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Message started by The Dizaster Child on 03/19/10 at 15:36:55

Title: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 03/19/10 at 15:36:55
ok guys, I havent shut up about it, yet havent delivered.. til now. this is the fanfic I have been talking about, but first, I wanna explain somethings. for starters, this will not be like my first battle fic. in fact, I'm not too sure it'll be like anything posted here thus far.. that I have read anyway. it is very lengthy, and very detailed. aside from Oddz' story, which I wanna point out now that if you remember anything from it, you will notice a few things similar. we have discussed this thru PM, which was nice. me and him have close to the same writing styles, so at least he might like what I'm serving up here. another big factor to point out is that it is based on uber-realism. the cars will drive, handle, and react like real cars would. there are no fancy sci-fi toys like the shield AA, and bullshit like that. in fact, the things that I included that seem ficticous, are explained in a total realistic way... like freeze missiles. and being the resident gearhead in these parts (with the much-welcome exception of YJ318), you will notice alot of detail put into the car's mods and whatnot. finally, I will post one piece a day.. much feedback is much appreciated. feedback meaning good and bad, of course. now without further ado.. ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, I give to you this explosive event. this is Twisted Metal: Civic War

As usual, the skies over Seattle are dark, grey, and dreary. Its drizzling and windy. The cold breeze snapping pedestrians as they shuffle home from work, newspapers stretched over their heads to ward off the rain. In a dimly lit loft apartment high above the concrete and asphalt, a figure shrouded in darkness stands in front of a giant globe. His face is only illuminated by a series of candles placed around the room, but we cant see a thing. He gives the globe a good, hard spin. After about a minute, it stops. With his eyes closed, he takes his index finger and randomly points to a spot on the map.

CALYPSO: Reno, Nevada it is.

He begins laughing to himself, maniacally as lightning and thunder crash all around the city.

Here it is, six months later. Reno, Nevada. A newspaper tossed front page up in a sidewalk trash can bears the headline: "TWISTED METAL IS BACK!!!" The article goes on to explain how "after a 5 year hiatus, Calypso has announced that Twisted Metal will fire up again this Christmas Eve, and it'll be in Reno. The entire state of Nevada has been mandatorily evacuated. The president has ordered all military branches to be on high alert, but do not enter the state unless strictly ordered." A passing bum grabs the newspaper and holds it above his head to shield himself from the chilling rain. It's always raining.

We are soon looking upon a multi-story carpark in the middle of downtown. There are 3 heavily-armed guards at the main entrance, as well as a single guard posted at each corner of the building. As each contestant pulls up, one of the guards checks a roster listing, then lets the driver through. Inside of the parking structure, the top floor is occupied by several contestants who have arrived early. A giant flat screen tv is mounted on the far wall, next to the elevator and emergency fire door. Both are heavily welded shut, keeping anyone and everyone from entering. Every entrance except one has been sealed to prevent any attacks on the man in charge.

Inside the main office, we see Calypso standing in front of a wall of security monitors, about 75 in all. The screens illuminate him as if he were standing in broad daylight. His standard tattered black suit, with black button-up and black tie. His greying, nappy dreadlocks tied back in a messy ponytail. The black derby atop his head. He takes it off and sets it on the control panel for the security system.

CALYPSO (watching the monitors viewing the top floor of the garage): These will do just fine.. (laughing to himself)

He starts to check each monitor, making sure his cameras are all in place. Of the 75 monitors, 10 of them are helicopter-mounted aerial cams. Currently, they show his personal crew getting the choppers ready for broadcast. Fueling, supplying, stocking ammo. The pilots donning bulletproof vests. Calypso presses a button on his Bluetooth headset.

CALYPSO: Those aerial cams are the money shot. I want them PERFECT.

LEAD MECHANIC: Nothing to worry about, sir. We'll be live in no time.

Pleased, he sits down in his desk chair and leans back, propping his feet up on the console. He turns on the tv to the news.

TV ANCHOR: ... and may God help anyone who has chosen to stay home. In other news, Krista Shephard has won the race for governor of California over the former "Governator" in a landslide victory. Graduating from Harvard Law and taking home a masters in Political Science at the tender young age of 17, she is obviously what the state needs after years and years of poor leadership from a glorified actor. With an IQ of nearly 200 and validictorian of her class, as well as leading several of her school clubs to victory in many competitions across the country, she is a proven born leader. We wish her the best.

Calypso cracks a wide grin and mutes the tv. He turns his head slightly and calls out behind him.

CALYPSO: Krista dear, are the dossiers ready yet?

KRISTA: Almost, just printing the last couple pages now.

CALYPSO: Excellent. I assume Needles made the cut this year?

KRISTA: Actually, he almost didnt.

CALYPSO (leaning forward in his chair): Really now? And why is that?

KRISTA: He didnt fill out the application properly.

CALYPSO (bewildered): You're kidding me, right?

KRISTA: No I'm not. Instead of answering the questions, he just wrote "FUCK YOU" on every line.

CALYPSO (laughing): Oh that Needles. As much as I hate him, this contest wouldnt be the same without him.

KRISTA: I know, thats why I let it slide.

Krista walks into the room where Calypso is seated and hands him a stack of files. She's wearing a black woman's business suit with a white shirt underneath. Her hair pinned back into a bun, wearing black-framed glasses. She sits down on the edge of the console with her arms folded in front of her.

KRISTA: (mocking tone) Here, I hope they meet your approval.

CALYPSO: Dear, I trust your judgment. I'm just curious to see who's been picked, is all. I have yet to see the list. You know this is the first year that I've let that responsibility go to someone else.

He thumbs through the files, looking at names and paperclipped Polaroids. He starts to chuckle to himself.

CALYPSO: I see we have some new, some old, some veteran drivers in new cars, some veteran cars with new drivers.

He reads some of the wishes these drivers seek, and an amused expression comes across his face. Then a few familiar names jump out at him.

CALYPSO: Krista, do you know the definition of 'civil war'?

KRISTA: I graduated from Harvard with 2 degrees at 17.. of course I know what that means. Simply put, its 2 or more allied forces fighting each other.

CALYPSO: (laughing to himself again) You sure do like to brag about that, huh?

KRISTA: Not many people can say that they've accomplished what I have, so yes, I like to brag a little bit. A good father would be proud, you know...

CALYPSO: Trust me, I am more proud of you than you can imagine. I mean, look at this roster of drivers you picked this year: 2 opposing special agents hired to do the same job, hired by the same person... 2 siblings with opposite agendas... even a preacher who is fighting with himself. And holy shit, you have the 3 Brothers Kane. All 3 Kane boys in the same contest. Civil war indeed. This is just incredible. I couldnt possibly be more proud of you. I know I'm leaving this contest to the right person.

KRISTA: You werent more proud of me on graduation day??

CALYPSO: Of course I was, but this is more personable to me.

Krista storms off into her office and slams the door behind her. The window glass shattering. Calypso turns around and unmutes the tv. He flips over to national news.

TV ANCHOR: The rumor mill is buzzing around the newly elected California governor, Krista Shephard as of late.

Calypso calls out to Krista to turn her tv to CNN.

TV ANCHOR: Word is that she has led a double life that we the people know nothing about.

Krista's blood runs cold as she watches on.

TV ANCHOR: Krista Shephard, aka, Krista 'Sparks' is said to be the daughter of global terrorist and crime lord phenomenon, Calypso, the man responsible for the hell-raising Twisted Metal contest that has not only ravaged our shores in the past, but has reduced entire European countries to rubble.


TV ANCHOR: Rumor also has it that not only is she his daughter, but she has actually COMPETED in this God-forsaken tournament under the suedo-name, Krista Sparks. Our source has asked us to keep them anonymous.

there you have it for now. I will include profiles for each new driver and non-contestant character. as for the ppl I have created, I posted their profiles in TT
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by magnum on 03/20/10 at 14:23:42

Can't wait to read more.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by Øbliverate on 03/20/10 at 20:36:12
Sweetness +500
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 03/21/10 at 06:09:54
Before she can even comprehend what is going on, her cell phone rings. Its Robert, her managerial advisor.

ROBERT: Krista, do you wanna tell me whats going on here??

KRISTA: I have no clue what that bitch is talking about, but they have bad information. I want you to send CNN a letter immediately, telling them that if they dont retract their statement and issue me a publicized apology within 72 hours, I will sue them into bankruptcy for slander.

ROBERT: I'm on it now...

He hangs up. Instead of slapping her cell phone closed, she accesses her Contacts list and scrolls down to the C's. She presses the call button.

KRISTA: Hello, Cage? it's Krista.

CAGE (on phone): Hello my love, whats going on?

KRISTA: I need you to do me a huge favor...

At this time, Calypso walks into the room and leans against the doorjamb, unknown to Krista, who's back is to the doorway.

CAGE: Lemme guess, you want me to kill that news anchor at CNN for spilling your beans?

KRISTA: More or less, yea. I'm on my way to suing the network as we speak. Ughh... you saw that too??

CAGE: I watch anything with you on it...

KRISTA: So you'll do it for me then?

CAGE: For you, baby... anything.

KRISTA: Thanks, I really appreciate it.

CAGE: Hey... I love you.

KRISTA: I love you too... good night.

Krista snaps her phone closed, ending the call.

CALYPSO (chiming in, startling Krista): I dont know why you associate with that psychopath..

KRISTA: He does whatever I ask like an obedient little puppy. When you look like this, men will do pretty much whatever you ask them to. Besides, you don't like the man I am truly in love with.

CALYPSO: You and your obsession with that fucking clown. I was hoping this was just a childhood phase.

KRISTA: He's the only man who could possibly handle me.

CALYPSO: Touche... anyway, come. almost all the drivers are here. I want you to watch the intro first hand.

KRISTA: Why not let me make it myself?

CALYPSO: I dont think the boys are ready to accept the fact that they'd be driving for a woman just yet. They need to be eased into it.

KRISTA: Whatever...

Just then, the guard at the main gate calls in on Calypso's headset.

GUARD (through headset): Sir, there is a guy here who claims he got the invite, but he's not on the list and doesnt have the confirmation letter.

CALYPSO: Well, who is it?

GUARD: Says his name is Beezwax.. drivin a green Dodge pick-up with a camper on the back.

CALYPSO (to Krista): Does the name 'Beezwax' ring a bell to you?

KRISTA: No, why?

CALYPSO: An uninvited guest trying to play our game. I'll have the guard send him away..

As Calypso goes to press the button on his headset to talk, Krista snatches it off of Calypso's ear and makes an order herself.

KRISTA: Shoot him in the fucking head and get rid of the truck. No one gets near this building unless they're supposed to be here.

GUARD: Hey, who is this? Where's Calypso??

Krista hands the headset back to Calypso. He slips it back on his ear and presses the button.

CALYPSO: You heard the woman, dispose of him and his vehicle.

Calypso and Krista watch the monitor viewing the main entrance to the garage. One of the guards at the gate takes aim with his M4A1 assault rifle and gives the trigger a couple quick pumps. Blood and cranial matter splatter all over the front of his stag pick-up, as Beezwax hits the pavement hard. Quickly, 2 guards grab his lifeless body - one by the arms and one by the feet - and toss him into the camper on the back of the truck. One of the street guards is ordered to take the truck away. Its gone within seconds.

CALYPSO (looking at Krista): Very proud...

In the garage, the contestants wait patiently for instruction. Several armed guards keep a watchful eye on everything. The biggest guard, Brutus, is in charge of collecting firearms as the drivers enter. The first floor serves as a waiting room for contestants who havent been patted down or their vehicles searched. Brutus walks up to Thumper and its occupants.

BRUTUS: I need you and your friend to stand with your hands on the roof of the car and spread your ankles.

HECTOR: Wha', ese? We bein arrested or something?

BRUTUS: No, I'm collecting weapons. Calypso doesnt want any fucking around before the tournament, especially inside his building. They will be returned to you when you leave.

Brutus pats the men down, and between the two, he finds 3 modified handguns and a few switchblades. He proceeds to search the car, while a second guard watches his back to make sure the two Mexicans dont try anything slick. Brutus re-emerges with 2 more handguns and an RPG rocket launcher.

BRUTUS: Damn guys, you came to fight a war, huh?

The two partners laugh to themselves. Brutus motions for another guard to help him carry the weapons to the storage lockers next to the guard's shack at the main entrance. Each locker has a different name written on it, all representing a different car. They put the weapons inside and lock the door behind them. On the far wall, we see a camo-painted Humvee parked in a shadow. It's tactical team outside, leaning against the brush guard on the front of the vehicle, waiting their turn. They scan the few opponents also in line.

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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by DoktorStrychnine on 03/21/10 at 10:51:13
Oh. My. God.
This is better then television, spicy wings, and weed combined! Well actually... maybe not the weed. Your story rapes the shit out of this page. You've got great details and character depth. Damn, man. That's sweet as TITS. I can't wait for the next story. With fanfics like these, it's like TMA's grown a third penis.

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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 03/22/10 at 03:02:04
CAPTAIN PRICE (thich Irish accent): Where is he? Intel said he was attending this year..

SOAP MACTAVISH: Intel is never wrong. Give it time.

PRICE: If we blow this, we'll let the te....

Price cuts his words short as he spots a familiar face a few cars down. He begins walking in that direction. As he approaches...

PRICE: Agent Stone, I havent seen you in years. How have you been, comrade?

STONE: Well well, Captain Price. I've been ok. (shaking hands) How's life been treating you?


STONE: It never gets old, does it?

PRICE: No sir it doesnt. I guess the Bureau doesnt let you associate with old partners once you enter the FBI, huh?

STONE: Pretty much, yea. I lost alot of allies making that move.

PRICE: Thats how the cookie crumbles. I heard what happened a few years back. Its too bad they 'burned' you.

STONE: Oh yea.... that. It was for the best. I mean, whats the point in keeping someone who isnt even clinically alive on the payroll, ya know?

PRICE: Wait, what?

STONE: When I was found, the Lambo was toast, but I was still alive. I was in a coma, but still alive nonetheless. When I finally came around from the coma, I was already "employed" elsewhere..

PRICE: And here, you're back again? Not too many people can say they survived Twisted Metal and lived to tell about it. You're tempting fate, old friend.

STONE: What can I say? I need a paycheck.

PRICE: Who do you work for nowadays, anyway?

Stone looks around, and sees that no one is within earshot.

STONE: Since we're comrades, I'll tell you. I got picked up by a pharmaceutical company called Cyber Cell. They make everything from low-budget aspirin to human-enhancement meds.

PRICE (laughing): You mean like those little dick pills I see commercials for at 2am?

STONE (laughing as well): No, a little more 'in-depth'...

PRICE: Well I guess that explains why you dont look like you've aged in 20 years.

STONE: Yea, they do some amazing work. And once the government found out about my recent 'add-ons', they became interested in me again and contacted Cyber Cell about freelancing me for a job.

PRICE (laughing once more): 'Add-ons' eh?

STONE: Yes sir.

PRICE: Please, do explain..

STONE: I woke up from my coma, only to find out that 75% of my skeletal structure had been destroyed. Cyber Cell went in and replaced it all with carbon-fiber, making me lighter, faster, and more versatile. A series of injections have slowed my aging by half, as well as tripling my sight and hearing capabilities. Simply put, I'm the future.

Stone flashes Price a big smile, and takes a seat on his vehicle.

PRICE: What is this mission the government has you doing?

Before Stone can answer, the sound of a rumbling diesel fills the bottom floor of the garage. The mammoth size of the unseen vehicle shakes the very ground everyone is standing on. Stone and Price look at the entrance to see what could be causing such a ruckus. A matte green truck comes into view as it rounds the corner, stopping for guard at the gate. Its a truck built by International for the solo purpose of hauling large missiles from base to base. On the driver's door, a red Russian flag is hastily painted on.  

STONE and PRICE (simultaneously): Makarov...

The old friends look at each other in shock.

PRICE: You're here for Makarov??

STONE: I assume you are too then..

PRICE: Yes.The orders were given two months ago by my superior to get the Warthog ready for battle, and told me what I was to do. Soap insisted on coming along as my gunman. When we heard who our target was, we couldnt get ready fast enough to get here.

STONE: Were you given a price?

PRICE (looking offended): No, I'm just doing my job as a soldier.

STONE: Heh, thats the one thing I dont miss about the Bureau. I get paid for these kinds of missions now.

PRICE: So you accept blood money these days.

STONE: I gotta eat, ya know. Since the cards have been dealt, it looks like we know our mission now.

Stone pauses for a moment to grab the helmet resting behind him on the seat.

STONE: We're comrades, but heed my advice: DONT GET IN MY FUCKING WAY.

Stone slips his helmet on and buckles it under his chin. Stunned at what his old friend has turned into, Price walks away bewildered, back to his partner and Warthog.

SOAP: Not to be obvious, but Makarov has arrived.

PRICE: I think we have a bigger problem than Makarov at this point...

Back in the office, Calypso is busy making himself presentable for his broadcast to his drivers. Krista is busy getting the camera set up. Calypso pushes the button on his headset.

CALYPSO: Is everyone here?

GUARD: I've got all but one name checked off the roster.

CALYPSO: Who hasnt showed up yet?

GUARD (uneasy): Umm.. that would be Needles, sir.

CALYPSO (irritated): Figures... we'll give him a couple more minutes. He's seen this introduction a thousand times anyway.

Calypso goes back to getting ready. A few minutes later, he hears the guard's voice in his headset again.

GUARD: Needles has arrived, sir.

CALYPSO: Wave him in. No need to confiscate his weapons.

GUARD: You want me to let the most dangerous person in the group keep his weapons??

CALYPSO: Yes... he knows better than to fuck with me.

