see all the reports on it, or the Pay-Per-View channel where it’s broadcasted?”
     “I’m not allowed T.V.  I get beat if I watch it.”
     This seemed to shock him all the more.  “No T.V.  What the hell have your parents done to you?”
     “Hate me.  Beat me.  Turn me into bait for bullies at school.  Try their best to destroy my soul.  Hell, they didn’t even have a decent enough car for me to steal.”  I pointed to the Cavy.  It was once blue, but was now faded and severely rusting.  Any decent mechanic would have a heart attack if they saw the amount of duct tape under the hood.  It ran, but that was all the more that could be said for it.
     “You have a car,” the man called Calypso said to himself.  “Tell you what; instead of me killing you for attempting to rob me, how about you participate in Twisted Metal.  The winner receives one wish for whatever their heart desires.  I have a feeling that you definitely desire something.”
     He was right.  I wanted my parents and pretty much everyone at my school dead.  “How does it work?”
     “You take your car, and enter it into a vehicular fight to the death.  There will be time and supplies to modify it for battle.  Do you have a cell phone?”
     “No, I’m not allowed one of those, because you can dial 911 on them.”
     “Oh, for the love of…  Here, take this one.”
     He handed me one out of a brief case he was carrying.  I could see at least a dozen more inside.  “Thanks,” I said.
Calypso then pulled out his own and started typing.  The phone in my hand rang, signaling a new text message.  “Those are the directions to the garage where the other drivers are waiting and working.  You best hurry and catch up.”  He then signaled and an all black limo pulled up.  The man entered, and the car sped off out of sight.  I stood there, awkwardly waving moments afterward, still in shock that I was still breathing.

*Note: This is going to be a longer project, and I will post chapters in separate posts to make it easier to read.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Battle Within
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Cavi in TM? Here comes DC...
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Battle Within
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Chapter 2 – Start Your Engines

I shook myself and went back to the Cavy.  I had a lot to think about now.  Again, I pulled out the phone and looked at the text.  In the message, there was a location that I didn’t know.  I drove on down to the nearest hotel, and showed the concierge the location, and he did a Google search to find it.  After receiving a copy of the directions, he pulled me aside.  “You do know where this leads to, right?” he asked.
“Yeah, my destination,” I answered coolly, turning to walk away.
He grabbed me, and spun me back around, “That is the location where Twisted Metal is rumored to start up this year,” he said.  “You’re the third person to ask me to Google where that is.  You best know what you’re getting yourself into, kid.”
“All I know is, is that I have nothing to lose and everything to gain,” I replied.
“I’ll pray for you, kid.  You are going to need it.”
“Thanks,” I said, “But I don’t much believe in prayer anymore.”
The man returned to his desk, and I left the building.  I followed the directions easy enough, and they led to a bunch of those self-storage units.  Right away, I saw several other people milling around, talking and learning about what they were to face.  Glancing around, I also spotted multiple snipers and guards armed to the teeth.  I was stopped and asked to hand over any weapons by one of those guards.  “I don’t have any,” I said.  “Really,” I added, when he looked at me in disbelief.  Another guard reached through the open window, and flipped open the glove box.  He pulled out a 9mm pistol. “Where did that come from,” I said, in disbelief.  I didn’t know my dad owned a gun.
After that, the checked the rest of the car, and waved me through.  I was directed to one of the last storage units, and backed the car in.  I got out, and started walking around, stretching after the long drive.  Now, I was more than halfway across the country from my home.  I studied the other drivers, and made mental notes on each: there was a clown, a pair of cops, a pair of twin sisters in racing outfits, a man that appeared to be a skeleton in a leather jacket, a man in a suit with his back to me, and any number of regular people.  The clown came over to me and said, “Well, well, we have fresh meat here.”
“Uh, hi,” I answered, shyly.
“And who are you, little boy.”
“I’m not a boy, I’m 18.  And the name’s David.”
“Davey, huh, well, do you know who I am?”
“No, and I keep getting that question asked a lot.  And before you ask, no, I don’t watch T.V.”
“Well, my name is Needles Cane, the infamous clown serial killer.”
Well, shit, I thought, sarcastically.  My luck gets better and better.  “Interesting choice of profession.  I’m Dave, the kid whose father beats him on a regular basis.  Nice to meet you.”
“I thought you weren’t a kid,” he said, and walked away, cackling.  I felt the hairs on the back of my neck raise up.  What the hell had I gotten myself into?  I took a breath, and the skeleton came over, pulling out his scythe.
“You,” he said.  “You were on my list, until yesterday!”
“What?” I asked, stupidly.  After the whole scythe thing, I figured either he was the Grim Reaper, or a lunatic off his rocker.  Or both.
“Yes, right up until you bumped into Calypso.  You were supposed to die that day, but because of that paradox, you’re future is unclear now.”
“Yes, an inconsistency in fate.  You see, Calypso died once, but he stole a demon’s power and came back.  Now, he continually interferes with fate, which makes my job a lot fucking harder.  So, watch your back, because I’m going to do my damnedest to reclaim you, and set the time line right.”
He walked away, muttering to himself about “…that meddling asshole Calypso.”
“Wait, how was I supposed to die?”
He turned around, and snarled, “The cops were supposed to catch you, and send you home to Daddy-dearest who was going to pummel the shit out of you so hard, he would have collapsed both of your lungs and let you suffocate to death.  It was going to be extremely painful.”
I shivered, and turned around and sat down in my car.  I was supposed to die?  I was supposed to die?!  And that asshole of a father was going to do it?  Hell no!  I felt this strong desire to win, so I could watch him die in one of the most painful ways I could imagine.  And I had a good imagination.  My thoughts were interrupted by the door opening, and someone sitting beside me.  “Hello,” the man, who was an officer, said to me.  “Carl Roberts, LAPD.”
“Dave Simmons, abuse victim,” I answered, for lack of an occupation.  We shook hands.
“I know this looks scary, but it’ll only get worse from here on out.  So, who’s your co-driver?”
“Don’t have one,” I replied.
“You really should have one.  I have my sister, Jamie, and we’re going to try teaming up this year.  In the past couple years, we entered separately, be we’ve discovered we work better as a team.  One can drive, while the other watches the other contestants and helps run the weapons.  By the way, don’t forget who the enemy is out there.  It can get confusing.”
“Thanks, I said.  But aren’t you the enemy?”
“I might be, when it comes down to it.  My sister and I are competing to stop Calypso, and we’ll probably take out anyone who gets in the way.  We don’t like it, but what choice do we have?  No officer has gotten closer any other way.”
“And so the law fails again,” I couldn’t help saying.
He sighed, and said, “Yeah.”
He exited the car, wishing me good luck.  I said the same back.  I put my head in my hands, and then banged my head against the steering wheel.  Any sense of hope I had left vanished.  As for who my enemy was, I didn’t know.  Could it be the psychotic clown or the Grim Reaper himself?  And yet, the police officer scared me the most right now.  The other two advertised that they were killers and would delight in seeing my car explode into a million pieces.  The cop was trying to befriend me, gain my trust, and then eliminate me when I was useless.  That actually scared me that a cop, who took an oath to serve and protect, would do that.  I was shaken out of my thoughts by another body entering the storage unit.  Now what, I thought.
“Is there a David Simmons in here?” the person asked, looking at a clipboard.
“In the car,” I replied, and got out.
“Hi, I’m Tony, my friends call me Torque, and I’m here to help you turn your car into a monster.”
“Thanks, but I’m afraid there’s a lot of work to do be done here to even call it a car.  It’s a POS right now.”
“Well, let’s see,” he said, and pulled the switch on an overhead light.  Suddenly, I could see all the tools and parts scattered around the little unit.
“Wow,” I said, and picked up one of the wrenches lying on a bench.
“Yeah,” Torque said.  “Calypso has deep pockets.”
“How can he afford all this?” I asked, still in awe.
“Different ways.  Embezzlement, blackmail, robbery, scams, but recently a contestant won and wished for money, so Calypso made it rain money and the pile grew so large, it smothered the victor.  I think his name was Chas, or Chucky or something.  Anyways, he has money, and we’re going to put it to use.  Now, do you understand the basics, or should I explain.”
“Explain away,” I said.  “I don’t know anything, apparently.”
“O.K.  First of all, this is a vehicular death match.  It will be a free-for-all.  Once the boss says go, you go, and you kill everyone in sight.  Last man standing wins the grand prize, whatever it may be for you.  Now, to do that, we modify your cars.  You can either choose to help, or step out for two days while my men and I work on your car.”
“I’ll stay and help, so I know how to work it, and fix it if something should go wrong.”
“Good choice, but my men and I do good work.  Now, most of the modifications will be standard, but we’ll add something special for you.  Standard modifications include two Gatling guns, several missile launchers, and a few other odd and end weapons, like the napalm launcher and the environmental antenna.  Now, for the unique stuff.  We’ll tune your car to fit your battle style.  Now, what is your style?”
“Uh,” I said.  I started to think.
“Perfect,” he said.  “You want speed.  You want to be able to evade all the competition, but hold enough fire power to take them on if it should come to it.”
“Sure,” I said.  “Let’s go with that.”
He looked at the clipboard again, and came up smiling.  “I have just the special for you.  It’s called a spectral missile.  Once you are locked on target, the missile will fly through anything and everything to hit its target, and it packs a punch when it hits.  What do you think?”
I smiled, and said, “I like it.”
“Good,” Torque said, and slapped the Cavalier.  “I know dub you Specter.”
We then went at it, swapping out the pathetic, duct-taped engine for a racing engine, adding more speed and horsepower.  We swapped out the bald, regular tires for better, tougher ones that could help me keep speed in any condition.  He told me that the bulk of the battle would take place in a suburb with a lot of farmland around it, so the all-purpose treads would help me keep speed and traction off-road.  “Thanks,” I said.  We then installed the roll-cage.
“Now, before I finish, I want you to go take it for a test drive, make sure everything works.”
“All right,” I said, and started up the car.  Upon leaving, the gun from the glove box was returned, as a sort of insurance of my protection.  I floored the accelerator, sending the Cavy leaping forth and rocketing down the road.  This road led through a bunch of canyons that led me into small town.  I took the car into some power slides on the way, getting a feel for the new engine.  I liked it.
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(Sorry, maxed the character limit...)

