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Message started by RoaDiE on 11/24/10 at 21:19:27

Title: Playstation Mag scans
Post by RoaDiE on 11/24/10 at 21:19:27

Heres the shit. Dunno if its posted already, but god we need to make some new threads anyways! And yeah JYD is confirmed.
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Title: Re: Playstation Mag scans
Post by magnum on 11/25/10 at 13:43:27
That's really cool. Thanks for the post. I just wish it was readable. Even magnified, it's difficult to read on the white BG's.

I can see on the "Sweet Rides" section that JYD's name is in there. So is Spectre. I didn't see any new or unexpected names in it.  

The 3 car garage is an interesting option to choose from. The decision to battle with different cars, and either get pummeled with one car, or swap up to mettle out the damage to different cars. It also said that the co-op is local or online. That's awesome.

"That said 'Foward Thinking enough' is still relatively old school. Everything is still based off Deathmatch says Dave Jaffe. "We're not trying to make 'Missions' We still want it to be very classic Twisted Metal. It's more about vehicle combat, it's more about mastering your weapons and energy attacks."

With that quote on the table from the man himself, I'm just more assured that's this TM is going not only in the right direction, but it should really blow our fucking brains out.

I dunno about what anyone here sees but, the final boss peek looks like the side of a tractor. Looks like a stack on the side of a truck. That glare or whatever is making it difficult to see.
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Title: Re: Playstation Mag scans
Post by maartyrr on 11/27/10 at 15:12:23
Oh sweet sweet Spectre

Now I wonder how far along in developement was the game when these pics were snagged. Do you think these shots were photobrushed to be made to look better? For a TM game, the level of detail to the cars and environments are ridiculous.  I love that pick of the rat-rocked flying in to finish off JYD.

I hope sony gives the go-ahead to announce the release date soon, so Jaffe can spill the rest of game info.
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