As Needles approaches the gate, Brutus raises the arm and waves the ice cream truck in. Needles eyeballs the guards manning the gate. As he ascends the parking structure, he glances at all the guards on every floor, standing in the darkness. Guards where there arent even any cars.

NEEDLES (in thought): Damn Scarface, you sure got alotta firepower this year...

As the ice cream truck reaches the top floor, everyone there goes silent. Drivers, guards.. all eyes trained on the clown. He backs into his parking spot and hops out of his truck.

NEEDLES (to the crowd): What? No hello?

Whispers fill the air immediately. Needles walks to the front of his truck, and sits on the rusted chrome bumper. He has a funnel of cotton candy in his hand. In the water puddle's reflection, however, we see a bloody, dripping butcher's knife. Needles catches a glimpse of this and lets out a short laugh.

GUARD (into headset): Sir, we have everyone here. Are we ready?



The huge flatscreen on the wall next to the guard begins to show static, finally focusing on Calypso.

CALYPSO: Hello everyone. I am Calypso, and I welcome you to Twisted Metal.

Cheering starts to echo throughout the concrete walls and corridors.

CALYPSO: Heh, I'm glad to see some enthusiasm after such a long hiatus from action. The turn out is just amazing this year, thank you all for coming. I wanted to take this time to explain the rules to some of you newcomers, and refresh the minds of some of the vets that have been absent in recent outings.

He pauses, making sure he has everyone's undivided attention.

CALYPSO: Rule number one: no one is to be late. Being that everyone is here, even you Needles (a few chuckles are heard from some of the senior drivers, Needles flips off the tv), this rule is nill right now. But, it also applies to the day of the contest. If you are late, or further more, abandon your spot, you will be disqualified.

A few people start muttering to each other, but quickly stop.

CALYPSO: No need to worry, just wake up at a decent hour and dont pussy out. Simple. (a short pause)  Rule number two: do not leave the battlefield. If you punk out mid-match and decide to just hit the highway and bail out, you will be disqualified. And thats it. The rest of the details will be explained the day of the tournament. Now at this time, everyone will need to take their vehicles to the airport and go to hangar 12. From there, The Wrecking Crew will spend the next 72 hours modifying your vehicles with weapons and other gadgets needed for survival. (a short pause) Any questions?

A new face in the crowd calls out to the screen...

JAVALIN: Hey, who is The Wrecking Crew??

CALYPSO: The Wrecking Crew are an elite team of mechanics who each specialize in one field of automotive expertise. They work hard, they work fast, and they are GOOD. And in 3 days, your average grocery-getters will be death-on-wheels.

Another new face calls out..

HECTOR: 'ey!! Do we get a say in what gets done??

CALYPSO: Yes, you will. The mechanic in charge of your car will talk to you before they get started to get an idea of what kind of driver you are. You will be pleased when you get it back, I promise. If there arent any more questions, I will be on my way and I suggest you do the same. I will see you all at the airport.

The screen fades to black. All the drivers proceed to their cars. Engines start to fire up, one after another. The sound of the simultaneously-running motors is enough to shake the building. As the drivers approach the main gate to leave, they are greeted by a guard who checks them out and hands back their confiscated weapons. Up in the office, Calypso thumbs through some of the driver's dossiers. He pulls a few out and puts the rest to the side. The ones he's selected are the new drivers. As he's about to do some homework, he's approached by Krista.

KRISTA: I'm gonna run down to the corner store and grab something to drink and get some air. I'll be back in a while.

CALYPSO: Are you sure it's wise to leave this building?

KRISTA (pulling out a custom .45 Ruger): Yea, I think I'll be alright.

She tucks the gun behind her back and heads for the door. Calypso continues reading.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by DoktorStrychnine on 03/22/10 at 05:20:20
Oh Snap. The suspense is growing like a colony of e.coli on day old Canadian beef. You are one helluva story teller. But why does Sweet Tooth have cotton candy? I was totally expecting at least some soft serve on that guy? I'm also expecting a lot outta Krista. She seems like a focktopuss. I hope she gets broomraped.
It'd be awesome of everyone on the floor would have a fat assed keg party before killing the shit out of each other. What's a brawl without the booze?
Can't wait for the next one!

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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 03/22/10 at 18:19:14
the cotton candy is a throwback to that one pic of Sweet Tooth from Black.. i'm sure at least one person caught that

and yes, Krista is a major player in this story. and I will inclue a pic of the chick who is the basis for her physical appearance which I explain in the next installment
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 03/23/10 at 03:33:57
Krista heads out and makes her way down the street to the 7-Eleven on the corner. Looking up from the dossiers, Calypso catches a glimpse of her on one of the monitors. She disappears from view as she steps into the store. Once inside, Krista draws her Ruger as her eyes dart across the room, looking for any type of danger. Once she is convinced she's safe, she proceeds to the cooler in the back and grabs a soda. On the way out, she stops at the counter out of habit, but quietly giggles to herself and walks out. She re-emerges outside, and into view of the spectator cam but Calypso is back to reading his files. As Krista starts to make her way back to the carpark, the sound of gargling exhaust and horrendously loud bass approaches from behind. She keeps walking.

HECTOR: 'ey mami, I like da way you be shakin dat ass!!

Krista stops in her tracks, but doesnt turn around.

WILLIAM: What's a pretty girl like you doin out here? Don't you know it's dangerous right now?

HECTOR: Yea, we don't wanna see anything happen to such a pretty thing like you. Why don't you hop in with us? We'll keep you safe..

At this point, Krista has had enough. Turning around, she walks up to the passenger side window. As she bends down to look inside the car, she draws her gun out from behind her back, making sure it's in plain sight.

KRISTA: Listen to me you fucking spic-stains, if you dont get the fuck out of here and leave me alone, I'm gonna window your skulls.. get me?

Hector takes a good, hard look at Krista's face.

HECTOR: 'ey, wait a minute, I know you. You're our new governor over in Cali..

Krista stands up and walks around to Hector's window.

HECTOR: What's real funny.. we jus heard on the radio that you're this Calypso guy's daughter. I guess that explains why you out here right now, yea?

Krista takes her gun and jams it in Hector's crotch.

KRISTA: If either one of you so much as whispers that you saw me here, I'll blow this little thing you call a dick clean off.

She stands back up strait again.

HECTOR: Chill, chill... don't worry mami, we got'chu.

As they begin to pull away, William mutters under his breath.

WILLIAM: Fucking blanca puta es loco, homes.

Krista, now furious, pulls her gun back out and pops off 3 shots, all hitting the pink lowrider. Hector slams the brakes and William hops out of the car.

WILLIAM: What's your fucking problem, eh??

KRISTA (gun now aimed at WIlliam): You stupid fuck, I'm the governor of California. You think I dont know spanish??

HECTOR (from inside the car): 'ey Will, get da fuck back in da car or I'll fucking leave you here, ese!!

William turns back around and gets in the car. Hector speeds off, and Krista begins her walk back again. As she reaches the carpark, Krista stops and turns down an alleyway between the carpark and the apartment building next door.

CALYPSO (watching monitors): What the... where is she going?

A little ways down, Krista comes to a single door on the side of the carpark. She pulls out a keyring with a single key on it. Unlocking the door, she steps inside and closes the door behind her. Ahead of her are a few narrow, poorly lit hallways. Several doors to either side, but the only one that interests her lies at the end. She approaches the last door in the hallway and unlocks it. She opens it up into a large, pitch black room. Flicking on the light, we see a large garage. Tool chest on the far wall, a big roll-up door on the right wall, and a set of lockers to the left. And in the middle of the room is a tube chassis frame up on 4 jackstands. A small, wheeled shop chair sits next to it, and a handtruck with 2 tanks chained to it. Krista locks her eyes on the frame and begins to smile wide. She walks into the room and makes a beeline for the lockers, unbuttoning her business jacket as she walks. Approaching the lockers, she lifts the handle of one and opens it, then finishes unbuttoning her jacket and takes it off, revealing a white wifebeater tank top and a very shapely body underneath. A black lace bra can be seen plainly through the wifebeater. She then slips her skirt down to her ankles, and steps out it, left wearing nothing but the tank top and a pair of matching black lace boyshorts. She unpins her hair and lets it fall, her long and wavy brown hair reaching mid-back. She neatly places her clothes in the open locker, then opens the one next to it, pulling out a pair of tattered, old cargo pants. She slips them on and starts walking toward the tool chest. On the way, she pulls out a hairtie and pulls her hair back into a loose ponytail. She makes it to the tool chest and grabs the ignitor for her welder. She reaches up and pushes Play on her stereo. The sounds of Pitchshifter can be heard blaring through the high-end surround sound system set up all around the garage. She walks over to the frame and sits down in her shop chair. She picks up the welding chuck and turns some valves on the tanks next to her. She clicks the ignitor at the tip and a flame erupts, changing color as Krista adjusts the temperature. She begins welding.

It isnt long before the music comes to an abrupt halt. Krista, unfettered, keeps working.

KRISTA: What do you want, dad?

CALYPSO: Wondering what you have going on down here...

Calypso looks around the room, spotting several painting eisels, each with a progressive drawing on it. The obvious final cut, finished in color and signed by Krista herself, bears the name "GRASSHOPPER 2" at the top.

CALYPSO: You're not seriously considering entering again, are you?

KRISTA: Considering? No... I am.

CALYPSO: Then who is gonna take over for me when I'm gone if you're dead?

KRISTA: Thanks for the vote of confidence...

CALYPSO: Well truth be told, had it not been for me the last time you wanted to play, you'd be dead right now.

Krista stays quiet, but keeps working.

CALYPSO: I just cant bare the thought of my daughter being killed by my very own masterpiece.

KRISTA: Hey, you always said you wanted a tomboy who liked cars... wish granted.

CALYPSO: Yea, but I never thought you'd ever wanna be involved in this to the point of driving in it.

Krista keeps silent again. After a tensious moment...

CALYPSO: Will you be ready to leave soon? We need to head to the airport for the mechanic's briefing shortly.

KRISTA: Yes, just give me 30 minutes. I'll be up.

Half an hour later, Krista comes walking up to the front of the carpark, still wearing her tank top and worn out cargo pants. An all-black Range Rover sits waiting. As Krista approaches the truck, a big black guy in a suit opens the back passenger side door for her.

HORACE: Hello Ms. Shephard. How is everything today?

KRISTA: Hi Horace, everything is going ok, thank you. How is the wife?

HORACE: She's worried sick, but I assured her I'd come home in one piece (laughing).

KRISTA (giggling): Come on, you guys know we take good care of our people. Want me to call her?

HORACE: Oh no, that wont be needed. But thank you anyway.

Horace shuts the door behind her, and climbs into the front passenger side seat. Calypso is already in the back with Krista.

CALYPSO: We're in a hurry, so lets step on it, shall we?

and this is who I have in mind when thinking of what Krista looks like... Ms. Melyssa Grace, possibly the hottest girl on the planet

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Okay, if she was like Melyssa, it's okay, but I was thinking of some whitey focktopuss dick huffing corporate bitch. Thanks for clearing that up. It saves me some Pepto Bismol and a few tissues.  
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Post by magnum on 03/23/10 at 13:20:54
Sweet. She wants to play huh?

You can see the edge of her right arolea in that cleave shot.  ;D
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yea, I noticed that last night when I saw that a lot of her titty was hangin out
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
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The Dizaster Child wrote on 03/23/10 at 19:15:34:
yea, I noticed that last night when I saw that a lot of her titty was hangin out

Now that you guys mention it... Yep a nip-slip. Wow you guys are pros. I totally missed that. I bet having a penis helps. A lot.
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my penis would help her alot
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here are the non-driving character's profiles. I wont include everyone, just the main ppl or the ones I wanna expand upon

The man, the myth, the legend. He is the one who has the twisted mind that created this hellish tournament over a decade ago. With an ever-expanding bank account and the longest running lucky-streak on earth, he has enjoyed numerous Twisted Metal outings and will continue to enjoy alot more. No one really knows much about him, aside from the fact that he has a daughter, one who stands to inherit this contest.

The only daughter to Calypso and rightful heir to the Twisted Metal throne. She's every bit as bloodthirsty as her father, but one thing separates them; she has a need for speed herself. At the age of 15, she faked her way into the contest using a dune buggy her own father bought for her as a child that she modified for competition herself. After her car was incapacitated, Calypso stepped in and saved her life - the only time he's ever intervened in the on-goings of the contest. After that, she focused her 198 IQ points and graduated Harvard Law with a masters, as well as a masters in Political Science - all at the age of 17. Brains, beauty, and a killer instinct... she's the total package.

Toby is the leader of Calypso's in-house mechanics team, The Wrecking Crew. And unknown to almost everybody else, Calypso's childhood best friend. He was there when Calypso's dad won his first big race. He was there when Calypso and his dad finished Calypso's first car - a Ford Galaxie. And he was there the night Calypso's dad went crazy and tied his mom to the back of the Galaxie, then ran his car into her - at 70mph. In front of both kids.

Straight outta South Central LA, Carl is no stranger to Twisted Metal - even before he became a member of The Wrecking Crew. Before there was a Wrecking Crew, the drivers would have to modify their own cars for the contest, and this is where Carl came in. See, back in the day, there was an incident that made Carl have to live on the east coast to get away from his problems at home. But after his mom was killed in a drive-by shooting, he was forced to come back and get to the bottom of it. During this time, he met his soon-to-be brother-in-law, Cesar Vialpando. After everything had settled down, the 2 turned the once-disrespected Loco Low Co. modification shop into a statewide success. It wasn't long before the Twisted Metal contest came to town, destroying large areas every winter. After years and years of ducking and hiding, Carl's cousin Bruce came to see him at the shop. He confessed that he was entering the Twisted Metal contest to try and put an end to the madness, and that he wanted Carl to turn his '64 Chevy Impala lowrider into a battle tank. Carl and Cesar worked every day for 6 months until it was completed, only to receive word that Bruce had been killed in the contest. Carl has blamed himself ever since and has joined the Crew in hopes of finding a way to redeeming himself.
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The Dizaster Child wrote on 03/24/10 at 04:04:34:
here are the non-driving character's profiles. I wont include everyone, just the main ppl or the ones I wanna expand upon

The man, the myth, the legend.

You talk about Calypso like he's a sandwich.
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what the fuck sandwich are you eating thats so epic? you potheads are easy to plz when it comes to munchies
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
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The Dizaster Child wrote on 03/24/10 at 04:19:25:
what the fuck sandwich are you eating thats so epic? you potheads are easy to plz when it comes to munchies

I saw that exact same line on an ad for a Philly Cheese-steak.
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and here are the new driver profiles. by new drivers, I mean new drivers in veteran cars. if there are new drivers in new cars, they've already been explained in TT in the 'new characters' thread

* name: Warthog
* driver: Captain John Price
* co-driver: John "Soap" Mactavish
* hometown: Limerock, Ireland
* occupation: captain of U.S. Task Force 141
* car make/model: AM General Hummer H1 (Humvee)
* special: Morning Glories (3 power missiles with homing capabilites)
* license plate: S S D D
* bio: Price was contacted by his commanding officer and informed that his main target was entering Twisted Metal this year shortly after intel had discovered a hidden weapon of mass destruction. He was all too happy to sign up, and his right-hand man 'Soap' insisted on helping.

* name: Crimson Fury
* driver: Agent Stone
* co-driver: n/a
* hometown: Sussex, England
* occupation: freelance for Cyber Cell Industries
* car make/model: Suzuki GSX-R 1200 Hayabusa
* special: Predator Missile (satellite-guided missile armed from Fury's touch-screen monitor)
* license plate: CRBN MAN
* bio: After a brush with death from his first tour of Twisted Metal, Stone awoke to find himself better than ever, literally. Now with a new employer and new goals, Stone is a one-man army. The government contacted Cyber Cell about freelancing Stone for a job: aquiring a weapon of mass destruction before Russian terrorists have the chance to get it. And what better way to test their first prototype?

* name: Brimstone
* driver: Jebadiah
* co-driver: n/a
* hometown: Savannah, GA
* occupation: preacher
* car make/model: Ford Ranchero
* special: Sacrificial Lambs (guilt-ridden followers of Preacher, strapped with bombs and launched from the bed of Brimstone)
* license plate: RDMPTION
* bio: A devout christian who suffers from delusions and SPD (split personality disorder), Jebadiah is wanted by the law for performing excorsisms that all end in murder. He's fighting for the help to see the truth.

* name: Outlaw
* driver: Sgt. Carl Roberts
* co-driver: n/a
* hometown: Hollywood, CA
* occupation: sargeant of the LAPD
* car make/model: Shelby Mustang GT-500 Super Snake turbo (police issue)
* special: Omni-Tazer (a roof-mounted tazer capable of 360-degree targeting)
* license plate: K RUPT
* bio: After his first trip through Twisted Metal left him stranded in space and forced him to take up in the international space station to stay alive, it became obvious to Carl that the age-old addage, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" held true. Carl started accepting bribes from Calypso, and helped him pull off his contest every year, making sure to keep himself from suspicion as well. Everything was going fine until this year....

* name: Siren
* driver: Officer Jamie Roberts
* co-driver: none
* hometown: Hollywood, CA
* occupation: officer for the LAPD
* car make/model: Ford Mustang Saleen supercharged (police issue)
* special: special: Omni-Tazer (a roof-mounted tazer capable of 360-degree targeting)
* license plate: UR BUSTD
* bio: Jamie and her brother Carl were one hell of a team on the LAPD Task Force. That is, until Carl sold his soul and decide that crime DID pay. Unable to believe her eyes, Jamie decided that dragging her brother into Twisted Metal would be the only way to end his corruption.

