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Message started by maartyrr on 01/19/10 at 20:12:57

Title: Twisted Metal: Harbor City (fanfic)
Post by maartyrr on 01/19/10 at 20:12:57
Chapter 1: Empowering the Meek

Note: I’m using :: :: for scene descriptions  and camera/audio and ( ) ( ) for people thoughts and “ “ for dialog

The scene is 1 hour after Carl and Jamie won the Twisted Metal and tried to put a stop to Calypso - however things didn’t work out has they had hoped…

"I'm so fucking pissed at you Jamie, I really could kill you!" Carl yells, "Do you want me to put you out of your misery right now, I'll gladly do it"
:: Jamie doesn't even look at her brother - she can't believe that he can treat her this way - this was not the same person she grew up with.
"I know you can hear me- look at me!" he yells. ::The cop car comes screeching to a halt:: "Get out, get the fuck out right now" ::Carl kicks Jamie out into the road and speeds off::

::Jamie has pretty much given up on everything - betrayed by her own brother and the police force she contemplates suicide is the only true escape from this nightmare.

::Calypso appears before her in the road:: ::Jamie feels for her mouth and starts to sob:: "I know I know Jamie, I’m terribly sorry about what happened, see even I can admit when I've gone too far" he tells her ::with a snap of his fingers Jamie gets her mouth back:: ::Jamie is stunned, a thousand questions race through her head:: ::This man is evil whets the catch, why would he just take back a wish::

"Why Calypso, why would you give me back my mouth when I didn't enter or win the next Twisted Metal?" "Well", Calypso replies, "I know that’s not what you truly wanted - I do have certain rules to follow whether you can believe that or not, but.."

::Jamie interrupts:: "What rules?" ::Calypso says, "Yes, there are rules with this combat that I must abide by, If I didn't then I would be stripped of running this contest." "Most cars have one driver and one wish, however in your case there were two drivers and you both have to agree on one wish" "There were another pair of drivers in a previous tournament that were girl crazy and they both agreed to wishing for "babes" as they called them"

"Your case is different since I don't think your wish was to "shut up" ::Calypso chuckles:: "That's not funny" Jamie remarks. ::Calypso crosses his arms:: "I did however purposely misinterpret his wish only to show you what kind of person your brother really is" He adds, " I don't think you realize how blind you are to his corrupt ways"

::Jamie is outraged:: "What are you talking about, my brother is pissed at me for getting in his way of his wish" "No my darling, you have got it all wrong" Calypso sneers "Jamie, give me your hands, I'll show you just what kind of person your brother really is"

::Reluctantly Jamie takes a hold of Calypso’s hands:: ::In an instant Jamie is hit by a flash back of events of Carl taking bribes, killing innocent civilians, planting evidence and even confiscating drugs and later using them::

"Calypso, is...this really true, are you making any of this up, how can he do such a thing?" Jamie asks. "No Jamie, Calypso replies, this is who he really is, he even killed an agent Sheppard of the FBI who entered my contest to help put a stop to me" Calypso added "He killed him only because your brother couldn't stand the fact of being alive" "Oh my god, not Agent Sheppard, I knew him, he was a good person"

"I'm sorry things had to be this way, but I had no choice to show you" Calypso adds "I can't make things right, however I can save you seat in next years competition, and you will be going up against your brother - to put a stop to his ways"

Jamie replies "But I don’t have a car - Outlaw was his car"

"Calypso, is...this really true, are you making any of this up, how can he do such a thing?" Jamie asks. "No Jamie, Calypso replies, this is who he really is, he even killed an agent Sheppard of the FBI who entered my contest to help put a stop to me" Calypso added "He killed him only because your brother couldn't stand the fact of being alive" "Oh my god, not Agent Sheppard, I knew him, he was a good person"

"I'm sorry things had to be this way, but I had no choice to show you" Calypso adds "I can't make things right, however I can save you seat in next years competition, and you will be going up against your brother - to put a stop to his ways"

Jamie replies "But I don’t have a car - Outlaw was his car"

Calypso smiles "look behind you Jamie" ::Jamie turns around to see Crimson Fury rebuilt and purring, ready for action::

::Jamie smiles:: "I've always liked the color red"
"I've even went as far as having all the windows tinted so no one will know your identity" ::Calypso looks down at his feet:: "This is as far as I can go in aiding you." "You have a car, a seat in the next year's Twisted Metal and a purpose"
"Thank you so much for doing all of this" ::Jamie turns back around:: "I was really wrong... ::Calypso is gone:: Jamie look around frantically, but she can't find him anywhere.

::A voice calls out to her from the distance:: "You don’t have to thank me darling, just make sure you complete what you set out to do next year, I don’t want your ghost attaching itself to that car because of a job that was left undone"

::Jamie slides behind the wheel:: "Now, she thinks to herself, "All I have to do now is fake my own death to make Carl think that I am completely out of the picture, and from there I can plot my revenge."

::Crimson Fury roars down the road and the camera fades to black::

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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Harbor City (fanfic)
Post by Mr.slam on 01/20/10 at 00:23:53
OOOOOooo :)
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Harbor City (fanfic)
Post by SmOkiN-BuLLeTsZ on 01/20/10 at 00:27:23
Nice, this would take place after the events of HOETE, right? And to clarify, Agent Sheppard originally drove Crimson Fury, correct?
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Harbor City (fanfic)
Post by Ø8LI√3®8 on 01/20/10 at 01:50:07

Sling wrote on 01/20/10 at 00:27:23:
Nice, this would take place after the events of HOETE, right? And to clarify, Agent Sheppard originally drove Crimson Fury, correct?

Yes, yes, yes.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Harbor City (fanfic)
Post by maartyrr on 01/20/10 at 04:07:11
I had originally started this post on the old TMA but alas the servers went down(I cant believe that I had saved it). Magnum should know this story like the back of his hand by now...god knows how many times that I've tried to continue and end it and I just couldnt do it. Anyway, I wrote another 4 pages out today and progressed it a little bit further.  i'll break up the sections in smaller parts so your not staring at a wall of text.

I think I'm about half way done with the story - i think.  

Quick explanation:

Basically the story starts right at the end of Twisted Metal head on when Jamie and Carl's wish gets twisted, however, the black and the colorful world have completely merged into one world(Calypso from TMHO is the one that I'm using for the story). Calypso can now pull contestants from both worlds - and can resurrect deceased drivers. And for reasons unknown at this point he's not waiting a whole year for the next competition to begin and needs it to begin now

Cast of cars              drivers

Sweet tooth              Marcus Kane(Needles Kane) (tmb)
Mr. Grimm                Mr. Grimm (from tmb)
Outlaw                      Agent Stone (tmb)
Brimestone                Preacher aka Jebidias (tmb)
Crimson Fury             Jamie Roberts (tm2/ho)
Crazy8/Yellowjacket   No Face (tmb)
A9 Mind Tank             Carl Roberts (tm1/ho)
TMB tanker                Dr. Gilbert (original character)
Spectre                     myself
Roadkill                     Lieutenant McClain (original character)
Warthog                    Colonel Mason (tm1)
Thumper                   Bruce Cochrane (tm1/tm2)
Axel                          Joseph - axel's son (original character)
Junkyard Dog            Billy Ray Stillwell (tmb)
Shadow                     Raven (tmb)
Twister                      Amanda Watts (tm2)
Pit Viper                    Angela Fortin (tm1)
Grasshopper              Krista Sparks (tm2/ho)
Darkside                   Dollface (tmb)
Darskide(2nd form)    Mr ash (tm1)
Manslaughter             Black (tmb)
12pak                       Minion (tm2)
Darktooth                 Charlie Kane (tm1)
Warhawk                  Sergeant James Koolig (original character)
Hammerhead            Dave and Mike (tm1)
Mr Slam                    Simon Whittlebone (tm2/ho)

also, I am pulling some of the scenes, character behaviors from the bleach anime series and working in my chapters. so if anyone follows it, you can see some correlation between my story and the show/manga
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Harbor City (fanfic)
Post by XShadowAssassinX on 01/20/10 at 04:17:42
Yay, you got Raven ;D

I like where it's going so far. Can't wait to read more.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Harbor City (fanfic)
Post by maartyrr on 01/20/10 at 05:01:56
Chapter 2: Knee Deep

:: Camera fades back in at the midtown pd::
::Carl is standing facing his sgt::
“What happened in Twisted Metal”? Sgt Doyls asks - his face tensing up.
“Well,” Carl starts “We won but Ca-”
“No BUTS!” Sgt Doyls yells has he slams his hand down on the desks. “Damn it! Its too reckless for the police force to compete every year, Do you know how many innocent lives are at stake?”
“And where the hell is Officer Jamie?”
::Unsure of what to say or even think at this point Carl has one choice and one choice only::
“Calypso killed her”, he mutters.
“How”? Asks Doyls.
“Does it matter- she’s dead - killed by that bastard Calypso” Carl snaps back. “I want in on the next TM, I’ll set things right- I swear to it. “ “This has been my fight from the beginning and I plan on finishing it.”
:: Doyls is not pleased with Carl’s tone nor his answers, unfortunately there aren’t any other drivers who are willing to enter in this contest. Carl is all Sgt Doyls has right now::
::Hesitantly he agrees to let Carl have yet another shot in next year’s Twisted Metal::
“However, things will be a bit different.” “ The midtown pd is working with leading scientist and researchers in developing a personal tank that’s controlled by one’s mind.” He goes on, “I’m sure you’ve heard about the Research facility Apocalypse 9?