Realizing I was thirsty, I rolled to a stop in front of the local mini-mart.  I wasn’t too worried about Specter being stolen, as it was rusty on the outside.  Torque and I decided to leave that, to help bluff the other contestants that it was worthless.When we were through, it wouldn’t be.
I stood in front of the drinks, and tried to make up my mind.  I spied a girl wearing a green tank top, short shorts, and blue baseball cap.  At the time, she was chewing gum.  “Hey,” I said.
“Hey,” she replied, not sounding like she cared.
“So, you from around here?” I asked, trying to not sound awkward and failing.
“Nope, just visiting my dad.”
“Oh,” I said.  “I’m just passing through.”
She didn’t reply, and made her selection.  Once her back was turned, I chose the same thing without paying attention.  I followed her to the counter.  After she paid, she pulled out a gun from her purse.  “Empty the till, now,” she coolly commanded.  The cash was placed in her purse, and she turned to me and said, “Come on.”
We ran outside, and I heard sirens coming already.  “Damn silent alarm.  Is this your car?” she asked me.
“Yeah,” I replied, already making a beeline for the driver’s door.  “I’m driving.”
She got in the passenger side, and I floored the accelerator.  The car spun tires and took off from the curb.  As I fish-tailed around the next corner, I said, “I’m David.  Now, who are you?”
She turned to me and said, “I’m Krista.  Krista Sparks.”

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Pretty good. Keep rolling.

And don't worry about double replying. It's the only wall where it's allowed because of charactor limits.
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Chapter 3 – We’re Partners Now

A couple minutes later, we were racing through the canyon towards the storage lot.  Krista was turned around, looking out the window.  “I think we lost them,” she said, turning back around.
“Good,” I replied.  “So, I have a couple questions. Are you really visiting your dad?  If so, why did we just hold up a convenience store?”
“Yes,” she answered.  “I’m visiting my dad.  He’s actually out in this area now.  And we robbed a convenience store, because he doesn’t exactly know I’m coming.  As far as he knows, I’m in a coma at a hospital.”
“Really?” I asked incredulously.  “You were in a coma, and he left you?”
“I know, right?  He couldn’t for me to wake up?  Anyways, I decided to pay daddy-dearest a visit, and show him how much I appreciate him.”
As she said this, I could see anger flowing through her body, and she was unconsciously holding the handgun tight.  I didn’t like that look.  “But, I should put off my anger for now.  We should be having fun.  After all, we’re still kids.”
“Maybe you are,” I said.  “I’m 18 now.”
“So am I!” she said, somewhat excited.  “I don’t consider that being an adult.  You can’t even drink legally yet.”
I shook my head in disbelief.  Some people never wanted to grow up, and others rushed to grow up.  Sometimes that line was very unclear between childhood and adulthood.  I glanced ahead, and saw how close I was to the storage center.  “Hey, where does your dad live out here?”
“Oh, don’t worry about that.  We’re having fun.  I can drop in on him anytime,” she said, cheerily.
“Well, you see, I kind of have to be some place, some place dangerous.  I don’t want you to get hurt.”
“That’s nice, but I can take care of myself.  I’m not as defenseless as some girls are,” she said, waving around the gun to demonstrate.
“Careful with that thing,” I said, a little alarmed.  I was still uneasy around guns.
“Geez, what a buzz kill.  Anyways, what’s this big, important, dangerous thing you have to go to?” she asked sarcastically.
“It’s a contest, called Twisted Metal.”
“No way!” she said.  “I love Twisted Metal.”
“I thought you just got out of a coma,” I said.
“Yeah, but I still know about it.  So, do you have a partner?” she asked, changing the subject.  I decided to go with it.
“I don’t have one,” I answered, kind of shyly, and pulled off the road, right in front of the storage units.
“Well, in that case, I’ll be your partner.  Trust me, you’ll need one.”
“That’s what everyone says,” I said, and pulled up to be searched.  Krista and I handed over our guns, and I explained how she was my partner.  I saw one of the guards give her a double look, but I drove through the gates before he could.  I started to get an uneasy feeling.  As I was backing the car into the space, one of the guys told me Calypso was calling a meeting for all drivers.  Krista and I exited, and we hurried over with the other drivers.
Now, I got a better look at the drivers.  One of the twins in the racing get ups looked like a zombie, and the man in the suit had his eyes and mouth sewn shut.  “What the hell?” I asked myself.  Krista gave me a weird look, but said nothing.
I then paid attention to what Calypso was saying.  “Twisted Metal is but a day away!  Drivers, your cars should be close to being completed as I speak.  Once they are, you may enter the practice ring with live ammo, but I caution you against trying to attack any other driver, myself, or any of my men.  With the push of a button, I have access to more firepower than you could ever imagine.  Now, onto the rules.  The rules are simple: this contest will be a free-for-all, last-man-standing match.  You will all receive a location to start.  On my go, you will all begin to kill each other.  Every car is currently equipped with 50 caliber Gatling guns, and ammo is plentiful and located at drops around the city.  Simply stop and stock up whenever necessary.  This year, there will also be special belts filled with fragmentation and incendiary ammo, which can be a lot more fun to use, although more scarce.”
“Now, there are other weapons for you entertainment.  There are fire missiles, which have some homing capacity and ignite targets on impact.  These are color coded orange.  There are also homing missiles, which have great targeting capacity, but are less effective.  These are purple.  The power missiles cause great damage, but will not home in on targets, and are red.  There are also napalms, ricochet bombs, and remote bombs, which are all self-explanatory.  There are also environmental pick-ups, which are key-cards to activate your antenna, which sends a signal to my men to activate some weapons that will attack the nearest opponents.  It may be an attack from one of my blimps, one of the helicopters, or any other attacks scattered around the city.  Now, any questions?”
“Yes,” Krista said, raising her hand.  “What do we get if we win?”
“One wish, for whatever your heart desires,” he answered, while honing in on where the question came from.  When he saw Krista, he stopped and stared.  “Krista?”
“Hi, daddy,” she said, coolly.
“Daddy?” I asked, in shock.  “He’s your… oh fuck me!”
Krista grinned, and Calypso looked furious.  “I’m his partner, dad,” she said proudly.
“I gave you your life back, and this is how you repay me?”
“No, I earned my life back.  You didn’t help me.  And, you didn’t even give me mom back.  So, I don’t owe you anything.”
“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?  I thought you were still in the hospital.”
“If I had told you I was coming, you would have tried to stop me.  This was the only way.  I want mom back, and I had to reenter the contest.”
Shit, I thought.  I am so fucking screwed now, and I’m in the middle of a family feud.
Calypso continued staring at me, and said, “If you get my daughter killed and somehow stay alive, I will kill you in the most painful way imaginable.”
I gulped, saluted, and said, “Yes, sir.”
I suddenly heard a voice say, “At ease.”  I turned, and saw the source was a soldier in a uniform.  Oh great, I thought, Another nutcase.
Calypso broke up the meeting, and Krista and I returned toward the garage.  “Why didn’t you tell me that your dad was Calypso?” I asked.
“Because you never asked,” she replied.  “Besides, you would’ve known soon enough.”
“Yeah, as he was threatening to kill me.”
“He won’t kill you so long as I stay alive.  I know this game front and back, and a few tricks a few of the veterans don’t even know.  We’ll be fine.”
I shook my head in wonder, and said, “I’m glad you’re so optimistic.  Me, I’m a realist, and the reality is we could very possible die.”
“You really are a killjoy, you know that?” she said.
By this time, we had reached the garage where the Cavi was, and I saw Torque already hard at work with a couple other workers.  “It’s about time you showed up, and who’s this?” he asked, pointing to Krista.
“This is my partner, Krista Sparks.  Krista, this is Torque and some of his men that I haven’t met yet.
“Nice to meet you,” she said, and they all shook hands.
“Krista Sparks, daughter of the big guy, huh?” Torque said.  “Well, this is going to be interesting.”
“Tell me about it,” I said aloud.