* name: Thumper
* driver: Hector Mendoza
* co-driver: William Sejido
* hometown: San Diego, CA
* occupation: apartment maintenance
* car make/model: Buick Riviera lowrider
* special: Flamethrower (a front-mounted flamethrower fires from the grille)
* license plate: 2 LO 4 U
* bio: After years of small time dealing and stealing, Hector found himself in the middle of a house raid. The one time him and his cousin are clean, the cops plant evidence (thanks to Carl Roberts) to make sure the bust sticks. Hector makes a run for it, but his cousin gets caught and is sentenced to 10 years in Lompoc. Hector is fighting to free his cousin.

* name: Spectre
* driver: Josh Levay
* co-driver: n/a
* hometown: Las Vegas, NV
* occupation: hustler
* car make/model: Toyota Supra Twin Turbo
* special: Spectral Missile (a missile capable of passing through solid objects in order to hit their target)
* license plate: GHSTRYDR
* bio: Josh finally got tired of hustling Honda Civics and Mitsubishi Eclipses for chump change on the local strip. He soon wanted more: more adrenaline, more challenge, and mostly - more money. His reputation finally reached the ears of Dennis Black, a casino mogul who had a nasty addiction to betting on street racing. After an accident left his previous driver out of commission, Black needed a new one. He soon had Josh on his payroll, winning race after race. Black was raking in the cash. It wasn't long before Josh's ego got the best of him and he demanded a bigger cut of the winnings. Of course, Dennis' greed refused this. Out of spite, Josh threw his next race, making Black lose a substantial amount of money. Josh tried to run, but was found and murdered. Josh has come back to avenge his death and punish Dennis.

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Oooh. Fancy!
Is Grimm gonna be here? I miss him.
And where's my sandwich? I placed an order like 5 hours ago.

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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 03/24/10 at 16:22:53
fuck the sandwich.. what the eff happened to Spectre's profile? only the pic showed up...

Grimm actually gets a lil mention in the next part as well as some 2-wheeled rivalry in the battle. but honestly, he doesn't have as big a part as he did in Vengeance
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by YellowJacket318 on 03/25/10 at 00:06:08
Dude, this is sick so far! Thanks for the mention in Post #1 as another resident gearhead.  If you need any help coming up with vehicles or drivers, don't hesitate to get to me about it, I'll be glad to help with this epic fic.

Also, finally someone else that knows of Melyssa Grace, she's gorgeous.  
And if Amanda Watts makes an appearance in this Fic, (going on the body in the TM2 book) I hope to god she looks something like Marzia Prince!
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The Dizaster Child wrote on 03/24/10 at 16:22:53:
fuck the sandwich.. what the eff happened to Spectre's profile? only the pic showed up...

Grimm actually gets a lil mention in the next part as well as some 2-wheeled rivalry in the battle. but honestly, he doesn't have as big a part as he did in Vengeance

Whoa, dude. Never diss a Philly Cheesesteak. Imagine it all freshly toasted down to the very last onion in perfection. Then add the traditional greasy brown bag. These things are a fat guy's wet dream.
Vengeance? Where's that? I'm not sure if I hit it up before.

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oh fuh sho', Tim. its nice to know that I can say 'wrist pin' or 'crankshaft' and someone else will know what the fuck I'm talking about. and yes, Melyssa Grace.. she is beyond words. and Lisa Kim Fleming  ;D

Twister and Amanda both get mentions, but they aren't in the story. I just couldn't find a place for either one of them

Vengeance was my first fanfic. it's still on the TT wall cause it never got moved. if you're all about Grimm, thats a good read for you then

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The choppers overhead catch the convoy of cars heading down the highway en route to the airport. Calypso's Range Rover moves in quick, trying to catch up. By the time he arrives, the cars are just pulling into their own individual paddocks inside the hangar. As Calypso walks inside, he is greeted by his head mechanic, Wrench Monkey. After some small talk, its down to business.

CALYPSO: Ok, gather up your guys while I get everyone's attention. It's time for introductions.

Monkey walks off to get the crew together. Calypso stands up on a step ladder, and the crew falls in behind him.

CALYPSO: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to meet your makers, so to speak. The men and women behind me are known as The Wrecking Crew. They are the elite amongst the elite, hence their fat paychecks when the contest is over.

Quiet laughing is heard from both, the mechanics and the drivers. Wrench Monkey steps up besides Calypso.

CALYPSO (waving an introductory hand): This is Wrench Monkey, the lead mechanic. This is his hangar now. He will be in charge for the next 72 hours. His word is law. He will be the one to oversee all cars and their proposed modifications, although there will be a head mechanic assigned to each car. Together, they will transform your car from an everyday commuter, to a death dealing monster. You will be pleased, trust me.

Applause from the mechanics and drivers echoes inside the tin building. Shortly after, the crowds disperse back to their respective make-shift "garages". Calypso and Wrench Monkey head back to the office that Wrench Monkey has claimed as his own.

We come to Thumper's domain. The lead mechanic, Skidz, is busy looking over the lowrider. Hector and William walk up.

SKIDZ: You guys must be Hector and Will. I'm Skidz, the man in charge of your car.

HECTOR: Whats up, ese? What'chu got in mind?

SKIDZ: It looks like I got alot of room to work with here, and for what I got planned, I'm gonna need it.

HECTOR: Damn son, this is soundin legit. Spill it, man.. I been waitin for this part.

SKIDZ: The first thing I wanna do is relocate the motor to the trunk. Luckily, you drive a Buick so that big block will fit. I have a transmission and differential we can mock-up to work with the new engine location. I'm gonna move your hydraulic pumps and batteries to where the rear seat used to be.

WILLIAM: Used to be? Looks like we're losing the back seats.

HECTOR: Thats ok, I trust the man.

WILLIAM: You're moving the motor to the back? Thats different...

SKIDZ: Ha, yea.. but here's the kicker: Calypso picked up a military-grade flamethrower from a source on the Black Market, and told me to give it a good home; that home is under the hood of your car.

HECTOR and WILL: Whoooooo!!!!

SKIDZ: Now you see why I need all that room. The next step is to relocate your gas tank to the front of the car. I'm gonna mount it between the A-frame, about the same spot where the oil pan on the motor is. That way, ground clearance is the same and also, moving the tank there will eliminate the need to run the fuel lines for the flamethrower the entire length of the car. This will keep shit like ripping or snagging lines from happening. I'm also gonna weld in a steel plate between the rear panels of the car and the motor so rear-end damage wont effect the engine at all.

HECTOR: Sounds good, homes.

SKIDZ: The only downside to the flamethrower is that since it shares the gas tank with the motor, you'll be running empty alot more often. You'll have to keep an eye on your gas gauge. I mean, there will be a fail-safe inside the tank that cuts off the flamethrower at an eighth of a tank so you dont run on E in mid-battle, but it wouldnt hurt to stay cautious.

Back in the office, Calypso decides to go mingle with his drivers while Wrench Monkey grabs his roster and walks the paddocks.

MONKEY: Humvee, check. Shelby police car, check. Harley, check. taxi cab, check. Mustang police car, ch...

Wrench Monkey cuts himself off as he looks back over his roster, and sure enough, there it is; Carl Roberts - Shelby Mustang GT500 police issue, Jamie Roberts - Ford Mustang Saleen police issue. Confused, Wrench tracks down Calypso.

MONKEY: Hey Calypso, I got 2 cop cars on here - one listed to Outlaw and the other to Outlaw 2. What gives this year?

CALYPSO: Good memory, but alas, the one driven by Jamie is no longer being referred to as Outlaw 2. She calls her car "Siren" now, as she no longer associates with "Team Outlaw" anymore. It seems her and her brother had a falling out of sorts.

MONKEY: Ok, I know siblings fight, but fuck... this is a little extreme!!

CALYPSO: It goes alot deep than anyone truly knows...

Calypso walks in on the Crimson Fury area, where the mechanic is talking to Agent Stone.

RATCHET: Calypso, good timing. I gotta tell ya... there's not a thing I can do to this bike.

STONE: Thats because its perfect. It was prepped for war before I even left the lab.

CALYPSO: You know, I have been meaning to talk to you, Stone. I know about your bio upgrades, but how do you plan to compete with a crotch rocket? I mean, we know how Grimm does it... he's the Reaper. Yes, he strips away most of his power to make it fair, but he does have that little power on his side. But you... you're human.

STONE: With my skill and this bike, I dont NEED special powers.

CALYPSO: Well tell me about "this" bike then.

STONE (smirking): Well for starters, we began with the fastest production bike on the planet - the Suzuki Hayabusa. On top of the amazing motor it already has, mine has been race-built for good measure, ensuring that no one here can match my speed. It has also been lowered on race suspension, making mine the most nimble ride here as well. The wheels and frame have been replaced with titanium-alloy, making them lighter and stronger, as well as the frame having been stretched 18 inches, helping to make sure the front end stays planted with all the extra power we're packing now. The factory body plastics have been swapped in exchange for carbon-kevlar pieces, which are lighter and bulletproof, helping to protect the engine and gas tank. The triple mini-guns up front are made of full carbon fiber, making them lighter than normal and highly heat-resistant. Lastly, my instrument cluster has been replaced with a touch-screen monitor, specifically for engaging my special attack.

CALYPSO: Impressive indeed. Whats gonna protect YOU though? You yourself are not bulletproof.

STONE: My helmet is made of full kevlar. The visor has been fitted with a full heads-up display that is synced to the bike's on-board computer, showing me everything that my factory instrument cluster would show me, as well as ammo and mini-gun temperature, so I wont have to look away from the action ahead of me. The HUD is fully transparent, so it wont block my line of sight. My suit is a carbon-kevlar deposit, with steel hinges at all my joints. I am completely bulletproof, yet have full functionality.

RATCHET: Wow, damn. There has gotta be a mill between you and the bike.

STONE: $124,000 over the 1 million mark, actually. Cyber Cell has DEEP pockets.

CALYPSO: Stone, I take back any doubts I have had in anyone other than Grimm competing with a motorcycle. You sir, have my respect.

The next paddock down, we find Tommy Javalin speaking with his mechanic, aptly named 'Sockets'.

SOCKETS: Tommy Javalin? I'm Sockets, the man who will be working on your car for the next 3 days.

TOMMY (shaking hands): Good to meet ya. What do we have going on here?

SOCKETS: Well, looking over your car, this is obviously a hand-built deal. The frame work is remarkable, the sheetmetal work - flawless. Who does your work?

TOMMY (proudly): Believe it or not, this was 100% constructed in my garage in Delaware. I use it for the DDAS, as well some local rookie events. I'm hoping to one day get it into NASCAR.

SOCKETS (wide-eyed): Holy shit is that impressive. What ya runnin under the hood?

TOMMY: GM 350 small block, punched out to a 383 Stroker.. GMPP forged rods, pistons, and crank.. full Ferrera valvetrain.. the heads have been race-ported and polished. Its putting down close to 700 horsepower.

SOCKETS: In all the years that I've worked for Calypso, this is the first time I've seen a legit track car.

TOMMY: What about Twister?

SOCKETS: Meh, that was an F1 car.. nothing more than a cock ride. But cars like yours - thats where its at for me. Besides, the poor girl didnt even know what she was getting herself into. Did you know that Cyclone attack bullshit was HER idea?? Wrench Monkey tried talking her out of it, but she insisted. Thats why she got turned into a grease spot on the bottom of the Eiffel Tower.

TOMMY (laughing): Yea, none of that twirly bird shit for me, thanks.

SOCKETS: Yea, I got something special in mind for this rig.

TOMMY: Oh? Like what?

SOCKETS: Well, your last name gave me an idea. I'm thinking of welding some brackets to the ceiling of the car that will hold a long, javalin-like steel rod. Run that to a big air compressor mounted inside the trunk area. I also want to notch out a hole in the windshield for this thing to fly through. Essentially, you'd have an air-powered spear-shooter. I guarantee it'd be able to plow straight through everything short of maybe Darkside.

TOMMY: Ooooo, I like it!!

SOCKETS: Hah, I thought you might.

TOMMY: One question though. Do you mind if I help the crew work on my car? I'm a metal fabricator back home, and know this car inside and out. With my assistance, we could get the car done twice as fast and have time to fine-tune everything.

SOCKETS: I dont see why not.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 03/25/10 at 03:55:52
Calypso makes his way to Darkside. As he steps into the work area, the lead mechanic walks up...

WINGNUT: Dammit Calypso, this is the second year in a row I get picked to work on this rig. I dont mind the truck, but that fucking guy driving it gives me the damn creeps.

Calypso looks over his mechanic's shoulder to see Mr. Ash leaning up against the far wall, with his head slightly looking down. His green glowing eyes can be made out just below the brim of his hat. Even in his own darkness, his sly smile can be seen plain as day.

CALYPSO: I see your point. Perhaps you would like to switch and work on Grimm's chopper, or Sweet Tooth?

WINGNUT: What?? Eh, you know what? I'd take Doctor Satan here over those two basketcases any day, thanks.

CALYPSO: Thought so. Have fun and try not to piss him off. He can be a real asshole when he wants to be.

Wingnut walks over to Mr. Ash, approaching slowly to appear non-threatening.

WINGNUT: So I have an idea about your truck. I was thinking of replacing the grille with a matching one that I've modified with 14 inch spikes lining the frame. When you crash into someone, they are sure to stick to your front end, leaving you to do as you please them with them.

ASH (laughing): I like the sound of that.

WINGNUT: And to add to the impact, I'm installing an extra nitrous kit. It'll have 20-pound bottles and the biggest jets available. When you hit the GO button, this rig will take off like a bat out of... well... hell.

ASH: I see someone has a few jokes here.

WINGNUT (shaking): No no, it was just good old fashioned humor. Didnt mean anything by it, I swear.

Ash eyes him menacingly, watching the mechanic shiver with fear. Ash bursts out laughing with his deep, echoing laugh.

ASH: Tell me more about the nitrous.

WINGNUT (still shaking): Well pretty much, when you line up with another car, hit the button and hold on tight. You'll hit them with the force of a wrecking ball. The only vehicle that can stand up to you this year is the missile truck, so I'd just let everyone else whittle him down.

ASH: Thanks, but I don't need strategy advice from a mechanic. I've been doing this for over a decade, I think I got it covered.

Wingnut stands there, too nervous to say another word.

ASH: Well, what are you waiting for? Gather your men and get to work!

As Wingnut runs off, Ash busts out in laughter again at his manipulation of the poor guy.

Calypso walks on to the last 2 paddocks, which have been merged into one to accomodate the sheer size of the prison bus known as Grey Goose. The mechanics are busy talking over their plans with the drivers.

SHIFT: A '69 motherfucking Blue Bird... there is so much potential here.

JOSE (smirking proudly): I thought the same thing as I was stealing it, 'ese.

SHIFT: I've already got some ideas here...

JOSE (interrupting the mechanic): Don't tell me, homes. I wanna be surprised when I come back to pick it up.

SHIFT: Wow, thats the first time I've heard that before.

JOSE: Eh, I got faith in you. I've seen some of the rides that have come outta these shops in the past. Remember, I'm from San Diego. I've actually had to run and hide from some of these cars before while visiting family in LA for Christmas.

SHIFT (laughing): Ha, well its always nice to meet a fan.

CALYPSO (walking up): Indeed. I'm happy to hear my contributions to the world aren't going unappreciated.

SHIFT: Hey hey, Calypso. How you diggin this bus?

CALYPSO: I love seeing new types of vehicles. This one definately has my attention.

Krista comes walking into the paddock.

CALYPSO: And I'm proud to admit that entering the bus into the competition wasn't my decision. In fact, none of the cars were.

Shift looks at Calypso, confused.

CALYPSO: This year's entrants were hand-picked by my daughter here, Krista.

Jose looks Krista up and down.

JOSE: 'eh mami, I guess I should be thanking you then..

Jose takes Krista's hand and goes to kiss the top of it, but she jerks her hand back.

KRISTA: Yea, and if you touch me again, I'll fucking kill you myself.

JOSE (angrily): 'ey now, there's no need to be rude.

KRISTA: Take your own words to heart then. You dont touch a lady without permission.

Jose stays quiet while Calypso laughs to himself. After an awkward moment of silence, Shift finally breaks it.

SHIFT: Ok, well now that we know the game plan, let me and the guys get cracking. We got a few more ideas to run, so I'm sure you'll be happy with what I got in store.

Calypso and Krista exit the paddock and head toward the office. Wrench Monkey intercepts them as they walk by the garage of Biohazard.

MONKEY: Hey Calypso, the Russians said they dont want any stupid Americans touching their vehicle. What do you want me to do?

CALYPSO: Fuck them then. Less money I'll have to spend this year.

Before Calypso could even turn and continue on his way to the office, another mechanic gets Calypso's attention.

GRILLZ: Yo Calypso, did you know you let a fucking kid in this year?

CALYPSO: You must be referring to Charlie's kid. Yes, I am fully aware.

GRILLZ: Oh, Charlie is here too.. but he's fucking DEAD!

CALYPSO: Yea, the kid uses a remote to control his dad's dead body since he's too small to drive the car himself. He's a Kane, are you really that shocked about it?

GRILLZ: I swear, the freaks get weirder and weirder every year. If the shit keeps up, this will be my last year doing this. My brain cant take too much more.

CALYPSO: Oh, dont be such a fucking pussy. All you gotta do is work on the cars. These guys are the ones out there driving them.

GRILLZ: Yea but that car fucking smells horrible!! The kid didnt even embalm the old man.. he just left him in the driver's seat. There's still dried blood all over the driver's window and the back seat.

CALYPSO: Fine, I'll switch you out with Wingo and you can work on Sweet Tooth instead.

GRILLZ (wide-eyed): Fuck that shit, I'd rather deal with the dead guy.