:camera fades out to black:

::camera pans around a science lab, Sgt Doyls is speaking with Dr Frank Gilbert, while Carl is going over some notes on Project Mind Tank::

“Carl, I would like you to meet Dr Gilbert, he’s A9’s lead researcher and developer.” “You will be practicing with him and his team, everyday until next year’s Twisted Metal.”
“Practice?” “What for?” Carl objects. “You’re saying that I gotta come here everyday and do what exactly?”
Dr. Gilbert interjects, (with a thick German accent) “this isn’t your everyday run of the mill auto Mr. Roberts.” “If you are to look inside of this vehicle, you won’t find any gas pedals or breaks or even a steering wheel.” “This behemoth is controlled by you. Your brain waves, your emotions and your personality.” He continues, “We don’t want you to break our little toy, nor do we want our little toy to break you” He adds “You understand now, don’t you?” “If this tank isn’t properly in tune with your mind and body, you won’t have such an easy time controlling it.” “I want this contest to be over once and for all, do we have an understanding Mr. Roberts?”
::Carl is stunned from the doctor’s speech:: ::This machine is really going to become with me:: I might not even need to make a wish I’ll just run Calypso over and that’ll end everything::
“Yes Dr. Gilbert“, Carl says “ I understand completely, shall we start the training program today?”
“Follow me Mr. Roberts.” ::Carl and Dr Gilbert board an elevator and begin to descend a few hundred feet below the surface to the testing zone::

::Camera fades to black::

“Damn it” I can’t  dodge this bullet” Agent Stone blurbs just before the bullet enter his skull for the 200,000,000,000th time.  ::Time seems to stop and then rewind once again as Agent Stone is holding the gun ready to take aim:: “I’m not going to screw up this time”  Gun fire starts erupting from Stone’s rile yet again:: ::As always  the guy across the building manages to fire off one round::  “Why do you forsake me Lord?” “Have I not suffered enough for my mistakes?” “I’m trying to make things right, I swear I am”  :: The bullet seems to stop directly in front of his head:: ::Enter Calypso from the doorway behind Stone:: “I don’t think that ‘He’ can hear you in this dimension Mr. Stone”.  ::Agent Stone whirls around in disbelief:: “You tricked me! You sent me to this Hell, where in which I couldn’t win! Didn’t you!”  ::Calypso closes his eyes and calmly replies:: “ I gave you every opportunity to correct YOUR mistake, but it seems as if you managed to screw that up as well.” “However,” he continues on “ I came here to make a deal with you to get you out of here, If you so kindly will accept what I have to offer you will be transported  back to the land of the living and be at the driver seat of Outlaw”  ::Agent stone seems hesitant:: “And if I re-” “If you refuse” Calypso cuts him off, “Then you will be here forever and there’s nothing I can do.”  “Ok, I’ll play again this year, but why do you need me?”  ::Calypso stands with his arms folded:: “Lets just say that there are certain things that are I can’t stop on my own.  “Also, the next competition will start in 2 weeks and not next year” ::The camera starts to fade to black::  ::Calypso and Agent Stone start to dissipate along with the surround buildings and the rest of the world around them:: “Your friend Captain Roberts is planning on launching a full scale war, I’m planning on bringing everyone back  for this one” ::Agent Stone eyes widen as Calypso grin widens:: “And yes that means the clown too”  

::Camera fades to black::

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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Harbor City (fanfic)
Post by maartyrr on 01/20/10 at 05:15:48
Chapter 3: All Pawns Fall Down

Only the sound of foot steps can be heard along with muffled voices::  
::Camera continues to stay black, but the audio is starting to get clearer and clearer::
::Camera is incredibly blurry and is trying frantically to unblur itself::
:: Nurses and guards and yelling and screaming for help::
“Someone get the doctor!” “She wont stop bleeding!” “Someone do something before we lose her!”
::I awaken in a dark and damp asylum cell::  
“What the hell is going on now” I think to myself “Is someone dieing here again”
(This place has always been dark and depressing - its been surrounding me consuming me and eating at me)
::The screams continue for a little while longer and then silence::
:: I sit up and lean against the wall to see if I can hear anything::

(Nothing?) (This is highly unusual since this is an insane asylum there’s always some idiot who can’t sit still for five freaking seconds)  ::I bang on the wall:: ( I guess I’ll be the idiot today) “Hey?!” “What’s going on over there”  ::No response:: (hmmm, I’d better check the door)  :: I get up and start heading towards the door:: ::flashes of red and black fill my mind and an image of myself that’s all cut up and demonic appears in front of me:: “You left me and now IM BURNING” the image shrieks “IM WAITING FOR YOU” (not again not again not again not again not now not now not now not now go away go away go away go away) ::The image fades away:: “Its not real its all in my mind its not real it doesn’t exist” ::The door opens and Calypso enters in:: “Oh that demon of yours is very real indeed” “Who are you, and how did you get in here, and what’s going on out th- ::Calypso raises his hand:: “You need not worry, he says “ I am Calypso  and I came here in search of one last driver for my competition.” “Unfortunately she tore her own throat out before I could get to her.”  ::Calypso stares at me for a minute:: “You will do fine he tells me.” “It seems that there is something that you desire and would do anything for” (He can’t know, there’s no way he knows about that) “So it seems you’ve sold your soul to the Devil (He knows!!)”Between you and me I had to escape that very same place that your soul now burns.”
“How do I get my soul back? “You have to tell me!” I plead, “I can’t take this anymore I just can’t take it.” ::Calypso grins:: “Then join my contest if you win I’ll show you a way that you can retrieve your soul and become whole once again” (A contest huh, I’ve never been one with much luck) “What’s this contest about?” How do I win?”
::Calypso smiles again:: “You’ve entered in Twisted Metal all you need to do is be the last one alive and you win.”
::My eyes widen (I heard about this contest, so many people have died from it) “Last…one…alive?” “Does that mean that I have to kill people?” “I’m not the killing type, do you really think that I’m fit for it?”
::Calypso folds his arms:: “I suppose you could go and hide and wait till everyone else is dead or you could can fight for victory, its your choice” ::Calypso waves me to exit the door:: “Come with me now the contest is starting in an hour and I’m going to have to go over your vehicle with you . ::I start following Calypso and my mind is wandering:: (Can he really  save my soul, I can’t believe that I’m actually doing this, I probably wont live) “ I don’t own a car or a truck though”  ::Calypso sighs:: “Relax, I have one waiting for you.”  “The name of the car is Spectre , from what I know the car is pretty quick and nimble so you should be able to escape death easily.”  “What happened to all the guards and doctors here?” I ask Calypso and he replies with “I killed them all just to get to you”  ::Camera fades to black::

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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Harbor City (fanfic)
Post by magnum on 01/20/10 at 13:38:38
Hell yea I remember. Good stuff as always.

Keep it commin.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Harbor City (fanfic)
Post by The Dizaster Child on 01/20/10 at 18:09:34
yup, def diggin this. but wasn't Agent Stone the driver of Crimson Fury in the original TM?
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Harbor City (fanfic)
Post by maartyrr on 01/21/10 at 00:00:21
yes, but Agent stone was also the driver of outlaw in TMB too
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Harbor City (fanfic)
Post by ThumperMan3000 on 01/21/10 at 00:10:02

maartyrr wrote on 01/21/10 at 00:00:21:
yes, but Agent stone was also the driver of outlaw in TMB too

yeah, but those two Agent Stones were different.

Make that three, since Agent Stone was in Small Brawl, piloting Crimson Fury.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Harbor City (fanfic)
Post by SmOkiN-BuLLeTsZ on 01/21/10 at 03:10:18

maartyrr wrote on 01/20/10 at 05:01:56:
“Damn it” I can’t  dodge this bullet” Agent Stone blurbs just before the bullet enter his skull for the 200,000,000,000th time.

I laughed so hard at this, but yeah man great stories. I enjoyed reading them.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Harbor City (fanfic)
Post by maartyrr on 01/21/10 at 03:53:23
Chapter 4: The Good The Dead and The Blind

::Camera focuses tightly up against a large tire rolling at a fast pace::
::Camera whips around and gets just above and behind a giant monster truck::
::Camera whips around into the interior of the truck to see a driver and a passenger::
“Dude change this shit Dave, I’m tired of this pussy shit your listening to” “Give me something that’s heavy I wanna get into this shit this year. Put on some Chimera or some Fear Factory…yea Fear Factory. Hit me with that Demanfacture shit.”

::Dave looks over at Mike with disgust:: (What the hell is wrong with Dragonforce) “Do as you please, but you better dead on when we get into battle”
::Mike smirks:: “Just don’t park us up a tree like last time” ::Mike presses the  CD changer button:: “This shit is so brutal”

::Camera zooms in on the radar screen::
::One medium sized blip and one small one appear on the radar::
“Duuuuude we got company at 9 o’clock, LETS ROCK BRO” Mike shouts
“Alright lets do this Mike” Dave adds. “When we work together no one can stop us.”

::Camera whips back around to the rear of the car as Hammerhead lunges forward, roars and makes a hard left::

::Crazy 8 slides around to the left of Shadow  and tries to flank her with machine guns bullets, As soon as Frank is directly behind her Raven unleashes waves of mines in hopes that Crazy 8 will be ripped apart::
(That damn bitch thinks that I don’t know what she’s up to)  ::Crazy 8 slides and swings wide right:: “Time for the shocker!” ::Frank slams the button down for his special attack and yells:: “Two in the pink and one in the stink!”  ::Raven throws into a 180 the car into reverse and guns it down the road in reverse::  “Shit shit shit shit shit shit” she screams as her car is engulfed in electricity.  ::(No choice but to use this now) as Frank’s muscle car is baring down on her:: With a press of a button the roof of shadow  opens and Raven is ejected out :: ::Attached to her chair is a chain gun and a flight stabilizer that stays with her car at all times::  “Take that you freak!” Raven screams out as she opens fire on Crazy 8”
::Bullets rain though Franks windshield and hood::  ::Frank retracts the electricity currents on Shadow::  (That bitch, using a dirty trick as this and who-) ::Frank sense’s something big coming rather quickly behind Shadow:: ::Crazy 8 veers off the road down a side street::

::Raven presses another button and the seat drops back into her car::
::Camera zooms in on warning lights and flashing radar of Shadow::

“What the…-

::BOOOOM:: ::Hammerhead runs right down the middle of her car crushing everything including her::  ::Hammerhead whips and the two drivers admire what they’ve just done. :: Shadow is completely in half oil and blood pour out in one big mess just a few feet from the car’s grill.