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Chapter 4: Let the Games Begin
We worked all through the night, and soon the car was ready for battle.  The front and back windshields were now bulletproof, along with all the windows.  We left the front two windows able to go up and down, a suggestion from Krista.  “That way, you and I can lean out with our handguns, plus I have a couple other tricks up my sleeve,” she said.  I could see how far she was into this game.  She really wanted to win.
As for the rest of the car, most of the panels were reinforced with steel, to help deflect bullets and blasts from interfering with important parts of the car.  All of the missile launchers were installed and functional, along with the other weapons.  Now, we were able to take it out to practice.  We were given one of everything, to make sure it functioned.  I ripped and roared the car out on the track, having the time of my life.  A target came up ahead, and I fired the guns and missed.  As I just about passed it, Krista leaned out and shot it with her gun.  She gave a war whoop as a hole appeared in the bull’s-eye.  “Don’t you feel alive?” she screamed as adrenaline took hold of her.
“Yeah!” I screamed back, and fired a homing missile at a target and watched it obliterate.  All of a sudden, we got the command to stop.  Then, we were told to insert the key card for the environmental attack.  We did, and a giant wrecking ball came shooting across from a nearby construction crane.  “Whoa,” we said.
“That’s an example of an attack,” the guy over the radio said.  “You won’t always know what it is, but you can almost guarantee it’ll target an enemy and not you.”
“Good to know,” I said, as we completed the course.
We returned the car to the garage, and told Torque how awesome the car operated now.
“Good,” he said.  “Also, I have a gift for you.  I happened to notice you both favor 9mm, and I know that that won’t be very effective.  So, I got you both these.”  He opened a box up, and there were two beautiful Colt .45 handguns.
“Holy shit,” we both said, as we picked them up and examined them.
“You won’t receive ammo until the contest starts, but I figured you could get a feel for them now.  I’ll be your coach in there, if you have any questions or if something stops working for whatever reason.”  He handed us Blue Tooth headsets to wear in the car.  I now realized just how close the start of this contest was.
“Thanks for everything, Torque,” I said.
“Don’t mention it.  Just go out there and kick some ass,” he said.  “I do this every year, but this time, I have a feeling that you could win this whole thing.  You’re not a ghost, a celebrity, or a money-grubbing moron.  You seem real, which means you have a good chance.”
“All right, enough with the wishy-washy stuff,” Krista said, ruining the heartfelt moment.  “You need your sleep, Dave, if you’re going to stand a shot.  Come on, Calypso has rooms in the nearby hotel, and he’s arranged a shuttle to take us there.”
“Ok,” I answered.  “See yah, Torque.”
“I’ll see you in the winner’s circle,” he said, cleaning up the tools.
The next morning, I awoke and heard noise in the bathroom.  I reached underneath and grabbed the Colt that I had stashed there.  I got up, and located the source in the bathroom.  It was the sound of running water.  I relaxed and tried the door.  Locked.  “Krista?” I asked.
“Can’t I get any privacy?” she asked through the locked door.
“Just making sure it was you,” I answered.
“A little jumpy are we?” she said.
“Hey, it’s a big day.  My schedules going to be full of getting shot at later,” I said, strangely charismatically.  Wow, I had changed a lot since leaving the tyranny of my father.
After we had both showered and dressed, we took the shuttle back to the storage place.  We went and saw the completely finished Specter.  There was now a vid screen in the center console.  I powered it up, and the roster of the other drivers appeared on screen.  It read as follows:
David Simmons and Krista Sparks: Specter ’01 Cavelier
Amanda and Miranda Watts: Twister F1 Racer
Carl and Jamie Roberts: Outlaw ’99 Crown Victoria
Mr. Grimm: Mr. Grimm Hell Chopper
Needles Kane: Sweet Tooth Ice Cream Truck
Frank “The Tank” “No Face” McCutheon: Crazy 8 Vintage Racecar
Preacher and Followers: Brimstone ’73 Ranchero
Sgt. Mason: Warthog Humvee
Luis Rodriquez and Jamal Jones: Thumper ’59 Impala lowrider
Bill Wilkinson and John Jenson: Hammerhead Monster Truck
Raven: Shadow Hearse
Son of Charlie Kane: Yellowjacket Taxicab
Marcus Kane: Roadkill ’69 Charger

I stared at this list, and memorized the cars as best I could.  I tried to think strategies for evading and destroying the competition, but I kept thinking, A fucking monster truck!  What the hell!
“Hey, you all right?” Krista asked, noticing my loquaciousness.  She then caught sight of the roster, and said, “Huh, Mortimer’s not driving Shadow this year?  That’s odd.  And Charlie Kane’s son is taking the wheel?  I guess he is old enough to drive now, although not legally.”
“You really are starting to scare me,” I said.  “You’re acting like this is normal.”
“For me, it is.  This game has been my whole life, literally,” she said.  “I died a long time ago.  Apparently, a couple of years ago, the F.B.I. made a robotic version of me to take out my dad.  He survived the blast, but everyone thought they really brought me back.  But it wasn’t me.  I guess, it was enough of a reality check, because he started trying to bring me back, but he wasn’t strong enough.  He was able to summon my spirit, and give me enough strength to take control of the car that the F.B.I. had used for me.  I won that year, and wished that the car crash that killed me and my mom had never happened.  I’m not entirely certain, but I was now alive, but my mother was still dead.  I was in the coma, and dad left me there.  He claimed it was to give me peace until I was strong enough, though for what I don’t know.  About two years later, I woke up.  I figured out what happened, because I had memories that were distorted.  I remembered being dead and a ghost, but not what happened to me in this reality, where the wreck didn’t happen.  It’s complicated.  Anyways, I ran away and stole a car.  It turns out, I’m really good with them.  I started going across the country, searching for my dad.  The car I stole happened to have a gun in the glove box, so I held up anyone I had to for cash and kept going.  It was luck that I bumped into you when I did, and you happened to have a way in.”
“So, where’s that leave us?” I asked.  “Don’t we only get one wish.”
“No,” she answered and smiled.  “We each get one wish.  You can wish for your dad on a silver platter, and I can wish for my mom.”
I looked at her.  For some reason, her smile now seemed fake.  I suddenly felt that she was lying to me, to try to get me to help her fight to the end, and then hand the wish over to her.  Well, two can play at this game, I thought.  “Awesome,” I said aloud.  “It couldn’t work out better, partner.”  I offered her my hand, and we shook on it.
We got into the car and buckled up.  Then, the vid screen popped up with a GPS leading us to our starting destination.  As it turns out, it was right in front of the convenience store where we first met.  “I thought this would be the perfect place for you two,” Calypso said, “A reminder of how friendships can form out of desperation.”
It seemed like a warning, but whether it was for me or Krista, I wasn’t sure.  Either way, it was a reminder to not wholly trust the other, but that would be necessary if we were to win.  And then, Calypso announced to all the drivers, “Ladies and gentlemen! Let Twisted Metal commence!”
“Here we go!” Krista hollered, as I floored the accelerator and roared down the street.
We flew through the town, whipping around corners and crossing between lanes.  Krista helped watch the radar, while I weaved in and out of abandoned cars.  “Take a left, and then a right,” Krista said.  “We don’t want to get into a fight right away, while the other drivers are still full of ammo.  If we can hold out until they’re hurting for weapons, we should be alright.”
“Agreed,” I said, and jumped as a homing missile caught us in the back.  “What the fuck?”
Krista looked at the radar, and yelled, “It’s Grimm!  He must’ve went over one of the houses.  Son of a bitch!”
“Hahahah!” Grimm cackled over the radio. “You have to be more creative if you want to win.”
He launched a power missile that I easily avoided.  “Work on your aim, old man!” I taunted back, and released one of the little concussion mines that the car was equipped with.  He hit it, but barely, and managed to stay on his back.  He started firing his machine guns, but the armor did its trick, for now.
I tried brake checking him, but he weaved around.  “Catch up,” Krista said.  “I have an idea.”  She then whispered an idea that made me smile.
I pulled up beside him, and went to shoot at his tires.  As I did this, Grimm slashed his scythe at me.  I pulled away in time to save my life.  As I got ready to do it again, Krista yelled, “Hey, Grimm!”
“What do you want, bitch?” he asked.
“You to be distracted,” she retorted, as I shot at his tire.  Nothing happened.
“Bullet-proof, dumbass,” he yelled.
“Distraction, moron,” I yelled back, as Krista through our remote bomb at him.  The reaper stupidly caught it, as I slammed on the brakes and hit the detonate switch.
The explosion was brilliant, but Grimm was still standing.  “Hang on,” I said to Krista, as I floored the car and hit to boost.  We hit Grimm at well over 120 mph, and I saw pieces of bone flying every which way.
“Mr. Grimm has been eliminated by Specter,” Calypso said, as the roster reappeared and Grimm’s name was slashed over with a red line.
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“That was the first time I ever killed,” I confessed to Krista, as I slowed the car down to 60 mph.
“Don’t worry,” she said.  “It gets easier each time.”
“That’s what I’m afraid of,” I confessed.
“Whoohoo!” came crackling over the radio.  “That was awesome!”
It was Torque.  “I can’t believe you made the first kill of the game!” he said, still excited.  “I thought you were a scared little bunny, but man, you got guts!”
“The opportunity presented itself,” I said humbly.
“You threw a bomb at him and then ran him over.  You kicked his ass!  You killed Death!”
“I guess I did,” I said nervously.
“Don’t get too excited now, and nice trick with the bomb little lady.”
“Thank you,” Krista replied.
“All right,” Torque said.  “There’s a remote bomb ammo drop up one block and to the right.  You’re armor’s fine for now.  When it gets lower, I’ll direct you to my team and they can swap it out for fresher ones.”
“All right,” I said.  “We have a plan.”
“Man, I’m Torque.  I always have a plan.”