Grillz heads back to his work station, while Calyso and Krista go back to the office.

KRISTA: Are the guys usually this whiney? Damn, they sound like elementary schoolgirls.

CALYPSO: No. That just goes to show how good your selections were this year. These guys will get over it and be back next year once they see their paychecks. Thats how it always works.

Next, we see a few mechanics standing along side Captain Price and Soap. The men are busy discussing artillery.

PRICE: Right now, we're loaded down with weaponry. I'm not too sure how much more we can carry.

SLICKS: Trust me, we can find room. Thats what we're here for. Tell me what all you guys have going on here.

PRICE: Aside from the gatling guns, we have a platform that pops up through the roof where Soap here sits with a Barrett .50 cal and picks people off.

SLICKS: That it? Really?

PRICE: What, that not enough for ya?

SLICKS: To be perfectly honest, no. The guns will help, but you need something with a little bit more "boom".

PRICE: Keep talking.

SLICKS: I got something here that I made just for you guys. It's a 3-pack of Calypso's 'power' missles, but I have modified them to have some kind of homing abilities. These bad boys take off simultaneously, and Heaven help whoever if all 3 hit the same target. And to give it a little patriotism, I've arranged the smoke trails to be red, white and blue. I call them Morning Glories.

PRICE: Ha, I like it! Where do they go?

SLICKS: I want to mount them to a hydraulic platform that rises up from the back of the truck, in the bed area. The negative side to this is that the rear will be extra heavy, and combined with the recoil, will make your truck unstable. You will lose alot of your handling abilities.

PRICE: I'm perfectly fine with that. I'm not trying to race here.

SLICKS: Well alright, sounds like you guys are on board.

Soon after, Calypso calls a meeting of the drivers. They all gather around outside the main office in the "shop".

CALYPSO: In 3 days, you men and women will be at war. Each one of you battling for your heart's desire, and I will deliver, no matter the circumstances. There will most certainly be casualties, but that is a small price to pay for obtaining what you truly want in life, that you would have no other way of getting on your own. As for living quarters for the next 3 days, the city is yours. Take what you will, but I ask one thing in return: under no circumstances are you to harm one another prior to the contest. If anyone breaks this rule, you will be disqualified immediately, and by disqualified, I mean that in the worst way imaginable. You WILL be watched. I look forward to this year's tournament, and wish you all the best luck. You will definitely need it. Are there any questions?

NEEDLES: Yea, Dipshit... how are we getting back into town if our cars are stuck here??

As if right on cue, a large charter bus is seen heading toward the hangar.

CALYPSO (pointing toward bus): Does that answer your question? Although, if you want to keep talking to me like that, you can walk your ass all the way back.

Needles cracks a big smile. Calypso steps down from his soapbox and makes for his Range Rover, where his daughter is already waiting. They speed off back toward the sanctuary of the carpark. The bus pulls up to the hangar, and the door opens. The drivers start to load up. The creepy driver, wearing a white t-shirt and red jogging shorts, staring them all down as they come aboard. The bus departs back toward the city, with everyone but Tommy Javalin. The crews get to work immediately, working and sleeping in shifts.

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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by DoktorStrychnine on 03/25/10 at 04:36:49
Damn... You got some sweet details. I read about some of the new drivers on another page, but I'm still lost about a few of em'. Meh... I'll catch up. Where do you get the time to do this? I can see that your stories are quite intricate and meticulously planned. Great work, bro.
What ever happened to Dollface as Darkside? I haven't played TM or TM2 in ages so I forgot about some of the old guys, especially Mr. Ash. What's his deal? Woudl you say that you're focusing more of your characters on 1 and 2 as compared to Black?

Your stories are like the sweet-ass shit I see in books. Except... I ain't gotta pay for it.

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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 03/25/10 at 05:18:20
I'm trying to bridge the events of 1 and 2 with Black.. my ending will be a direct lead-in with Black. Dollface will make a short appearance at some point
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by Kantz13 on 03/25/10 at 18:10:17
best story on TM ive read so far
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by DoktorStrychnine on 03/26/10 at 02:19:54
Imagine if this was a book...
In scratch n' sniff format. You'd be rich!

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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 03/26/10 at 05:32:54
ok, now here's the part where everything from the game thats fictional (magic glowing weapon pick-ups, freeze missiles, med kits, etc.) gets a realistic spin. I explain how these things can logically happen in real life

Over the next few days, Krista is nowhere to be found. The only clue to her whereabouts is the heavy metal that can be heard blaring from the first floor garage of the carpark. Calypso doesnt even bother going down there to check. He just keeps his eyes on the news and his driver files. On the third day, Calypso heads down to the street where his Range Rover is sitting, waiting for him.

HORACE: Good day, Calypso.

CALYPSO: Good day, sir.

HORACE: Are we waiting on Ms. Shephard?

CALYPSO: No. If she makes it, then fine. She knows what time we're leaving..

Within minutes, Krista comes walking out from the alleyway on the side of the building. Still wearing the now-stained wifebeater and tattered cargo pants. She hops up into the SUV.

HORACE: Good day, Ms. Shephard.

KRISTA: Hi Horace.

Horace shuts her door and climbs into the SUV. They arrive at the hangar shortly after, to see all the cars finished and parked outside the hangar. Calypso gets out and walks up to Wrench Monkey.

CALYPSO: Is everything ready to go?

MONKEY: Isn't it always ready?

Calypso hands Wrench Monkey a sealed envelope. Monkey pockets it and gathers his mechanics.

MONKEY: The bus should be here any minute. I talked to Molo a little bit ago and he was already en route.

As Calypso is walking the line of cars, all prepped for war, the charter bus full of the car's owner's pulls up. The drivers all bail out, one at a time. As they look over their cars, the lead mechanics give them all a rundown of the weaponry their cars now possess. Jose and Alvin are the first to get inside their vehicle. They notice a giant hump that runs from the nose of the bus to about 5 rows back, right down the middle aisle. Shift climbs in behind them.

ALVIN: Hey, whats this hump here for? Its right in the way.. you gotta climb over it to get to the driver's seat.

SHIFT: Here, lemme show you.. (flipping a latch and opening the hump like a trap door)

From here, the drivers look down to see a big cannon-like barrel mounted to a hand-made sub-frame underneath the floor of the bus. An air tank is mounted at the back of the barrel. The barrel is flush-mounted with the grille on the front of the vehicle.

SHIFT: Do you guys know what a 'bola snare' is?


SHIFT: A bola snare is something hunters used to use a long time ago for catching prey. What it is, is a big net with heavy weights tied to the ends. Basically, you throw the net over whatever it is you want to capture, and the prey will fight to get out of it, usually getting tangled up in the process. The weights help to make escape more difficult. I gave you guys essentially the same thing.. just bigger. And the fun part - the heavy weights at the ends are grenades. So you'll ensnare someone, then blow them up.

JOSE: I knew this man was gonna nail it!! I love it!!

SHIFT: Glad you like it.

After about an hour, Calypso calls everyone together for one final announcement.

CALYPSO: Drivers, this will be our last meeting before I send you off. With that said, I have a final set of rules for you, as well as explaining how things work for you new people. (after a moment of silence)  Your vehicles have been fitted with various types of automatic firepower - gatling guns, tommy guns, mini-guns. Also, you've been equipped with small missile launchers. We went with a smaller scale to keep your cars from flipping over from recoil. Don't be fooled, though. These missiles pack a punch when they impact. And of course, each vehicle has been outfitted with a personalized special weapon. While yes, they deal an enormous amount of damage, each one is limited on ammo or supply. These stipulations have already been explained to you by your mechanic. Now, anyone with a brain will know that ammo is not infinite. You can and WILL run out. We know this and have come prepared as always. As you might have noticed, I have several choppers that will fly overhead while you battle. Not only do they act as cameraships, but they also supply ammo in the form of care package drops, or "dumps" as some old war veterans like to call them.

PRICE (muttering): just like motherfucking Vietnam...

CALYPSO: On a timed scale, these choppers will drop large crates with several pieces of ammo. The boxes are color-coded for what type of weapon they are for, which I will explain shortly. They might be anything from missiles, to bombs, to bullets, so pick wisely. Are we clear on this?

The crowd responds in agreeance, simultaneously.

CALYPSO: Next on the agenda - repair stations. Now, its no secret that your car will have the living shit beat out of it. But if you can manage to survive a dogfight without your car giving up the ghost, there is hope. See, these guys behind me arent just here to modify your vehicles for a few days, then take those sweet paychecks and disappear. You see those white boxtrucks parked along the fence? (pointing to a line of Ford E350 boxtrucks backed up to the fence by the exit)  There will be 5 of these parked around town, loaded with mechanics, encircled by bright orange flairs. Generally, they will encircle an entire building, like a mechanic's garage or parking lot, so look for these circles and drive up. They will make whatever repairs your car needs, as well as refueling and restocking specialty ammo. They will not, however, reload your standard ammo. Also, only one car at a time. If someone is already in a repair area, move along and find another one. Additionally, there will be one truck that is mobile. Look for his bright orange siren light and flag him down. One of his guys will set up a flair perimeter immediately so they can get right to work. Any questions?


CALYPSO: Now, let me explain how the game is played. There will be no rounds or matches. You will all be dispatched to a location somewhere in the city. I will start the match via the vidscreen that has been installed in your car. Your starting location is written on a piece of paper and sitting on your driver's seat. Once I start the match, it's an all-out brawl. Alliances will be formed and broken. People will die. When there are 3 drivers left, I will call an intermission. At this point, you will cease fire and proceed to the football stadium on the north end of town. From then on, it will be a 3-way dance restricted to the confines of the stadium where one car will emerge victorious. Again, any questions?

Again, silence. Krista, standing behind Calypso, has a big smile on her face. Her heart racing.

CALYPSO: As I mentioned before, the weapon packages will come in a variety of colors. The orange crates will contain frag missiles, better known as 'fire' missiles to some of you vets. Fire missiles are a standard weapon, average damage with slight homing capabilities. These are the most plentiful, as they are the cheapest to buy. The purple crates will contain homing missiles. While these are the weakest of the triplets, they have the best homing abilities, almost able to make 90-degree turns. The red crates will have what are known as power missiles. Like the name implies, they are the most powerful of the 3, but have no homing capabilities whatsoever, so you'll need to be precise when firing these. As an addition this year, the blue crates will contain what I like to call speed missiles. These bad boys have the same impact and homing abilities as the fire missiles, but fly at twice the speed. These will definitely help add to the fun this year. The yellow boxes contain napalm bombs for your launchers, that detonate on impact. These will cause your opponents to catch on fire until the jelly burns away. Another odd one is the freeze bomb. These come in white crates, and will slow your enemies to a standstill. How it works, is when these impact and detonate, it causes the ambient temperatures around the engine to become so dense, that the engine cannot ignite the air/fuel mixture, causing the motor to stall, essentially leaving you as a sitting duck. Lastly, the black crates hold bullet bandoliers for your guns. Pretty cut and clear. In addition to your weapons, you will have a few "advanced" abilities. One of these is the Jump. Simply put, two air-powered steel shafts will shoot out from the bottom of your car, boosting you into the air. Of course, some of you heavier guys wont get the same hangtime as the smaller guys... if at all. You will have a minimum PSI of air that this will work at, so you'll have to wait for the air compressor to recharge once you use it. And for those of you with air-powered specials, know that this AA shares the same air tank. Another one is the Cloak. While you wont be invisible like the name might suggest, you will, however, be invisible on radar. Finally, every car has been equipped with nitrous. When you hit the button, you will get an estimated 75 horsepower boost until the bottle runs empty. Once it does, you'll have to refill at a repair station. Are there any questions?

The crowd stays silent again.

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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 03/26/10 at 05:33:26
CALYPSO: Finally, the rules or war. While combat and war really have no rules, I, however, have some indirect instructions. For one: do NOT in any way destroy my personal property. This includes my choppers, my cameras, and my mechanics and their vehicles. So if you see someone at a repair station, I highly suggest you do not attack this person until they are clear. If you do strike and injury or kill even one of my men, not only will you suffer MY consequences, but these guys are also fully loaded with automatic weapons and RPGs and have full leave to return fire as they see fit. Second rule: do not leave the battleground. Red smoke canisters have been placed around the perimeter of the city. These outline the border of the battleground and are not to be crossed. If you do, you will be immediately pursued and "disqualified". If for whatever reason you find yourself outside of the smoke, I highly suggest you make haste back inside the line. Are we clear?

MAKAROV: Hey, what is that thing on the helipad? (pointing to an attack chopper thats been painted flat black with a fighter jet-style mouth painted on either side of the nose. the windows have been modified to be slimmed down and tinted red)

CALYPSO: Ahh yes, that is my final point of this meeting. Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to meet Warhawk. While he does have cameras installed on him, he however does NOT drop ammo. He is my enforcer of the rules. When I tell you that you will be disqualified or eliminated, thats a nice way of saying that Warhawk will just fucking kill you. And before any of you get any funny ideas about taking him down so you can make up your own rules, know this: he is faster and more heavily armored than any of you in this contest, and packs twice the artillery than all of you combined. My suggestion: dont piss him off. Are we clear now?

NEEDLES: Yea Scarface, I gotta question: who's the fox with the big tits standing behind you??

A few people in the crowd laugh.

CALYPSO: Someone you dont stand a chance with. Now, if there are no more questions, START YOUR ENGINES!!!

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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by DoktorStrychnine on 03/26/10 at 19:38:23
Holy shit. Krista's hubris is driving me insane. I think I'm gonna  projectile vomit.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 03/26/10 at 20:37:14
her what?
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by DoktorStrychnine on 03/27/10 at 01:44:54

The Dizaster Child wrote on 03/26/10 at 20:37:14:
her what?

Be a man, look it up.

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I see... yea, I dunno I made her such a bitch, but thats how the cookie got ate I guess. its even weirder to picture a sweetheart like Melyssa Grace being a kunt
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by DoktorStrychnine on 03/27/10 at 04:45:45

The Dizaster Child wrote on 03/27/10 at 03:59:30:
I see... yea, I dunno I made her such a bitch, but thats how the cookie got ate I guess. its even weirder to picture a sweetheart like Melyssa Grace being a kunt

If I had a dick, Melyssa would be a hott piece of ass. She's like Xizor's wet dream. No wait. That's the bagel. I just can't imagine a hot person being so full of herself.At least she wasn't like Krista in TM:HO. That chick was fugly. Oh well, I guess that's how the cookie got jizzed on.
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The drivers take off to their cars, grabbing the folded slips of paper off the seats as they get in. The engines all start to fire up, one after another. The drivers tear out of the parking lot, streaming into a single line as they all haul ass down the single lane road to the highway. The camera choppers all take off and head in the same direction, one carrying Calypso and Krista. The one known as Warhawk.

CALYPSO (yelling to pilot): just drop us off on the roof!! we can get in from there!!

As the line of cars gets into the city, they all start to branch off and head to their individual starting locations. These include alleyways, parking lots.. even a car wash tunnel. Before long, all the drivers are at their locations, and Calypso is seated in front of his wall of monitors. They are all online and feeding live. Choppers buzz overhead.

CALYPSO (into his headset): choppers, are we ready?

PILOTS (all at once): READY!

CALYPSO: Wrench Monkey, are your trucks in place?

MONKEY: we're setting up the last of the marker flairs as we speak. start whenever you're ready.

Calypso rolls over to his camera, which is linked to his laptop. Krista finishes connecting the wires and gets the camera online. Simultaneously, every car's in-dash LCD screen comes on, showing Calypso front and center.

CALYPSO: Judging by my the radar, it looks like you all have made it to your destinations. I just wanted to thank you all one last time before I start the tournament. I wish each and every one of you the very best of luck. and now, without further ado, let the mayhem BEGIN!!!

Calypso watches his radar as all the colored dots start to move around. The monitors show several contestants making it out on the main roads and tearing off into various directions. The choppers overhead catch several more making their rounds around the outskirts, searching for their first fight. Oddly enough, Sweet Tooth is nowhere to be found.
Agent Stone rips through Main Street, weaving in and out of the jigsaw maze of abandoned cars and city vehicles. Peering through his visor, he sees his speedo, reading 87mph and climbing. To the middle-left side of the visor he sees a full 500 rounds of ammo for each mini-gun, as well as zero degrees for gun temp. To the far left, he sees his radar, with several dots moving around. He closes in on a dark blue dot, coming from the cross-section ahead. Stone leans down close to this gas tank and tweaks the throttle, surging the 1200cc superbike forward. Just as him and the blue dot are about to intersect with one another, Stone grabs the brake handle and slows the bike down. He takes his left foot, and steps on a custom-mounted lever that been placed just beyond the footrest. The lever is the trigger for the triple miniguns. He starts to fire the gun as the predicted opponent comes into view. It's Mr. Grimm, who has also slowed down at the intersection, but him slowing down was to make the right-hand turn and come at Crimson Fury head-on. Grimm, who is riding a fully-custom Harley-Davidson chopper with ape-hanger handlebars, cranks the throttle and pulls the front wheel off the ground. Fury's minigun rounds ping and ricochet off of the unholy frame of Grimm's bike. After a few feet, Grimm brings the bike back down on 2 wheels and the two opponents run toward each other in a sinister game of chicken. The rounds from Grimm's handlebar-mounted gatling gun all find their mark on Crimson Fury and Stone, but the kevlar body panels and riding gear are doing their job of keeping the bike and driver safe. The two pass each other at alarming speeds, like 2 knights in a jousting contest. Both men snatch the brakes and spin their bikes around 180-degrees, and tear off toward each other again, guns blazing. Round after round find their mark, but the well-armored bikes take the abuse. They pass each other again, mere inches from a front-end collision. They both whip their bikes around again for another pass, but hesitate for a split second before launching again. They increase speed, coming in for their third pass, but this time, Grimm has a plan. Just as they're approaching each other, Grimm jumps from his bike and launches himself at Stone. Grimm connects with a devastating clothesline, easily bringing Stone off his bike. Grimm uses the momentum and Stone's bike to jump back toward his own bike, landing right back in his seat. He slides the bike to a stop and looks back to see Stone flat on his back. The red Suzuki slowing to a stop as it runs into a sidewalk newsstand. Grimm reaches into his black leather jacket and pulls out a red glowing scythe. He tears off into Stone's direction, ready to end his life and score the first elimination of the contest. As he's barreling in, Grimm catches the glimpse of something big coming from the opposite direction. Here comes the prison bus known as Grey Goose, and he's not even taking the path Fury was forced to follow - the driver is clearing his own route, using the sheer size of the bus as a battering ram. Grimm passes by the body of Stone, who is just now starting to show signs of life. Grimm closes in on Grey Goose, who has a fire missile ready for launch. Grimm throws his scythe, which connects with the side of a garbage truck. The resulting explosion sends the truck into the air, and onto its side. Laying length-wise, it blocks the street, stopping Goose in its tracks.  Grimm jams on the brakes, sliding to a stop. He laughs to himself for a job well done, but as he turns back the way he came, Agent Stone and Crimson Fury are nowhere in sight.