::Mike looks over at Dave:: “Dude, did Calypso  upgrade our truck or something?” “Cuz we didn’t even use our special or anything that was just a ram right?”
::Dave who has an equally stunned look tries to reason why she died so easily:: “ I think that other car weakened her and we just finished her off”
“The other car!” “That’s right!” “Dave lets go get  the other one now!” Mike shouts overjoyed that they scored the first kill of the night.
“No” Dave replies “ I don’t want to waste my time killing weak cars”
::Mike looks puzzled:: “Well what’s the difference, killing is killing right?”
::Dave puts on his sunglasses:: “Mike do a search on the radar and locate Darkside or Mr. Slam, I want to show our truck’s true strength off” “We know Harbor City the best out of any of the other drivers around - We can lose someone just as easily as we can find them”
::Mike is searching on radar looking for the biggest blips:: “I just found Darkside and Slam both of them are on the freeway along with Mr. Grimm, Yellow Jacket, Twister and Spectre.”
“Know what that sounds like to me Mike… It sounds like the start of fuckin mosh pit to me!”
::Camera pans around the back of Hammerhead and watches as the truck takes off and merges onto the freeway::
::Camera fades to black::

::Camera opens up at Apocalypse  9 underground training facility ::
“Damn it Damn it Damn it!!” “That fucking asshole prick I’m going to kill him!” Carl Roberts shouts as Sgt Doyls gives him the bad news that Calypso started a new tournament in Harbor City and didn’t invite him.  “And sir, there’s seems to be some good news it appears that your sister Jamie is alive and currently in the tournament”
(What, how can this be there’s no way she could live without eating or drinking anything let alone be ok to drive) (Shit if the precinct finds out what really happened then I’m done for) “Thank you  Doyls, it looks like I’m going to have to crash  Calypso’s little party (And kill Jamie along the way)  ::Doyls is hesitant:: “I don’t think the Mind Tank is street ready, I mean you barely had any time to hone your skills, I can’t afford to have that vehicle malfunction and take out innocent bystanders!”
“We are out of time Sergeant!” Roberts fires back” “We need to stop him and we need to do it now before he destroys any more cities.  “Alert the entire police force SWAT and military.” Stop those cars and take out Calypso” “That’s an order!”
“What about Jamie?” Doyls asks “Can we pull her out of the competition?”
(Hmmm I wonder) ::Carl pauses for a second:: “Do you know which car she’s driving?”
“Yes sir, he replies.” “She’s the driver of Crimson Fury”
(This is tooo perfect, I’ll eliminate her then the other drivers and finally I’ll get rid of Calypso once and for all!)
“Ok Doyls, got it, over and out” ::Carl hangs up the phone::
::Carl begins his walk  to the elevator pondering on how to make killing Jamie look like an accident::
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Harbor City (fanfic)
Post by maartyrr on 01/21/10 at 04:01:15
Chapter 5: The Quick and The Dead

::Camera fades back in for a bird eye view of the freeway:: ::The cars look like out of control toys as they dart to and from points and hopping over the median trying to dodge machine gun bullets and missiles:: ::Camera zooms in on Spectre with the ass of his car up against the guardrail::
“Oh holy fuck!” “What did I sign up for” I yell.  (My eyes can’t even keep up with this - this Twister car is just too fast for me) ::I fire a missile hoping to take her by surprise:: ::Twister makes a quick swerve to the right and easily dodges my fire missile:: ::I watch in horror as the fire missile zips by  Mr. Slam::  ::A loud explosion sounds but it seems that there’s hardly any damage done to his Rig. :: I focus my attention back to the ever persistent  Twister::
::Camera whips around to over the wing of Twister:: ::Amanda ready’s 6 fire missiles::  ::Amanda watches Spectre’s  attempt to re-cross the median onto the North bound  lanes in order to have her missiles be canceled out by pedestrian traffic. ( I don’t think so hun) ::Amanda floors it and races over  to Spectre and attempts to cut him off and force the car to stay on the south bound lanes:: “Don’t run suga, you’ll just die tired” ::Amanda launches all 6 of her missiles at once ::  ::The fire missiles scream as they race for Spectre’s driver’s side door::
::Camera switches over to Spectre::
“This isn’t going good ( I’m going to die) ( I can’t dodge her) ::One missile hits, two hit, three. :: I start swerving from left to right trying to throw the missile off:: ::one missile passes over my hood another by my passenger door and the last hits my left rear bumper sending my car skidding- skidding straight towards the open jaws of Mr. Slam:: ::In my crazed  and daring escape I accidentally  hit a trigger that sends out an oil slick:: Instantly Twister’s wheels become slippery and she slides on by firing her machine guns cursing  and screaming::  ::I watch in horror as Slam catches Amanda with the mouth of his Rig::  (Oh my god they look like giant daggers of jagged metal on his front end loader, almost like a great white shark) ::My eyes in disbelief, I can’t stop thinking that I was about to end up in his clutches so easily:: (What is he doing? he’s lifting her car high into the air…Is this his special attack?) ::Half dazed and half curious to see what his vehicle is capable of I watch as Twister is  lifted higher and higher into the air:: ::I can still hear her screams, and her crying out for help::  ::CRUNCH!!:: The giant mouth comes crashing down to the ground ::CRUNCH:: CRUNCH:: CRUNCH:: Three more slams:: ( Is she still alive? She can’t be not after that)
::Camera switches over to Mr. Slam and his driver Simon Whittlebone who is a disgruntled construction worker::  (Why is that guy just sitting there? Is he charging up a Reticle?…No, its been far too long) (He must be in shock) ::Simon snickers as he see that Amanda’s corpse is impaled on one of his jagged teeth:: (This ought scare the shit out of this kid) ::Simon grabs one of his levers and cranks it forward:: ::The mouth of Slam closes shut like a bear trap:: ::blood, guts, engine parts, and oil splatter on the pavement below:: Simon pulls the lever back to its resting position and the jaws reopen once again:: the remainder of what was Twister falls out with a loud thud his the ground::  ::Simon hit’s the horn twice signaling his kill:: He looks over at the driver of Spectre and waves him to come at him::
::Camera switches back over to Spectre:: (No way did I just see that!) ( And now he wants to fight me?) (I’m not sticking around to be his encore) :: I hit the gas  and speed out of there like a bat out of hell:: :: I glance in my rear view mirror and  see that Slam is actually following me:: I take the first exit ramp and get off the highway::

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Hell yea. Keep it commin.
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Poor Shadow.

More good stuff Still enjoying it..
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Post by maartyrr on 01/21/10 at 23:54:33
thanks guys...
sorry about killing your fav off first, these first parts of the story were written last year - nothing intentional
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Chapter 6: Live and Let Die

::Camera set on bird eye’s view as Spectre is speeding off down the road  to escape Mr. Slam::
::Camera goes into the cab of Mr. Slam::
“Goddamn is this little bugger quick, none of my missiles are even reaching him!” Whittlebone shouts. “Hmm if he keeps this up he’ll run straight into the Junkyard and they’ll be no escaping my jaws then”
::Camera switches over to Spectre::
(Good I’m losing him he can’t keep up with me- he should eventually give up)
::I give a quick glance down a side road and see a warehouse in the near distance::
::I take the next turn and head straight for the open garage door::
( I’ll hide in here for a while until that front end loader goes away)
::Upon entering the warehouse the camera pans around showing that its rundown decaying and abandoned::
::Camera zooms onto the radar screen that shows a small blip on the screen with the text Mr. Grimm::
“Grimm?” I stammer, “As in Grim reaper?” “No way he can’t be real”
(According to my radar it says he’s directly in front of me)
“He’s cloaked!” :: I quickly switch to my special:: ::My missiles have a lock on his bike::  ::FIRE:: “Suck on these Grimm!” I shout.
:: I watch as my missiles pass through the wall as if there’s nothing even there:: “woah” was all that I could come up with.

::Camera switches over to Mr. Grimm as he watches the two incoming ‘ghost missiles’::
“Speeeeecttrrreeee!!!” “Imma kill you, you little pansy bitch!” Grimm roars in outrage.
“Who the fuck shoots through walls, what kinda bullshit guerilla war tatics is this?”
::Grimm slides his bike around and takes off on nitrous trying to out run the incoming missiles::
::Grimm looks into his side view mirrors and see’s that the missiles are cutting through houses and trying to cut him off:: ::Up ahead he spots Grasshopper cruising the two lane crossroad:: (Perfect!) ::Grimm launches out two rico discs and knocks grasshopper onto her side, he then slams on the brakes as he skids around the underbelly of grasshopper:: :: He takes off just as the missiles come crashing into the roof of the buggy and explode taking out Krista Sparks::  “Its on now!” Grimm shouts as he heads back to the warehouse.  (25 years of combat training and being a Vietnam veteran will be the key to my next victory) ::Grimm readies his scythe and crashes through the window of the warehouse:: “Your mine you little bitch!”