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Chapter 5 – The Heart of Battle
I whipped around the corner, and saw the ammo drop.  It was literally just that, a pile of boxes overflowing with bombs.  We raced over, and Krista grabbed one on the fly and set it in the back seat.  The back seat had been converted into something out of a mail sorting room: a bunch of tubes each labeled for the respective weapon.  When we picked up a new item, we simply would insert it into appropriate the tube.  My special ran off energy that charged up over time, so I could never completely run out.
I whipped the next left, and quickly pulled a 180 and turned around.  In my rear view mirror was the monster truck known as Hammerhead.  “Yeah little car, you better run,” they taunted, and boosted towards us.
“Shit!” I screamed.  “What’s their special?” I asked Krista.
“If it’s like always, they’ll just run you over,” she replied calmly.
“Fuck!” I yelled, and floored the accelerator.  “Any bright ideas?”
“Uh, I don’t know.  Kill them?” she said sarcastically.
“All right,” I said.  “Hang on.”
I whipped the car back around and threw it into reverse.  I opened up the machine guns, and prepared to fire my special for the first time, as the launcher popped up through the hood.  Torque had told me it would take two buttons.  The first button was to prime it, and select a target.  The second was to fire.  I suddenly heard a ding, and little red light appeared over the second button on the steering wheel.  I depressed it and saw the blue-green missile launch forth, screaming as it went.   The missile twisted and went through a car to hit the truck.  “Yeah!” I yelled, as I saw the explosion.
“Shitfuck!” the two drivers of the mammoth yelled in shock.  “It went THROUGH the CAR!”
“Yeah, it does that,” I said, as I whipped the car back around.
“They’re not dead yet,” Krista reminded me, as I turned left through a yard.  I shot the fence out and went through, turning to head back towards Hammerhead.
“They will be,” I said, and laughed hysterically.  I whipped back out on the street, and saw the truck trying to follow me.  They had just gotten the behemoth turned around.  I fired my machine guns, and launched a fire missile, which appeared out of the rear left side panel, and all hit the truck.   “All right, grand finale,” I said, and switched to powers, which came from the front left quarter panel.  I launched it, while still pouring on my machine guns, and then switched to Napalm, which would launch out of the trunk.  I saw the power missile buckle the truck as it broke a couple of the supports.  It was dead in the water.
“Stop, man,” they yelled.  “We give up!”
“Don’t believe them,” Krista said, eyeing the truck.  “They just switched to their own power missiles.  I see the launcher under the truck.”
“Sorry guys,” I said.  “This isn’t a game of mercy.”
I launched the napalm, and just as Krista predicted, they shot a power missile at me.  I easily drove forward and avoided the power missile, but they couldn’t avoid the napalm.  I heard their screams as their car caught fire and burned them to a crisp.  Finally, the fire reached the gas tank, and the truck exploded.  “Specter has eliminated Hammerhead,” Calypso confirmed.  I sat for a moment, watching the blaze.
“We need to move,” Krista reminded me.  I put the car in gear, and drove away from the wreck.
“I thought you said it got easier,” I told her.
“It does and it doesn’t,” she said.   “After your first, doing it again is easier.  However, it’s not as easier dealing with the after effects.  You feel twice as guilty, then thrice as guilty, and four times, and so on.  Eventually, your brain will just snap, like Needles’s.  Then, the killing just comes naturally.”
“I don’t want to be like him,” I said.  “I don’t want to just kill and kill, and feel nothing at all.  You’re not like that, are you?”
“Some days, I’d say yes.  Others, I’d say no.  Then, there are days like the past couple, where I just don’t know.  This game, it is properly named.  It twists and warps us into things that we weren’t before.  The old David is gone now, just like the old Krista.  Now, you’re a killer, like me and most of everyone else in this contest.  You have killed, and you will kill again, or die trying.  Now, you no longer have the choice.  Once you understand that, it may come easier.”
I looked her for a long time, and I felt how real this speech was.  She was speaking from the heart, and she really didn’t want to be a part of this, but it had taken her anyways.  It had taken her in the car crash that killed her and her parents; it had taken her dad to the point where he stole a demon’s powers; it had taken her as a ghost, and later as a human reborn; now, it had taken her a car with a boy with an agenda that most likely conflicted with her own.  Twisted Metal was more than just a game: it was a force that drove people to the brink of insanity and beyond.
I shook myself out of my thoughts, and refocused on the road.  There were still enemies out there that had to be dealt with before I could safely daydream.  “All right,” Torque said.  “Another one bites the dust!”
“Yeah, we’re one step closer to ending this,” I said, glancing towards Krista, who nodded.
“Man, I wish you could see what I see,” Torque added. “All three Kane’s are going at it!  Whoa!”
“Sweet Toot has eliminated Roadkill,” Calypso said over the radio, and Marcus’s name was scratched out.
“Man, that clown just blew up a gas station as the guy was going through.  Sucks to be him,” Torque said.
“Yeah,” I commented, while making a mental note to avoid all gas stations.
We cruised around, not really seeing much of the competition.  In fact, the radar was free of all enemies.  “You know, this is kinda nice.  No cops, no traffic, just the two of us doing whatever we want,” I said.
“Yeah, it is fun,” Krista said.  “So long as there aren’t any enemies, I guess we can relax a little bit.  So, where do you think they are?”
“I don’t know.  Hey Torque, where are they?”
“It looks like the bulk of the battle has moved to a nearby farm, on the other side of the town from you.  It looks like Thumper and Twister are really going at it, while Outlaw’s working at picking one of them off from the side.  Oh, Twister just activated their special, which is a tornado from their car.  Man, it’s really effective.  Oh, there goes Thumper and Outlaw, and they collided in midair!”
“Wow, I want to see this!” I said, and headed that way.
“Uh, are you sure?” Krista said.  “We should probably stay away, for now.  You’re not exactly driving a tank here.”
“Hey, I’ve eliminated two cars already.  I think I can stand a chance.”
“All right.  But when you get us killed, I’m blaming you,” Krista said.
In no time, I was where the battle was at.  I could tell, because there were explosions and gunshots everywhere.  A stray bullet struck the windshield.  I felt my heart start to race and the adrenaline start to pump.  “Whose idea was it to come here?  Oh right, mine,” I said, trying to joke around.
Krista smiled, and said, “You just never know when to quit, do you?”
“Nope,” I said.
Suddenly, bullets pelted the bulletproof windshield, and I was again speeding off while a homicidal maniac chased me.  How original.
I saw the police car Outlaw in my rearview, and was just about to worry, when I was T-boned by an ice cream truck.  My head hit the steering wheel, and everything went black.

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Chapter 6: Rebirth

I awoke to a pounding in my head and a screaming in my ears.  I looked around and saw a house go past sideways through my windshield.  I looked to my left and saw Krista screaming in pain and the front end of an ice-cream truck stuck the side of my car.  Upon closer inspection, I saw the clown that drove the truck leveling an M16 at me.  “Shit!” I screamed and slammed down on the accelerator.  Nothing happened.