GRIMM: Oh no you dont, Stone. You wont escape me twice.

Grimm takes off down the nearest sidestreet and disappears into the distance. Grey Goose is circling the block. As he comes out to the other side of the garbage truck that stopped him in the first place, he cuts a right and continues on. Up ahead, Jose spots Fury, sitting in the middle of the intersection. Stone seems to be looking down at his touch screen, not paying attention to the bus coming in at full speed.

JOSE: Is that snare ready, ese??

ALVIN: I got you homes, eject tha......

Alvin cuts himself off as he becomes distracted with something in the sky.

ALVIN: Cous', whats that??

JOSE (looking up): I dunno, a shooting star? or a comet?

ALVIN: It looks like its comin right for us!!

Thats when they realized it was a Predator Missile, locked onto their vehicle. Jose looks at Stone, who is now looking up at them, waving good-bye. In a panic, Jose slams on the brakes and cranks the wheel, sliding the mammoth bus onto a sidestreet. Just as they clear the corner, the missile strikes the middle of the intersection, leaving a crater and sending asphalt everywhere. The impact, while missing the bus, sends it up onto its passenger side wheels. Jose tries his best to keep control as he plows through newspaper machines, mailboxes, parking meters, and the small trees that line the sidewalk, all while on 3 wheels. He eventually brings it back down on all rubber as runs into the back of a firetruck. Stone is working through the menus on his touch-screen, setting up another Predator on Grey Goose's location. As he's about to fire the missile, he's taken off his bike by a sudden impact from behind. Dazed and on the ground, Stone slips his helmet off and looks at the back. A .50 caliber round is lodged into the back. The helmet did it's job. A loud bang echoes through the tall buildings as another round whizzes by Stone, penetrating the concrete-block wall behind him. He slips his helmet back on and jumps on his bike. He starts it up and quickly accelerates into the alleyway in front of him, shielding himself from the sniper fire.

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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by DoktorStrychnine on 03/27/10 at 06:57:59
Oh my god. My tits are so hard they could cut diamonds. That was fucking EPIC. But when I first read this sentence:
"Agent Stone rips through Main Street, weaving in and out of the jigsaw maze of abandoned cars and city vehicles. Peering through his visor, he sees his speedo..."
I'm sorry, I just got the wrong image in my head. I laughed so hard I spilled my tea. No seriously. I did. It really hurts.
And another thing(s), is this TM2 Grimm or TMB?
There are snipers?!
When did Grimm only have 2 wheels? I thought there were 4 since there are 2 more on his sidecar? And when did he get good armor? It always sucked balls.
When did Stone get so Sick?!
I love you.

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Post by Oddz on 03/27/10 at 08:38:37
Pics or it didn't happen.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by DoktorStrychnine on 03/27/10 at 08:53:14

Oddz wrote on 03/27/10 at 08:38:37:
Pics or it didn't happen.

All right. Here you go. I imagined Stone in a speedo looking something like this. See. It happened.

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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by magnum on 03/27/10 at 14:34:38
It was all well and good till Doc put up a limp dick syndrome picture.

Seriously, keep up the awesome job man. This shit is tight.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by YellowJacket318 on 03/28/10 at 03:54:06
I concur with Magnum, this is the best Fic I've read yet.  Keep that shit up, and I must admit, I smiled like the Cheshire Cat when I saw that my boy Charlie is in the mix.  Also, Mr. Ash was a nice touch!  Bravo my man, Bravo!  

Doc - Sidecars, usually (not all the time) have only 1 wheel anyways. So the most he'd have is 3. But being a Harley Chopper there is no way to mount a sidecar. Here are a few pics I took of a BMW R75 WW2 bike w/ sidecar at a local WW2 Re-enactment to show ya.  It even had an MG42 mounted on it. I'd love to see Grimm piloting this thing (or a Kettenkrad, that would be fucking sick!!)!  Ich Liebe Minen BMW!


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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 03/28/10 at 06:14:59
this is what Grimm is riding when I picture him for this... nevermind Dok's brother in the pic ;) j/k

glad you like Charlie's stinkin dead ass, LOL!!! I wanted to make Ash as menacing as possible.. I figured a shadowy figure with green eyes would cut it

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The Dizaster Child wrote on 03/28/10 at 06:14:59:
this is what Grimm is riding when I picture him for this... nevermind Dok's brother in the pic ;) j/k

Uhh... that guy's East Asian.

But here's a picture for you! Is it Blair or Xizor? Or maybe a bastard child of both? You decide! Correct answer wins a prize!(Not for the faint of heart or those with weak stomachs. Small children, pregnant women, and the elderly should be escorted from the room immediately.)

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actually looks more relative to HellBent

ZING!! what do I win?
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The Dizaster Child wrote on 03/28/10 at 07:53:28:
actually looks more relative to HellBent

ZING!! what do I win?

I don't get it. The image is more relative to Hellbent? He sits around with guns in a speedo? Um okay... That's nice to know. :) I like!

If you'd like a prize, I do have a bagel. Unless Xizor claims that first.

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That's hilarious. It looks like Hellbent gained wieght, and went bald. That was pretty nasty.

Are you looking into the future?!?!?!  :o

Don't let this off topic shit de-rail your story. You better keep writing.
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my bad, my bad.. that was funny tho. just PS a turban on his head, then we're good to go

A few blocks away, Javalin is in hot pursuit of Brimstone. Even with the supercharged 350 small block under the hood of the old, beat-up El Camino, it's no match for the race-prepared engine of Javalin. Preacher swings the car back and forth across the road, in an attempt to evade the incoming fire. Javalin keeping right on his ass.

PREACHER: I must find a way to stop this demon before he consumes me!!

A chopper swoops in low and follows the two opponents as they weave in and out of the abandoned cars. Calypso watches intently on the monitors.

CALYPSO (into headset): Chopper 1, you stay on those two. I don't wanna miss a second of that battle!!

PILOT: Yes sir, copy.

Javalin unloads with his twin-mounted mini-guns. He sprays the back of Brimstone with a hail of gunfire, leaving the tailgate as nothing more than swiss cheese.

PREACHER: This ends NOW!!!

Preacher slams on his brakes, sending his car into a fishtail. Javalin closes in fast.

JAVALIN: Holy shit!!

Javalin stands on the brakes and cuts the wheel, sending his car into a sideways slide. He quickly gets back on the throttle and does a little corrective steering, pulling himself back strait again. Brimstone slides to a halt as Javalin flies by, narrowly missing him. Preacher jumps back on the gas and tears after Javalin. The sound of the supercharged V8 roaring like the fires of hell, ironically enough. He is soon caught back up to the scratch-built race car, now having switched positions.

JAVALIN (looking in his rear-view mirror and seeing Brimstone on his ass): Oh, so it's a game of Cat 'n Mouse, is it?

Tommy rips the e-brake, whipping the car into a spin. Just as he completes a 180, he releases the e-brake and drops the transmission into reverse, then gets right back on the gas, maintaining momentum. Now driving in reverse and facing Brimstone head on, Tommy opens fire with his mini-guns. Preacher does the same, as bullet after bullet ricochets off of the bulletproof windshields and sinks into the re-enforced sheetmetal.

PREACHER: Foul sinner!! You will burn in Hell!! REPENT!!

Over the roof of the El Camino, Tommy sees a person, blindfolded, stand up in the bed of the car. He has explosives strapped around his torso, and his arms outstretched to the Heavens. Suddenly, the victim is launched right at Javalin, landing on the hood of the car.

JAVALIN: What the fuck??

Tommy gives the wheel a few quick yanks back and forth, shaking the timebomb off the car. As the victim slips off the hood, he grabs the inner lip of the front fender, and hangs on. After getting dragged for several hundred yards, Tommy hits a hard bump. The suspension compresses and lowers the body of the car down, crushing the victim's hand against the tire, practically ripping it off. He lets go and his body tumbles and rolls until he slams into the side of an abandoned car off to the side. Seconds later, the bomb goes off, blowing up the victim and the surrounding cars. The two men get back on the mini-guns, until another victim is loaded into the make-shift catapult in the back of Brimstone.

PREACHER: You will not escape my grasp again, serpent!! REPENT!!

Preacher launches another victim, this one connecting with the windshield. She digs her fingers behind the windshield trim and hangs on as tight as she can, her bomb ticking and beeping away.

JAVALIN: I don't think so, bitch. Time to send you back to papa.

With the victim laid out across the windshield, Tommy launches his ceiling-mounted Javalin Spear. It takes off like a rocket, right through the hole strategically cut into the windshield specifically for it. The javalin runs half way through the victim's body before the impact launches her back toward Preacher. She crash-lands through his windshield, and into the passenger seat. The Spear pinning her in place. Preacher looks over and sees the dead girl with the bomb strapped to her body, the rusted javalin completely piercing her body through and through. It's at this time that he no longer sees red. Everything is clear, as the demon has left his mind and soul. It only takes him a second to realize the horrible mistake he's made, and what was about to happen. Just as he finishes making the sign of the cross in front of him, the bomb explodes. The El Camino is blown to pieces, as is the driver. Javalin whips his car back around forward and puts it into third gear. He pins the gas to the floor and takes off, as several more cars explode behind him. As he speeds away, he looks at his radar. The white dot that once represented Brimstone has now faded out. The radar screen is interrupted with Calypso's face.

CALYPSO: Our first death of the contest: Javalin has eliminated Brimstone.

A color picture of Preacher flashes onto everyone's radar screens. It quickly fades to black and white, followed by a big red X over the whole thing. The picture then zooms out and into a grid with all the other driver's pictures, still in full color. Back at the football stadium, several thousand fans who have elected to stay in the city have filled the stands. The big, 4-sided spectator screen above the field plays the same thing the driver's just watched on their in-dash screens. The crowd goes wild.

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TDC - Ahem  ::cough::cough::

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yup, thats the model I have.. but mine has a bike with it. but the car on the box is identical... maybe the manufacturer made diff types and used the same pic for both?
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This one has the bike too, so same kits! I scored it yesterday for $3 at that model show. Complete kit still sealed. Looks like we're going to have to do a Thump-Off haha
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Post by The Dizaster Child on 03/30/10 at 06:54:22
a Thump-Off? that sounds dirty LOL... seriously tho, I'll get my ass kicked so I dont see the point. the one thing I wanna do different is actually build small scenery.. diorama-ish. I'll rust out the bike and lay it in an open sandlot where the car is parked all bullet-holed up :)

The twin-turbo Toyota Supra known as Spectre is busy weaving in and out of the clustered mess that is Third Avenue. Just behind him though, Darkside is ramming his way through the same mess. Cars and trucks are dispatched to the wayside as the black rig barrels on. Finally, with a clear straight ahead, Josh is able to plant the pedal to the floor. The turbos spool up simulatineously,  putting the 1, 200 horsepower on tap to the pavement. He quickly leaves Darkside in the dust. The sound of the throaty exhaust from the inline 6-cylinder disappears and turns into the sound of a jet engine as the turbos rush the increased air volume out of the dual exhaust pipes. Third Avenue soon becomes barren desert highway as the buildings have ended. Darkside fires off several fire missiles, all of which miss their mark and crash land into the sides of buildings and other surroundings. Still no sign of marker flairs to keep him in place, Spectre pushes harder until he finally reaches the border. Josh gives the e-brake a good, hard yank and whips the car around. Darkside is nowhere in sight. Josh fires off a Spectral Missile, in hopes of landing a lucky hit. The hum of the auto-reloader is heard through-out the car. After nearly a minute, another missile is ready for launch, which Josh fires off. At that moment, the nose of Darkside comes poking out from behind the last building on the street before everything turns to desert. He just sits there, not making any attempt at an attack. The second Spectal Missile makes contact with Darkside, sending him skidding a few feet. The tank-like frame if the semi rig holds up well against what is a rather devastating hit. Still, Mr. Ash makes no attempt at returning fire.

JOSH (to himself): Why won't you come after me?!

Without warning, Darkside launches a nitrogen tank, landing at the nose of Spectre. Josh nails the gas and dumps the clutch, but the sub-zero temperatures surrounding the engine bay stall the motor. Several attempts are made to restart the car, but all prove useless. Still, Darkside doesn't make a move. Josh is very confused at this point, but as he looks out of his passenger side window, the reason becomes painfully obvious. There sits Outlaw, watching and waiting just mere feet from Spectre. Josh and Carl look each other dead in the eyes. Josh is frozen with shock. Before he can even make another attempt at restarting the car and make a run for it, Carl unleashes his Omni-Tazer, mounted to the roof lightbar. The tazer begins surging all through-out Josh's car. The electrical system in the Supra starts to go haywire. The power locks begin to lock and unlock. The gauge needles start to bounce back and forth. The ignition system starts to pop and crackle, then slowly bursts into flames. Josh tries to fire off every bit of his arsenal in a last ditch effort to save his car and himself, but the Tazer has fried everything. The fire quickly finds it's way into the cabin of the car. Josh's shrill screams can be heard over everything else. Outlaw ceases the Tazer and backs his cruiser up a good 50 yards, then stops and waits. Finally, the fire in the Toyota reaches the gas tank, and the car explodes. His light blue dot fades from the radar, and again, Calypso pops up on the screen.

CALYPSO: Outlaw has eliminated Spectre.

A color picture of Josh flashes onto the screen, then fades to black and white, followed by the big red X. The grid of pictures pops up, and Spectre takes his place next to Brimstone. Before the radar is restored to the in-dash screen, a missile crash lands right in front of Outlaw, sending up a cloud of dirt and dust. The impact sending a piece of Spectre's shrapnel into Outlaw's radiator. Coolant begins to leak out. He blindly takes off into the dust, not knowing who or what is attacking him. It isn't long before his attacker makes herself known. He looks into his rear-view mirror to see a twin Mustang police cruiser on his ass. He hears a voice over the CB radio.

JAMIE: This ends now, Carl. Calypso will get no more help from you.

CARL: If anyone can stop me, it'd be you... but even at that, I don't forsee that happening.

Jamie unleashes with her machine guns, peppering the back end of Outlaw. Carl swerves the police cruiser from side to side in an attempt to dodge her incoming fire. He gives the steering wheel a hard pull to the side and drops a gear. His car slides out sideways across the desert sand, as Jamie goes sailing by behind him. Carl corrects the nose of the car and makes a beeline back to the highway, but Jamie is already back on his ass. She fires off a homing missile. Carl swerves again to try and dodge, but it's no use. The missile strikes the rear end, sending him into a spin. The impact blows the trunk lid clean off the car. Carl gets back on the gas in an attempt to escape, but his passenger side is met with a fire missile, nearly sending him onto his side. Jamie circles around for another attack. Once again, Carl jumps on the accelerator and tears off, kicking up dust and dirt everywhere. Jamie gives chase. Her supercharged 5.4 V8 slowly fades back from Carl's turbocharged 5.4. As it looks like Carl is about to get away, a loud bang is heard underneath his hood. White smoke starts to pour out through the grille and hood vents. He quickly loses power and slows down. A red light starts blinking on the dash cluster, signifying an overheating of the engine due to the shrapnel lodged in the radiator. Jamie flies by, as if Carl isn't even there. She gets about a mile away, and whips a 180. Then she just sits there.

CARL (through CB): Jamie, what are you doing?

She says nothing.

CARL (through CB): Answer me, sis. Stop this now. I don't wanna have to hurt you.

She says nothing, again. After a short silence, Jamie launches her car and makes a beeline for Outlaw. Carl tries repeatedly to restart his car, but the motor doesn't respond. Making ground very quickly, Carl opens the driver's side window and starts firing his pistol. The bullets deflect from Siren's bulletproof windshield. Realizing that she isn't going to stop, Carl gets back on the radio.

CARL (through CB): JAMIE, STOP!!! I'M SORRY!!!

Again, she stays silent, nor does she slow her car down any.