::Camera switches back to the in-car view of Spectre::
“Holy shit, this guy is insane!” I scream and throw my car in reverse.  ::Slam enters the doorway and blocks my escape:: His giant teeth come crashing down and start chomping wildly at the air in front of him:: “SHIT!” ::I swerve my car to the right and gun it sliding just barely out of range from Slam’s jaws of death:: :: As I race down the isles of the abandon warehouse I see Grimm in my rear view gaining on me:: “Oh fuck!” ::my eyes widen to what lays in front of me:: “A wall?!” (What do I do What do I do What do I do) ::Without thinking I throw Spectre into reverse and floor it::

::Camera fly’s back to Grimm::  ::With one final glance in his side view he see’s slam not budging from entrance:: ( That fat fuck Whittlebone thinks he’s gonna kill me after I take out this guy) ::Grimm refocuses his attention on the blue car in front of him:: (Just what are you trying to pull) ::He gets ready to throw his razor sharp scythe:: (What could he possibly do in this situation) ::Grimm watches as Spectre deploys the jump jets and the car begins to sail over him:: “Impressive reflexes kid, but!-”

::Camera pans around in a circle around both Grimm and Spectre three times::
::Quick flash into the cockpit of Spectre:: “I did it!” I’m going to get -
::Camera returns to Grimm’s arm still holding onto the scythe:: “-I’ve already predicted this move of yours”  ::Grimm extends his arm up and the scythe pierces through the bottom of Spectre::

::Camera goes back into Spectre:: (What….this can’t be…how can this be) ::My car’s damage indicator is flashing red all over:: (This is it, this really is the end) ::My car lands and continues to roll backwards and finally comes to  stop:: “MOVE! Come on!! MOVE!!!” ::I look up to see Mr. Grimm waving ‘goodbye’:: (Why’s he waving?) ::In an instant  my car is picked up Mr. Slam:: ::Images  of what just happened to Twister flash in my mind:: “oh no” is all I mange to come up with “This really is the end”

::Camera into the cab of Mr. Slam:: ::Whittlebone opens the door to his vehicle and shouts to Mr. Grimm who is sitting idle on his bike:: “I DON’T WANT THIS SCRAP HEAP” “CATCH!” ::Whittlebone launches Spectre like a pitcher throwing a fastball straight toward Grimm’s bike::

::Camera returns to Mr. Grimm’s face:: ::Without hesitation he activates his shield:: ::Even so the impact of Spectre knocks Mr.
Grimm through the warehouse wall:: “Impossible!” He shouts as he watches Spectre fly even further off into the distance.

::Camera follows Spectre’s flight through a couple of houses and a crash landing into a junkyard::
::Dazed and confused I look around:: ( I can’t believe I’m still alive) ::Spectre’s engine starts:: (I can’t believe that this car still runs - although my damage indicator is at its max level) “Shit, I can’t afford to even take on a single machine gun bullet”

::In pure irony a giant tanker rolls up next to me and ignites my car and the surrounding junk cars on fire::  ::Time seems to freeze and the entire world comes to a hault:: ::The ground directly in front of me:: ( I lost, I can’t believed I actually  agreed to participate in this, I’m doomed to burn in hell for all eternity) (If only I never sold my soul, how stupid am I?) :: My body gets sucked into the giant hole and I begin my decent into darkness:: ::Thud my body hit’s a rock solid ground:: ::The environment is blistering hot, fire lava pools are everywhere:: ::Screams of pain and suffering fill my head until the point that I can’t take it anymore:: :: I start clawing at my throat but its no use - I wouldn’t die again anyway::
<Greetings, long time no see pal> :: I turn around and see  my poor torture and demonic soul smiling back at me:: <So now what’s your plan> “uhhh, well I-” I start to stammer unable to come up with an answer ::CRUNCH:: :: I turn back in horror to see a rather ogre looking demon peering down upon me:: ::His voice gruff he speaks “What brings you to my humble abode”

“I, I lost in Twisted Metal”
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It's cool man. No worries.

Still enjoying it, and look forward to seeing how it all plays out.
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Chapter 7: Who Won't be Fooled Again?

::The giant demon lets out a deafen roar::
“Calypso!!” “So it was him who sent you to this place!”
(This demon knows the host of the contest and I can tell that its not found of him)
“Are you the demon that he mocks?”
::The demon roars again::
“He now mocks me after he stole my powers!!” “How dare he!”
::Realizing that this is my one and only chance for survival::
“Yeah” I go on “He was laughing about the fact that he stripped you of your power” “He called you worthless and a disgrace to serve in Hell”
“ENOUGH!” The demon roars again “ I don’t need to be reminded of my mistakes” “ I know how he stole my contest from and imprisoned me here!” “I don’t need you to remind me of it!”

::I try to reason with him:: “Can you send me back?” “If I win, I’ll wish that the contest be returned to its rightful owner.” “If I lose then I will remain here in Hell forever for you to torture”
::The demon seems hesitant about accepting the terms:: “I don’t think that your worthy enough for me to return” “you have no chance of winning.”  “Your request is denied!”

“Your right, I’m not going to win in this state” ::I look over at my soul still grinning evilly at me:: “I need to become one with my soul again - in him lies my instinct and my wrath”  “I can win Twisted Metal if I’m whole again”

::The demon stares at me for a while and then says:: “Perhaps you are correct.” he continues, “ I will reunite you with your soul, but you will have to still prove to me that you are worthy to be sent back to the land of the living”
I ask “How can I prove myself to you…uhh demon?”
He replies with “My name is Minion and you will prove yourself by beating me in a race”

(oh boy)

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Good job on this fanfic man!
I am really enjoying it.
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Harbor City (fanfic)
Post by maartyrr on 01/22/10 at 01:38:13
thanks and thanks, i'm trying to make it more action oriented now, i never thought trying to describe a battle scene could be so hard to do
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Title: Re: Twisted Metal: Harbor City (fanfic)
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Chapter 8: Brains and Brawn

::the camera returns to the surface on the freeway where the battle between twister and Mr slam had just taken place:: Pedestrians hurry to get off the exit ramps to avoid getting into the heat of another battle ::a giant black blur screams past, the camera pulls back and shows Darkside taking Hammerhead head on::

::HONK HONK!:: The horns of dark side sound as the truck tries to t-bone Dave and Mike’s Giant machine of death.

“I don’t think so you fat bitch!” Mike yells.  “Is that all you can do is try to ram us?!” Dave adds.
::Hammerhead’s 4 wheel steering allows the truck to easily dodge the incoming behemoth with ease::
::Darkside passes by, but then launches her special in reverse ::HONK HONK::
::Dave and Mike are stunned at how fast her truck is reversing::
“Watchou- Mike tries to warn Dave.
::CRUNCH!:: Ha! Got em! Dollface says - that’ll teach them..
“FUCK YOU!” Dave screams as he floors Hammerhead ::Hammerhead begins to climb up and over Darkside crushing the roof of her semi”

::HONK HONK!:: ::Darkside pulls forward and knocks Hammerhead off her truck:: ::Dollface looks in the rear mirror to see Hammerhead gaining on her::
::Camera swings to the rear of dark side and see’s oil being sprayed from the back of her truck:: ::The sound of Hammerhead’s engine revving is increasing by the second
::Camera focuses in on Hammerhead
::Hammerhead runs through it and begins to slide:: “Shit we hit oil!” Mike yells as Dave watches Darkside spin around in a 180

“I have you now!” Dollface shouts ::Camera focuses on the grill of her semi as a freeze missile launches and strikes Hammerhead:: ::Hammerhead is covered in thick ice its engine still revving up.
::Darkside backs up and charges in:: “Its over!” she exclaims” ::HONK HONK!:: Darkside charges once again at Hammerhead::

::Camera goes back into the cab of Hammerhead to show that both Dave and Mike are grinning ear to ear:: “Now Mike! Dave shouts, use the special!” (The entire time the battle had been raging Mike had been charging up Hammerhead’s special attack)
“Suck on these nuts!” Mike yells as he depresses the special attack trigger.
::The ice around Hammerhead explodes off as the big green machine roars off towards Darkside::

::Camera goes back and forth between Darkside and Hammeread:: ::KA-BOOOM:: ::Both trucks collide head on:: ::The smoke and debris clear only to show that both vehicles are still standing:: ::Hammerhead’s entire front is pushed in while the entire passenger side is exposed:: ::Glass and metal from the impact managed to break a quarter of Dollface’s mask::
“My face! She screams “My beautiful face!” ::Dollface begins to cry tears of rage as she wheels Darkside around:: “You are going to pay for what you’ve done!” ::Camera pivots and looks through Darkside’s spider webbed winshield and sees Hammerhead sitting idle facing her::

“ Looks like she’s going to ram us again” Mike says .
“Yeah, Guess she’s all brawn and no brains after all” Dave adds
“Does she realize that half her truck is missing?” asks Mike
::HONK HONK!:: :: Darkside once again accelerates to breakneck speeds to try and ram Hammerhead.
::Ka-plunk!:: Mike drops a gas can in front of Hammerhead and then activates the shield::
“Front row tickets” Dave says with a smile

::Dollface see the trap that was set and tries to avoid it but-::
[Quick recap flashback] [Slow motion collision of the two trucks show’s that Hammerhead used the jump jets at the last second  in order to crash through Dollface’s cab] [Dave turns Hammerhead around and parks next to the steal embankment on the freeway] “Dave looks over at Mike and says “Prep the gas can to be dropped” There’s only one way for her to try and dodge this, and if she does her entire truck will be open”
[End flashback]

::Darkside tries to avoid the gas can by going left as Dave had predicted but its too late::
::Mike detonates the can and watches as the fire engulfs the battered semi and finally Dollface::
::Screams could be heard coming from the cab as Dollface is burned alive::

::Dave puts the truck into gear and drives off past Darkside’s burning wreck:: As they go about 1 mile down the road a massive explosion sounds:: “I guess the fire reached her gas tanks” Mike says as he looks out the back of Hammerhead’s window”
::Dave looks out his rear view mirror:: “Yeah, I guess so”
::Camera raises up and away only to focus on a huge billowing smoke cloud::

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REALLY GOOD STORY!!! ;D If only u could make them into short little vids. Thanks 4 your time. :)
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Chapter 9 - All Hope is Gone

::The scene opens up in Harbor City Town Hall:: ::Darkside’s explosion shakes the building::

::Everyone in the building is horrified at what’s happening to their city::
“Our children are still in school!” A frighten woman cries out
::more cries echo off the walls as the town hall falls into chaos::
“Why hasn’t the army done anything to help?”
“What about the police force?” “Can these…these monsters be stopped?!”