Don’t panic, don’t panic, I thought, while panicing.  I whipped the steering every which way, trying to shake the car loose.  Sweet Tooth fired a couple bullets from his huge gun, purposefully missing us, while laughing hysterically.  “Do you think you really stand a chance,” he said to us over the radio.  I then had a crazy idea.  I grabbed my 0.45 from underneath the seat, and started climbing out the window, while Krista tried to unjam herself from her seat.  She was lucky to be alive.

As I dangled out the driver’s window, I realized how stupid I am.  Right now, I’m a fucking sitting duck waiting to be shot.  Yet, this seemed like the only logical thing to do.  Torque had jacked my car up a bit, so I would have more ground clearance for off road.  I clung to the side of the car, holding my pistol to try to shoot out the trucks tire from this side of the car.  Hopefully, he wouldn’t realize what I was doing.  I fired a couple shots, managing to get one to connect, with no effect.  Dammit, bullet-proof tires.  Wait a minute. The TIRES are bullet-proof, I thought, climbing back up the car, while Krista huddled down in the backseat, as she had got unjammed.

Where the hell is he taking us? I thought, as he continued driving us around.  I took a breath, and leaned up over my car and emptied my clip into the clown.  His M16 fired wildly as he got shot, but he kept going.  I crawled back in to find another clip, and saw a parked car ahead of us.  The end of car hit it, and it managed to dislodge us.  By now, my tires had been unevenly worn, so they were pretty much useless.  “Good shot, kid, but not good enough,” Sweet Tooth muttered over the radio.

I drove away, carefully, realizing that my car was just hanging on.  Torque directed us to the nearest repair station, just a block away, and we were refitted with new tires and the car’s gas tank was topped off.  The workers grabbed some spare metal sheets and quickly attached them to the passenger side of the car, which took the brunt of the damage.  “Damn kid,” one of the guys said, “I’ve seen bad, but this is BAD.”

“I know,” I replied. “It was that damn clown in the ice-cream truck.”

“Oh that,” he said back, “That ain’t no ice-cream truck.  That’s a prison security van painted like an ice-cream truck.”

“That makes more sense,” I said, thinking it over.

By now, Krista had mostly come out of her shock.  She walked over and leaned against me.  “How am I still alive?” she asked.  “I should be dead, again.”

I nodded my head, unsure of what to say.  “But you’re not dead,” I said.  “You’re here, with me.  And that’s all that matters.  Now, let’s let them fix the car up, then go kick some ass.”

And with that, Krista cracked the biggest devil-may-care grin, and said, “Let’s do it!”

Within a short space of time, the car was back into working condition.  The engine made a funny ticking noise, and one of the exhaust pipes rattled, and the passenger door no longer opened, but otherwise, the car was fine.  Our weapon’s ammunition was topped off, and then we were ready to go.

We turned back onto the main road, watching for any suspicious activity.  Krista had her eyes on the radar, and I had mine own the road and the dash.  I didn’t like how the heat gauge was steadily starting to rise.  I took deep breaths, trying to keep myself calm.  It didn’t work, especially when Krista screamed, “Two of them a block ahead of us.”
The road in front of me wound around a bend, but I could already hear the screams of missiles being fired.  As we reached the crest of the turn, I could see a vintage racer and a hearse doing battle.  Krista fiddled with the radio until she found the channel they were broadcasting on.  “You’re going to die you freak,” a young female voice said.  After a pause, she said, “I said, oh forget it!  I forget, you don’t have a face.”

I then remembered that strange man in the suit.  “Krista, look up the roster again,” I asked.

She pulled up the list and said, “Yep, Crazy 8, driven by No-Face.  Strange, I don’t remember him.”

By this time, we were less than a half a block away, and a power missile nearly took us out.  “Oh look, another one,” the female said.

“That’s Raven, in Shadow,” Krista confirmed.  “Her special will be some kind of dark energy she can detonate.”

“Good to know,” I said, firing off a Fire missile.  I swerved another power missile, and peppered the orange racer with my machine guns.  It soon became a blur of spinning around, avoiding missiles, and shooting back.  I suddenly remember Raven popping up through the roof and firing a Gatling gun, but that’s even hazy.  Everything starts to come back into focus as a napalm sails over my car and tags Crazy 8.  “Shadow has eliminated Crazy 8,” Calypso said.

The battle was far from over.  I saw Shadow circling with smoke from under the hood, two flat tires, and a hole in the back of the car.  My car had three bullets stuck in the windshield that would have killed us, but was otherwise unscathed.  I guess the extra speed did pay off.  I was preparing my special, and quickly whipped around and fired.  The blue-green missile launched, screaming its way and connected with the front of Shadow.  There was a big explosion, and Shadow as dead in the water.  Raven flung her door open, and leaned against the wreckage of her car.  She had blood pouring down her face and arms, but she stood with a  defiant gleam in her eyes.  “I can’t lose, not now,” she screamed.  

I hesitated for a second.  She was a teenager, about my age.  She was dressed in the typical Gothic style clothes with long black hair.  I realized that in another life and another time, we could have been friends.  She was probably rejected by her peers and desperately searching for friends.  I vaguely remember that she had won a previous time and sought revenge on those that killed her best-friend, and I could respect that.  I was doing something similar.  Maybe she was fighting to bring her best-friend back.  As I thought about this, I floored the accelerator, heading right for her, when a Humvee appeared out of nowhere and splattered her remains all over the front.  “Warthog has eliminated Shadow, with help from Specter,” Calypso commented over the radio.

“Well, that was weird,” I said, shrugging it off.  The whole thing was starting to become blasé.  

“Yeah,” Krista agreed, checking the radar again.  “I think we’re clear, for now, but let’s not stick around.”

“Agreed,” I said, driving in the opposite direction of the Humvee.  Soemthing still bugged me, though.  “Why was Raven competing?”

“She was competing to save Midtown, her home, and any other town from bullies,” Krista answered.  “Why?”
“Because I tried to kill her,” I said.  “I was thinking, what if we had become friends and stopped all this killing, while I was trying to kill her.”

“That’s what this game does to you, believe me,” Krista said, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.  I noticed that her 0.45mm was in the hand wrapped around me.  “It makes you kill those you wish you could save.”
I nodded my agreement and focused on the road.  I knew this game was far from over, and I couldn’t afford to lose my focus now.  The trouble was that I didn’t know what I wanted anymore.  I wanted to bathe in my dad’s blood, but I also wanted Krista to not leave me.  I knew that if I won, that wouldn’t happen.  I would take the wish, and she would be forced to do something drastic.  God, sometimes, this game just gave me a headache!

As we continued down the road, I could hear explosions all around us.  To my left, I was what looked like an unnatural tornado sending debris flying.  To my right, I suddenly saw a man flying through the air.  He landed on our car, and I heard him scream “Repent!”

What the hell was that supposed to mean?
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Not gonna lie. This seems pretty awesome so far. Keep it going.
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Thanks for the feedback.
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(Finally got my lazy ass to writing again.   Okay, here we go.)