Tears stream down Jamie's face as she reaches down and unplugs the CB responder, silencing Carl's begging. She closes in fast. The speedometer needle reads north of 190 miles per hour at the time she collides with Outlaw. The grille guard on the front of her car shoves the driver's door of her brother's police cruiser all the way to the passenger seat inside the car. Even though this would have crushed Carl to death regardless, his neck snaps on impact anyway. The collision is so fierce, that it flips the rear end of Siren up and over, landing the car on it's roof. It slides a good 30 yards before coming to a stop. Jamie's body lay in the sand back at the site of the impact. The bracket that held her seatbelt to the B-pillar broke, no longer restraining her, essentially bringing her face going 190+ miles per hour to a screeching halt as it connects with the steering wheel. Her skull is crushed, her neck is broken, and her entire body is ejected through the windshield as the car is flipped into the air.
Outlaw, however, faces a different fate. The collision sends him into a barrel roll. After the tenth time rolling over, he is met by Darkside, who runs straight into him from the opposite direction. The spikes on the grille pierce the body of the car, sticking the police car in place. Mr. Ash keeps rolling, not even flinching. Calypso pops onto the screen once again.

CALYPSO: Siren has eliminated Outlaw... and herself, apparently.

The radar pops up, and the 2-tone black and white dots representing Outlaw and Siren fade. Their pictures pop up, turn black and white and join the other 2 with red X's over them. Once again, the crowd goes insane.

CALYPSO (to Krista): Next year, I'm charging for this.

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Post by DoktorStrychnine on 03/30/10 at 08:59:02
OMG. Amazing. I can't believe Calypso didn't charge. I thought he did the first time I heard the crowd. Is it still to late to sell popcorn?
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Pennywise the Clown has been selling popcorn and arsenic soda for 2 days now. the ppl have grown immune and crave death as much as Needles
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anyone ever wonder about the cop car on the front of Darkside? well, here is my take on it.. and it explains a certain driver's absence ;)

Atop the mall parking garage, Captain Price and Soap watch the action from their 60-foot vantage point. Soap, through his binoculars, watches the 3-way chase between Sweet Tooth, Yellow Jacket, and Roadkill. All three trading bullets and missiles.

SOAP: What a shame... three brothers trying to kill each other. I couldn't imagine being like that with family.

PRICE: You were obviously an only child.

Soap stays quiet. As Price scans the horizon with his binoculars, he spots Biohazard out in the farthest spot from the city, in the sands. He is hidden behind a small cluster of trees, the only ones in sight.


That's when Price catches a glimpse of Al-Asad sitting on his sniper perch on the back of the Soviet missile transporter. Price hits the deck.

PRICE: Soap, get down!! SNIPER!!

But it's too late. The sound of the Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle echoes throughout the 6 floors of the parking garage. Soap's dead body slumps forward and falls from his own sniper platform. Price crawls to the driver's side of Warthog and quickly gets in and shuts the door. Another round hits the windshield, cracking it. A loud boom is heard in the distance as Makarov launches a sky mortar. Price fires up the diesel-powered Humvee and heads for the ramp back down. He makes it 2 floors before the mortar hits the top floor of the garage, shaking the whole building violently. Another boom is heard, as a second mortar is fired into the air. Price makes his way to the bottom, shaking the building as he rounds the corners recklessly. The second mortar hits, and brings the entire building down. The Humvee barely makes it out as the concrete crashes behind him. Mavarov watches his radar, but the camo green dot representing Warthog stays illuminated. Price tears his way toward the edge of town in the direction of Biohazard. He pulls the lever that ascends the Morning Glory platform. With the missiles ready to fire, he clears the last of the buildings and makes headway toward Mavarov.

MAKAROV: Get in now!! We're out of here!!

Al-Asad drops down into the cab of the truck, as Makarov throws the rig into reverse and backs down the other side of the big sand dune. Price fires off his Morning Glories, and they head straight for their target. They home in for Mavarov, but impact the front of the dune as he rolls down the back side. The dune explodes into a sandstorm, the ground giving way beneath Biohazard. The rig topples onto it's side. Warthog closes in for the kill. With Biohazard on it's side, the mortar cannon is now pointed sideways instead of up. After taking a flurry of speed missiles and a hail of gatling gun rounds, Makarov fires the mortar cannon. It heads right for Warthog, but stops short and blows a crater into the ground. Price hits the hole, and is sent into the air, slowly rotating into a corkscrew. The Humvee lands on it's side, and slides to a slow stop. Both vehicles lay prone. Finally, Makarov uses the stablizer arms on the sides of the missile carrier to push his truck back onto it's wheels. Makarov slowly pulls up to Warthog, still on his side. He pushes the button to fire a missile, but nothing. The buzzing sound from the launchers ceases, and starts again.

MAKAROV: Fucking imbeciles!! Can't they do anything right??

ASAD: It was your own men who built this truck. You must blame them.

MAKAROV: Shut your mouth!! I know who built this truck!!

Makarov pulls the trigger for the gatling guns, but they clip empty.


Not wanting to take his chances with no ammo, Makarov takes off, leaving Warthog more or less untouched. When he is out of sight, Price crawls out from under the vehicle. After thinking for a moment about how to put his truck back on it's wheels, he goes to the back and pulls out his jack. He places it under what is now the bottom of the truck, and begins to crank on the jack. After a few minutes, the Humvee is upright enough for Price to give it a good shove and knock it back down on the rubber. He puts the jack back in place and tears off after Makarov. A few blocks ahead, Price sees an orange smoke flair and a matching crate next to it. He stops and loads the fire missiles into his hopper, ready for launch. Meanwhile, Makarov has stopped for 2 crates of homing missiles and a crate of napalm. Up ahead, he sees the flashing siren lights of Wrench Monkey's mobile repair station. The Russian makes haste and flags him down. They park along side each other.

MAKAROV: I am in need of repair immediately! My missile launcher is jammed up.

MONKEY: Didn't you tell me a few days ago that you didn't want any stupid Americans touching your truck?

MAKAROV: Hey, it's in the rules. You have to fix me up!!

MONKEY: And if I don't?

MAKAROV: I will blow this piece of shit truck of yours to Hell!!

MONKEY: With a jammed missile launcher? Nice try, asshole. Besides, if you even so much as look at me the wrong way, Warhawk will turn you into scrap metal in seconds.

Makarov looks up into the sky and sees Warhawk floating overhead.

MAKAROV: Look, I am sorry. This contest, it is making me nervous. Please help me.

Wrench Monkey gets on his headset with Calypso.

MONKEY: Hey Calypso, the Russian wants me to touch his truck now that he's having problems. What should I do?

CALYPSO: I guess you gotta fix him. The rules are rules, you know. Try not to let bias play in your handywork... if you can help it.

MONKEY: Copy that. (turning off headset and looking at Makarov): Lucky for you, Calypso is a man of his word. Shut your truck down and we'll get on it.

Makarov shuts off the big diesel engine as 2 of Wrench Monkey's guys get out and start to circle off the immediate area with orange flairs, signifying the No Fight Zone of the repair station. One guy reloads the mortar cannon while 3 more work at unjamming the gatling guns and missile launchers. At the end of the street, Price watches the action through the scope of Soap's sniper rifle. He places the crosshairs of the scope right on Makarov's forehead.

PRICE (to himself): I could end this right now. Lucky for you, I obey the rules.

Price drops back into the cab of his Humvee and takes off. A few blocks over, Darkside is pulling into a BP gas station, with Outlaw still stuck to the front. The property is encircled with orange flairs, and one of Wrench Monkey's boxtrucks is parked inside. Mr. Ash brings the rig to a stop and jumps out of the cab.

ASH: Hey!! I need a chain, quickly!!

RATCHET: How long?

ASH: 50 feet, at least.

Ratchet runs to his boxtruck and sifts through his odds and ends.

RATCHET: You're in luck, I got a 60-footer.

Ash runs over and grabs it from him, then runs back toward his truck.

RATCHET: What do you need it for? And what the fuck is that stuck to the front of your rig?

Ash doesn't say anything. Instead, he runs to the front where Outlaw is stuck. He runs the chain around the B-pillar where the door meets the jamb, looping it through where the door window used to be and the side window. He then runs each end to either side of the rig, attaching it to the framework beneath the hood.

ASH: This will serve as a battering ram shield and give notice to those who get in my way what kind of fate awaits them.

He turns to leave, but stops in his tracks.

ASH: Oh, and I need 2 new nitrous tanks. I drained them already.

One of the mechanics hops into the cab and quickly swaps the 2 empty tanks for 2 new ones. Darkside is on his way within minutes.
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Post by The Dizaster Child on 04/03/10 at 21:15:37
Back at the mobile site, the mechanics are finishing up with Biohazard.

MONKEY: Ok, your mortar cannon is full and your weapons are all in working order. We're all done here.

Makarov doesn't move.

MONKEY: I said we're done. Get outta here..

MAKAROV: I know that motherfucker is waiting for me to leave this spot. Well he can wait all he wants, I have nothing but time.

MONKEY: Well you have fun with that. We're picking up our flairs and getting on our way. You can sit here all day long for all I care. Just don't expect to use the repair stations as hiding spots.. Warhawk will pick you off in a heartbeat.

Wrench Monkey and his guys clean up the area and move on. Makarov, after a minute or 2 of waiting, finally makes a move. He goes up a block and cuts right. Slowly rolling along, Makarov scans the street ahead for signs of danger. Al-Asad does the same from his sniper perch, through his rifle scope. With the Cloak activated, Warthog sits undetected amongst the other abandoned cars in the streets. By the time Asad spots the Humvee, Price has already taken his shot with Soap's sniper rifle, putting a .50 caliber round right between Asad's eyes. His dead body slumps over, still belted in to his seat. Makarov quickly fires a mortar into the air, as Price jumps up from his hiding spot underneath a car across the street from his truck. He jumps inside and fires his own special, which he prepared for launch prior to hiding. The cluster heads toward Biohazard, with one branching off on it's own, going straight up into the air. It collides with Makarov's mortar, blowing it out of the sky. Makarov attempts to fire another, but the other 2 missiles strike his truck head-on, bringing him to a stop. Warthog takes off in Biohazard's direction, firing his gatling guns, while waiting for his Morning Glories to reload. Just as he's closing in, a Predator Missile comes falling from the sky, landing between Warthog and Biohazard. The impact sends the Hummer skidding, and into a wooden power pole. Price is ok, but the truck is totalled. The impact from the Predator also causing further damage to Biahazard's front end. The motor refuses to restart, leaving him an open target. Still dazed, Price hears the sound of a motorcycle pull up next to him.

STONE: I told you, comrade.. don't get in my way.

Fury takes off toward Biohazard, his only real target. While Warthog's motor is incapacitated, the rest of the weapons systems still retain full functionailty.

PRICE: It's time to learn ya one, boy.

Price flips open a safety cover mounted to his center console, to reveal a blinking red knob. He turns it, emitting an electro-magnetic pulse.

PRICE: Let's see how that fancy rice rocket likes THAT.

Fury's electronics go offline. The bike starts to behave erratically, accelarating and slowing down on it's own. Stone's helmet goes blank, leaving him clueless as to what's happening to his bike. Fury isn't the only one effected by the EMP, either. Calypso's choppers start to act crazy as well, spinning around in circles high above the city. In the carpark, Calypso stares at a wall full of monitors displaying static.


WARHAWK: Warthog launched an EMP. Luckily, my armor plating is resistance to it, or else I'd be in for some hell right about now.

Everyone's radars go blank. Fury's electronic throttle goes wide open, taking the bike off like a rocket against Stone's will. It takes him everything he has to keep the crotch rocket under control. He weaves expertly around all the obstacles in front of him and soon finds himself heading down a desert highway. It isn't long before he reaches the border flairs. Stone puts on the brakes, but the high-output engine easily overpowers them, smoking the pads and scorching the rotars. He blazes through the the markers and into no-man's land. Warhawk watches on.

WARHAWK (into headset): Sir, Fury has left the battlefield and is heading into the desert. I'm pretty sure the EMP is making his bike act against him, though. What should I do?

CALYPSO: Take him out. Rules are rules. We can't be certain that the EMP is influencing his actions, and even if it is, it was someone's attack that is the cause. That makes it legit in my eyes.

Warhawk sets up a series of power missiles similar to the ones Warthog was given. He fires 5 of them, making a beeline path toward the rogue motorcycle. Four of them crash land around the bike, bouncing Stone and Fury around like a ragdoll. The final missile lands, sending the bike one way and Fury's shielded body straight up into the sky. He reaches 80 feet into the air, almost parallel with Warhawk. As he stops his ascention, Fury looks over and sees Warhawk floating beside him. He pulls out a handgun from his leathers and fires an entire magazine at the attack chopper. Of course, they do nothing. Fury crash-lands in the street. His body bounces another 10 feet back into the air from the initial impact. He lays there motionless. The bike rests half a mile from his body, broken into pieces.

CALYPSO (into headset): Warhawk, what's the status of Fury? The cameras are still out.

WARHAWK: He's in one spot, the bike is in another.

CALYPSO: Is he dead?

WARHAWK: He isn't moving, but he could just be knocked unconscious. He did take a nasty fall.

CALYPSO: Set it down and double check.

Warhawk comes to land on the desert sand. The pilot hops out, wearing full camo fatigues. His helmet is painted black with a custom skull airbrush covering the whole thing. He jogs over to Stone's body and kneels down to check his pulse. Nothing. He double-checks his wrist for a pulse. Still nothing. At this time, the EMP has lost it's effect and the cameras come back online. The nose-mounted camera on Warhawk catches the pilot checking out Stone.

CALYPSO: Dead, I presume.

WARHAWK: He's got no pulse. I'm gonna remove his helmet.

The pilot slides one arm under Stone's shoulder area and lifts him up, his head dangling back with no resistance. With the other hand, Warhawk unclips Stone's helmet and pulls it off. It has blood soaked all into the inner padding. Stone has blood streaming from his nose, mouth, and ears. His eyes are slightly open and glazed over.

WARHAWK: Confirmed.

CALYPSO (popping up on everyone's display screens): Ladies and gentlemen, Crimson Fury has been disqualified by Warhawk. And Captain Price, don't EVER do that again.

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Post by magnum on 04/04/10 at 16:13:09
Good shit. Keep rolling.
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Back inside Warthog, Price pulls out his customized Desert Eagle and fires a few rounds into the display screen, destroying it. He reaches over to the passenger seat and grabs a duffle bag he has prepared with food, clothes, and extra ammo. He steps out of the Humvee and puts the strap for the sniper rifle over his shoulder. He reaches back inside and grabs the M4A1 sitting on the back floorboard. Loading a couple grenades into the launcher mounted underneath the barrel, he fires them both toward Biohazard, sitting 50 yards away. Both crash through the windshield and explode, blowing Makarov and the missile transporter to pieces. He tosses the assault rifle to the ground and walks to the front of his truck. He pats the hood, like a dog he's had for years.

PRICE: You've been good to me, old friend. I hate having to leave you here, but there's nothing I can do. I will hopefully come back to extract you when this is over.

Calypso pops back up onto everyone's screens.

CALYPSO: Warthog has eliminated Biohazard.

Price runs inside the nearest building and ducks for cover. He has no escape formally planned. Suddenly, the sound of diesel and ice cream truck music approach quickly. Price peers over the front counter of the clothes store he has holed up in. He sees Sweet Tooth parked at the front of Warthog. After a minute of heart-pounding suspense, the ice cream truck emits the sound of a crudely-recorded clown laugh through it's speaker system, followed by an onslaught of Napalm Cone, completely engulfing the Humvee in flames. Sweet Tooth takes off like a bat of out Hell, shortly followed by Yellow Jacket and Roadkill. Price sits behind the counter, red with rage.

CALYPSO: Sweet Tooth has eliminated Warthog.

Only 8 faces are left on the grid in full color. Next, we see Javalin and Roadkill trading paint and sheetmetal as they tear down Main, with Grey Goose in pursuit. The two lighter, more powerful cars pull away, leaving the bus in the dust. Finally, Goose launches his special - The Snare. The thick netting fires from the grille cannon and fans out, draping itself around Roadkill. The grenades connected at the end of each strand begin to beep loudly. Suddenly, a loud bang rings out throughout the surrounding streets. The impact sends Roadkill into a corkscrew spin, landing on his side. He slides for several feet before rolling over and over, finally landing back on his tires. Without skipping a beat, Marcus gets back on the gas and keeps going, not losing any momentum. Javalin has already disappeared in the distance, but a glance in the rear view mirror reveals Grey Goose still following behind.

MARCUS: Well, ok. If you wanna dance, let's dance.

Marcus activates his own special, a rack of eight extra powerful homing missiles he has come to call The Ocho Grenados. When they are fully charged, he rips the e-brake and spins 180-degrees. He skids the big block Pontiac GTO to a stop and immediately fires his special. The missiles corkscrew around each other and make contact with the nose of the bus, sending it pointing to the sky. It crashes back down, snapping the steering rods and collapsing the suspension. The front bumper rests directly on the asphalt. The barrel to Goose's special has been destroyed. Jose tries to drive it forward, but the front wheels are too cambered inward, the wheel wells resting on top of the tires. Marcus takes off toward the bus, unloading his arsenal. After a few seconds, he clicks empty with everything he has, and takes off. Realizing they are momentarily safe, the two Mexicans get off the bus to inspect the damage.

ALVIN: We're fucked, ese. There ain't no fixin this.

JOSE: I'll drive the bitch til it blows up!

They get back on the bus, and on the radar, notice that the mobile repair station is heading their way.

JOSE: We just gotta last til he crosses paths with us. We're good. I know these guys can get this shit straightened out again.

In the distance, Marcus sees a helicopter drop a black crate. He speeds ahead, intercepting the crate as it hits the ground. He grabs the ammo and loads it into his guns, then takes off. On his way to the repair station a few blocks away, he runs across a crate of homing missiles as well. He pulls into the grocery store parking lot, circled off with flairs, and parks next to the boxtruck.

MARCUS: All I really need is my armor plating fixed. That fucking snare bomb shit broke almost every weld I made.