::The Mayor looks around the room: (There’s been over 300 casualties so far and its only 11am) (This is exactly what happened to Midtown) He thinks to himself

“People” ::The Mayor raises his hands to silence the crowd:: “The army doesn’t want to be involved, The police, SWAT FBI and ATF are stretched thin - their body count is piling up” “An attack just like this has happened in Midtown very recently. “Their town is completely destroyed and is now smoldering rubble.”

::The scene switches but the speech from the mayor continues::
“We are without support, without hope, and without prayers” “Our only hope relies on an officer that is competing in this event to eliminate the hostiles and to save our town.” “ I don’t even know if we will make it through the night”

::Camera shows various cars tearing up the city as people try their best to get out of their way and survive:: ::Body litter the streets no discriminately - women, men, and children scattered  motionless on the sidewalks and roads::

“But until then I would urge you to contact all of your loved ones and advise them to stay put and seek shelter as best-”
::The camera returns to the town hall::
::The door to the town hall opens and a female officer rushes in and behind her are 12 men armed to the teeth with guns grenades and explosives:: ::Each of the men are wearing a murky orange jump suit with a white cross pattern embedded in it::
::Every head in the room turns and stares at the group of men::

“Who are these people?” The mayor asks the officer.
She replies with “These  men are willing to put their lives on the line in order to stop this crazy contest once and for all” “They are of the Church of Christ”

::Bradley who is their leader steps forward:: “I am from Midtown as are some of my brethren , my town has suffered a great loss thanks to Calypso.” “We wanted to stop them then, but couldn’t - but now we have over 100 members ready to put a stop to this and save your town in the name of Jesus Christ.” “We call ourselves Religious Enforcement For Sinners or REFS for short.” “As God as my witness we will put a stop to these heretics once and for all!” ::Bradley looks up at the Mayor:: “please allow us to serve this town.” “We are your only hope.”

::The scene changes to an alley:: ::The camera goes down the alley and up to the headlights of a car:: ::The camera pans up to show an ice cream truck:: ::Inside the truck sits Marcus Kane - a man who is plagued with a split personality and was deemed too dangerous to be kept alive:: Marcus sits staring out the window of Sweet tooth:: “What’s wrong Marcus? Needles asks for the 20th time. ::Marcus slides his eyes over to his rear view mirror and sees Needles staring back at him - a hideous clown mask with a twisted smile and a chewed up red clown nose:: ::Marcus locks eyes with Needles’s one red eye:: “Everything” scoffs Marcus.  “You’ve killed everything that I’ve ever loved, and you even killed the both of us in the last Twisted Metal contest.”
::Needles stares briefly at Marcus:: and then says “But we’re alive again”
“My family is still dead thanks to you” Marcus fires back.  “I’m not participating in this stupid fucking game again”
::Needles doesn’t bat an eye at Marcus and says:: “But we’re back"
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Chapter 10: Rest for the Wicked?

::Camera goes to bird eye view over a large suburban town::
:: The camera zooms in on a lone vehicle which is Axel::
::Camera pans around to the front of Axel to reveal that its Axel’s son Joseph strapped between the giant wheels::
(If I win this Twisted Metal, Calypso promised to unite me with my mom and dad) he thinks to himself (it’s a shame that I have to kill others to get what I want, but I want a family again)
::Axel’s radar alarm starts to go off to warn of a nearby car:: (My first battle!)
::Axel turns the corner to see Crazy 8’s car completely destroyed and barely able to move::
“Frank the Tank?” Axel says. “ I remember my dad used to take me to his fights when I was a child”
::Camera switches over to Franks car to show the inside of Franks car riddled with bullet casings:: “Who were those fucking bastards in the orange jump suits?” “They came out of nowhere!”
::Frank looks up to senses Axel several car lengths away:: “Oh shit” He says “Come on kid make this quick, I think I suffered enough.”  
::Camera goes back to Axel::
“Sorry Frank, but you will not die by hands, I have far too much respect for you”
::Axel reverses and roars back down the main road away from Crazy 8::
::Camera zooms back in the interior of Crazy 8:: “He’s letting me go?”
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wow, that is fucking amazing I think they should make a TM novel.
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Chapter 11: Four Man Rush

::Camera rushes into a battle already taking place::

“Damn this guy is tough!” Bruce yells as he attempts to light up Roadkill yet again with machine gun bullets.
::Roadkill reverses  and Thumper tries to T-Bone him::
“To Slow!” Lieutenant McClain shouts. ::McClain grabs his radio and shouts “Col Mason where are you? I’ve encountered a hostile and need support”
::A voice is heard over the radio:: “I’m on my way son just hold fort until I get there”
::Camera returns to the in car view of Thumper and zooms in his rear view mirror to see an incoming dump truck barreling through houses to join in the fight:: ::The radar screen blips with the words ‘Manslaughter’::
“No fucking way! Bruce yells, this is some bullshit!”
::Camera flys over and goes behind Warthog charging into battle to aide Lt McClain::
::Warthog immediately fires off 4 homing missiles and his patriot special attack at Thumper::
::Thumper throws his car into reverse and hit’s the jump jets sailing up and over Manslaughter::
::Bruce watches as all 7 missiles strike Manslaughter at once, and to his surprise do little damage::

::Camera gets a close up on the driver of Manslaughter for a brief second, his eyes are a deep red his skin burned up and leather like. “Diiiiiieee” He croaks.
::Manslaughter attempts to launch his rock slide special at the two approaching cars::
::A freeze missile hits and stops Manslaughter dead in his tracks::
::Camera shows a close up on Col Mason’s radio:: “We got him now!” Lt McClain exclaims.
“I’ll take out Thumper” Says Col Mason and I want you to finish off this dump truck”
::Warthog drives across two lawns and races around the left of Manslaughter to cut off any possible escape::
::Camera whips around to show Roadkill charging in head on to deliver the final blow to Manslaughter::
::BOOM BOOM BOOM Warthog  is hit by 3 ricochet discs launched by Thumper::
::Warthog goes flying and crashes into the rear of Manslaughter causing the ice to shatter everywhere::
::Camera flys back in to Roadkills car to show a stunned expression on Lt McClain’s face “What just-” he starts

::Camera swings back around and is looking through Roadkill’s window to watch as what looks like an avalanche of rocks head his way::
::McClain is torn to pieces and the rocks tear his car apart::
::Warthog who is now dazed and confused and wondering how he has ended up on his roof, looks over in horror to see Thumper propped up on his hydraulics showing off his custom made triple flame thrower::
::A roaring flame rips though the cab of Warthog and into the rear of Manslaughter::
“Yeah baby, I like it hot!” Screams Bruce.
::The camera shows Manslaughter trying pinned between two flaming wrecks and attempts to back over the burned out carcass of Warthog””
“Damn, that big guy still ain’t dead yet” Bruce says “He’s got the most armor that I’ve ever scene.
::For a second Bruce contemplates cloaking and leaving: (If I take this guy down the rest of this tournament should be cake)
::Thumper reverse again and launches a gas can  directly over top Manslaughter, the explosion engulfs all three vehicles for one massive explosion::
“Take that you armored freak!”

::The Camera zooms in on the enormous fire to show Manslaughter speeding out of the fire and pulls a 180::
::Camera pans all around his massive truck:: ::Inside the truck warnings flash everywhere stating that he hitting a critical damage level. ::The driver punches his warning devices:: “Diiiiiieeee” He hisses.
::Manslaughter charges at Thumper::
::Camera turns back to Thumper::
“Why won’t you fucking die?” Bruce starts to panic.
::Bruce presses the cloak button and his car vanishes from sight and radar::
::Manslaughter stops::
“But…Where did you go..” Black says as he looks around the area.
::Unfortunately Black smashed his warning system of incoming projectiles::

::Camera shows Thumper uncloaking behind Manslaughter and unleashes a fully charged reticule attack::
::As Manslaughter explodes Bruce watches Black crawl out of the cab and fall to the ground::
::Somehow the lurching Black manages to stand::
“What in the fuck is that?” Bruce says startled by the appearance of 8ft tall menacing demon.
“You….can’t….kill me…I…am…forever..
::Black starts making his way towards Thumper::
::Bruce in fear, throws his car in reverse spins around and takes off down the road and into the night ::
“Sorry, but I don’t mess with the devil” He says looking in his rear view mirror

::Camera returns to Black:: He yells “Mr….Asssshhhh!”
::Black looks over at his burning dump truck:: “Mr….Aaasssshhh” He yells again
::The ground opens up underneath Black and Manslaughter and both driver and vehicle are pulled to the depths of hell::
::Black smiles:: ::He’s finally going home::

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Chapter 12: The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

::Camera zips to the bowels of hell to show a birds eye view of a death race already in progress between Spectre and 12pak::
::Camera zooms in on 12pak - a fiery demon behind the wheel snarls and looks in the rear view mirror with displease:: “How is this man gaining on me like this?” Minion growls “Its almost as if I’m racing Cal…”::CRHUNCH::
::Camera pans around to the rear bumper to show that Spectre rear ended 12pak and is now locked bumpers::
“This is what I get for listening to you!” I yell at the demon who once was my soul
[Relax…just do as I say] it snaps back
::Camera zooms ahead around the bend and at the finish line::
[I’ve seen this race many times before, and I know all of his moves]
::Camera shows the cars still stuck together:: ::12pak is desperately trying to shake Spectre off it’s bumper while trying not to oversteer::
::Back into the interior of 12pak::
“Damn it! He’s still attached to my bumper!” “You’re not going to run me off the track! “GET OFF OF ME you worthless human!” Minion roars
::it’s the final turn before the finish line the camera shifts to the edge of the track to show both cars  start to enter the turn::
::Camera swings behind Spectre to show that the car is starting to break free::
::12pak’s bumper is torn off along with the outer portion of its trunk and spoiler::
::Spectre slides up against of 12pak scraping the entire left side::
“One step ahead of you!” I shout back
::12pak spins out from the side impact caused by Spectre::
“FUUUUUUUCCCCKKK THIIIIS!” roars Minion as he watches Spectre dash on by.
::Camera shows Spectre crossing the finish line in reverse::
“ I won” I say to myself
[We won] the demon quickly adds

::In a white flash I’m lifted back to the surface Spectre is fully repaired, engine revving away::
“lets rock!”
[lets rock!]