Chapter 7: Return to Sender

Suddenly, Krista flew across the car and wrenched the wheel to the left.  The guy on the roof flipped off, rolled a few times, and then blew up.  I saw the explosion and gore through the rear view mirror, and I could hear my heart pounding in my ears.  “Holy shit!” I screamed.
“I was afraid of that,” Krista said, settling back in her seat.  “I’ve heard rumors of cars using suicide bombers for attacks, though I never believed them.”
“I guess it’s true,” I said, stating the obvious.  It helped to calm me.  I saw a Ranchero with stained glass for a windshield go flying past.  “You don’t think…” I voiced to Krista, as I saw another body flying from a sort of catapult attached to the hood of the Ranchero.
“Not again,” Krista said, while I whipped the wheel.  The bomber hit the roof, but couldn’t get a hold, and inertia dragged him off.  He still screamed, “Repent!” before blowing up moments later.
“These guys are fucking nuts,” I said, trying to think how to kill this guy.
“Don’t forget about Twister,” Krista reminded.  “They’re in an Indy racer, and there special is a tornado.”
“Oh, that,” I said, suddenly remembering.  I jumped as a homing missile hit our back.  “Found her.”
We all started evasively driving, attempting to land an attack on each other.  As I swerved closer to Twister, I got a better look at their car.  They were driving the typical open-wheeled racer, with some modifications.  It was now a two-seater, and the passenger, who appeared to be dead or undead, was manning a heavy machine gun that had been installed to the car and could swivel around.  The said gun attempted to kill me.  She continued shooting us, as we shot through a farm.  I swerved around a cow, trying to keep control of my car.  Eventually, I slid through a fence and found some traction on a little gravel road. I swerved, thinking about how to fire back.  That’s when the turbines popped out of the racer, pointed in opposite directions, and began to lift and spin the car on its nose.  As this happened, I also saw that the nose of the car actually came to a rounded point that would allow this attack to work.  “Dammit,” I said, “What do I do?”
“I don’t know,” Krista said.  “Maybe DRIVE?!”
     I punched the gas, attempting to outrun the racer.  She followed me, gaining on me fast.  I attempted to push the gas pedal through the floor, before I remembered the NOS.  “Hang on,” I said to Krista, as I pushed down on the buttons on the steering wheel.  “This could get bumpy.”
The car shot forward with a jolt, and  I started losing Twister.  After picking up more speed, I then released and detonated our other remote bomb.  The car shook with the splash damage, but I saw Twister fall and start crashing.  As I turned around to follow with a missile, I heard a scream and saw a man catch the Indy car as it settled.  A short explosion later, and Twister was no more.
“Twister has been eliminated by Brimstone,” Calypso said.
“All right, just a few more to go,” Krista said, excitedly.
Before I could get moving again, the Ranchero appeared in front of me.  I could see the man strapped to the hood of the car and every detail of the stained glass on the windshield.  I swear, I could even see through the glass to the driver as he calculated the angle and fired the victim at me.  And, there was nothing I could do about it; I was paralyzed with terror.  Thankfully, I wasn’t alone, and Krista leaned out and shot the victim with a sawn-off shotgun.  As the man blew up, I returned to my senses.  “Where the hell did you get that?” I asked.
“I’ve had it the whole time,” she said cooly, reloading an extra shell into the barrel.
“And now you think to use it?” I asked.
“Do you want to argue or stay alive?” she asked, shooting another bomber out of the sky.
“All right, but this is not over,” I said, speeding away.
As the Rancher gave pursuit, I happened to notice one of the switches on the dash was labeled “rear fire.”  I nodded and asked, “What’s that?”
“Oh, you can option to fire weapons backwards,” she said, watching the truck from behind.
“Well, let’s try it out,” I said, flipping it.
Out of my rear view mirror, which was slightly cracked from all the abuse, I saw my fire missile swivel around and shoot back at the Ranchero.  I saw it connect on the windshield, and all the stained glass went flying.  “Oh, now it’s on,” I said, calculating another shot.  “What all can we rear fire?”
“Pretty much everything, including your special,” she said, taking shots with her 0.45 out the window, now that the windshield was destroyed.
As I pondered this, I shot down the door of a giant red barn and drove through, smashing out the other side.  I hoped the owner wouldn’t mind.  Brimstone whipped around the other side, and tried to shoot a power missile at me.  After a couple minutes of driving around the farm, I realized he wasn’t firing anything.  Suddenly, around ten missiles shot out at once.  I managed to get a rather large tree between me and the missiles, but one or two hit.  
“Swarmers,” Krista said, checking around weapons.
“Got it,” I said.
Finally, I decided it was time to end it. I charged up my special and fired it backwards.  The missile screamed and hit its target, just like it should.  The entire time, the truck was firing its machine guns, but could never get a shot lined up on me; I was too good of a driver.  Finally, we hit a straightaway, and he launched another victim.  “No creativity,” I said, as I spun around and hit the victim with my rear fender, sending him flying backwards and onto the hood of the speeding Ranchero.  
As I sped away, Brimstone blew up.
“Brimstone has been eliminated by Specter,” Calypso announced.  “With his own special.”
I took a breath, relaxing my grip on the steering wheel.  “How many more to go?” I asked Krista.
“Five cars,” she reported.  “Outlaw, Thumper, Warthog, Yellowjacket, and Sweet Tooth.”
“Ok,” I said, mentally doing some math.  “We’re more than half way there.”
“Yep,” she agreed.  “Doesn’t it feel good?”
Before I could reply, a message popped up on the VidScreen.  “Prepare to fight,” the message read.
“There’s a weapons pick-up just a block over,” Krista said.  “I think we could use it.”
“Yeah,” I said, swinging over that way.
As we rounded the corner, I saw an abandoned playground, which symbolized the childhood I never had.  When I was a kid, all the other neighborhood kids would always be playing at the playground, but I had to stay home and nurse my parents’ bad habits.  My mom was always high, and my dad was always drunk. I had to cook and clean, and it sucked.
I shook my head.  Now’s not the time David.  Now’s the time to live and shoot big guns.
We stopped at the pile and loaded up on missiles.  This was just a random weapon pick-up, meaning whatever was there was there.  Krista also managed to snag a belt of incendiary ammo for the machine guns.  “Nice find,” I commented.
“It’ll do,” she said, stashing it in the backseat.
As she did this, another message popped up on the VidScreen.
“Minion is approaching.”

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Chapter 8: Domination

     “Minion is approaching.”
     “That can’t be good,” I said, hoping a more detailed description would show up.
     “It’s not,” Krista confirmed, staring at the screen in disbelief.  “Not again…”
     “What do you mean?” I asked, confused.
     “I met him, in the afterlife.  He’s the one that my dad stole his powers from.  Oh damn, we’re dead!”
     I stared in horror, until I had to put my eyes back on the road and drive.  “It can’t be that bad,” I said, hopeful.
     “It is,” she said.  Dammit.  “He drives a fucking tank!”
     “Well, that’s not fair,” I said, trying to get a joke going.
     “You think?” she replied, bitterly.
     Jeez, this was a side of Krista I had never seen before.  Normally, she was witty and sarcastic, but hopeful and fiery.  Now, she was a wreck and giving up.  Somehow, I had to fix it.
     Then, my headset crackled to life.  “I don’t want to kill you,” a demonic sounding voice said.  “I just want Calypso.  If you stand down, I shall spare you.  But, if you get in my way, I will not hesitate to kill you.”
     Stand down?  Fuck that!  I needed to win, to get what I wanted.  And to that, I was just going to have to kill this asshole, and fast.  “Krista, I know you’re scared right now, but I seriously need you to drag your head out of your ass, build a bridge over your fears, and get over them.  Ok?  ‘Cuz I really don’t want to die, and I am not standing down.”
     I saw wipe a tear away and faced me.  “Do you really mean that?” she said, injured.
     “Yes,” I said, sounding like an asshole.  It had to be done though.
     “You do know we’re going to die, right?”
     “It can’t be that bad,” I said.  “Besides, we’re too awesome to die.”
     That managed to get a chuckle out of her, and I saw her come back from the dark place she had been.  “Ok, thanks,” she said.  “I guess that’s true.  Plus, my dad would be pissed and damn whoever killed us.”
     “And he would damn me too, for letting you die.”
     “Do you always have ulterior motives?” she asked, jokingly.
     “Of course,” I answered in a fake voice.  “I can never do anything out of the goodness of my heart.  Why so cynical?”
     That got a real laugh out of her, as she reached into the back seat and pulled out a full on sniper rifle and loaded a clip.  “Who are you?” I asked.  “Fucking Marry Poppins?”
     “Yep, and I have a magic bag back there full of goodies,” she said, and handed me a hand grenade.
     “Is it Chinese New Year already?” I asked, laughing.
     We both erupted in laughter, but stopped as we rounded the next corner.  I saw a big ass, six-wheeled tank with a big turret rolling down the street to us.  The turret moved, aiming right for us.  “Fuck!” I screamed, flooring the accelerator and rolling with the impact of the shell.
     “I take it that’s Minion,” I said.
     “Bet your ass,” she replied, leaning back of the car with the rifle and took a shot.
     “Do you think you can kill a tank with that thing?” I asked.
     “Not the tank,” she replied, firing another shot.  “I’m aiming for the horde of demons on it, with shotguns, rifles, and flamethrowers.”
     “That makes sense,” I said, circling the tank from the other side.  “So any ideas on how to kill this thing?”
     “None,” she said, climbing back into the car as the tank chased after us.  “That thing can really haul ass.”
     “Yeah,” I agreed, preparing to launch a power missile backwards.
     That’s when Outlaw whipped out from a side street and took on the tank head on.  I wish I could have warned them, but I didn’t, so I wouldn’t have to kill them later.  The cop car fired a missile at the tank, which barely made a dent, before the turret launched a shell that obliterated the police officers from the game.
     “Minion has eliminated Outlaw.”
     “Holy shit,” we said, surprised at how fast that happened.
     I ripped around the next corner, getting a couple buildings between me and that fucking tank.  Think, Dave, think.  That thing has to die.  “Who’s left?” I asked, trying to form a plan.
     She queued up the roster, and replied, “Us, Sweet Tooh, Warthog, Yellowjacket, and Thumper.”
     “Ok,” I said.  “Connect me to Warthog.”
     She tapped a few keys, and then said, “You’re live.”
     “Sergeant Mason, do you copy?” I said, feeling like an idiot.
     “Copy, over.  What can I do for you, Specter?” he asked.
     “Ever try to take out a tank?”
     “Yes, and I was successful, but this thing’s way more powerful.  We’re going to need help.”
     I suddenly saw the pink Impala, Thumper, appear in my rear view.  He flashed his high beams, so I pulled over.  “Hang on, I’ll get Thumper on too.” I said, rolling down the window.
     “You guys see that puta tank?” they asked, quite clearly stoned.
     I could see the smoke billowing out of their windows, and the driver even had a joint behind his one ear.  “Yeah, we watched it obliterate Outlaw.  It was fucking insane.”
     “Yeah, we don’t fucking have a clue how to fucking kill it.”
     “We’re talking with Warthog right now.  Sarge, any thoughts?”
     “We’re all going to have to team up to kill it,” he said calmly.
     “Yeah, a temporary alliance, just until we obliterate it,” I said, mulling it over.
     “We can do that,” the guys in Thumper said.
     “I’m game,” a cold voice said, that I recognized as Sweet Tooth.  “I don’t want that tank killing all of you before I do.”
     “Same for me,” a younger voice chipped in.  “That thing can’t win.”
     “It’s settled, then,” I said.  “Let’s do it.”
     I nodded my head to Thumper’s drivers, and took off.  Then, I took off my head set and motioned for Krista to do the same.  “So, when do we backstab them?” I asked, watching the other cars fall in behind me.
     “The second Minion falls,” she said.  “That’s when this little alliance will vanish.  We have to end it fast.”
     “Yeah, you know they will,” I said.
     I charged up our Swarmers as I saw the tank about to come around the corner.  I threw my headset up, and I screamed, “Attack!”