The mechanics circle the car, inspecting the damage.

SOCKETS: We can fix everything but the plate over the driver's door. There isn't enough sheetmetal to re-weld the plate.

MARCUS: Do what you can.

Within minutes, Roadkill is fixed and re-fueled and headed back toward Grey Goose. With his cluster bombs reloaded, he preps them for fire. Drifting onto the street where Goose was last sitting, Roadkill surges forward. Marcus spots the bus, but looking passed it, he sees the mobile repair unit headed in their direction.

MARCUS: Better make this quick...

Marcus unloads his inventory once more. Missiles and bullets riddle the back of the bus, destroying the engine. Finally, he fires his Cluster. All eight connect, obliterating the bus. The boxtruck skids to a stop just ahead, avoiding the potential collateral damage. The Goat keeps going, blowing passed the stopped repair truck. Marcus throws the car into a skid, ready to drift the next corner. As he clears it, Yellow Jacket is sitting in the middle of the street, waiting for him. He fires off a pair of fire missiles, one hitting Roadkill's unprotected door, blowing out the hinges. The door comes flying off. The other missile lands in the street in front of Roadkill, creating a smoking crater. He hits it in mid-slide, sending the car into the air. He lands on his side, and the car starts rolling out of control. Amidst one of the flips, Marcus is thrown from the vehicle. His body smacks the sidewalk hard, and he tumbles underneath a dumpster, unconscious. The GTO comes to a stop right in front of the old checkered cab. Lil' Kane throws it into reverse and pulls away. Once he gets a safe distance, he launches his signature - the Molotov Keg - and it hits it's mark. The Goat erupts into flames. Kane watches it burn until it explodes in a fireball of rusted schrapnel. Once again, the radar screens are interrupted.

CALYPSO: Yellow Jacket has eliminated Roadkill.

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This is better than high def television with TiVo ! I love you!
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A few blocks over is an all-out war between Javalin and Grimm. They criss-cross each other, trading shells. One pass, Grimm throws his scythe, sheering off the corner of the rear quarter panel of Javalin. Tommy fires a power missile, narrowly missing Grimm and hitting a pick-up truck that had been left on the sidewalk. As it explodes, the side-view mirror blows off and hits Grimm in the side of the helmet, breaking off the visor. As they each reach the end of the street, they whip around to face each other.


Both drivers take off toward each other again. As they close in, Thumper pulls out in between them from a side street. Tommy immediately fires his Javalin at him. As it's about to make contact, Hector hits the front hydraulics, sending the nose into the air. The spear sails underneath. Not anticipating this reaction, Grimm falls victim to the spear, as it rams straight into his chest, sending his body flying off the back of the chopper. The bike crashes into a parked car. Darkside slowly comes rolling into Grimm's path from another side street. The Reaper slams into the side of the rig's cab, pinning him in place. Thumper hits the ground and tears off backward. Javalin flies passed, narrowly missing the lowrider. Concentrating solely on Thumper, that's when Tommy notices how fast he's moving toward Darkside. He slams the brakes, and they lock up. He skids right into Darkside, crushing Grimm, but at the same time, shoving the spear that pierced Grimm into his own radiator as well as pushing it farther into Darkside's engine bay, slicing a coolant hose. Anti-freeze starts pouring out of both vehicles. Tommy throws it into reverse and takes off. Darkside goes after him. Javalin has the obvious speed advantage, until Ash hits the buttons mounted to his steering wheel, launching him forward. He plows into Javalin, shoving him back. Tommy slams the brakes, but the rig overpowers him. Smoke starts boiling off the tires. They finally reached the end of the street, and Darkside smashes Javalin into the concrete building ahead. There is nothing left of the race car, and Darkside's motor is about to pop. And that's when Sweet Tooth and Yellow Jacket show up, one on each side of the rig. Both annihilate the semi with their napalm-packed signature weapons. Before long, the rig is ablaze and burns to the ground.

CALYPSO: Javalin has eliminated Grimm. Darkside has eliminated Javalin. Sweet Tooth and Yellow Jacket have eliminated Darkside. And with that, CEASE FIRE IMMEDIATELY. Needles, James, Hector... head to the arena at this time. You are the last 3 competitors left.

The 3 drivers make their way to the arena across town. Warhawk floats above, making sure nothing out of place happens. Shortly, the 3 vehicles arrive and pull into the arena. There, they are met by Calypso, Wrench Monkey, and a couple of the other head mechanics.

CALYPSO: Here's the deal; the mechanics will work on your cars until tomorrow. I want your cars in tip top shape for the final fight. Any questions?

NEEDLES: Yea, you gonna hook me up with that daughter of yours or what? She's legal now.

CALYPSO: Shut your fucking mouth before I eliminate you myself!

Needles laughs to himself as Calypso walks away. The drivers and mechanics disperse to their respective areas in the arena.

The next morning, the drivers wake up to the sight of nothing. Just their cars and an open arena. The mechanics and their vehicles had dispersed. As the drivers mill about their cars, Calypso's voice is heard through the stadium PA system.

CALYPSO: Drivers, welcome to the final round of Twisted Metal. As you well know, there are only 3 of you left. You have endured the worst of the worst and have proved your rightful spot in which you are. During the night, my teams have fully repaired your cars, ensuring a fair battle. Remember, this is a 3-way dance to the death with only one victor, although I will warn you now, I do have one final surprise... as always. And of course, said victor will come to me to claim their prize. Do you understand?

The crowds in the stands goes wild, as the drivers rev their motors, signifying their compliance.

CALYPSO: Without further ado, gentlemen... GO!!

Immediately, all 3 cars surge forward. Within seconds, bullets are flying in every direction. There are no alliances here, as all 3 men attack each other without disregard for anything or anyone, even themselves. It's not long before the missiles start to fly. The adrenaline these men are feeling proves to be a bit much, as several mis-guided missiles take out the safety gates in front of the bleachers. Finally, the drivers get a wake-up call from Calypso.

CALYPSO (through the in-dash screens): Drivers, it's time I introduce you to my little surprise. This should spice things up a tad. Say hello to Minion.

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yea, I figured those 3 driving around blasting each other would be kinda boring... thought I'd liven things up a bit
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The Dizaster Child wrote on 04/06/10 at 05:02:08:
yea, I figured those 3 driving around blasting each other would be kinda boring... thought I'd liven things up a bit

Dude, you're a beast.
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"CALYPSO: Javalin has eliminated Grimm. Sweet Tooth and Yellow Jacket have eliminated Darkside."


Keep up the good work though
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yea, I know a few ppl who didnt wanna see Darkside get taken out, but I have no ending for him... especially compared to the whopper I have written

I'd like to think that Darkside showed his utter brutality in this tho. I mean, just slamming into a car thats already in mid-roll is just fucking sinister. I wish everyone could see the complete savageness I had in my head when he rammed Outlaw... and I thought it was cool to have Outlaw the cop car thats chained to the front of Darkside. kinda explains his absence in Black, eh?
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The inconspicious gates underneath the skybox that Calypso is seated in fly up, and the Peterbilt gas tanker known as Minion comes flying out at top speed. All competitors stop battling each other, all frozen in fear of the monster headed in their direction. Needles makes the first move, hitting Yellow Jacket with a devastating power missile. The old checkered cab whips around violently, Little Kane getting tossed around in the back seat. Needles backs his ice cream truck out of the way, leaving the cab as Minion-fodder. However, the tanker completely bypasses Yellow Jacket and makes a beeline for Sweet Tooth. Driving wildly in reverse trying to escape Minion, Needles starts firing his entire arsenal of Napalm Cones at the tanker. All but one connects, setting him on fire. Minion fires back with his own special, the Fire Hose, scorching the nose of the ice cream truck. Thumper starts trailing the tanker, keeping his Flamethrower trained on the gas tank on the back of the rig. Before long, the entire tanker truck is engulfed in flames. Minion drives around like one big ticking time bomb, with Thumper in pursuit. Suddenly, the Flamethrower stops. Hector glances down as his gas gauge to see he only has a quarter tank left.

HECTOR: Shit 'ese, we got nothin' but shells and missiles to rely on now.

Needles still driving in reverse, the tanker continues after him. Needles fires off 2 homing missiles, both connecting with Minion's front end. This brings the rig to a sudden halt. Without any warning, Thumper runs right into the back of the tanker with no chance of even hitting his brakes. With a smashed front end, Hector throws it into reverse and backs away from the rig knowing it could blow up at any moment. Yellow Jacket moves in quickly to pick up Thumper's slack, tossing a Molotov Keg. It connects, exploding in a fiery blaze. As Yellow Jacket approaches the tanker, it explodes as well. Large pieces of the tanker fly everywhere, even into the stands where several spectators are crushed. The resounding shockwave sends the checkered cab flying into the air. It lands nose-first, resulting in an end-over-end roll, finally coming to a stop as it slams into the arena's barrier wall next to the entrance where Minion had come through. Amidst the scuffle of the rig's demise, Little Kane slowly climbs from underneath the wreckage. Badly beaten, he hobbles toward the gate, disappearing into the darkness. The only two competitors left are Sweet Tooth and a horribly war-torn Thumper. Needles quickly moves in for the kill, unloading what's left of his arsenal in one big flurry that leaves the pink lowrider as nothing more than a smoldering pile of steel.

CALYPSO (through loudspeaker): Ladies and gentlemen, your winner: Sweet Tooth!!!

What's left of the crowd in the stands jump to their feet and cheer wildly. Needles whips around a couple donuts to show off a little bit. Calypso pops up onto Needles' screen.

CALYPSO: Meet me at the carpark to claim your prize.

Needles pulls into the carpark and makes his way to the top floor where he finds Calypso, Wrench Monkey and Horace sitting in Calypso's Range Rover. Needles hops out of the ice cream truck and walks over to Calypso, who is seated in the back. His window half-way down.

NEEDLES: Ok, where is it?

Calypso hands him a piece of paper.

CALYPSO: Ya know, you could have just did a Google search and got the same information.

NEEDLES: I like a challenge. Besides, what the fuck is Google?

CALYPSO: Nothing, nevermind. Good luck.

NEEDLES: Yea yea, fuck you. (now looking toward the front passenger seat)  And hey Monkey.. Napalm Cones again this year?? Jesus man, can you come up with anything else? It's the same shit every fucking year.

MONKEY (sarcastically): Ok, well how about next year, I make it so your truck turns into a robot and you can just run around firing missiles. (laughs to himself)

Needles hops back into his truck and on his way out, pulls along side Calypso's Range Rover.

NEEDLES: Oh by the way, when I took out Warthog, Price wasn't in the vehicle. If I were you, I'd get my shit and get the fuck outta dodge if you know what I mean.

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note: be on the look out for a familiar name in this part. as in, TM1 familiar

Laughing to himself, Needles speeds away. The 3 men in the Rover jump out and make a break for Calypso's office.

(for those of you reading this and picturing watching a movie, now is the time to cue your action music. for me, it's "Busy Child" by the Crystal Method)

CALYPSO: Grab every tape and disc you find. I'll get all the paperwork.

HORACE: That fucking clown!! I swear, I hate that son of a bitch!!

Calypso and his crew tear the office apart gathering every piece of incriminating evidence they can find. Once they have everything, they sprint back to the Range Rover and throw everything in the back.

CALYPSO: I gotta go get Krista. Meet me out in the street.

Realizing her hadn't seen Krista in her office, he heads straight for the garage downstairs where she spent every available minute she had during the tenure of the contest. As he approaches the door...

CALYPSO: Krista, get your shit! We gotta leave n....

As he opens the door, he sees nothing. No tools, no chassis, and no Krista. He kneels down and touches the still-warm skidmarks leading out of the open roll-up door. Glancing around the room, he sees a note tacked to one of the eisels. It reads:

"See you next year, dad.
Love, Krista

Calypso follows the skidmarks out the door, down the alley and into the street where Monkey and Horace are waiting in the Range Rover. Calypso quickly hops inside and the trio take off.

CALYPSO: Krista's gone.

MONKEY: I kinda thought so when I saw the tire treads coming out of the alleyway.

As the SUV speeds out of town, a chopper lands in the street next to the burnt shell formerly known as Warthog. Captain Price comes jogging out of a nearby building and climbs inside.

PRICE: Took you long enough to get here. I sent you that S.O.S yesterday.

COMMANDER MASON 3: We had to make sure the DZ was clear. These cars pack enough firepower to bring us down in the blink of an eye.

PRICE: I was starting to think you guys wrote me off as K.I.A. And who ordered Agent Stone to come here??

CORPORAL TANNER (standing up): That would be me. I thought you could use some help.

Price rushes Tanner and lays him out with a hard right hook. Tanner hits the floor as 4 privates restrain Price from doing any more harm.

PRICE: That arrogant prick almost got me and my partner killed!! How dare you question my capabilities?!?

TANNER (dazed): How dare you strike a superior?!? And speaking of your partner, it looks like you didn't need any help getting him killed...

Price, now in a blind fury, breaks free from the soldiers holding him and pounces on Tanner, laying punch after punch into his face. It isn't long before blood and teeth start to sprinkle across the floor of the helicopter. With the help of Mason, the 4 soldiers are able to pull Price up and restrain him to a seat.

MASON: What the fuck is wrong with you, Price?! You'll end up back in the Golag for this!!

PRICE: Not before I see that yank dead for what he's done.

The chopper makes it's way back to base while another chopper lands on the roof of Calypso's carpark. Just as all the men bail out, the building explodes, killing all the soldiers and erasing any evidence that could possibly be left behind.

Following the events of the contest, Price has been promoted for his bravery and received the Purple Heart for injury during combat. He launches a full-scale investigation against Calypso and Needles, who's whereabouts are unknown. Price calls "Roach", his new second in command.

PRICE: I want every vehicle, or what's left of them that was involved in the contest shipped to my base for a full investigation. I want to know where these weapons came from and from who.

ROACH: I'm on it now, sir.

Immediately after leaving the carpark with his prize, Needles makes a beeline for the address on the piece of paper Calypso handed him: The Bronx, New York. Hiding by day and driving by night as to avoid attention, Needles finally arrives in the Big Apple several days later. Despite the daylight hours, he drives right through downtown to his destination. He parks outside the dank, dirty apartment building and runs inside. He comes to room 5B, the number on his paper. With his size 19 shoe, he kicks the door open with ease.  Making his way to the living room, he spots a woman sitting in a ragged-out recliner. She is so baked that she doesn't even realize her front door has been kicked in and a serial killer stands mere feet from her. He walks between her and her line of sight to the tv. She looks up at him, half conscious...

WOMAN: Wow, look at how big you are. I bet you got a dick like a moose. If you do, I'll have to charge you double.....

NEEDLES: Is that any way to talk to your son?

WOMAN: What? I don't have any kids.

Needles reaches into his pocket and pulls out a photo of her, Charlie, James, Marcus and himself. He hands it to the woman.

WOMAN: Where the fuck did you get this?!

Needles pulls off his mask, revealing his face to her. She stares in awe with her jaw dropped.

WOMAN: Solomon?! I haven't seen you in ages. Figures it was you I kept seeing on the news...

NEEDLES: Well you were the reason I left. You are the reason I kill.

WOMAN: You don't say... well what about that worthless piece of shit father of yours? Where is he?

NEEDLES: Dead. Along with the other 2. And you here shortly.

The tv show she was watching is interrupted with a breaking story from the local news.

TV ANCHOR: Word is spreading fast that the ice cream truck driven by the notorious Needles Kane, better known as 'Sweet Tooth' has been spotted in The Bronx. Several eye-witnesses say they saw it driving irratically across the borough.

The newscaster goes quiet as he cups his earpiece.

TV ANCHOR: I have just received word that the truck has been found parked outside of a project apartment building in the Red Hook district. We have a cameracrew already en route.

Needles, realizing he doesn't have much time, lunges for his step-mother. Grabbing her by the throat, he rips her out of the lounge chair and squeezes her neck with an iron grip. He holds her high in the air, banging her head off of the ceiling repeatedly. Paint and drywall fall to the ground. She almost instantly turns blue as her body stops taking in oxygen. She starts to emit gargling noises as she begins choking on her own saliva, her arms thrashing around violently. In the background, on the tv, the news crew starts taking footage as they pull up to the ice cream truck. A SWAT van is already there, parked and empty. The cameraman zooms in on the dead bodies trapped underneath Sweet Tooth. Hearing the SWAT team's footsteps coming down the hall, Needles quickly snaps his step-mother's neck, and slams her dead body to the floor. Two empty cans of mace and 4 drained stun-guns later, Needles is unconscious and in police custody. He is heavily shackled and loaded into the back of the SWAT van, and taken off. He starts to come to a few minutes later.

NEEDLES: Ah fuck... you know it's a LONG drive to Blackfield from here, right?

by the way, this isn't even the end ;)

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Sweetie's real name is Solomon?!  :o
Oh shit! That's like Granville, Orpheus, Chadwick, Bradford, or Maximillian or something. That was really sketchy.

Great semi-ending tho. I can't believe Minion got raped so quickly. Wouldn't you kinda expect his taker to have a few safeguards against being a giant gas can? I can't wait for the ending-ending.

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Solomon Kane.. just sounds bad. like, biblical bad

he got raped so quickly cause everyone jumped om his ass, not to mention Needles pelted his ass with Napalm Cones.. then got hit with an explosive keg.. and had a flamethrower pouring right onto the main tank
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
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The Dizaster Child wrote on 04/09/10 at 04:09:56:
Solomon Kane.. just sounds bad. like, biblical bad

he got raped so quickly cause everyone jumped om his ass, not to mention Needles pelted his ass with Napalm Cones.. then got hit with an explosive keg.. and had a flamethrower pouring right onto the main tank

Uh... no. 'Solomon Kane' just sound like an old guy at a nursing home with a lisp, a whistling wheeze, and a super saggy beard that walks around with a creaky old walker while wearing a urine and oatmeal crusted robe.
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Several months later, Price's investigation is complete.