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Chapter 13: One Way Out

::Camera opens to Crazy 8 parked in an alley way, his car disabled unable to move riddled with bullets ::
:: Ten men in orange jump suits surround the car, ak-47s in hand. Four more approach the car carrying rocket launchers. Each take aim as a last precaution::
“In the name of Jesus Christ we are here by forced to stop you in any manner we choose.” “Step out of the car and answer for your sins!” one of the REFS shout.
(This is the fun part, this is where we eliminate an opponent so that our righteous leader can win Twisted Metal) he thinks to himself.
“Does anyone else smell gasoline”? asks another REFS
“I smell it!”
“Me too”
“Open fir-”
::Time and movement around Crazy 8 seems to come to a hault as the camera shows closes ups of every REFS taking aim on the car that Frank the tank’s father won many years ago::
::Camera zooms down the alley and across the street to show an almost full transparent Yellowjacket with Frank sitting behind the wheel, bleeding from the mouth as his stitches are ripping as he smiles::
( You dumb bastards, You stupid stupid bastards) he thinks to himself.
“It’s a shame that I’m going to have to destroy my father’s beloved car” Frank says “Oh well”

::As the REFS open fire on Crazy8 Frank detonates the remote bomb that he left under the hood of Crazy 8, and Yellowjacket uncloaks::
::Beeeeeep:: “SHIT!” “IT’S A TR-” one of the REFS scream, but it’s too late.
::BOOM!!! Crazy 8 goes up with an earth shaking explosion, the detonated car causes a chain reaction amongst the REFS as they too explode and add to the mayhem::

::The building begin to topple over as the alley way is completely covered with debris::

(That’s odd, its almost as if each one of those guys was strapped with dynamite too) Frank thinks as he speeds off into the night commanding Yellow jacket (I wonder who just up and left this car here)

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Fuck yea. This is what I'm talking about.

Great stuff. LOL....REFS. Pretty cool.
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Chapter 14: The Man Behind the Curtain

::Camera opens up on  Calypso, he sits alone in a room surrounded by video feeds from cameras that he has placed throughout the city.  His eyes dart wildly from monitor to monitor::

“This will never do” He says to himself. “How is Spectre back in the tournament and unscratched?” “I have a psychotic cop in an unstoppable vehicle, there’s a religious group trying to eliminate everyone in their path” Calypso says to himself

::Calypso gets up and walks out of the control room and stands on a balcony and looks down at his guards and workers:: “It seems that this year’s Twisted Metal has already spiraled beyond my control, my body as you can see does not have a lot of time left.” “ I’m going to have to break another rule and start pulling strings so that I may live on another hundred years” ::Calypso continues to talk to his subordinates as he walks down the stairs:: ::He looks from person to person, who all have a mixed look of fear and devotion:: “ I will need sacrifices for my tasks at hand in order to summon the greatest driver in Twisted Metal competition” ::Calypso stops and asks “Do I have any volunteers?” :: Not a soul so much as moves a muscle::

::Calypso continues to walk and talk “As expected, no one wants to die willingly :: he pauses:: “Unfortunately, whatever I say goes’ ::In an instant Calypso  makes a lunge and grabs two subordinates by their throats, he whispers a quick chant::
::Within seconds both of his victims bodies are broken down and dissolved into nothingness. A red aura glows around Calypso’s body and then dissipates.  He stretches his hands straight out in front of him, electricity begins to arch from one hand to the other. A beam of bright white light blinds everyone  except Calypso::

::In that beam of light stands a man, dazed and confused on where he is and how got there::
Calypso smiles “Welcome back.”

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Chapter 15: One with the Car

::Camera opens to the grill of a tow truck about to make contact with a much larger vehicle. Billy Ray Stillwell hadn’t seen this much action since the destruction of Midtown. He had been watching and stalking this giant and slow moving car for a while now.  He had been following it since it had left some underground garage all the way to a desolated farm road::  “This must be some sort of Area 51  vehicle that Calypso has entered in the contest” “Its probably some sort of alien piloting this thing and his wish is going to be some sort of alien invasion with anal probing” I’ve got to stop this planet from being overrun by E.T.”
::SLAM! Junkyard Dog plows into the rear corner panel of the A9 Mind Tank::
::Inside the tank Sgt Roberts is furious “ What the hell gives!” he bellows “ I thought this thing can turn on a dime!” “What the hell is going on with this thing”?
::Junkyard Dog reverses, pulling free from the Mind Tank leaving his front bumper lay on the ground:: “OOOWEEE the bigger they are the harder they fall” Billy Ray yells as he flips on the machine guns.
::Bullets bounce off the side of the behemoth and have virtually no effect:: “Dang he sure does have some super strong armor plating”

::Back inside the Mind Tank Carl Roberts veins are bulging through his neck as he frantically screams command after command for his vehicle to follow “Is this head piece broken” as he bangs on the helmet that connects him to his vehicle:: ::His eyes widen in horror as the radar alarm goes off::
::Junkyard Dog continues to back reverse and launch a barrage of missiles:: (I like to call this attack ‘A Zoomy…or Zoomy, cuz they go zooooom to their target) He thinks to himself.

::Camera switches back to Roberts “I’ve gotta do something fast!” (How the hell do I get the shields up on this thing) He thinks to himself.  The Mind Tank recognizes the thought command ‘shields up’ and activates the shields. All ten missiles hit the target but have no effect thanks to the force fields surround the tank. Carl can’t believe what just happened “It’s like this thing read my mind or something”::

:: He thinks of a new command:: (Accelerate to top speed now!) The Mind Tank instantly races straight ahead, its engine revving loudly (now hard left!) the tank makes a quick left turn without losing any speed (special weapon ready!) a female voice echoes through cabin “Weapon systems ready“:: :: Carl Roberts grins from ear to ear “ You’re a deadman hickboy!”

::Camera returns to Junkyard Dog:: “Time to bring the big boys out to play” ::Billy Ray launches three power missiles in a row , each missile packing a huge warhead - ready to level anything unlucky enough to get caught in their path::

::The camera returns to the tanker “Not happening” Carl says (jump!) The huge Tank leaps in the air and easily clears the incoming missiles (flank the enemy! Cloak!) The Mind tank makes a long cut to the right and disappears from sight)

::Billy Ray sits stunned that this enormous vehicle can move so fast:: “Even though I can‘t see your rig, I can still see the dust you‘re kicking up and the crops you‘re knocking down!” “Eat this you varmint!” ::Billy Ray unleashes his special weapon - a spiky looking ball filled with explosives. Wooooosh - the ball sails through the air towards the charging tank::  He detonates it forcing the tank to uncloak. The blast from the ball is so massive that it knocks the tanker back rolling end over end::  “Take that you alien scum!” ::Once again Junkyard Dog charges full speed at the Mind Tank attempting to finish this job::

::The camera returns to the inside of the Mind Tank to show a distraught Carl Roberts “ I can’t lose to this hick!” he screams (FIRE THE SPECIAL WEAPON) :: A single missile fires out from the front of tank, the sluggish tow truck takes the hit head on.  As the missile detonates  liquid nitrogen engulfs the truck. “Its so cold, why can’t I move?” Billy Ray wonders as he turns up the heat in the truck ::He slams the gas and his the nitrous oxide button. Junkyard dog lurches forward a bit, the ice begins to melt. He slams the gas again and his the nitrous button  and once again the tow truck moves forward a little bit more::

::The camera goes back inside of  the Mind Tank:: “That’s it? That’s my special weapon? A freeze missile?” “How can a truck so powerful have such a lame special w-” Carl’s words are interrupted by a flashing screen and a countdown, He reads it : “Incoming satellite missiles”  
:: Twelve missiles rain down on the location of Junkyard Dog ripping it apart. Once the dust settles only ashes remain of a what was once a driver and his truck::
“Oh holy shit, would you look at that” says Carl Roberts. “I guess I should say, 'a ding dang do that be one heck of a 4 of juuuly' " :: (Forward! Top speed!) The A9 Mind Tank races off . Carl radios  Master Sergeant James Koolig “ Its time to let the bird fly, but leave Jamie for me”
::Camera Switches over to a rooftop of Harbor City’s tallest  building, on it is a winged gunship. Its pilot waiting patiently for the call strike down the remaining cars.  Sgt Roberts had promised him that they were going to create a new world, one in which they would rule over for eternity.  “Time to bring the curtain up for my performance” Koolig jokes. “This ought to be quick.” He climbs up into the cockpit as the dual engine war bird comes to life.  ::As the it lifts off the ground the camera zooms in under the nose of armored  helicopter and it reads ‘Warhawk’::

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It's funny I was playing TM Extra Twiste Edition and saw you on the dark past,and I was like "holy fuckin shit!" I mean don't think I'm stupid, I've had it for sometime and just didn't feel like reading all the names. So quick question,how did they ask you? Did they pm your or something, then you emialed them the video or something along those lines? Anyways gatta say that is the most clever explination for the REFS I have ever seen.
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yeah, i was going to lie and make up  a story saying that Jaffe held some huge TM match online and the 4 of us made it to the finals lol...