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Chapter 9: Final Level

     The next few minutes were the craziest of my life, and that’s saying a lot.  As I rounded the bend, I launched my Swarmers, a bunch of missiles that charged up to fire at once.  They hit, causing a massive dent to appear in the side.  “Yeah,” I cheered, as I saw various other missiles hit and cause explosions.
     That’s when I saw the turret was aimed at me again.  “Ah, shit!” I yelled, unable to dodge.
     As the shell exited out of the cannon, I saw Krista press a button on the dashboard.  Suddenly, a blue energy field covered the car, taking the brunt of the explosion.  My car shot back half a foot, but seemed relatively unharmed.  “Energy shield,” she explained.
     I drove away, preparing another attack, but took the time to ask, “How long have we had that?”
     “The whole time,” she said, taking out a demon with her sniper rifle.
     “And you just now told me about,” I continued, launching my special at the tank.
     “We didn’t need it before,” she said, shooting another demon.
     “Whatever,” I said, shooting a fire missile at it.
     I saw the other cars darting in and out, too fast for the turret to lock on and shoot.  It tried shooting one of them on the fly, but hit a building next to it.  That’s when I realized that Minion was sitting next to a gas station.  “Hey Krista,” I said to her.  “Think you can hit the gas pump?”
     “Probably, but I’m out of bullets,” she replied.  “Why don’t you try this?”
     She handed me the key-card for the environmental.  I took a breath before inserting it into the slot.  Who knew what it would do?
     I had my eye on the gas station, but instead the building across the street, a huge skyscraper, burst into flame as a bomb at its base exploded.  The entire building came down, crashing right onto the tank.
     “HOLY SHIT!” we screamed, as the tank was swallowed up in fire.
     “Minion has been eliminated,” Calypso confirmed.  “But just to be sure…”
     A massive explosion happened right where Minion had been, leaving a giant crater behind.  I could just make out an airplane flying over the horizon, signifying where the shot had come from.  “Calypso does have deep pockets,” I said.
     “Uh-huh,” Krista agreed, before nudging me.  “We need to get out of here.  The others will show up, expecting an easy target.”
     “Right,” I agreed.
     We drove away, just as the mayhem heated back up.  I saw Warthog get lit up from a bunch of missiles.  “Sweet Tooth has eliminated Warthog,” Calypso said.
     I saw what looked like a massive robot in the shape of a clown drive through the wreckage.  “What the hell is that?” I asked, turning a corner.
     “It’s your funeral,” the clown said.  “You can’t escape me twice.”
     “Wanna bet?” I asked, pulling a 180ᵒ firing my Spectral missile straight at him.
     My shot hit home, and I saw his car rock with the explosion.  It had transformed back into the truck.  I grabbed the e-brake, flipping back around, causing his homing missile to go wide.  “Damn it,” Sweet Tooth said.
     “Game on,” I said, dropping my remote bomb and detonating it.
     I saw his truck teeter from the explosion, but it was just too heavy to flip over.  “Yellow Jacket has eliminated Thumper,” Calypso said, and I forgot that there were other contestants out there.
     “It’s just us now,” Krista said, prepping her shotgun.
     “Yep,” I said.  “I’m kind of shocked I made it this far.”
     “I’m not,” Krista countered.  “You had me this whole time.  We were bound to win.”
     “Right,” I said, remembering that we couldn’t both win.
     Focus, David, I told myself.  Focus.
     I whipped the wheel to the right, dodging Sweet Tooth’s power missile.  That’s when Yellow Jacket appeared, a battered yellow cab with giant spikes sticking out the side.   “Why do these weapons keep surprising me?” I asked, using my turbo to power slide around the turn, and away from those spikes.
     “I don’t know,” Krista said.  “I honestly didn’t see that one coming.  I figured he would have used a Molotov cocktail.”
     “Great,” I said, trying to figure out how to counter them.  “Load the incendiary.”
     “On it,” she said, changing the belts for the machine guns.
     I kept driving, weaving between alleyways and through side streets.  I tried always to keep something between them and me.  Apparently, they had both decided to work together to kill me, before trying to kill each other.  “I guess it would be too nice if they offed each other,” I commented, dodging a fire missile by a parked car.
     “Yeah,” Krista agreed, loading up the rest our ammo.
     “Alright, here we go!” I said, cranking the e-brake and spinning around.
     I raced at them, causing Yellow Jacket to crash through a restaurant.  Sweet Tooth, however, kept accelerating.  I poured the machine guns straight into him, and the incendiary rounds caused his truck to burst into flames.  Then, his truck started to transform back into the mech.  “Not a chance,” Krista said, pressing another button on the dash.
     A strange, blue missile shot at the truck, causing it to stop mid-transformation.  “EMP,” she explained, throwing a pair of hand grenades at the wreckage.
     I fired my Spectral missile at it, just the grenades exploded.  The clown formerly known as Sweet Tooth blew up in one of the most beautiful explosions I have ever seen.  “Sweet Tooth has been eliminated by Specter,” Calypso announced.
     Before we could take a breath, however, we heard rubble moving around inside the restaurant.  Yellow Jacket was backing out, but slowly.  “I’ve just about had enough,” Krista said, pulling out her pistol.
     “Agreed,” I said, leaning out my window as she did the same.
     Together, we emptied our clips through the driver’s window of the cab, and I chucked another grenade through the window.  As it exploded, Calypso said, “Specter has eliminated Yellow Jacket.  Now, please drive to the following destination, to claim your prize.
     “Damn, we did it,” I said, putting my car back in drive.
     “I know,” she said, brushing her hair back from her eyes.  “I can’t believe it.”
     We drove back out of town, and ended up in a junkyard that was roughly five miles away from storage units.  On the way there, we passed several flat beds that were hauling away the former contestants’ cars.  “They strip off all of the old parts, to be used for the next contest,” Krista explained.
     “Nothing gets wasted,” I mused.
     “Yep,” she said.
     Finally, we pulled through the gates, and pulled up in front of Calypso.  Then, Krista pulled me close, and said, “If it weren’t for you, I would never have gotten here.”
     “Same for me,” I said, somewhat awkwardly.
     “I just wanted to thank you properly,” she said.
     I glanced out of the windshield, taking in the throne that her father sat on, on top of a pile of destroyed cars.  Then, I closed my eyes and leaned forward.