ROACH: What are we going to do with all the junk cars?

PRICE: I have arranged for a local scrapyard to come pick them up.

ROACH: Who would want these fucking things?

PRICE: Some place a few miles down the road called Zorko's Salvage and Steel. They are the closest yard and offered to come pick them up for free. They just want the steel weight.

ROACH: At least they'll be out of our hair. Just looking at these cars gives me the chills.

PRICE: You shoulda been out there in the middle of that mess. I'm still having night terrors from it.

Price stares at what's left of his old Hummer.

PRICE (muttering to himself): Ya know, I might just keep this one...

Over the next few days, word starts to travel throughout the underground about a closed-yard auction at Zorko's Salvage and Steel. Collectors from all over gather at the main gate to the yard. Muscle-For-Hire bouncers check each invite, making sure to only let in those strictly specified. Once inside, it becomes obvious what's up for grabs - the decimated vehicles from the prior Twisted Metal contest. The first car up for auction is Yellow Jacket, the opening bid starting at $50,000. Before anyone can make a bid, a voice at the back shouts through a megaphone...


AUCTIONEER: Who is the high bidder? Come forward.

Calypso makes his way to the front of the crowd.

CALYPSO: I want these cars for my collection. This is the only year I haven't collected after the contest.

AUCTIONEER: Sold. Have them out of here by 5pm this afternoon. And make sure you bring a closed trailer... we don't want to advertise what's going down here.

Calypso makes a few calls, and before long, a wrecker shows up with a closed trailer.

BILLY (southern accent): I'm looking for a 'Calypso'.

CALYPSO: That'd be me.

BILLY: I'm Billy Ray with Stillwell Wrecking and Tow. I understand you have some cars you need takin' away.

CALYPSO: Quite a few actually. I'm sure it'll take mulitiple trips, but I'm not far from here.

Billy gets started winching the smaller cars into the trailer. He follows Calypso in his Range Rover to the drop site and unloads. A few more trips later, all that's left is Darkside. Obviously not going to fit inside the covered trailer, Billy brings in a gooseneck with a frame and a canvas. They head back to the yard and load up the burnt rig, and bring it back, covered by the canvas like a big tent. As Calypso hands Billy the cash...

CALYPSO: I notice you're pretty good with your truck. You been doing this for a while?

BILLY: I been driving since I was 10. Used to drive my daddy's old Chevrolet around the backyard all the time.

CALYPSO: Tell me, would you be interested in playing a game...

After a lengthy conversation, the men shake hands and Billy is on his way. As Calypso is walking passed the black semi, he hears a noise from inside. He opens the door and sees a stowaway, crouched in the back corner. The person has their back to Calypso. All he can make out is the small frame donned in leather.

CALYPSO: Excuse me, but are you lost or just playing hide and go seek?

UNKNOWN: I've run away from home. I can't stand the torture anymore.

CALYPSO: Torture? Is your life really that bad?

The person sits upright. It would appear the person is bald, but as Calypso leans closer, he realizes that there is a lock and latch on the back of this person's head. They quickly turn to face him, revealing a porcelain doll mask.

DOLLFACE: I've been wearing this mask for years and years. He won't take it off!!

CALYPSO: Dear God, that's horrendous.

DOLLFACE: I'd do anything to get this fucking thing off of me...

CALYPSO: Interesting. Well I'll tell you what: take the truck. It's yours.

DOLLFACE: REALLY?? What's the catch?

CALYPSO: Nothing. Just come back and see me on Christmas Eve.............

ook guys, thats it. tell me what you think
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Gasp. GASP. GASP!!! I know where the is fucking going!!!

...I hope.

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well its going nowhere cause that was the end. like I said, that was supposed to be a direct tie-in to Black.. set up Junkyard Dog and Darkside.. and Cage was mentioned, so there's Warthog

I've been kicking around the idea of a battle fic.. even before I started this one. its so different than anything the TM universe has seen, I'm not sure how you guys would take it... total hit or miss. it'd be good for those of you who like post-apocalyptic shit. and the narrating would be quite different than my usual style of writing
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The Dizaster Child wrote on 04/09/10 at 07:23:23:
I've been kicking around the idea of a battle fic.. even before I started this one. its so different than anything the TM universe has seen, I'm not sure how you guys would take it... total hit or miss. it'd be good for those of you who like post-apocalyptic shit. and the narrating would be quite different than my usual style of writing

Hit! Hit! We wanna hear it! We love you! You entertain the guys when their dick is raw and their hand is sore.

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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 04/09/10 at 09:26:55
ummm.. I'm not quite sure what thats supposed to mean
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by DoktorStrychnine on 04/10/10 at 01:40:09

The Dizaster Child wrote on 04/09/10 at 09:26:55:
ummm.. I'm not quite sure what thats supposed to mean

Use your imagination.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by YellowJacket318 on 04/10/10 at 16:27:31
I loved it man, great work, great writing, great details... I could visually picture the whole thing.  Bravo!

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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 04/10/10 at 20:10:01
LOL @ the gif file

thanks bro, glad you guys dug it. anyone else? any negative?

---===Fan Fic Of The Week===---
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by magnum on 04/10/10 at 23:23:11
Are you shitting me? That was fucking great man. I was J/K about my faves getting axed.

Good shit man. If you have any more stories in you, put em up.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 04/11/10 at 01:37:15
I gotta belt.. YAY!!!

lol, thanks man. I got one more battle fic in mind, and about 4 more Chronicles. the Kane family will be exposed, as well as some sibling rivalry
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 04/13/10 at 00:22:33
thought I'd ask what you guys wanna see got my next fic; another battle fic or continue with the chronicles?
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by magnum on 04/13/10 at 13:38:39
Chronicles work for me.

But if you put some fighting in it, it wouldn't hurt.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 04/13/10 at 19:05:47
yea, I hear ya about more fighting. the Chronicles are designed to give an in depth look into each person's past more than displaying fighting prowess. there will always be fighting in them to an extent, but the focus of my detail will always be the behind-the-scenes if you will

don't get me wrong, I know how important the battles are. that's why I included the piece from Hong Kong, cause to me, that was a very important fight since that was where Needles was put into the coma that led to him dreaming up Black. I pick and choose key points
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by DoktorStrychnine on 04/14/10 at 08:19:37

The Dizaster Child wrote on 04/13/10 at 19:05:47:
yea, I hear ya about more fighting. the Chronicles are designed to give an in depth look into each person's past more than displaying fighting prowess. there will always be fighting in them to an extent, but the focus of my detail will always be the behind-the-scenes if you will

Yea, I agree with Mag. Chronicles will totally kick ass now. And the fighting? More fist fights.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 04/15/10 at 04:11:14
I though the Chronicles were already kick ass, but ok. fist fights are do-able since the theme would put ppl face to face
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by maxamillionaire on 04/17/10 at 05:02:20
Well i just came to this board, and i need to catch up on all this stuff. I just read the first couple chapters, but i'll finish it and post my opinion of the whole thing. I just wanted to say that I was absolutely ecstatic when you mentioned beeswax!!!  :D He was my fav v8 character of all time and even though he just got killed i loved the reference.

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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 04/17/10 at 06:01:18
he was one of my faves also, but I thought it wrong to have him compete altho I wanted him mentioned. once you start reading all of my fics, you'll see I reference alot of ppl from other games
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by maxamillionaire on 04/18/10 at 04:11:34
So, I just finished it, and I have to say that that this is probably the best twisted metal fanfic in existence. You perfectly recreate it so it could actually happen. This would work so well as the long awaited TM movie. I look forward to reading more of your stuff

Oh, and I liked outlaw stuck on darkside thing, that was pretty sweet.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 04/18/10 at 06:21:14
yea, that was kinda on-the-spot when I typed it. I have yet to see anyone publicly mention if it was indeed Outlaw, since the cruiser was traded in for a SWAT truck this game. it seemed to make perfect sense to me given the past

like I mentioned, I have one more battle fic in mind, as well as several Chronicles. if you didnt read the first one, the Chronicles are a deeper look into individual characters, ala X-Men Origins: Wolverine as mentioned in another thread. I already did Needles, and have started Charlie Kane. I also have Marcus Kane as well as Lil' Kane planned to round out the Kane 'dynasty'. I also have in mind to do Jamie and Karl Roberts, which will end coinciding with this fanfic.. with Karl becoming corrupt. another point to the Chronicles will give a first-person lay out in the hear of battle. in Needles' story, I gave his account of the final battle in Hong Kong from TM2, and how he survived, and came to be in the coma where he dreamt up the story for Black
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by Mr.slam on 05/07/10 at 00:46:23
to be honest I only read half of it becuase I was only on here once every two days and you posted so much I gave up reading,but I read the end battle and stuff,it was fucking cool as always... ::)
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 05/07/10 at 09:45:01
thats why I was waiting a day or 2 between posts for those ppl who dont get on here every day
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 06/23/10 at 01:39:43
as you can see, its been well over a month since the last post in this thread. now, with all the new TM buzz circulating, remember some of the new features the game has? sound familiar? its funny how a few of my ideas are in there... and this should be a good read for the new kids
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by BizarroKing on 06/23/10 at 02:30:15
I wonder if there will be a sequel...
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 06/23/10 at 03:43:33
to Civil War? mmm, not in the forseeable future. the next fic in progress is 'different' to say the least. different characters, environment, writing style.. I'll explain when it comes close to time to reveal it, and I'll also be doing full profiles on all cars and drivers prior to the post

now, do you remember the similarities with Civil War and the new TM? you might have to skim thru, but there are 2 things in common that I know of right off the bat
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by NuN_CHuCK BoY on 06/23/10 at 04:39:25
Whoa!! Now that was one Kick-Ass story!!

I actually have an idea for a battle fic thats just been stuck in my head for the past week. It would be quite differant from the TM universe and Black Universe, but it would pull ideas from both and keep the concept but it would be differant. After reading this I can't help but feel inspired and intimidated at the same time, your story is so awesome it kinda puts my idea to shame. Great stuff though, Good Job!
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by SpeedinSpecter on 09/06/10 at 06:25:27
Fucking A!

This was definitely awesome, and I like all the references, such as Beezwax and Molo.  Although, it was kind of sad when it was done.  Keep up the good work.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 09/11/10 at 23:12:20
heh, thanks man. the new one has been on hold for like, 3 months now and I'm just now getting to the battle. its gonna be a while cause its got 14 drivers, rather than 12. I hope you guys like my updated take on Axel ;)
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by Gunslinger on 09/12/10 at 23:53:54
Lol at Cap Price and Soap being in it. Probably the best fic I've read on here, good job man.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by SpeedinSpecter on 09/13/10 at 02:51:25
Do you think you could make a link to the thread you had with the other cars on it?  I looked, but I couldn't find it in TT with all the other threads.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 09/14/10 at 09:09:06

bigdogmc1 wrote on 09/13/10 at 02:51:25:
Do you think you could make a link to the thread you had with the other cars on it?  I looked, but I couldn't find it in TT with all the other threads.

wait, what other cars? if you're referring to the fic in progress, I havent posted the cars yet.. if you're referring to something else, be a lil more specific. its been a long while since I posted car profiles

thanks Gunslinger :) I couldnt think of anyone for Warthog since Mason was already in the fic as an outside source. I figured since there was a Soviet nuke transporter in the contest, who better than Makarov v. Price? I just wish I coulda conveyed the sheer size of Biohazard.. with a full head of steam, he's be able to knock Darkside out of the way without flinching. the only rival size-wise would be Manslaughter, and even he'd be hard-pressed to contend.. but he wasnt in it

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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by SpeedinSpecter on 09/14/10 at 20:16:19

The Dizaster Child wrote on 09/14/10 at 09:09:06:
wait, what other cars? if you're referring to the fic in progress, I havent posted the cars yet.. if you're referring to something else, be a lil more specific. its been a long while since I posted car profiles

thanks Gunslinger :) I couldnt think of anyone for Warthog since Mason was already in the fic as an outside source. I figured since there was a Soviet nuke transporter in the contest, who better than Makarov v. Price? I just wish I coulda conveyed the sheer size of Biohazard.. with a full head of steam, he's be able to knock Darkside out of the way without flinching. the only rival size-wise would be Manslaughter, and even he'd be hard-pressed to contend.. but he wasnt in it

I meant for Javalin, Grey Goose, and Biohazard, but I finally found them in Make a Character and Show it Off.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 09/16/10 at 01:02:30
yea, I shoulda just directed you there to begin with since all my characters have been posted there regardless. since the new fic is mainly comprised of my own characters, save 4 or 5 of them (Mr. Slam will be thrilled with the next one), I will have extensive profiles on every, so look for the Make A Character thread to explode when the new fic is close to done. I did some revisioning on it the other night, but sadly made zero progress. like I said, the new one will have elements not only introduced to my fanfics, but for the TM series as a whole.. can we say, 'wind and rain'?  :D
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by deathmetal2020 on 09/22/10 at 16:23:31
wow, good read man, i liked how you put a lot of detail into this pretty fuckin amazing. ;D
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by The Dizaster Child on 09/23/10 at 02:45:10
thank you Mr. Triple Post lol
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by Methamoriaz on 05/31/11 at 18:28:03
Damn !
The most awesome fic i ever read !
but i wonder there will be Twister  ;D

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by PureNRG on 06/16/11 at 19:31:23
thanks man, much appreciated  8-)

I havent considered Twister for a fanfic, yet. she just never seems to fit the bill in my cast of characters. I'll say it now.. she's not in the new one, either. but there will be a new female character in the next one, who is associated with racecars :)

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by Railspike on 06/18/11 at 02:16:06
You should put some of my charcaters in it, I sort of lose interest quickly and I've been sort of in a writers block. Also you know from experience my spelling can be horrid. If I know you correctly you could definitely give them more depth they diserve.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by PureNRG on 06/18/11 at 04:04:10
PM me a list of the characters you wanna see, and I'll see what I can do. they wont appear in the new one bc those ppl are set in stone and I've already done the entire first half. I'm facing writer's block at the moment, which unfortunately, is right at the start of the competition. but like I said before, this one is set in a different setting, its in a different writing style.. I just wanna finish it, but I dont wanna rush it out and it be shit

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by Obliverate on 06/29/11 at 20:50:07

Mr.SLaM wrote on 06/18/11 at 02:16:06:
You should put some of my charcaters in it,

Really? Really?

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by Mr.SLaM on 06/30/11 at 04:39:40
You should really go play in traffic. Do you need to post your 12 year old comments in every thread?

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by Obliverate on 06/30/11 at 12:47:21
Is calling someone 12 the new insult these days?

Anyways, it's just not classy to basically comment on his story that it would be better with your material.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by Mr.SLaM on 06/30/11 at 13:27:52
Thats not what I'm impleying at all. I'm saying my ideas would be alot more fleshed out with someone better wrighting. It's more of a compliment,so learn to read.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by Kilrgrn on 06/30/11 at 16:04:16
I find it ironic that you're telling him to learn to read, when you haven't even, learned to type. The two tend to go hand in hand, ya know.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by Mr.SLaM on 06/30/11 at 23:39:04
I've said many times before I can't spell for shit.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by PureNRG on 07/01/11 at 08:45:52
I didn't take it as in an insult or anything. it looked more like he'd want to see his own creations get a more detailed, fleshed out makeover. and I don't have issue doing that, but there are some things to note..

one, you need to PM me a list of who you want to see remade, with the basic details. I'm sorry, but I do not have the time to sift thru fanfics and the Make A Character thread to find all your posts. I need it in an easy to find spot

two.. with Jaffe's own characters, my revamps of his creations, and my own personal army of creations, its gonna be hard to find a place for your guys in my future stories, esp since I don't have too many more battlefictions in my future. I can make some sort of mini-saga without an issue, tho

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by Mr.SLaM on 07/01/11 at 17:23:13

The Dizaster Child wrote on 07/01/11 at 08:45:52:
I didn't take it as in an insult or anything. it looked more like he'd want to see his own creations get a more detailed, fleshed out makeover. and I don't have issue doing that, but there are some things to note..

one, you need to PM me a list of who you want to see remade, with the basic details. I'm sorry, but I do not have the time to sift thru fanfics and the Make A Character thread to find all your posts. I need it in an easy to find spot

two.. with Jaffe's own characters, my revamps of his creations, and my own personal army of creations, its gonna be hard to find a place for your guys in my future stories, esp since I don't have too many more battlefictions in my future. I can make some sort of mini-saga without an issue, tho

Alright I didn't know your pressed for time I'll get on it. And even if my characters don't get a full fleshed out story I wouldn't mind a little reference or something.It would be a nice nod.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by PureNRG on 07/02/11 at 17:16:18
I usually work 50 hrs a week, spend time wirh my gf in the evenings, and have my son every other weekend. I dont even have time for my own fanfics. this is why I have 3 fanfics and a short novel (non TM) all in progress, but nothing finished. I thought I'd be fired up to write when I got my new laptop back in January, but oh no.. my time is just hacked

like I said, PM a character/vehicle bio to me, with details, and I'll be what I can do. I may need to modify drivers, tho.. like making this Railspike guy some kind of tech wizard or something

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by Obliverate on 07/02/11 at 17:18:26
Make him a 28-year-old, disabled Vietnam veteran on a quest for poon and Tang.

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by PureNRG on 07/02/11 at 18:02:38
a 28 yr old Vietnam vet? wtf lol?

Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Civil War
Post by Obliverate on 07/09/11 at 14:15:40

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