Dave posted a blog about doing some extras for his upcoming game, and he asked fans to post a response videos to 5 questions he listed on his blog.  

I forget what they were now, but anyway a sony rep sent us an email through youtube and asked the ones the winners to send them a copy.
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were's the next installment!
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Chapter 16: Darkness takes over!

::Camera reopens to  a blue blur zipping along the abandoned city streets, life appears to have moved on from this part of the city. Spectre race’s down the road huge billows of smoke from previous battles almost blot out the sun completely.  Spectre changes direction to avoid incoming fire from men in orange, the camera moves to the interior of the car. ::“Who the hell are these people and why are they firing at me?” “There’s so many of them!” ::I make another hard turn back on the main road and gun it.  Down the road I can see there’s a car parked…no..more like waiting…planning…(Did I just drive into a trap?)
[Apparently you did] the demonic soul snidely remarks.

::The camera returns to the waiting car, a travel worn and rust colored El-Camino. A body lies motionless in the bed of the car - a poor soul who refused to answer for his sins who is now a reminder of what other sinners can expect. A large cross with a catapault attatchment is attached to the hood of the car, rusted and caked in blood. The preacher known as Jebidiah sat, glaring through his cracked glasses. “Who is this ungodly soul that dares approach me?” ::He sniffs the air:: “A pact with the devil!” “He has given his mind and body to Lucifer himself to win this contest” Jebidiah shouts over his intercom to the REFS surrounding the area. “In the name of God we will send this sinner back to hell where he belongs!”

:: Jedidiah launches two fire missiles from the grill of Brimestone, but the supercharged Vette easily evades while the missiles crash into a nearby building. Spectre returns fire with a barrage of machine gun bullets. Forcing the El-Camino to lurch forward.  Both cars dance around each other desperately trying to get to a better firing position::

::Brimestone roars away and pulls a 180 in the middle of the road, Spectre roars away in the opposite direction, camera returns to the inside of Spectre (I can’t run away from every car I see, I doubt this guy is going to let me go) ::Spectre pulls a 180 degree turn and slides to a stop.
::The radar shows that these are the only two cars in the area::
::Camera shows both drivers upclose “it’s a battle to the death”

::Spectre launches forward, charging menacingly towards the resting camino. A man in orange runs into the middle of the road, his arms out stretched as if he were Jesus Christ himself.::
::The camera shows a close up of the man’s chest as the giant spear like cross  impales him, his body twitches he moans from the pain the spear is causing him.  “For God can not fail!” Jebidiah exclaims as he races towards Spectre.  Jebidiah presses a button and the man is launched like a human rocket, screaming in agony from the car heading straight for the roof of Spectre.  

::Spectre manages to avoid the flying man by hoping the curb. The man flies head first into an abandoned building and explodes::
“They’re strapped with explosives?” That’s insane!” I say. “How can he have so many followers that are willing to die for him.?”
[Switch out with me, I can take him] [Let me drive] the demon insists
(Like hell I will, I’ll never keep my sanity nor get my body back from you)
::The camera shows another man flying through the air towards Spectre. The man manages to land on the trunk. “RE-PENT!” he screams ::Spectre pulls another 180 and the man is launched from the trunk of the car and goes sailing into a section of row homes.
[You’re going to get us killed!]
::My vision begins to turn black and white, every color begins to wane from my prospective:: “What’s happening?” I can hear my voice echoing, but that’s about it. All other sounds are muffled. (I’m losing myself? Is he taking over?) (How can this be?)
::Spectre races past Brimstone, Jebidiah see the face of the driver, smiling ear to ear laughing manically as he drives on by.  “He truly is a demon, and I must put a stop to him” Jebidiah begins to turn Brimestone around when he slams on the brakes as a ricochet disc whizzes by the front of his car. “Coward!” Yells  the Preacher. ::Another man in orange steps out in front his car and gets impaled.  Once again the cat and mouse act between the cars continue. (He’s charging right for me again, but I’m not going to let him pass me) the preacher thinks to himself.

::The camera follows the ricochet disc almost collided with Brimestone, it bounces off a building at the end of the road and returns back up the street - doubling its speed and damage rate.

:: (you’re going to get us killed) I yell back, (taking him head on is suicide) (I DON’T NEED YOU, SO STOP INTERFERING) with that last line I manage to break free some of the control it has over me and I slam on the brakes. Spectre screeches to a hault.
[You’re the one interfering! Don’t you get it, I’ll win if you just leave things to me!]
The demon fights back to regain control and slams the gas pedal down.
::Brimestone launches another follower  that lands on the roof of the accelerating car. BOOM! The ricochet disc crashes into the back of the El Camino and sends the car onto the front two tires snapping the spear of the cross completely off.  
::“REPENT!” yells the man in orange
(SHIT! We’re going to die!)
[I don’t think so]
Spectre comes screaming to a halt and re-launches the REF back towards Brimestone who is now almost completely vertical.
“No This can not be!” I was chosen by God! I was almighty! Why lord? Why can’t I defeat this demon?”
The man crashes through the roof of the car and explodes. Shrapnel and blood shower the immediate area
[We’re too close to his car!]
The explosion engulfs Spectre and sends it sailing through the air and into a factory.  The car slams into the wall and comes to a rest.

::The camera goes into the interior of Spectre and shows the driver, bloodied from the impact desperately trying not to fall in unconsciousness . (I can’t stay awake, I can’t do it) ::As I fall asleep I can hear voices, or so I think.  Memories? Dreams? Both? Neither? The color’s are fading once again, but this time I can’t see.

[Yo, long time no see king]

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Awesome bloody, chunky goodness.

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finally, REPENT!
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i'm taking a little hiatus- i'll finish this a little later on
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You know the forum is always open.

Start up whenever your ready.
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Chapter 17: All the Fire in Hell

::Mr. Slam sits upon one of four adjacent buildings in the hi-rise section of Harbor City::
“Curse that wench driving Pit Viper” He snorts, “and curse those wretched kids down below who forced me up here” ::Down below Hammerhead circles back and forth in an oval pattern, both drivers ponder on how they should proceed::
“It Could be a trap” Suggests Dave,” He could be waiting for us at the other end of the cargo elevator”
::Mike smiles. “Who cares, lets go up after him, he must be badly injured from his battle with Pit Viper”
::DING:: ::The cargo elevator finally returns to the ground level.  Hammerhead makes its way to the elevator::
::Crrrreeeaaaaakkk:: Sounds of metal can be heard scraping the walls of the elevator as Hammerhead comes to a dead stop. “Well, we ain’t gonna fit our rig into that” Dave says shaking his head. “What a lucky bastard” Mike scoffs.  ::Hammerhead backs up, their drivers thwarted from continuing another battle, sulk and eagerly check the radar blips to see where the other contestants are lurking about.::
::Mike points at the screen “Look, this is where we are, and this is where Sweet tooth is located” “He’s roughly 10 miles North of here.” Wouldn’t that be an exciting battle?”  ::Dave smiles as he begins to revv up Hammerhead:: “The greatest killer of all time…Lets put that title to the test”

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Chapter 18: A Hole in my Heart

::Camera opens up to a large jet black ice cream truck with pink polka dots racing down the road. Charlie Kane’s eyes furiously fixated on the road a head.  (I have to win this time, I have to win Twisted Metal) he thinks to himself.
::The colors turn to a light shade of gray and a flashback ensures::
“What happened, why am I back here Calypso….and why am I so ….young?” Charlie says as he looks at his reflection in the mirror. ::Calypso appears behind him and places his hand on Charlie’s shoulder:: “I’m sorry Mr. Kane” Calypso starts. “For whatever reason your son was resurrected before you,..” ::Charlie’s eyes begin to widen in fear:: “.. I tried to tell you son to wait for you here and I would have you resurrected as well”  “But he didn’t believe me ::Calypso presses a button and on the screen and shows YellowJacket abandoned with the door open, blood splattered on the pavement::
“NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!” Shouts Charlie “Who killed him?! “WHO?” Charlie’s rage begins to build. “WHO KILLED MY SON?!” ::Calypso  raises his hand, and pushes another button:: “ The men that are piloting Warhawk and the sixed wheeled mind tank are both uninvited guest and have since killed several of the contestants - including your son”

::Charlie seems hesitant knowing Calypso can not fully be trusted, however trust issues aside Charlie realizes that he has a chance to regain everything that he has lost..everything::  “What about Marcus?” Charlie asks
::Calypso switches the monitor again to a new video feed::
“Well I’ll be..” Charlie starts
“ It appears that Needles hasn’t taken control of Marcus yet, but who knows how long Marcus can resist him at this point”
::Both men stare at the flickering monitor for a while longer:: “So if Yellowjacket is out there, what am I going to dri-.. ::Calypso laughs:: “I’m going to be very nice this year, I have a feeling you will win this years Twisted Metal with ease..” ::End flashback::
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Chapter 19: A King and his Horse

::Colors fade in and out, images present themselves but aren’t clear, the sounds are muffled, this goes on for a few minutes, with each minute that passes everything becomes much clearer::

(Where…where am I?) I think to myself ( I kinda recognize this place…I’ve been here before, but its different, this doesn’t look like the drive in movie theater that I remember)
::The camera rises up and pans around the area to show that there’s a lone car sitting towards the far back corner of the enclosed drive in::  (This doesn’t feel right, this place feels like its in the middle of nowhere where is everyone else?)
“Yo, long time no see...king” ::a voice echoes
“Hello?” I call out “Who’s there?
“Me” The voice calls out again :: An image of a hideous face is shown on the big screen:: “me me me and me” “What’s the matter you don’t look so happy to see me” its grin is begging to widen::
:: In a flash of light another car enters the area. My eyes widen (A black Spectre?):: “Who are you?” I ask again.  ::The image cuts off from the screen but his voices echoes in my ears “Don’t make me repeat myself, I told you I am Me!” it hisses::

“We’re deep in your subconscious, this is where you keep all of your memories, your secrets, I’ve had access to it all” its voice still echoing “I can hear your thoughts, I know you, I know everything about you and with it I’m going to crush you and take over.”