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Chapter 10: So Close, Yet So Far Away

     However, my perfect romantic moment was interrupted by the sound of a gun’s hammer being pulled back.  I opened my eyes and saw Krista aiming her gun at me.  “I’m sorry, Dave, but I need this wish.”
     “I understand,” I said, leveling my own handgun at her.  “But I need it, too.”
     “I don’t want to shoot you, but I will,” she said.
     “No you won’t,” I said, hitting the switch I had Torque install the clutch.
     The sun roof of my car rolled back, and Krista went flying out in an ejector seat.  “You asshole!” she screamed, as she flew up.  
I quickly peeled out and drove away, just as she started shooting at me.  “Thanks, Torque,” I said into my headset.  “I knew she’d turn on me.”
“No prob,” he replied.  “I always wanted to build one of those.”
Then, Calypso cackled, and announced, “It appears we have one more contestant.  Now, it is Specter versus Grasshopper.”
As Krista landed, she raced behind a pile of junk.  Before I could figure out what was going on, I saw a heavily modified, green dune buggy race up and over the pile of junk.  Suddenly, rockets in the back fired up, causing it to crash into my car.  As my car slid back, I noticed the there were spikes on the front, causing extra damage.  “Damn it!” I screamed, slamming my car into reverse and pulling away.
As we separated, I whipped back around and drove away.  “I know every one of your moves, Dave,” Krista said.  “There’s no way you can win.”
“Wrong,” I countered, “You only know the moves I showed you.”
I yanked the e-brake, and pulled a 360ᵒ.  Halfway through, she raced past, so I ended up behind her.  I poured on the machine guns, now missing my co-driver.  I fired my last Fire missile, which smashed into her rear end.  Her buggy shook with the impact, which opened up an opportunity.  I hit my turbo, and accelerated right into her car.  As I hit, Grasshopper went rolling and crashed into a mound of decaying cars.  However, her car rolled back onto her wheels, and she came flying at me again.  Again, her car hit, but this time she fired her machine guns, which ripped through the weak spots in the armor on the car.  “Damn it!” I yellowed, driving away.
I raced through the wreckage, taking stock of my dwindling ammo supply.  I didn’t have time to stock up; now I wish I had anyways.  I had a homing missile, a Zoomy, and a power missile, plus my special.  The odds were not in my favor.  I cut a wide turn, and I could hear Krista racing over the junk to ram me.  I whipped around and fired by power missile, right as Grasshopper launched into the air.  The missile hit home, obliterating the unprotected underside of the dune buggy.  She went flying away in an explosion of smoke and fire, skidding to the side of Calypso’s throne.  I drove what was left of my car to in front of him, stalling out as I got close.  As I exited my car, the driver’s door fell off, and I removed my head set.  I stood before Calypso, noticing the plethora of guards with AK47’s.  I also noticed the look of fury on my host’s face.
“You killed my daughter,” he said, simply.
I glanced back at the wreckage, and saw her door fly open.  She got out of the car, broken and injured but alive.  “No, I merely eliminated her car,” I sad, thankful I was right.
“Fine, you get to live,” he said, motioning for his guards to go help his daughter.  “As the winner, you may claim your prize.”
He snapped his fingers, and two men drug my father out from the back of a security truck.  He shook off the guards, and said, “Dave, just what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”
“Hi Dad,” I said, crossing my arms.
“You stole my car, destroyed, and caused  your mom so much anxiety, she OD’d!”
“She was bound to do that, anyways,” I countered, strangely feeling confident.
“Now get your ass over here, so I can kick it so hard, you won’t sit down for a century!”
“I don’t think so, Dad,” I said, pulling out my .45 from my waistband.
I saw the guards aim their guns at me, but Calypso waved, and they stood down.  He understood that this was my prize.
“Oh, Mr. Tough Guy is gonna shoot me,” he said, and then he broke out laughing.  “Put the gun down, Squirt.  We both know you couldn’t kill anyone.”
“Wrong again, Dad,” I said.  “Why do you think I’m here.  See, I just won a game, that involved killing a bunch of people.  Sure, it felt bad at first, but now, I think it feels pretty good.  However, no one would be as satisfying to kill as you!”
Then, I lowered the gun and shot him right between the legs.  He keeled over, holding his hurt area.  I walked up to him, kicked him in the side, and aimed the gun back at his head.  “However, I had to make you suffer at least an iota that I did,” I said, pulling back the hammer.
“Mercy,” he said, in a soprano.
“Hell no,” I countered.  “You never gave me any.”
Then, I put a bullet into his brain, and felt better than I had in a long time.  I put the safety on, holstered my weapon and went to check on Krista.  Calypso’s guards had brought her over, and I wrapper her arm around my shoulder.  The guards left me, as I helped hobble her over to her father.  “I thought you’d hate me,” she said, wincing in pain.
“Nah,” I said.  “I knew that you’d kill me, unless I eliminated you first.  Next year, we’ll kick their asses again, and then you can have your prize.”
She smiled at that, but winced as it hurt.  “Yeah,”  she said.  “That’d be great.”
Then, we stood in front of Calypso.  “So, Dave, now that you have claimed your prize, what are you going to do?  It seems both of your parents are dead.”
“I dunno, maybe get a job or something,” I replied.
“And Krista, it seems you have escaped from the hospital.  Maybe you need to return.”
“Fuck that,” she said, standing on her own.  “I’m fine.  All I need is some time and my car.  You’ll see me again next year.”
He laughed.  “Guards,” he said signaling.
Then, we did the stupidest thing ever.  We ran into my car, luckily coaxing it to start and sped out of there, while dodging bullets.  As soon as we hit the next town, we stole the first car we could and get going.  When we finally felt safe, Krista said, “Well, I guess that was a colossal waste of time.”
“Not really,” I disagreed.  “Just a bad first date.  I promise the next one will be better.”
She laughed, and curled up in the passenger seat.  “Wake me in a couple hours,” she said.
“Ok,” I said, turning up the stereo.  “I wake you at the next junkyard.  We’ll need parts if we plan to enter next year.”
“Ok,” she said, yawning.
I drove on into the sunset, happier than I had ever been in a long time.

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Chapter 10B: Alternate Ending

As I soared over the junk pile, I saw the power missile that had just ejected from Specter.  Then, I smiled as I saw that it had just gone to the right of my car.  I activated Grasshopper’s rockets, impaling Specter right the windshield, killing Dave on impact.  I back my dune buggy off the demolished Cavalier, as my dad said through the speaker, “Congratulations, Krista.  You have won.”
I drove over to his throne and exited my car.  “My dearest daughter,” my dad said, obviously proud.  “You have done it again!”
“Right,” I said, leaning on car while holding my pistol at my side.  However, my dad’s guards would never dare shoot me.  They knew the penalty for that.  “Now, let’s try this again.  My wish is so that things can back to the instant before the accident.  We all survive the accident, and you, me, and Mom all stay alive.”
He looked at me, trying to find some loophole in my wish.  When he couldn’t find one, he snapped his fingers, and my whole world dissolved.
     When I came to, I was in a very strange bedroom.  The walls were painted green, and I saw an array of car posters all over my walls.  I got up, and opened my closet.  Despite the array of clothes, I threw on my green tank top, shorts, and finally found my blue ball cap.  I went downstairs and saw my parents in the kitchen.   They both appeared normal, and my dad was reading the newspaper.  “Krista, darling, is everything okay?” he asked.
     “Yeah, why?”
     “Well, the way you’re dressed, for starters, “Mom asked, while making bacon and eggs.  “I thought you were going to wear the skirt and blouse for your speech in class today.”
     I looked around, and then grabbed the newspaper out of my dad’s hands.  I glanced at the date, and saw that it was the day before I met Dave.  That’s when my heart skipped a beat as I realized what that meant.  “Oh, shit, I have to go!” I yelled, tossing the paper.
     “Young lady, watch your language!” my dad said, storming after me.
     “Dad, a friend of mine is about to get hurt, unless I go now!”
     “Well then, take your car,” he said, taking the keys off the hook.
     “Car?” I asked, going into the garage and flipping on the lights.
     Before me, I saw a green and black 1970 Hemi Cuda.  “I guess my dune buggy wouldn’t be exactly street legal,” I said, getting inside the car.
     Popping open the garage door, I raced out into the street, hoping I wasn’t too late.  I drove all night, only stopping when I couldn’t stay awake any more.  I flipped on the news, and I saw the story about the manhunt for the young runaway and car thief had finally come to an end.  I didn’t have to hear the name to know I was running out of time.  After a few hours, I got up and continued driving, finally pulling up in front of the house, where he said he lived.  I opened my glove box, but I didn’t find a gun.  Then, I remembered I was in the wrong car.  I smashed the window open of the Cavalier on the street, and I found that gun that Dave hadn’t known was there.  I walked up the front steps and I could hear the sounds of him being beaten to death.  I kicked the door open and raced to the sound of the struggle.  As I saw Dave’s dad about to punch his son again, I pistol whipped him across the face.  He fell down and screamed, “Who the fuck are you?”
     “I’m the bitch whose about to kill you with your own gun,” I said and shot him in the head.
     “Thanks,” Dave said, struggling to get up.  As I pulled him, he asked, “Just who are you?”
     “I’m Krista, Krista Sparks.”
     “Dave, Dave Simmons.”
     “Where’s your mom at?” I asked, remembering that part of the story.
     “Dead,” he replied matter-of-factly.  “She OD’d on heroine to deal my disappearance.  I’m surprised it didn’t happen earlier.”
     “So, you need a place to stay, huh?” I asked, still holding his hand.
     “I guess so,” he replied, walking me towards his room, where his back was still packed from his runaway.
     As he grabbed, I could tell he was somewhat confused.  “Have we met before?” he asked.
     “In another life,” I answered.  “I’ll explain later.”
     “Is that how you knew where I was?”
     “Ok,” he said, grabbing his suitcase and wrapping an arm around me.
     Then, we walked out of his house, just as the cop sirens were getting closer to the scene of domestic disturbance.  As we drove off into the sunset, I was so joyful finally to get to live my life how I wanted to live it. 

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