:: The black Spectre charges machine guns blazing, while the blue Spectre can do nothing more but try to escape the compound.  The camera takes a frantic pan around the area to show that tall walls block any and all paths leading in or leading out::  The camera zooms up high above the Drive in to show blackness enveloping everything else. ::

::The view zooms up on the back bumper of the blue Spectre as the car continually changes directions to avoid the incoming fire missiles.  “Got him” I say to myself ::In an instant the blue Spectre wheels around to the face its mirrored image. Eeeeeeeeeeeee a ghost missile is released headed straight for the windshield of the black Spectre. “You just don’t get it do you” the demon hisses again.  ::The missile splits in half and goes around the black Spectre. Just as the missiles hit the building the black Spectre cloaks only to re appear instantly bumper to bumper with the blue Spectre. The demon is grinning wildly from ear to ear. Eee was the only sound that was made as the demon’s ghost missile explodes on impact on the blue car.  The blue Spectre is badly damaged from taking a point blank attack.

“What’s the difference between a king and his horse? The demon asks
“Wha- I don’t..” was all I could get out
“And I don’t mean some bullshit preschool answer either,” the demon continues in a mocking tone “like one’s an animal and the other a person, or one has four legs and other has two.” “Assuming they’re two different beings and their forms, ability and strengths are exactly the same.” “When one becomes king and dominates in a battle the other becomes a horse and lends his power, but what makes them different is what I’m asking?”

(This thing has never attempted a conversation with me, I didn’t have an answer, nor a thought process for that matter)

“There’s only one answer” it hissed again “INSTINCT!” “The one thing that all powerful people need to acquire is more power, that’s the one thing that is needed to become a king!” ::The demon launches a freeze missile that engulfs the blue Spectre in a thick layer of ice:: “A king’s only need is a desire for more battles and for strength.” “To crush anyone who stands before them, to shred them into pieces without mercy and to have insatiable lust for more battles. ::The demon presses a button and begins to charge up a reticle:: “Rip off our skin, tear off our flesh and breakdown our bones and in there lies a refined killer instinct.” “That which I call raw instinct -YOU HAVE NONE!!” its scream echoing in my mind. “You try fight rationally and try to defeat your enemies with reason.” “Who the hell do you think you’re going to kill in a competition like this with a feeble attitude that you have?”

“That’s why you’re weaker than me” ::The fully charged reticle is fired off as I watch in catatonic horror as all 10 missiles break through the ice and explode on my car, red lights and alarms scream out as my car is a near wrecked state.::

The demon speaks again “I won’t have it.” “I sure as hell won’t tolerate a king weaker than me, getting on my back and running around and will ultimately get us both killed!” “I think its time for a new king”
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Chapter 20:  Supernova Goes Pop

:: Camera opens back up the hi-rise section of harbor city as the day is slowly turning into night, dark clouds begin to cover the sky as the war rages on the streets below::  (Thank god those punks are leaving) Simon Whittlebone thinks to himself as he watches the blips of Hammerhead leaving the vicinity. He notices a single blip that hasn’t moved from its spot “I wonder if it’s a glitch” he says. ::Simon slowly wields Mr. Slam around to the opposite end of the  building when he stops suddenly:: ::The radar comes up with the name ‘Axel’:: ::Camera zooms in on Joseph face as he sits and stares at Mr. Slam::  “I have no reason to fight you.” he says. Unfortunately  Simon can’t hear him or read lips.

“Well buddy, if you ain’t gonna come to me, looks like I’m gonna come to you.” Simon lowers his slammer, half of his claws are gone due to the acid attacks from  Pit Viper. “This roof ain’t big enough for the both of us.”

::Simon punches the accelerator and Mr. Slam launches towards Axel.  Axel sits still and watches the approaching  truck::
(How foolish to approach me so carelessly) Joseph thinks to himself - he has already seen Mr. Slam fight and is very much aware of his abilities.
“Gotya!” Simon yells as he unleashes the metallic jaws of Mr. Slam.
::Time slows to a near crawl and the camera is zoomed in to Joseph’s mouth::
“Defend” Joseph  whispers :: In an instant  the tires come together and form one giant wheel.  Mr. Slam’s teeth slide helplessly off the rubber tire.  Simon flustered  attempts  to grab Axel again, the jaw of Mr. Slam fails again.
::Inside the ball, Joesph can barely see through the tiny gap between the two tires. “He’ll try this move all day long, I just don’t have time to waste.” “Neutral” he whispers and Axel returns to the normal mode of the vehicle::

::In an instant Mr. Slams jaw snaps forward snatching the metal bar above Joseph’s head, lifting Axel up off the ground. “I knew you couldn’t stay in that ball forever, and now you’re mine” Simon says as he prepares to launch Axel off the building:: ::Joseph whispers “Axel Power” A large ring of blue light radiates from the the base of Axel  cutting through the middle of Mr. Slam, killing Simon instantly. The Jaws of Mr. Slam snap off by the front cab, freeing Axel from his grip.::

::Joseph looks at the remains of Mr Slam and mutters the words “I’m sorry” as he proceeds to make his way to the ground level::
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Chapter 21: TM intermission

::Downtown Harbor City, an image of a young man is scene running for his life.  Behind him is the sound of a motorcycle and scraping metal.  The young man turns and runs down an alley.::
::Camera zoomes in close up to the face of the man desperately fleeing the area::
“Shit..a dead end…maybe I can h…” ::His words cut off, in shock he looks down at his chest and sees a rusty scythe has impaled his body.  As the camera zooms back past the guy who is now sunken to his knees, Mr Grimm steps into the frame with his combat knife::
::The scene switches to  a room with several monitors, Calypso looks away in disgust:: “Ya know” he says “He could get sick and die from eating uncooked meat.”
::Calypso looks around:: "Can somebody get that man a George Foreman grill?"
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Chapter 22: Time to Wake Up

::Camera flashes back to the internal battle of Spectre vs. Spectre::

“I think its time for a new king…time for a new king…new king…king…king…king” Those words rip through my head and slowly begin to fade off.  ::Blackness engulfs  me, I can’t see anything, but I can feel something like a floor, a metallic floor::

“I’m in a room?” “How can this be?” ::The walls seem to stretch out into forever, everything is pure white::
“So, ya finally decided to wake up” a deep grumbling voice says behind me. ::The camera pans out to show a figure standing in polka dot pants wielding a machete behind me::
“Needles Kane?” “Aren’t you the driver of Sweet Tooth?” I stammer, “Wha-What are you doing here…Actually where are we?”

::“Needles Kane?” “Who the hell is that?” He says while lifting his machete above his head “I’m just someone who came here looking to kill you!” He yells as he swings his machete around trying to cut me in half.  ( This is just getting better and better all the time) I think to myself (Another machete!) I grab it and immediately  stop Needles swing.

::“What’s with that dumb look on your face?” He says “So what, you stopped my one handed swing with both of your hands, but..::I begin gasping for breath as Needles left hand has a death grip around my neck:: “You left yourself wide open.” He says as he throws me to the ground.::
::I pick up the machete again and back up. “You don’t have any reason to fight me, why are you doing this?”

::Needles pauses. “A reason?” “Did I say that I needed a reason to kill.” “I’m not sure what you think is going on here, maybe you are fighting to gain something back, or to right a wrong…or maybe you have no clue why you’re even fighting to begin with, but I do know one thing… ::He pauses again, points his machete toward me:: … The fact that you are in this place along with me means that somehow, somewhere along the way both of us turned out to be the same type of person.”  He continues “I can see you, and I was once there in your shoes…one day you will be exactly where I am now..” ::He tightens his grip on his machete::  “It’s the where we end up part that has me intrigued so to speak!” ::He yells as he lunges at me swinging his machete. The sound of metal  echoes throughout the room as the two machete collide over and over again.  Needles tries another overhead swing but misses (Too slow) I think as I make a horizontal cut, the machete cuts into Needle’s stomach.  (No blood?! How can this be) my mind begins to race.
::Unaffected  by the attack Needles turns around and begins to swing again and again (This must all be in my head) I think as I continue to dodge all of his incoming attacks. (this is going to be risky, but I have to try it) I drop my machete as Needles takes a step in to deliver a killing blow::

::CLANK!:: ( I knew it)::
“How can this be?!!” Needles yells :: The Camera rotates around both of us showing that I stopped Needles’s blade with my bare hand:: “Impossible!” he yells.
“Sorry” I reply back “This is my world and you are an unwelcome guest.  ::In a single motion I rip Needles’s mask off, there’s a black whole where a face should be. Needles’s skin begins to break down and dissipate. “Now then, shall we continue this?” I say out loud.  ::In a flash I’m sitting back behind the wheel of Spectre, staring at rather bewildered demon behind the wheel of a black Spectre.
“Shut up” I say as I watch 20 ghost missiles rain down on the car in front of me.

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